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Choceur Chocolate Crisp Bars

Choceur Chocolate Crisp BarsOn my recent trip to Ohio I was delighted to visit the local Aldi twice. I was worried there wouldn’t be much candy in the summertime, as I know that Christmas and Easter are the best time to visit Aldi’s candy section. I wasn’t disappointed with the variety of candy. I’ll have coverage in the coming weeks of many of my finds, but first the one that I was most excited about: Choceur Chocolate Crisp Bars.

This cute box holds a compact stack of little chocolate covered wafers with hazelnut creme. There are 10 little bars in there, each portion is two bars, but each finger is only 95 calories for those watching their tally.

The package describes them as crisp wafers and hazelnut creme covered in fine milk chocolate. What that amounts to is a hazelnut KitKat knock-off.

Choceur Chocolate Crisp Bars

The little fingers are nicely wrapped in a stiff paper-backed foil. They’re 4.5 inches long and about .75 inches wide. They pieces are in three distinct segments though each of those is more than a bite.

Choceur Chocolate Crisp Bars

I admit that I had a little trouble with keeping these from the heat. (No air conditioning for the first five days of my trip.) My other goods did fine, but for some reason the way I packed these wasn’t insulated enough. However, the texture and consistency is unmarred.

They smell slightly toasty and sweet with a little milky note. The bite is soft and very crispy. The hazelnut cream is a lot more forward than the cream filling in KitKats. The cream is in between the wafer layers (looks like only two layers instead of KitKat’s three) but also heaped under the domed top, too. The milk chocolate coating is sweet and has that European dairy twang to it. The crispy wafers are light and flavorless which allows the hazelnut cream to be the most recognizable note. There’s also a slight malty flavor to it all. The crisp and airy wafers along with the slightly sticky-sweet chocolate actually makes a good combination. A single bar isn’t quite enough to satisfy on its own, but again, two are the recommended dosage.

The price is great, they’re $1.79 for the box of 10, which means that each bar is about 18 cents. That’s a crazy good deal for a real chocolate product. (It also says on the package that there are no preservatives or artificial colors - but it’s not like it’s all natural or a particularly great list of ingredients which include fake vanilla and palm oil, albeit low on the list.)

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Name: Chocolate Crisp Bars
Brand: Aldi
Place Purchased: Aldi (Youngstown, OH)
Price: $1.79
Size: 6.3 ounces
Calories per ounce: 127
Categories: Candy, Aldi, Chocolate, Cookie, Nuts, 7-Worth It, Germany

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  1. These Crisp Bars are probably the un-branded version of German DUPLO bars.  Sort-of a step-UP from KitKat, no???
    They are amazing….love them—-and glad to read you have already discovered them.

    Comment by Christopher on 10/04/10 at 6:35 am #
  2. Dear Choceur’  Hope this work’s. I bought some chocolate with hazetnuts in it & some with krispies in it. They were individually wrapped in red paper(shiny) & green paper (shiny). Well my family loves your chocolate it’s absolutely delicious. This candy was out for Christmas.I went back to Aldi’s & bought the rest of the bag’s. Well it’s gone & we sure would love more. I can’t aford full price & shipment , is there anything you can do for us..Happy New Year & Thank You. Patti

    Comment by Patti Kirk on 1/11/11 at 10:47 pm #
  3. Hi there

    i would like to order Krowki Milanowskie Milky Cream Fudge?how much i have to pay to get them in new zealand?and whats the procedure to place an order?


    Comment by Bhupinder Singh on 12/06/15 at 2:59 am #
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