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Snickers Nougabot Bar & Transformer M&Ms

If there’s one thing I think that’s might pull our government out of the red, it might Mars excessive registration of trademarks for their limited edition & marketing tie in candies.


For the new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie this summer, Mars has created a line of collectible M&Ms packages that feature different characters from the Transformers pantheon plus M&Ms in Transformers-styled outfits.

The seven packages:

  • Milk Chocolate - Pack 1 of 7 - Chocl-O-Bots (tm) - Optimus Prime
  • Milk Chocolate - Pack 2 of 7 - Chocl-O-Bots (tm) - Bumblebee
  • Milk Chocolate - Pack 3 of 7 - Chocl-O-Bots (tm) - Ironhide
  • Peanut - Pack 4 of 7 - Delect-O-Cons (tm) - Megatron
  • Peanut - Pack 5 of 7 - Delect-O-Cons (tm) - Star Scream
  • Peanut - Pack 6 of 7 - Delect-O-Cons (tm) - Barricade
  • Strawberried Peanut Butter - Pack 7 of 7 - The Twins
  • (Yeah, I’m missing some package images, but that’s all that came with the press kit Mars gave me ... how odd.)

    Snickers & M&Ms for TransformersWhat I think is most interesting about this is that the package is the only thing that’s different (besides, of course the Strawberried Peanut Butter M&Ms). Open up the packet of the M&Ms (mine was Bumblebee 2 of 7) and there’s no fun new design of the M imprint with a twist on the Transformers like they did with Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate Pearls, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and Shrek II (basically Mega M&Ms).  The Star Wars ones, though introducing Dark Chocolate M&Ms, did not have fancy imprints.

    What is good news is that the packages are no smaller. With many of the limited editions what you get in addition to “specialness” is less. The Milk Chocolate Chocl-O-Bots packages have the same 1.69 ounces as the standard Milk Chocolate M&Ms.

    The only truly transformed product for the movie tie-in is the Snickers Nougabot (tm). Due to physical laws of the conservation of matter, the energy required for the transformations, the bar is smaller than an unTransformerized one. *

    SnickersFrom the outside the packages look rather similar. (Click to enlarge to read the ingredients if you wish.)

    This isn’t the first time Mars has mucked with the nougat for a movie. Back in 2007 they turned it green for Shrek but left it the same size, because really, how could a Shrek-ified candy be smaller? The traditional bar is 2.07 ounces and the Nougabot is 1.83 ounces.

    Snickers Transformer & Regular

    The difference, otherwise, is really just the addition of Yellow #5. Considering how much some parents hate Yellow #5 (hint: enough to get it banned in Europe), it’s hard to understand why a candy which was formerly artificial coloring free would add it. Further, the Snickers website doesn’t list the Yellow 5 on the page for the Nougabot bar (sorry, can’t link directly to the page because of stupid flash & beware of annoying sounds).

    So how does it taste? About the same. The flavor seemed a little “darker” but I don’t know if that was the caramel batch ... sometimes even big factory candies like Snickers can vary from day to day.

    The only thing I liked about it is the same thing that I prefer about the Snickers Dark, that there’s one less bite in it. Because honestly I think that 1.83 ounces is the perfect size for a Snickers bar.

    * My theory of this kind of violates the whole world of Transformers and many other fantasy, action & sci-fi movies where small things turn into big things without the perceivable addition of extreme amounts of energy. Anyway, in order to turn back and forth without loss of mass, you’d need lots of energy to turn into matter ... conversely to shrink you’d need to have a way to store a huge reservoir of energy (if you wanted to grow again) or release it. I’ve always wondered if Alice became super-dense when she shrank and puffy, aerated & light when she grew.

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    1. you have the best job
      why green?  like we need more food dyes in the food?
      I can’t find those straw & pb ones anywhere near me, so sad.

      Comment by dawn on 6/19/09 at 9:11 am #
    2. I think you are right about the taste being darker (I hesitate to say “richer”) but maybe something like molasses or palm sugar made its way into the bar? The caramel is certainly a darker color.

      Dawn, I haven’t seen them anywhere, either…the only way I was able to try them was because I was in the M&M store (b/c I was in Times Sq for bar classes). They weren’t bad, better than they sound. It doesn’t quite have a “jammy” flavor, but there are not-too-artificial fruit notes. Then again, there has to be a Fruit Loops level of artificial taste before it really offends me.

      Comment by Ani on 6/19/09 at 5:21 pm #
    3. I’m partial to the theory that additional mass is drawn from/shunted to an extradimensional source as one enlarges/shrinks.

      Comment by Johnny Carruthers on 6/20/09 at 5:35 am #
    4. I can’t find the Nougatbots anywhere!

      Comment by Alix on 6/20/09 at 10:50 am #
    5. I love the Nougabots, so sad that they’re limited edition! They make me want to love Snickers (I hate Snickers)! They taste so much better than the original bar; I think the caramel in the Nougabot tastes like chocolate caramel… but I doubt that’s anywhere close to right. Anywho, these bars rock and I’d eat them everyday if I could!

      Comment by Asia on 6/21/09 at 5:08 am #
    6. Don’t think. The Transformers movies are just a “popcorn” movie-or in your case, a “candy” movie. Sorry, I “can” the puns. Ooops, that was to hard to resist. I’m one “sweet” punster.

      Logging off,
      Dr. Thinker

      Comment by Dr. Thinker on 6/22/09 at 3:48 am #
    7. ruffy's avatar

      incidentally, even though the coconut m&ms; supposedly weren’t gonna be out til august, i saw them at a Rite-Aid yesterday.  i really like ‘em, but the shell definitely seems thicker.  maybe i’m crazy

      Comment by ruffy on 6/22/09 at 9:36 am #
    8. The transformer M&M’s are different b/c the M&M’s are shaped like asteroids or space rocks and are not spherical as they are usually.

      Comment by Rachael on 6/25/09 at 8:58 am #
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