Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Candy Tease: Bar None, Reed’s and Regal Crown Sours

Lately in the world of candy, the most exciting news has not been new candies but the reintroduction of discontinued candies. I’m talking about things like Astro Pops and Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy. So it’s not surprising to see a few more favorites coming back. Here are three that we might see later this year:

Regal Crown Revival
Name: Regal Crown Sours
Brand: Iconic Candy Brands (Vista Marketing)
Description: Regal Crown is a 9-Piece hard candy roll with individually wrapped pieces which comes in 4 flavors: Sour Cherry, Sour Lemon, Sour Orange and Sour Grape.
Introduction Date: 8/1/2013
Notes: Regal Crown Sours were lovely little candies, thicker than a Life Saver and with no hole. They came in single flavor rolls and each piece was individually wrapped in white waxed paper. I recall purchasing Sour Lemon almost exclusively and even though I was a huge candy fiend, I would always turn down any offer of a Sour Cherry since I didn’t like that flavor.

Reed's Revival

Name: Reed’s Hard Candies
Brand: Iconic Candy Brands (Vista Marketing)
Description: Reed’s is a 7-Piece hard candy roll with individually wrapped pieces which comes in 4 flavors: Butter Scotch, Root Beer, Cinnamon and Caramel
Introduction Date: 8/1/2013
Notes: Reed’s have not been gone for very long, I still have a few rolls left (not that I would eat them). Cinnamon and Root Beer were always my favorite. They were kettle boiled sweets with virtually no bubbles or voids in them. Like the Regal Crown sours, these are also individually wrapped, though in clear cellophane.

Bar None Revival

Name: BarNone
Brand: Iconic Candy Brands (Vista Marketing)
Description: BarNone is Back! It is a Chocolate wafer, enrobed in milk chocolate, cascaded with chopped peanuts and finally enrobed in milk chocolate.
Introduction Date: 8/1/2013
Notes: This is one of those lamented candy bars that was ruined before it was discontinued. Hershey’s brought it on the market with great fanfare, and then without any explanation, they changed the wide plank of a candy bar into two sticks and added caramel while taking away the crushed peanuts. Though that was still a candy bar with merit, it wasn’t nearly as spectacular or decadent as the original. My understand is that the original bar had some flaws in the design that made it hard to produce and even harder to get into stores in a sellable condition. The bars were too wide and the filling too soft and slippery; the chocolate coating wasn’t thick enough to give it the structural integrity it needed for its height. Hopefully the new version surmounts those issues while keeping the flavor and texture profile intact. More about the original Hershey’s Bar None here.

Here’s the review of the new Bar None.

What are you waiting to see revived?

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  1. I really want Sour Punch Beanz and Hershey’s S’Mores bars to come back, even though they were relatively recent.

    Comment by Michelle on 4/03/13 at 3:15 pm #
  2. Marathon Bar!

    Comment by Barbara on 4/03/13 at 6:06 pm #
  3. Oh have I missed Bar None! I’m thrilled that it’s being brought back!

    Comment by Amy on 4/03/13 at 6:08 pm #
  4. Caravelle! So much better than its pale imitator, the $100,000 Grand bar. And another great bar from Peter Paul, the Peanut Butter No Jelly.

    Comment by Liz on 4/03/13 at 7:29 pm #
  5. I want the PB Maxx to return. I’m not usually a fan of peanut butter, but that bar had the perfect peanut butter/cookie/chocolate ratio. The little cookie bits inside reminded me of gerbil feed, in a good way.

    Comment by Lynne on 4/03/13 at 11:05 pm #
  6. Bar None returning?
    Better not be a bad late April fools joke.

    Comment by Whotony on 4/04/13 at 7:30 am #
  7. Well, since licorice Pine Brothers have returned I’m pretty content!  That was the one that I was hoping would be back.

    Comment by Sal on 4/04/13 at 8:53 pm #
  8. Regal Crown sours, yaaaaayyyy! That’s great news. I have missed those SO much, even more than Reed’s root beer and cinnamon. Cherry was always my favorite, but the lemon was good, too. The only candy that ever came close to cherry Regal Crown sours was the cherry flavor Jolly Rancher. (Funny, but I don’t remember the orange and grape flavors or the butterscotch and caramel flavors of Reed’s.)

    Comment by Midge on 4/04/13 at 10:23 pm #
  9. I wish they’d reinstate some of the discontinued Life Savers flavors, like Butter Creme Mint, tangerine, and Fancy Fruits

    Comment by Sparkina on 4/05/13 at 1:51 am #
  10. Regal Crowns coming back? Hey, I must have wishes coming true!
    I wish for a million dollars.
    And for the Almond Cluster bar to come back.

    Comment by Vince M on 4/06/13 at 2:04 pm #
  11. Bring back the original Twix peanut butter!  Nice to see Reed’s root beer coming back.  Are the Jolly Rancher sticks still in production?

    Comment by Patrick on 4/06/13 at 3:26 pm #
  12. Regal Crown Cherry Sours! Regal Crown Grape Sours! My two favorites from years ago. So happy to know that they are returning soon. I hope they still wrap them individually in wax paper. I will definitely be ordering a few boxes of them.

    Comment by John on 4/12/13 at 7:08 pm #
  13. BarNone! Oh please say it’s so! Hope this isn’t a rumor….

    Comment by Carol on 5/22/13 at 10:19 am #
  14. interested in buying Regal Crown sours when they are available

    Comment by Rod on 8/20/13 at 6:09 pm #
  15. I keep reading about how Regal Crown Sour candy is back and it’s availability started August 1, 2013 but no one has said anything about WHERE they can be purchased.

    The Iconic Candy web site seems to have been abandoned, so I don’t even know if they’re in business anymore.

    Are they still in business? Where can you purchase the re-released Regal Crown candies?


    Comment by Tim on 8/29/13 at 7:45 am #
  16. I still remember fondly Peter Paul’s Caravelle—one of my all-time favorites.  Also liked their Almond Cluster.  So both of those should be brought back.  Also miss Powerhouse, Hollywood, and Milk Shake bars.

    Comment by Michael Douglas on 9/20/13 at 7:19 pm #
  17. Some articles I read say that Regal Crown Sours (Cherry, Grape, Lemon and Orange) are back but there are no known distributors of this candy as of September 2013. The Iconic Candy company is or was located in Carle Place, NY but there is no telephone number for them and their website has not been updated in a while. Vista Marketing apparently also has something to do with Iconic Candy company but there is no info that I can find regarding Vista Marketing with Iconic Candy company. I would buy lots of Regal Crown Sours but will we need a skip tracer to find out where they can be bought?
    Note to Michael: I liked Peter Paul’s Caravelle and also Milk Shake bars! Milk Shake bars were yummy with that chocolate outer and light puffy chocolate filling. Memories of the great candy bars I bought often in the 1960s and 70s.

    Comment by John K on 9/25/13 at 2:13 am #
  18. It’s really odd, cause I did find Reed’s for sale at (the Cinnamon, Butterscotch, and Root Beer).  So they were right on that.  But no Regal Crowns on that or any other “vintage candy” site.  Also, no Bar Nones yet, that I can find.
    Regarding those Milk Shake bars, I always liked them better than Milky Way… they had a little different taste (at least way back when), and I’m thinking it was more like malted milk?  Sadly, I stopped finding any where I live long before Hollywood Candy even went out of business.  Too bad Hollywood couldn’t stick it out until the internet era.  At least their bars might have become “niche” candy, like my all-time fav, Idaho Spud bars!

    Comment by Michael Douglas on 9/25/13 at 11:48 am #
  19. I would love to have Royal Crown Sour candy again. They were my favorite.

    Comment by Joe Levy on 1/13/14 at 8:14 pm #
  20. Here’s an update on Reeds Candies listed with  They’ve been “listed” for months now, but always shown as “out of stock”.  The site gives you the option of receiving an email notification when they become available.  I’ve twice written to asking for status, and was first told that they were hoping to have Reeds available before Halloween, then the second response was that they were hoping for “the Holidays”.  The only excuse they gave was that Iconic Candy was having “roll out” problems with their new Reeds product. 

    Iconic Candy obviously had to present enough documentation to Candywarehouse for them to list Reeds in the first place (even if not yet available).  Though Candywarehouse didn’t say so, I have a feeling they’re being “stalled” and are probably as “in the dark” as to the real status of Reeds and this whole Iconic Candy company as the rest of us.  All I can recommend is that folks contact Candywarehouse and try to get them to take some action with regards to Iconic Candy, one way of the other.  It isn’t fair of their company to advertise a product that has yet to ever become available.

    Comment by Michael Douglas on 1/14/14 at 11:45 am #
  21. Cybele's avatar

    Michael - I too have been hoping to be able to point to stores that are carrying the revived product lines.

    The only thing I can suggest is to keep an eye on the Iconic Candy Facebook page, as it appears to be more updated than their website.

    Comment by Cybele on 1/14/14 at 11:50 am #
  22. Michael, what are you a budding attorney?. “Action against”, get real. Likely it’s a funding problem. Have you ever owned a company?. Instead of litigation perhaps a spot on “Shark Tank” On ABC.

    Comment by Ramon Pappas on 1/31/14 at 3:46 pm #
  23. Ramon—nope, never owned a company, just acted like I did in “Wall Street”. lol

    Cybele—yes, at least the facebook page is getting some updates(unlike their Website).  This was added on 12/30:  “We are hoping for a February - March 2014 Release Date.”  So we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

    Comment by Michael Douglas on 1/31/14 at 5:27 pm #
  24. I remember growing up whenever we went to Seattle, or Bellingham, we would always purchase the Reeds hard candies, especially the cinnamon ones.  I understand the Iconic Candy Company was taking over producing these once again.  Could you please tell me if they are available in Canada, or where in the states can I get them?

    The cinnamon are my absolute favorite ones. 

    I would sincerely appreciate a reply back.

    Many thanks,

    Kathy Stevens

    Comment by Kathy Stevens on 3/17/14 at 9:46 am #
  25. I would love to order the Regal crown sour cherry and lemon is this possible ? Please let me know I have searched for this candy for years !!

    Comment by Arna Mowers on 1/13/15 at 7:51 am #
  26. I’d like to order regal crown sour lemon,sour orange,sour cherry and order reeds cinnamon,root beer and butterscotch. How do I order?Tim Conway (not the comedian) Please let me know.

    Comment by Tim conway on 3/03/15 at 11:06 am #
  27. Tim,
    The only place showing Reeds, at least, is, but they are not yet available.  They now show a date of availability of “July, 2020” on their site!  When I emailed the company about this in January, I received the following back from one of their reps, Murray Slenn:  “We put that date because we just don’t know.  We check with Iconic every few months as we very much would like the Reed’s and BarNone as well.  Please stay tuned, but as of now, we keep getting the same answer – it’s coming.  I’m sorry I cannot give you any more definitive dates, however we are in the dark as well.  Thank You. Murray Slenn”.  I first noticed on their blog site that they were supposedly bringing back Reeds, Regal Sours, and BarNone in June, 2012! 
    So I don’t know what’s up with this Iconic Candy… previously Candywarehouse had said Iconic was claiming to have various “start up” problems, but it’s sorta reaching the point where I have to wonder if it’s all a scam of some sort?  I guess we can still hope, but I’m no longer “holding my breath” about seeing Reeds again (at least from Iconic Candy).  s/  Michael Douglas (not the actor!)

    Comment by Michael Douglas on 3/03/15 at 11:21 am #
  28. You can purchase the reeds candies at “The Vermont Country Store” 1-800-564-4623 or

    Comment by Magoo on 11/17/15 at 3:27 pm #
  29. “Happy days are here again!  The skies above are clear again.  Let us raise a roll of Reed’s again.  Happy days are here again!”  Magoo—you are SO right!  Vermont Country Store carries them, and I’ve ordered a box each (for starters) and they are delicious!  Individually wrapped in wax paper (as memory serves, the originals were individually wrapped in cellophane), and these aren’t “concave” shaped as the originals were (they bulge slightly in the middle)—but who’s quibbling!  With the time it took, I was definitely despairing of every having them again, but they’re back, and they’re great!

    Comment by Michael Douglas on 11/17/15 at 4:47 pm #
  30. You can get Regal Crown Sours now from the Vermont Country Store:

    They have the cherry, the sour lemon, and the assorted packs; have not seen them carry the grape sours yet.

    Still…AWESOME!  Just put my order in.


    Comment by Steven Woodcock on 12/11/15 at 4:51 pm #
  31. Am i the only one who thinks the only one who finds the flavor of the cherry sours to be not quite the same as in the past?

    Comment by Kevin white on 2/01/16 at 2:57 pm #
  32. Kevin-
    I totally agree!
    I was very disappointed with the Cherry sours.
    I ended up throwing them away.

    Comment by Sallie on 2/01/16 at 3:02 pm #
  33. To anyone who is thinking of buying some of the new Regal Crowne Sours- don’t do it.
    They are nothing like the original.  They taste more like a cherry cough drop.

    Comment by Sallie on 2/01/16 at 3:04 pm #
  34. Oh I disagree completely….I still had a couple of the VERY old ones (~30 years) and these are just the same.

    Kinda wish they had a REAL assortment though.

    Comment by Steven Woodcock on 2/01/16 at 3:16 pm #
  35. Don’t specifically recall what Reeds of the 1980s might have been (“30 years ago”) but I have some vintage rolls from 50 years ago, the 1960s, and they simply ARE different.  The center in the 1960s WAS slightly “concave”—not flat or convex (sticking out); and they WERE wrapped individually in cellophane, not wax paper.  I’m right now looking at 2 samples, side-by-side, so I definitely know what I’m seeing.

    Comment by Michael Douglas on 2/06/16 at 4:00 pm #
  36. That’s very strange….I assume you’re talking about the Regal Crowns here?  All of the Regal Crowns I ever had (in the 60s) were wax paper not cellephane.  In the summer if they got hot enough they’d leave a sticky residue on the wrapping paper, and then we’d suck on those to get all the sour….


    Comment by Steven Woodcock on 2/06/16 at 4:14 pm #
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