Friday, November 9, 2012

Snack Mix for Traveling

When I’m traveling I’m usually still writing reviews, so I travel with a little packet of the candies in my queue.

But I also like to snacks, so I create trail mixes for myself. I’m on the road again and this time around I made the following mix:

Trail Mix

Pretzels (I prefer Spelt pretzels as they have more protein so are more filling)
Sugar Babies (the sweetness balances the salty pretzels)
Clark Bites (chocolate covered crispy peanut butter)
Raw Almonds

Trail Mix

The best ratio for the mix, for my tastes, is about 1/2 Pretzels, 1/4 Raw Almonds and the remaining equal parts Sugar Babies and Clark Bites. I don’t need that much sweet in my snacks and the protein of the almonds is very filling. Each element combines well, so I can eat a pretzel with an almond, or a Sugar Baby with an almond ... it’s all interchangeable.

Sconza 70% Dark Chocolate Toffee Almonds

Other things I have included in the past:

Marich Dark Chocolate Cacao Nib Toffee (I don’t know if these are discontinued, I can’t find them any longer, but the Sconza Toffee Chocolate Almonds shown above are fantastic as well)
Dark Chocolate Almonds (I prefer the Trader Joe’s variety because they’re high quality and good value)
Dried Figs (provide just the right sweetness, a leathery chew and smoky note)
Chocolate Covered Cranberries (raisins or uncoated fruit can make the pretzels stale)
Pretzel M&Ms (kind of a trail mix in one candy)
Powerberries or Brookside Pomegranate Chocolate

It could use a tangy & fruity element to it, like chocolate covered raisins or cranberries. (Straight raisins get very sticky and make my pretzels stale.)

Other Planes/Trains & Auto Snacks:
Good and PlentyGood & Plenty - again, great for travel because they’re clean and easy to portion and share.
Whole Grain Cheddar Goldfish - cute, easy to share and just the right amount of salt (don’t overdo salt on a plane, it just dehydrates you).
Goetze’s Caramel Creams - very filling and the long chew can help unstuff ears.
Hot Tamales - the zesty cinnamon is especially good if I have to drive and want to stay alert.
Peppermint Chiclets - sweet and minty, great to refresh after too much coffee breath and to stabilize ear pressure.

I like to package my mixes in sturdy zipper plastic bags, I prefer the ones with the little slider on it. Unlike some of the individually wrapped candies I also travel with, the mixes don’t make any trash. The flexible packaging is easy to stuff into my carry on bag and often I’ll toss an extra one into my checked luggage if it’s a long trip.

M&Ms Snack Mix - Salty & SweetIn a pinch though you can buy pre-made mixes. M&Ms is making some now that come in zipper bags. Of course you’re stuck with their idea of a good ratio and you might not like all the elements in there.

Chex also makes Chex Mixes, including a few sweet & salty versions like Chex Mix Chocolate Turtle which includes caramel-coated corn Chex, cocoa-seasoned corn Chex, pretzels, nuts, caramel-coated popcorn and chocolaty candies. (Note the use of the word chocolaty, that’s pretty much what’s been keeping me from trying them.)

Related Candies

  1. Clark Bites
  2. Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Covered Joe’s O’s
  3. Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate
  4. Pretzel M&Ms
  5. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Powerberries
  6. Marich Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews
  7. Sconza 70% Dark Chocolate Toffee Almonds
  8. Sugar Babies

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  1. Have you tried chocolate covered sunflower seeds? I mix them with cheerios and nuts for a sort of “trail mix” snack and they’re the perfect touch.

    Comment by Kelly on 11/09/12 at 11:22 am #
  2. Thank you. I’ve been making do with a bag of the chocolate turtle Chex Mix and a bag made up of my favorite flavors of goldfish crackers. I’ll try your version in place of the Chex Mix for my next trip.

    Comment by Dork Chocolate on 11/09/12 at 2:37 pm #
  3. I also love making my own snack mix.  Trader Joe’s has just started offering honey roasted sliced almonds that are a delicious addition to snack mix and oatmeal.  And I don’t really care for any of the Chex Mix products EXCEPT for the Dark Chocolate Chex Mix.  It’s good. Give it a try.

    Comment by Rebecca on 11/09/12 at 9:14 pm #
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