Friday, January 30, 2009

Email FAQ

I read all email sent to me and I do my best to answer them. You can always email But here are a few preemptive answers:

1. Can we exchange links?

I do not participate in link exchanges. Please don’t ask. It puts me in a really awkward position. The blogroll is a list of blogs that I read and recommend. I can hardly recommend your blog if you’ve only had it for three days and posted one thing. (It should be at least three months old and updated regularly and not use images from my site.) If you want to tell me that you started a blog and invite me to read, hey, I’m happy to read about candy! But I won’t link to you just because you link to me and many of the blogs I read and link to do not do the same. It’s nothing personal.

I do accept advertising, but I’m also kind of particular about that, too. But I can tell you that I don’t do text link ads and will never use affiliate programs.

I also do not accept guest posts. Candy Blog is written solely by me.

2. Where can I buy X product?

I might be able to help you, but please be aware that I’m just a gal with a candy passion. I notice stuff in my local stores, but I’m not a database and often the best way to find a candy is to contact the manufacturer. Second best is to use the comments on the post about the item to see if other fans can help you out.

Please tell us where you live and the last time you remember buying the product. It really helps us candy detectives.

3. Your products are bad!

I don’t make this stuff! Please don’t confuse me with the candy companies. I love to hear praises and screeds, but I can’t do anything about it for you. Please contact the candy company directly. Google is your friend.

(And a friendly piece of advice, calling people stupid, criminal or using abusive language won’t get the result you intend.)

4. You should write about our product!

Okay. First, it’d better be candy or candy-related. Otherwise I’m going to think you have a problem with reading comprehension or bought a very poorly targeted contact list.

Be aware though, Candy Blog is virtually all candy reviews. The stuff that’s not is about my personal experiences at trade shows, buying candy and mostly failed attempts at making candy. I do accept samples, though less and less often as I prefer to simply buy stuff.

5. Can you send me some free candy?

No, I can’t. I hate shipping stuff, it’s expensive and I’m really bad at doing things in a timely fashion. Most of all, the extra candy I have usually already opened and has bite marks in it.

If you’re looking for stuff for your personal consumption, please contact candy companies directly. They often have giveaways. Write them fan letters, like them on facebook or twitter and maybe they’ll send you a coupon.

If you’re looking for something for a fundraiser or raffle for a non profit group, your best bet is to contact either a candy company directly, a candy store or one of their public relations groups. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but reading trade magazines like Advertising Age will help you learn the players.

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