Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Limited Edition Nips Egg Nog

Egg Nog NipsNestle makes a wide variety of their Nips, which are known best for the Coffee Nips variety.

Their Limited Edition Egg Nog Nips variety caught me by surprise, mostly because I didn’t know they made seasonal versions.

The box is the same format and size as the standard Coffee Nips. It holds 4 ounces and sells for a little over a buck at grocery and drug store chains. I felt like the box could have held another ounce or two, but you know that whole “settling may occur during transit” may come into play. Each piece is individually wrapped, and the whole box is also sealed in a clear cellophane wrapper to protect the contents.

Egg Nog Nips

The pieces are large and nicely domed. They don’t smell like much, so it wasn’t until I popped one in my mouth that I got a sense of what was different.

They’re sweet and smooth with a slow and satisfying dissolve. The creamy flavor has a strong milky flavor mixed with notes of nutmeg and a touch of clove and cinnamon plus vanilla. The custardy candy is pleasant and isn’t too cloying. I might have preferred a little stronger kick of spice to it, as it is it’s not that different from the Butter Rum Nips. (Though a hint of rum might be nice, too.)

A gingerbread version probably isn’t that far behind.

Made on equipment that also processes peanuts. Gluten free. Contains dairy, soy and coconut.

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Name: Egg Nog Nips
Brand: Nestle
Place Purchased: CVS (Park LaBrea)
Price: $1.29
Size: 4 ounces
Calories per ounce: 121
Categories: Candy, Christmas, Nestle, Kosher, Limited Edition, Toffee, 7-Worth It, United States, Sav-On/CVS

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  1. Gingerbread is a good idea!
    I bought these along with Pumpkin Spice last year at Walgreen’s in MI.

    Comment by Barbara on 11/07/12 at 5:46 pm #
  2. I bought these and the pumpkin spice nips last year as well, and I really liked them. The pumpkin spice ones were my favorite. But if you value your life, do not stand between me and a box of coffee nips. :D

    Comment by Meghan on 11/08/12 at 9:27 am #

    Comment by ROCKNE AND ROSANNE MAZE on 11/22/12 at 4:19 am #
  4. Having trouble finding these this year. Walgreen’s doesn’t have them here. Any ideas?

    Comment by theatrenut on 12/04/12 at 6:03 am #
  5. I picked up a few of these at the local “Dollar” store. Now I have to hide them from my family or risk having to share.

    Comment by Dee on 12/05/12 at 8:41 pm #
  6. Dollar store!  Thank you - I’ll check.  I’m a big Nip fan, of all flavors and these were good last year.

    Comment by theatrenut on 12/06/12 at 5:32 am #
  7. Can’t find these anywhere in the Bay City/Midland area. And last year I bought tons of the Pumpkin Spice AFTER Christmas! Must have been bought up by Candy Blog readers.

    Comment by Anita in Michigan on 12/11/12 at 10:39 am #
  8. Can someone please tell me if they were able to buy Nestle’s (formerly Pearson’s) Limited Edition:  Egg Nog Nips.  I have searched every CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreen’s, Walmart, Shop-Rite, Acme, and the interest - eBay and Amazon, where I had purchased them before.  Did they fall off the face of the earth.  These became a tradition in my family.  Does yet another Christmas tradition have to die.  I’d appreciate ANY help that can be given with info on the confection.  If I am searching in vain because Nestle is no longer making them, it will save me an awful lot of wear and tear.  I go out everyday in case a shipment has come in.  Thank you.

    Comment by Pamela Vargo on 12/13/15 at 10:46 pm #
  9. I haven’t seen the holiday flavors this year.

    (But recently, all Nips were either gone from shelves, or just the caramel version was available, in my town and during a trip to New York City. I saw all regular flavors except chocolate back on the shelf this weekend.)

    Comment by theatrenut on 12/14/15 at 6:00 am #
  10. To whom it may concern. Just wanted to know that I’ve been searching for this Nestle Nips EggNog Hard Candy. For the past 3-4yrs. I just wanted to know if there any place I can check to purchase at least 1or2 case’s of this special items. It’s for a special person, she is my fiance & I want to keep her happy &  smiling. So please, if anyone knows where I can purchase this limited edition item. I will greatly appreciate it. I thank you.

    Comment by Radames Lugo Jr on 11/29/16 at 11:01 pm #
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