Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Choeur Choco Dragees

Choceur Choco DrageesIn the United States there are only a few options for candy coated chocolate morsels. There are M&Ms, and let’s face it, they’re ubiquitous and come in so many varieties, it’s hard to fathom why anyone else would try to make them. But there are Koppers Milkies and Hershey’s Pieces (though not in milk chocolate), and every once in a while you can find a store that carries Nestle Smarties.

In Europe things are a little different. There are M&Ms, though fewer varieties, and their main competitor, Nestle Smarties. And then there are all the other lentils. I picked up a few of them in Germany, today I present the Choceur Choco Dragees. For those who are familiar with Aldi, you’ll recognize the name Choceur as one of their house-brands of chocolate confections.

Choeur Choco Dragees

The package says (in German), multicolored full milk chocolate pieces with natural colors. I picked up the smallest bag I could find, which is 400 grams (14.11 ounces). I liked the package, it’s pretty compact and features a gusseted bottom so it stands up.

Choeur Choco Dragees & M&MsThe Choco Dragees come in five rather muted colors. The pieces were all perfectly formed and consistent.

The shells were crunchy and shiny. The chocolate inside, well, it’s very German tasting. There’s a strong milk taste to it, a little tangy but not spoiled like Hershey’s. It’s smooth and rather sweet as well, but has a discernible caramel note to it as well.

They’re very different from M&Ms. The crunch of the shell is more pronounced and there’s no faint bitterness from any artificial flavors like I get from brown or red M&Ms. They’re sweet, but in a more muted, perhaps honey flavored way.

I’ve never seen these at Aldi in the United States, though they might have them in the seasonal stuff for holidays and I missed it. They’re worth picking up if you do see them and if I lived in Germany, I’d probably get these quite often.

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Name: Choco Dragees
Brand: Aldi
Place Purchased: Aldi Sud (Cologne, Germany)
Price: $2.75
Size: 14.11 ounces
Calories per ounce: 133
Categories: All Natural, Candy, Aldi, Chocolate, 8-Tasty, Germany

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  1. Do they contain gluten?

    I miss Smarties (can’t have them anymore thanks to the gluten) and I don’t like M&Ms;, so this looks like a nice option if it’s gluten free.

    Comment by Lillea on 6/22/11 at 9:06 pm #
  2. Cybele's avatar

    Lillea - the package doesn’t say it’s gluten free. Also, in Europe the glucose syrup is usually made from wheat (instead of corn here in North America), so my guess is that there are traces of gluten in it.

    Comment by Cybele on 6/23/11 at 9:13 am #
  3. Thanks Cybele! I’ll play it safe and not try it, but it looks great.

    Comment by Lillea on 6/23/11 at 4:47 pm #
  4. I am so wanting to try these!  Has anyone seen these in the States?

    Comment by Makai on 12/27/11 at 2:07 pm #


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