Tuesday, March 11, 2014

R.M. Palmer Cake Batter Cup

RM Palmer Giant Cake Batter CupThe R.M. Palmer Giant Cake Batter Cup answers a need no one has addressed before. It’s a fake chocolate cup filled with a solid oil-based confection that emulates raw cake.

The wrapper is pink and the launch of the product coincides with spring, so I’m going to call it an Easter candy even though there are no rabbits on the package, just a couple of pasty kids in chef’s hats making some sort of bowl of batter.

It weighs a quarter of a pound, which is giant compared to the mini foil wrapped peanut butter cups R.M. Palmer usually makes, but it’s not as large as the half pound peanut butter cups that Reese’s sells in pairs around Christmas. But this isn’t peanut butter, where most of us think more is better. This is cake batter, which is pretty much a room temperature cookie dough smoothie.

RM Palmer Cake Batter Cup

The cup is huge, at a quarter of a pound, it’s the size of a small saucer and weighs, well, four ounces. This is not R.M. Palmer’s first attempt at a quarter pound cup, they make a passable Peanut Butter Cup version. The package says that it’s two servings, but that’s a staggering thought when I looked at the ingredients:

Sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm kernel, coconut and/or palm oil), whey, cocoa, lactose, skim milk, corn syrup solids, soy lecithin, natural and artificial flavors

RM Palmer Cake Batter Cup

The chocolate flavored coating looks like bad chocolate, but that’s about the only thing that it succeeds at. There are no chocolate notes in it, it has no chocolate texture, it’s filled with sugar, milk by-products and oils. The filling isn’t like the Russell Stover cake fillings, there’s no flour in there; it’s just more oil and sugar and fake vanilla.

I’ve never been much for eating cake batter, so the idea of a candy that re-creates this is not up my alley. Add to that, vanilla cake is the least interesting kind of cake. Why would I want to eat that batter? Spice cake, lemon pound cake, devil’s food ... these are interesting. Vanilla cake batter is not.

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Name: Cake Batter Cup
Brand: R.M. Palmer
Place Purchased: Walgreen's (Echo Park)
Price: $1.00
Size: 4 ounces
Calories per ounce: 150
Categories: Candy, Easter, R.M. Palmer, Kosher, Mockolate, 3-Unappealing, United States, Walgreen's

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  1. I tried one of these cake batter cups a few months ago, and it was incredibly bitter. I took one bite and threw the rest away. So gross.

    Comment by Lauren on 3/11/14 at 12:39 pm #
  2. The Russell Stover new carrot cake egg was so good. It like a slice of carrot cake with frosting. Give it a shot.

    Comment by Alek on 3/11/14 at 12:50 pm #
  3. OMG, I want this NOW!! I will likely hate it, but cake Batter??? Yes please. I’m the person that bakes a cake just to give an excuse to have cake batter to eat.

    Comment by Callie lee on 3/11/14 at 2:59 pm #
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