Monday, March 2, 2009

R.M. Palmer Quax - The Yummy Ducky

Palmer QuaxI will start by saying that I’m a sucker.

I bought another molded Palmer Easter item. (A product which I generally consider a biodegradable decoration, not actually meant to be eaten.)

I have to hand it to R.M. Palmer. They do a great job of keeping their prices low and their designs contemporary.

Quax: The Yummy Ducky pretty much had me with the packaging. (It certainly wasn’t the description of Hollow Milk Flavored Candy Duck that sold me.) It looks just like a bathtub rubber ducky. But it was also on sale for only a dollar.

    Palmer Quax

Quax is a bit smaller than the average toy duck. He’s about 3 inches from beak to tail and three inches high.

He’s well molded, with a seam through his head and down his sides. (I would have thought it would be constructed with mirror-image sides, but this way presents a flawless face.)

He sounds like plastic, looks like plastic but thankfully smells like an Easter basket. (Mmm, vanillin.)

The ingredients are what I’d expect from Palmer:

Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Palm Kernel and/or Palm Oil), Whey, Lactose, Skim Milk, Soy Lecithin, Colors (Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, Blue 2, Red 40 & Red 3), Vanillin.

The packaging seems a bit excessive for such a tiny candy toy - it’s 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall. But it does have a little to and from tag area on the back for gifting.

Quax in WaterAfter a certain point though, I just had to know ... would it float?

So I got out a bowl of water and plopped my Yummy Ducky friend into it.

Sure enough, he floats. He floats just fine. But he’s not balanced, so try as I might, I couldn’t get him to bob like a duck should, upright (or even tail up like a feeding duck might). Instead he did the duck equivalent of belly up and rested on his side. What this duck needs is a keel. Or feet. Then I think we might have something, an edible decoration for a punch bowl.

At this point I was pretty happy with my one buck purchase. It was cute, it smelled better than some vinyl toy and provided at least 800 words for my review without even cracking it open.

imageBut I have to actually eat some, don’t I?

So I bit off the top of his skull.

The milk flavored candy has a very strong vanilla flavor with a little bit of dairy/dried milk going on. It’s incredibly sweet, actually throat searing.

It’s not that bad! Since it’s not trying to be actual chocolate, it succeeds at being better than plastic. I don’t plan on finishing it, but it was a fun little novelty item. It might even be amusing if they made them in a few sizes. You know, because they’re really not for eating, just decoration.

For those of you who for some reason now want to watch Ernie sing Rubber Duckie, here it is on YouTube.

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Name: Quax - Hollow Milk Flavored Candy Duck
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: R.M. Palmer
Place Purchased: RiteAid (Glendale)
Price: $1.00 (on sale)
Size: 1.75 ounces
Calories per ounce: 154
Categories: Mockolate, United States, Palmer, Easter, Novelty, Kosher

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  1. Super cute!!  He reminds me of some floating duck candles I have (except, of course, they actually float!).

    I don’t care for Palmers, but there’s really nothing that screams Easter more than a chocolate bunny, and Palmers really does that look well.  I always buy a couple on sale for Easter decorations.  My friends and I usually end up breaking them apart and snacking on them, but they’re really not very tasty.

    Comment by Lesley on 3/02/09 at 8:54 am #
  2. I saw this and almost bought one for the Sugar Baby! It’s so cute. Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring one.

    Comment by patti on 3/02/09 at 8:59 am #
  3. Tricia's avatar

    They don’t even have cocoa in the ingredients, how can it be chocolate flavored? Do they mean white chocolate flavored?? Food color flavored?

    Comment by Tricia on 3/02/09 at 9:07 am #
  4. Tricia: It’s “Milk flavored.”  Which is disturbing enough.

    Comment by Cat Skyfire on 3/02/09 at 9:29 am #
  5. Cybele's avatar

    Cat: It might actually be “Hollow Milk Flavored” which is doubly disturbing!

    Comment by Cybele on 3/02/09 at 10:02 am #
  6. You know, sometimes the rubber duckies don’t aren’t balanced either.  Bad molds

    Comment by georgine on 3/02/09 at 12:07 pm #
  7. I still cannot believe that duck is edible.  It totally looks like plastic.  It’s amazing the things they can do with food coloring nowadays.

    Comment by Delia on 3/02/09 at 1:29 pm #
  8. Ha, ha, ha!!!!  I wish I could have seen you biting off this ducky’s skull!  Hilarious!  Great post!

    Comment by Denise on 3/02/09 at 3:41 pm #
  9. Peloria's avatar

    Right after I read this last night, I had to go to the Dollar store, and lo and behold - rows of duckies!

    I just had to pick one up, and as expected, I simply cannot bring myself to eat it. SO cute!

    Comment by Peloria on 3/03/09 at 8:31 am #
  10. Tricia's avatar

    Oh silly me, I saw “milk” and extrapolated to “milk chocolate.” Duh, my bad! Hollow milk *is* even better! (worse?)

    Comment by Tricia on 3/03/09 at 11:41 am #
  11. my favorite post ever.  I think you should engage the candy in various obstacles, such as floating, more often.  This inspires me to check out some of these easter candies.  I always loved the hollow candies….mmmm vegetable oil!  I wonder if I would still enjoy eating them.  hollow milk, eh?

    Comment by the pizza on 3/04/09 at 3:41 am #
  12. This is my favorite review ever.  Bravo.

    Comment by Mr. Mastodon Farm on 3/11/09 at 1:13 pm #
  13. I seen these at CVS like 2 weeks ago. I finally broke down and bought one yesturday. As a broke college student the price was really nice. I didn’t want to eat it. I opened up the package and that’s when I did a google search of “Quax” and found this article. I read it and got a crack out of it. I didn’t think of it possibly floating??! Lol. However, also being a poor college student, I kinda had to eat it. To me it just tasts like white chocolate. I felt bad biting it’s head off though. After he couldn’t look at me anymore…it was all good.  smile

    Comment by Stephany on 4/06/09 at 2:08 pm #
  14. I’d stick to using this for Rubber Duck Debugging and not actually eat it.

    I’ve seen some stuff made out of similar materials, and if you look at the trans fat content, it’s through the roof.

    Don’t eat it, just look at it

    Comment by Matt Simmons on 4/09/09 at 9:08 am #
  15. I like this candy. I mean I really like it.  I had some when I was a little kid and I was like awestruck by the taste I mean, yeah, it’s like plastic, but that’s why I like it.

    Comment by claire on 4/12/09 at 2:42 pm #
  16. I live in Eastern PA, about an hour from the Palmer factory.  This Easter season, I began seeing Palmer branded candies made with real chocolate!  No hydrogenated oils at all!  Now, of course, this could be a regional thing: provide the local consumers with the real stuff, and hydrogenate the hell out of the rest of the country. But, at least I can buy Palmer candies without the fear of having to actually eat the crappy chocolate.

    Comment by Nicholas on 4/23/09 at 5:29 pm #
  17. Okay so ever since I saw this little guy on candyblog I wanted one. Well anytime I have seen any candy on candy blog I have never tired I wanna try it. I was grocery shopping last night and decided to pick one up. 88 cents. It was extremly sweet, and has a very fake after taste. But was super cute. my boyfriend was laughing at me, because I was so excited to see one.

    Comment by Tiffany on 2/21/10 at 1:32 pm #
  18. hihiihihiihihiihi

    Comment by Megan on 4/04/10 at 3:51 pm #
  19. Aww, the Quax Dux! I bought one a couple of years ago to top a pink and blue baby shower cake. Nobody knew it was candy, so nobody fought for it. At the end it faced it ultimate demise, and was sampled by all. Oh, btw, you have to keep it in a really cool place before use.

    Comment by Angie on 3/11/11 at 10:24 pm #
  20. Hey there!
    I recently bought one w/ my mom at the store Giant. It was just to cute to not buy. I thought it was milk chocolate, but I guess I’m wrong. Its still very, very cute though. I’m gonna eat it on Easter. Let’s see what the scale will say the next day, lol! Yikes!:] love it!

    Comment by Michelle on 3/24/12 at 6:21 pm #
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