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Sour Punch Punchies

DSC_2554rbIt’s as if I’ve got a theme going with all these new products that are bite versions of the established candies. Today it’s a nibble from American Licorice’s popular Sour Punch line. These are Sour Punch Punchies and are described, simply as: soft,chewy, sour candy.

The two ounce bag has nuggets of candy coated wheat-based sour chews in five flavors: lemon, strawberry, tangerine, blue raspberry and green apple. They’re similar to the Chewy Sour Extinguisher that they released a few years ago, which had sour nuggets along with a magic one that would neutralize your ability to taste sour temporarily.

Sour Punch Punchies

Sour Punch Straws and the later Sour Punch Bits are sour chews with a wheat flour base, like Red Vines. They usually have a sour sanding on the outside and a more intense flavor than a regular Red Vine. They’re devilishly messy, as the sanding tends to get everywhere. I also found that one straw was often more than I wanted as a portion. I like sours, but not in large quantities as age has finally taught me that too much sour is bad for my tongue if I’d like to use it for the following days.

The Sour Punch Punchies are have a core of Sour Punch Bits and then a candy coating similar to a jelly bean - it’s smooth on the outside but a little grainy and not crunchy. The colors are bold and very vivid.


Tangerine was the flavor I tried first, because it was bound to be good. The sourness was great but also had a nice hit of zest right away. The grain of the coating reminded me of Lemonheads, since there’s a bit of a “peel” effect with a sourness at the margin between the shell and center. The center is a little gummy and pasty and has a slight wheat flour note to it, as most of the Sour Punch products do.

Blue Raspberry is floral and seedy and sour. It’s very artificial at times, but an overall winner.

Lemon was right up there, again, bringing a lot of the qualities that I love about Lemonheads, but with more flavor in the center.

Strawberry was milder and like a smoothie in a way, not quite as sour but with a creamy note that the chew at the center brought in.

Green Apple was pure artificial in all the right ways. It tasted nothing like actual apples (as some candies will straddle the line) but more like Jolly Ranchers amped up. The sourness was not as strong as the lemon, which was by far the most intense.

There’s enough acid in there to burn my tongue before I finished the bag, I was able to eat less then half before I got a stomach ache. They’re really pretty to look at and I loved the flavor variety in the package better than the Airheads Bites (mostly because I like citrus and strawberry better than cherry and watermelon).

Wheat flour is a major ingredient, so they’re not gluten free. But there’s no gelatin but they do use confectioners glaze, so they’re not vegan. There’s also a lot more sodium in there, 170 mg, than I would have expected in a candy like this. They’re made in the USA and Kosher.

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Name: Sour Punch Punchies
Brand: American Licorice
Place Purchased: samples from American Licorice
Price: $1.19 retail
Size: 2 ounces
Calories per ounce: 110
Categories: Candy, American Licorice, Chews, Kosher, Sour, 7-Worth It, United States

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  1. Maybe if this product takes off it’ll inspire others to try more panned fruit licorice, and perhaps we’ll get another crunchy-coated licorice-based Good and Fruity reboot from Hershey; not likely, but we can dream

    Comment by Matt on 6/30/13 at 6:19 am #
  2. Sour punch bites taste nothing like the straws. So disheartening since the straws are so hard to find these days…

    Comment by Ms Fey on 2/21/14 at 10:33 am #
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