Friday, August 13, 2010

Crazy Candy Co Candy Laces

Crazy Candy Co. Candy LacesI love playing with my candy. It’s fun to see candy companies recognize that part of the experience.

I found this small bag of Crazy Candy Co Candy Laces at Aldi. They have a few sugar-based candies from this Crazy Candy Co on the shelves, like gummi bears and sour neon worms. Though Aldi sells Haribo, this Crazy Candy Co is one of their house brands.

The Candy Laces are like fruity licorice; they’re made from wheat and come in four flavors: Strawberry, Apple Peach, Raspberry, Peach. The package says they use no artificial flavors or colors. The package is cute and inviting and would certainly appeal to juveniles. The price is pretty good at 79 cents for three ounces - it’s not a lot of candy or a lot of money for a little treat.

Crazy Candy Co. Candy Laces

The laces are about 18-20 inches long each. Though it’s natural coloring, they’re bold and bright.

Crazy Candy Co. Candy Laces

The laces are soft and flexible, but still strong enough to take a little tugging and pulling. They have a light beeswax coating on them to keep them from sticking and drying out, but it’s not oily or sticky. I found it easy to twist and braid the laces together. Let’s face it, one of the reasons I bought them was because I thought they’d be fun to play with and photograph.

Crazy Candy Co. Candy LacesThe light orange laces are Apple-Peach. First, I was a little surprised that this was a flavor. It seemed odd to have two peach flavors in one package that only had four flavors to begin with.

The laces are lightly translucent and well made. Not bumps, tacky or chalky spots.

The peach and apple flavors are authentic. It’s like a lightly sweet glass of juice. The texture of the chew is a little sticky but since the cords are so thin to begin with, it’s not like big gobs can get stuck in my teeth.

Crazy Candy Co. Candy LacesThe yellow laces are Peach which is much more of a bold flavor than the apple mix version.

The color is bright and the laces sometimes look like a heap of curry ramen to me.

The peach flavor is a little tart and has a little pine note to it, like peach skins. It’s not overwhelming or artificial, though still not quite authentic.

Crazy Candy Co. Candy LacesThe maroon laces are Raspberry.

I was hoping for something really intense and jammy. Instead it’s just a little tart, vaguely floral and mildly berry-flavored.

One thing that I noticed about the Raspberry laces is that they’re slightly smaller in diameter from the other flavors. Still the same texture though.

Crazy Candy Co. Candy LacesThe dark pink laces are Strawberry.

Strawberry is a common flavor for red licorice, so I went into this with a lot of experience with red laces. My first impression: nicely done.

The flavor is tart and good mix of floral, berry and tangy notes. The chew is firm, like an al dente pasta and it’s not as leathery or doughy as some other American and Australian versions.

I found that they kept fresh even without sealing the bag up inside a zippered plastic bag like I do with many of my opened candies. After about a week they got a little firmer, but never tacky or dry.

The package is nicely designed and the candy itself is well made. I don’t care personally for the flavor mix much, but I know that children would probably be drawn to the bright colors and mainstream flavors. (They might be disappointed that the apple isn’t more like the Jolly Rancher Green Apple.) These would be great for decorating as well.

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Name: Candy Laces
Brand: Aldi
Place Purchased: Aldi (Youngstown, OH)
Price: $.79
Size: 3 ounces
Calories per ounce: 101
Categories: All Natural, Candy, Aldi, Chews, 6-Tempting, Netherlands

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  1. Great photos! I’ve never had any laces. I’m not a fan of licorice although I think I might be prejudiced as my first exposure was Twizzlers. I can’t stand them.  Whats the brand I need to break into?

    Comment by Steve on 8/14/10 at 4:32 pm #
  2. The first picture looks like a tangled pile of silly bandz! Not that I would know…...

    Comment by Adriana on 8/15/10 at 7:48 pm #
  3. I don’t think it’s fair to tease me with things i can’t buy.  I search out licorice laces because i like to tie them in knots and play with them!.  Wish i could find these somewhere near me.

    Comment by Mike on 8/16/10 at 12:06 pm #
  4. Great Pics, love the what you have done with the laces!

    Comment by GBA on 9/13/11 at 4:35 pm #
  5. I’ve been looking for orange colored laces and can’t seem to find them.  Where would I find these peach and apple ones.  I need them for a Leukemia Cancer Benefit I am having for a beautiful 2yr old little girl with Leukemia.  I want to make an orange candy buffet for the children at the benefit and I know they will all love to play with and eat the licorice laces and orange is the ribbon color for Leukemia.
    Please help me!

    Linda Chriswell

    Comment by Linda Chriswell on 9/27/12 at 5:38 am #
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