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April 2005

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dagoba Chai

Name: Dagoba Chai
Brand:  Daboba
Place Purchased: Whole Foods
Price: $2.29
Size: 2 oz
Calories per ounce: 110
Type: Chocolate

There was a small selection of these organic bars at Whole Foods. Some are single origin and some are flavored, like this one. Basically I see chocolate in two different ways, some chocolate is for snacking and some is for savoring. It expected this to be savoring chocolate, however, I found it to be extremely snackable.

The Chai bar is milk chocolate with chai spices and ginger. Opening the package I found the spicy aroma quite evident. Not overly any particular spice, it smelled more like a spice cupboard. A little like pumpkin pie, actually.

On the tongue the chocolate melts easily and is immediately sweet. The mix of flavor is not intense but really a great compliment.

I plan on buying some more Dagoba chocolate again. I think I’ll try their tasting squares.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

PS - One of the problems with this candy is that every time I hear the name or see it or type it, it reminds me of the Weird Al song called Yoda (to the tune of the Kinks’ Lola). It starts with the line, “I met him in a swamp down in Dagoba.”

POSTED BY Cybele AT 5:22 pm     All NaturalCandyReviewDagobaChocolateGingerOrganic8-TastyUnited States

Friday, April 29, 2005

Life Savers Hot Rings (circa 1995)

Name: Hot Rings
Brand: Lifesavers
Place Purchased: 99 Cent Store (Hollywood)
Price: 25 cents
Size: .90 oz
Type: Hard Candy

I know last week I said that we shouldn’t be afraid of strange candy. I might have done something stupid.

I found these Lifesavers at the 99 cent store. Branded with a little Sega Sonic the Hedgehog, I’m thinking that there’s another Sonic game coming out. I bought it, thinking it was cinnamon. And we all know that Lifesavers don’t come in cinnamon. They should. Reeds come in cinnamon, and I love those.

Upon starting my little photo shoot I look at the package and see this:


Since you can’t see all of it, they’re running a contest and if you have the right wrapper, you can win a variety of prizes. All prizes must be claimed by MARCH 1995!

This roll of Lifesavers is more than 10 YEARS OLD! And cost 25 cents!

I’m not sure if Lifesavers spoil. What’s a better question is if these were ever any good. I unwrapped them and found milky yellow Lifesavers with red specs. They smelled a bit like mint. Again, I was expecting cinnamon. I put one in my mouth and it’s more like pineapple with a hit of chili to it. Really.

All I can say is that I’m mystified. Here’s an ad from the mid-nineties with this Lifesavers/SEGA cross-promotion.

Rating: 4 out of 10 (yes, I might try another one)

POSTED BY Cybele AT 4:47 pm     CandyReviewWrigley'sDiscontinuedHard Candy & Lollipops4-BenignUnited States99 Cent Only Store

Gobs of Gobstoppers

Name: Chewy Centered Gobstopper
Brand: Wonka (Nestle)
Place Purchased: 99 Cent Store
Price: $.33
Size: 1.77 oz
Calories per ounce: 60
Type: Hard Candy

I guess it’s appropriate to visit the Wonka line of candies since there will be another movie soon. There are very few actual products out there, I reckon, that were created based on a novel. And more than a novelty, some of the Wonka candies are pretty good. The brand itself is an odd one, changing hands from time to time and amassing some other brands in the meantime (did you know that Bottle Caps are now Wonka products?).

Besides the odd history, I thought I’d do a little review of the Everlasting Gobstopper since I found that they’ve created a new version - the Chewy Centered Gobstopper.

First, a Gobstopper is a jawbreaker that has different flavored layers and in the center is a sweet-tart sphere. When I was a kid the Gobstoppers were large, like real jawbreakers. I haven’t seen those in years, but have been able to find the boxes of Gobstoppers that contain little marble sized versions. They come in bright colors and the layers change flavor three or four times before getting to the center. The flavor itself is rather bland, more sweet than tart, but it has a pleasant cooling feel to the smooth surface.

The Chewy Gobstopper has the same flavor except for the center, which is much larger, so the layers are fewer or thinner (I couldn’t figure it out because I kept chewing them up before getting to the center). They’re very much the same as the regular Gobstopper and I think I might buy them again. Especially if I can find them at the 99 cent store.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

POSTED BY Cybele AT 2:26 pm     CandyReviewNestleHard Candy & Lollipops8-TastyUnited States99 Cent Only Store

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Meiji Sweet Candy

Name: Sweet Candy (Fruit Drops)
Brand: Meiji
Place Purchased: Mitsuwa Marketplace (Little Tokyo, LA)
Price: $1.99
Size: 3.8 oz
Type: Hard Candy

Ya gotta love anything that comes in a swell flask-shaped tin in this day and age.

Made by Meiji, this tin contains, simply put, fruit hard candies. As far as I can tell the flavors are something like lemon, orange, strawberry, grape, pineapple and melon. But there’s also a curious opaque white one that’s peppermint (quite a shock when you’re expecting pineapple). The candies are nicely flavored. Tart but not overly so. The lemon and pineapple are particularly good.

It’s a fun little stocking stuffer or something to keep on your desk. After you’re done, you can even put change in the tin - though the largest coin that will fit through the opening at the top is a quarter (but if you’ve got more money, what are you doing saving it? you should be out buying candy).

Rating: 8 out of 10.

POSTED BY Cybele AT 1:06 pm     CandyReviewMeijiHard Candy & Lollipops8-TastyJapan

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Green Pocky

Name: Mousse Pocky (Green Tea)
Brand: Glico
Place Purchased: Mitsuwa Marketplace (Little Tokyo, LA)
Price: $1.99
Size: 1.75 oz
Calories per ounce: 80
Type: Cookie/Candy

Pocky is one of those Japanese treats that’s gone mainstream in the States. I’ve seen them at Ralph’s and even some convenience stores. I’d never had them before and I think if I had it to do all over again, I’d start with a more common flavor. However, I’ve got to hand it to the Mitsuwa Marketplace, they had a huge selection. There’s also something known as “Men’s Pocky” which I haven’t quite figured out.

If you’ve never seen them before, Pocky are little cracker/biscuit sticks dipped in something chocolatey or creamy. My choice was Green Tea. The sticks look just like the package promises. Long, unsalted pretzel looking things dipped in a green, creamy coating. You grab them by a small uncoated end for clean fingers.

The coating is like white chocolate flavored with green tea, and it tastes just like room-temperature green tea ice cream. Smooth, delicately flavored with a crisp bite to the cracker inside. They’re definitely addictive and one of the better items I bought on my last Little Tokyo trip. They do have a bit of hydrogenated oils in them (though the main fat is cocoa butter, which is what gives the coating its smooth-meltyness).

I’m eager to try more flavors. The neutrality of the crunchy stick makes it idea for just about anything. Mostly I’m going to see if other varieties don’t have hydrogenated oils.

Rating: 8 out of 10

POSTED BY Cybele AT 1:50 pm     CandyPockyReviewGlicoCookieWhite Chocolate8-TastyJapan

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