Monday, June 4, 2007

KitKat Temptations: Hazelnut & Coconut

Australia has not been left out of the KitKat craze, but they’re a little harder to get a hold of. One of my co-workers happens to be married to an Aussie, so on his last trip to visit family I gave him some bucks and asked for anything that caught his fancy (knowing me of course). Some I just ate, but these I thought I’d at least share a little about.


KitKat Temptations: Coconut Eclair: The big dome over the narrow little pair of wafers is filled with a sweet and mildly coconutty cream. The cream is kind of a cross between the inside of a York Peppermint Pattie and a truffle. Not quite smooth, not quite buttery, but not as crumbly as the fondant of a York.

The cookies don’t even take a back seat here, they’re on a trailer being towed behind. One of those shocks that would greet you as you were looking to change lanes and saw that the Coconut Eclair had passed you and you were trying to get out from behind some mollasses Slo-Poke and didn’t realize that they had that wafer cookie trailer bouncing along behind, without lights or any of those red dangly flags. Then you slow down and smack your own forhead and say, DUH! It’s a KitKat!


KitKat Temptations: Hazelnut Praline: This one smelled kind of like maple, but perhaps pecan, if we’re talking about nuts. I know Australia is a half a world away, but I also know they grow hazelnuts, so I can’t quite figure out the lame taste on this one. It’s all very sweet. The nutty cream center is rather like Nutella, but lacks that nutty punch. Instead it’s flavored like nuts, but doesn’t taste like them ... ya know? There are a few little crushed nuts in there (as there should be, the picture on the wrapper illustrates them) but they just didn’t strike me as hazelnuts. They could have been almonds.

Yeah, I’m just not getting the KitKat vibe here. KitKats are all about the wafers, grainy cream and chocolate. Anything added is great, but don’t muck with the basics.

You may have tempted me once, but you’ll not snare me again.

Name: KitKat Temptations: Coconut Eclair & Hazelnut Praline
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Nestle
Place Purchased: gift (thanks Brett!)
Price: unknown
Size: 40 grams
Calories per ounce: unknown
Categories: Chocolate, Cookie, Coconut, Nuts, Australia, Nestle, KitKat

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  1. i thought these were kind of ok, particularly the coconut one, but definitely a distant cousin to the beloved kit kat.

    the other australian variants that i’ve tried were cookie dough and honeycomb, both of which are more kit katty.

    Comment by ruffy on 6/04/07 at 7:03 am #
  2. When I saw the photo, it reminded me of the Kinder Bueno bars.

    Comment by May on 6/04/07 at 9:09 am #
  3. I’m a tad crestfallen - they look delicious - and yet they are apparently not.

    Comment by Shannon on 6/04/07 at 10:29 am #
  4. I don’t get how these are Kitkats by any stretch of the imagination….it’s like putting long ears on a horse and saying it’sa rabbit! raspberry

    Comment by Sera on 6/05/07 at 8:51 am #
  5. Ah, someone beat me to it… these look a lot like the Kinder Bueno bars. I just enjoyed one that I bought in the Hong Kong airport. I bet it’s Kit Kat’s attempt to compete.

    Comment by Pandax on 6/06/07 at 6:16 am #
  6. These look really yummy - too bad they are not available in the U.S. For me, anything with coconut cream is good so I would probably buy it for that rather than the Kit Kat wafer (which sounds like it disappeared with these versions).

    Comment by Restaurant Mom on 6/07/07 at 3:51 pm #
  7. That’s twice today your prose has made me laugh out loud. :^) By the way, did you know that the world’s largest pecan orchard is in Australia? (The second largest is outside Las Cruces, New Mexico, if I’m remembering my trivia correctly today.) So maybe those were pecan notes you were getting!

    Comment by Tricia on 6/07/07 at 4:45 pm #
  8. I searched your archives and couldn’t find it - did you ever review the Canadian KitKat dark?  I’m having one now and it’s good.

    Comment by Elizabeth on 6/08/07 at 12:53 pm #
  9. Random, but have you ever heard of a bounty bar? I was in France just two days ago and they are all over the place. They are candy bars in milk and dark chocolate that have a soft coconut filling. I usually hate “noix de coco”, but I found this very good.

    Comment by Mollie on 6/16/07 at 1:11 am #
  10. How do I order these? smile

    Comment by Jen on 6/28/07 at 10:26 am #
  11. Where do I get these they look delicious!!!

    Comment by Analia on 6/03/08 at 3:15 am #
  12. Shannon- they are really nice, if you love coconut like i do, and i loved them. Remember, it’s only one person’s opinion who is reviewing these, and they might not have the same tastes as you do, definitely not the same tastes as me.

    The coconut one was my favourite out of the three, the cookie dough was nice, there is also a cookies & cream out right now. And a macchiato.

    Comment by Kelly on 11/29/08 at 5:29 am #
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