Thursday, October 21, 2010

Marich Halloween Mellocremes

All Natural Marich MellocremesI’ve honestly been curious why I don’t see all natural or organic Candy Corn this time of year. But here’s something pretty close. I found this little container at Whole Foods. They call them Marich Cream Jellybeans but they’re really mellocremes or fondant.

They’re all natural and come in a delightful variety of colors and shapes. There are bats, crescent moons, witches on brooms, owls and cats. I picked out a mix that was as evenly randomized as I could detect. They came in little box like a take out container, only made of a clear polyester-plastic that’s easy to open and close.

The candy was on the expensive side for something that’s all sugar, $5.99 a pound (far less expensive than the other mixes that I’ve picked up). But they were cute and I haven’t bought much for Halloween this year because there have been so few new products.

All Natural Marich Mellocremes

The pieces are about an inch to an inch and a quarter at their longest. Some were particularly flat, like the Witch and Cat, which means that they were a little dryer and firmer than the thick ones like the Crescent Moon. They all stand up on their sides except for the moon, which naturally wants to be curve side down. (I held that one up with a little piece of sticky clay for the photo.)

All Natural Marich Mellocreme Crescent MoonCocoa Brown - I hesitate to actually call this chocolate flavored because it doesn’t taste at all like chocolate, but cocoa is listed on the ingredients so that appears to be the intention. It’s a little woodsy and less sweet than the others. There are notes of honey, toffee, rum and coconut. This flavor also seemed moister than the others, no matter what shape it was, not sticky just not as dry.

Orange - a creamsicle sort of orange flavor, mostly zest but not intense at all. The color and the flavor wasn’t that different from the yellow.

Yellow - lemon in the softest and sweetest way possible. Just a hint of lemon peel and maybe a little note of honey.

White - was unflavored, I’d call them a light vanilla. They taste a bit like marshmallows, pretty clean overall but of course sweet.

The texture was a little firmer than Candy Corn, but very smooth with a fast dissolve. They have a strong sheen on them, some more than others. There’s a glaze on them (confectioners glaze plus beeswax and carnauba wax) which means that they don’t stick together but also don’t dissolve immediately.

The owl reminds me of those macrame owls from the seventies.

All Natural Marich Mellocreme Owl

It’s expensive for sugar candy, as I mentioned, but for a small bowl of candy matched to a Halloween or even harvest theme, they’re a great choice.

All Natural Marich Mellocreme Bat

They remind me of carved alabaster or soapstone figures. I can see that these are more sophisticated than brightly colored, strongly flavored kids fare ... but I can also imagine that there are kids out there would would love to play with these like edible chess pieces.

I’ve complained before that Marich’s excessive food colorings in their Easter Mix get in the way of my enjoyment of their holiday novelty candies, so it’s great to see that these are not only less expensive than those but also truer in their flavor profile. I’m in love with Marich’s all natural and organic lines. I’d still like these to have more intense flavors and maybe more variation (like maple, honey and better cocoa) but I could still pick up the Brach’s Halloween Mix for that.

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Name: Cream Jellybeans
Brand: Marich Confectionery
Place Purchased: Whole Foods (Park LaBrea)
Price: $5.99
Size: 16 ounces
Calories per ounce:
Categories: All Natural, Candy, Halloween, Marich Confectionery, Fondant, 7-Worth It, United States

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  1. The candies look okay. Maybe after dinner with coffee. I have tried WF sweets. Really expensive stuff though. Especially all the fancier/organic chocolates. As w/you Cybele, haven’t found anything new-new for this Halloween season. Yesterday at a dollar store, I almost bought a bag of 24 mini Hershey’s. The wrappers were Halloween-themed. However, the price was 5 bucks. Too pricey. On the other hand, last month K-Mart had MaryJane Peanut Butter Kisses .... yum! They were priced so reasonably, who could resist? To date, I’ve purchased 8 bags! K-Mart keeps lowering the price!! For gift-giving they are great. These candies are absolutely addictive .... ahhh. Decided to put a few in the freezer .... excellent! Impossible to stop at 2,4,6. Just delicious and very fresh w/big bits of peanut butter. Talk w/you again sometime C. HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!

    Comment by Marcee on 10/25/10 at 2:59 pm #
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