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M&Ms Milk Chocolate Gingerbread

M&Ms Milk Chocolate GingerbreadThe hot flavor trend this season is gingerbread. Well, not as hot as pumpkin spice, which spans Halloween and Christmas holidays. There’s little difference between the spices in pumpkin pie and gingerbread, though the proportions of the actual spices are often different and gingerbread has a background of molasses or brown sugar.

The M&Ms Milk Chocolate Gingerbread are sold only at Walmart this season, though their companion Twix Gingerbread are sold at most stores stocking seasonal bagged candy.

The design on the front of the package looks like most of the other holiday M&Ms. In this instance the Red M&M is just holding a plate with a gingerbread cookie and pointing at it. Kind of lazy.

M&Ms Milk Chocolate Gingerbread

The Gingerbread M&Ms are a milk chocolate base with some spices added in. They come in three colors, red, green and brown. Not terribly exciting. The milk chocolate is the normal sweet stuff, creamy but on the fudgy and sugary side. The added spices give it a warm flavor but nothing distinct. Maybe there’s ginger, maybe some cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg. They add a light chalky note to the texture but I didn’t specifically get any ginger or black pepper in there.


What would have been extraordinary would have been a real piece of gingerbread, in the format of the Pretzel M&Ms. Or Sugar Cookie, or Snickerdoodle. There are so many exciting seasonal variations on the cookie center that could be accomplished. Even just the Pretzel M&M with this flavored chocolate on the outside would have propelled this to another level of specialness.

Intellectually, I know they’re not the same as the Pumpkin Spice M&Ms from earlier this year, but they don’t feel that different - just swap out the orange ones for red and tone down the cinnamon. No, Mars still hasn’t come out with the Egg Nog White Chocolate M&Ms I’ve been longing for. I guess they’re just not into nutmeg.

Today is the day many blogs decided to review the new M&Ms Milk Chocolate Gingerbread. The Impulsive Buy and ZOMG, Candy! would be the two that I’ve seen so far and previously Junk Food Guy and Serious Sweets. I think most of us are agreed, it’s a nice idea but not really a great M&M.

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Name: M&Ms Milk Chocolate Gingerbread
Brand: Mars
Place Purchased: samples from Mars (but sold only at Walmart this season)
Price: 2.49 retail
Size: 9.9 ounces
Calories per ounce: 140
Categories: Candy, Christmas, Mars, Chocolate, Kosher, M&Ms, 7-Worth It, United States

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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t like them; I think they taste remarkably gingerbread-y, and I’m totally going to stock up and hoard them smile

    Comment by Caley on 12/02/13 at 1:47 pm #
  2. I’m working my way through my 2nd bag and am actually liking them more as I go.  I wasn’t impressed at first, though.

    Comment by Albanyish Dana on 12/02/13 at 6:10 pm #
  3. Interesting, I just hope the gingerbread flavor is not too overpowering. But I think the colors are perfect for Christmas, they can even double as decorations!

    Comment by Beverley on 12/03/13 at 3:56 am #
  4. I have only had one bag. I think they are far off from gingerbread. They taste like chemicals soaked in spices. I would not recommend them to anyone. Sorry M&M but you let me down! :(

    Comment by Dj on 12/25/13 at 8:14 pm #
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