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Cloetta Kex Choklad

Cloetta Kex ChokladSweden’s best selling confectionery product is available at Ikea stores around the world: Cloetta Kex Choklad.

Kex was introduced in 1921 as Five O’clock but was renamed Kex around 1941. Kex, in Swedish, means simply biscuit (or cookie to Americans). The Kex line from Cloetta is pretty extensive with all sorts of chocolate covered cookies and biscuits. But the chocolate covered waffle crisps are by far the most popular. Even the regular Kex comes in a few variations, currently it’s available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and a summer raspberry version.

The reach of this bar must be pretty wide, there are 18 translations of the ingredients on the back of the package. (Probably more of a testament to Ikea than Cloetta.)


The bar is a nice size, 13 grams (.46 ounces). They’re flat and thin, about 2 1/3” long and 1 1/4” wide. So it’s like a snack size version in the bag. The ingredients say that it’s a chocolate flavored coating, but as far as mockolate goes, it has real cocoa butter just an additional bit of vegetable oils (palm and/or shea nut oil).

They smell milky, again, the ingredients say that milk is the second ingredient in the chocolate flavored coating. The wafers are light, airy, very dry and crispy. They filling between them is hardly noticeable. There’s a light malt note to the bar and a strong dairy component. The cocoa is barely discernible as a flavor but the texture of the coating is creamy and smooth. Since the cookie is front and center and the coating is really just there to contain it all, it’s more like a cookie than a candy.

They’re mildly addictive. I held back five for review and shared the rest with coworkers and found that I ate my five without realizing it. However, I didn’t find them wholly satisfying. The chocolate wasn’t chocolatey enough, which I guess is why I kept eating. (Clever!)  The Tunnock’s (yesterday) was a bit more filling but still not quite what I wanted either. (Yes, it’s the Q.bel bars that I crave at this point.) But I see why these are so popular in Sweden and at Ikea.

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Name: Kex Choklad
Brand: Cloetta
Place Purchased: Ikea (Burbank)
Price: $1.69
Size: 5.82 ounces
Calories per ounce: 145
Categories: Candy, Cookie, Mockolate, 6-Tempting, Sweden

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  1. SWEDEN!
    Yes, this is really tasty, just eat it and look at an elk, then go home again.
    No, Sweden is better than that, we got the nice grils to wink

    Comment by Nathalie on 8/12/10 at 2:08 pm #
  2. Great review! 

    See our take on the Cloetta Kexchoklad at:

    Comment by World of Snacks on 2/11/13 at 5:47 pm #
  3. I saw this candy in the movie the girl with the dragon tattoo and was interested in what it was so I did some research and found that it was a candy bar that sounds delicious.

    Comment by Chris Crosby on 10/27/15 at 7:17 am #
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