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Goodbye Tart n Tinys

Tart n Tiny in a bottleWay back in the day there was a cute little candy called Tart n Tinys. They were tiny little pellets of tart candy, kind of like SweeTart, only sold in a small cigarette-pack-sized box that dispensed the candies from a little slip-tab at the top. (Nerds are still sold in this format.) They were made by Willy Wonka Candy Company, which was founded by Breaker Confections in 1971 just in advance of the feature film, Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory. The book (called Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl was published in 1964 and already wildly popular as was James and the Giant Peach which came out in ‘61.)

The Wonka line of candies were largely a marketing invention, the only candy in the original line up of confections that was actually mentioned in the book were Everlasting Gobstoppers.

Tart n TinyHowever loosely tied Tart n Tinys were to Wonka’s imagination, I loved them. The little chalky pellets were fun to sort and stack, simple to share and easy to portion. The original flavors were Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Grape and Orange. The texture always seemed a bit smoother than SweeTart, which had a chunky and gritty texture (which I also appreciate).

In 1988 Breaker Confections sold the brand to Nestle. Nestle eventually made some changes to the candies, mostly because they had also recently acquired the Sunline brand of SweeTart confections in their takeover of Rowntree (who bought Sunline in 1986). Sunline products (SweeTart, Sprees and Bottle Caps) were then branded under the Wonka label as well. In the early 1990s Tart n Tinys were reintroduced with a new colorful candy shell (more like mini Spree than mini SweeTart now). The most interesting part of the candy shell addition is that the grape ones were no longer purple, they’re now blue (but thank goodness they’re not the blue punch flavor of SweeTart).


The new candy coated variety were also a little rounded, so they roll. No more stacking. But I have to admit they were fun to look at, and probably a little easier to sort even in dim lighting conditions.

So, you may have noticed that I started this post with, “Goodbye.” This is because Nestle has decided to discontinue both Tart n Tinys and Chewy Tart n Tinys.

It makes sense that Nestle thinks that the line is redundant (as I found with the head to head comparison between the Chewy Mini SweeTart and the Chewy Tart n Tiny) to products they already produce. The marketing on them was never particular strong, they don’t do seasonal editions (no pastel Tart n Tinys for Easter, no red & green for Christmas) so it’s easy to see why people have not responded to them as much as other products like SweeTart, Sprees and Runts.

I’ve enjoyed Tart n Tinys since their introduction but rarely buy them simply because I never find them in stores. Runts have been more available, even in the movie style box. I don’t think I’ve actually bought Tart n Tinys in five years for this reason. How successful can a candy be if you can’t find it in the first place? There are still a few online vendors who still have inventory left, so if you’re a fan, get ‘em now!

Tart n Tinys (2015)UPDATE JUNE 2015: Leaf has revived Tart n Tinys in their original format of the uncoated cylinder shape.

The flavors are a little different: blue raspberry, grape, orange, lime, lemon and cherry. They’re still making their way around stores, I found mine at Dylan’s Candy Bar for $3.49 a bag, which is too steep for what is cheap candy, but they should get wider distribution eventually.

Read the full review here.

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Name: Tart n Tinys
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Wonka (Nestle)
Place Purchased: discontinued
Price: $.85
Size: 1.75 ounces
Calories per ounce: 103
Categories: Compressed Dextrose, Sour, United States, Nestle, Discontinued

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  1. I have seen generic forms of these candies, usually in gift shops at museums and things. I think I’ve always called them “penny candies” because that’s what my Mom called them, back when they actually only cost a penny. I always remember them being delicious.

    Comment by SW on 8/16/07 at 9:31 am #
  2. Oh, I loved, loved, loved these as a child and can remember getting them along with a bag of fizzy pellets (like the center of a Zotz), and Zotz, too. I did not make the jump to candy-coated, however. So, its a bit sad they are going away, but I’d already moved on.
    Good point about the marketing. They really could be more popular. They’d make a good Halloween candy in little boxes.
    This website could be turned into a Candy Encyclopedia. Your reviews just get more and more informative. Have you had any publishers interested?

    Comment by Kate on 8/16/07 at 9:40 am #
  3. How unfair is it that Necco Wafers can keep being sold for the past 20,000 years and Tart ‘n’ Tiny get discontinued because of lame marketing?

    Comment by Travis Smith on 8/16/07 at 2:13 pm #
  4. What beautiful photos! Did you sort through boxes of Tart N Tinys to separate the colors, or were you able to buy them that way?

    Comment by Rosa on 8/16/07 at 3:22 pm #
  5. I didn’t know that Tart n Tiny still existed! But no wonder I didn’t realize it, those ones don’t look right, and by looking at the package, I would think “that’s not waht I was expecting, myabe I’m remembering the name wrong.”  I don’t think I would have made the jump to the ones with the hard shell even if I had noticed them in a store. One of the fun things with the little pellets was the way they dissolved…

    Comment by Tricia on 8/16/07 at 4:48 pm #
  6. NOOO!!!!  This is truly a tragic development.  Tart and Tinys were so wonderful.  To be honest,  I wasn’t sure if they were still around either—I always had trouble finding them too.

    I guess now I’ll stop looking. :(

    Comment by Jamie on 8/17/07 at 7:48 am #
  7. Weak!  I loved Tart and Tinys growing up.  I suppose it’s time to see if I can find a stray box somewhere.  *sigh*

    Comment by william on 8/17/07 at 3:53 pm #
  8. Cybele's avatar

    SW - yes, I saw them at Disneyland! They were using them in bottles as “Pirate Treasure”. I was tempted to buy some. I’ll see if I can find out who makes the generics.

    Kate - I’ve been working on a book, but haven’t approached anyone ... it’d be a dream come true if they approached me first.

    Travis - the big question is are they REALLY still producing Necco Wafers, or are they just the same rolls in circulation?

    Rosa - I do product photography for Last year I did a bunch of Wonka products. I had a 24 count box of each product, so I figured I should have a little fun and play with them! Most of the candies are a mix of both the chewy and regular versions, three packages each.

    Tricia - I’m going to keep my eyes out for something that’s a good replacement for them. I doubt it’ll be something widely available, probably more of a bulk item.

    Jamie & William - now’s the time to lay in a supply if you do see them!

    Comment by Cybele on 8/18/07 at 6:04 am #
  9. Awww, that’s too bad. I, too, enjoyed them as a kid. I liked stacking them before eating them.

    Comment by Nanette on 8/22/07 at 7:31 am #
  10. What a weird coincidence, I just bought a box of them today. There’s a pretty big chain of convenient stores here in Montreal called Couche-Tard and they have a very healthy supply of the little candies.

    It’s strange to read about them in past tense since from my perspective they’re still readily available, and quite easy to find anywhere in this city.

    Comment by Joe on 8/22/07 at 9:12 pm #
  11. Can you really not find them anymore? I want to get some for a friend. I call her TINY and I just thought it would be cute. LOL.

    Comment by Heather on 9/04/07 at 3:24 pm #
  12. RIP Tart n’Tiny’s and thanks for the memories.

    I’m off to hoard whatever boxes I can gather…

    Comment by Dayna on 9/14/07 at 7:03 pm #
  13. That really stinks! I bought these last year to use for Christmas lights on our gingerbread house.
    Now what am I supposed to use. Hmmmm.

    Comment by Tina Tout on 9/20/07 at 12:57 am #
  14. Tart n Tiny’s demise began with the addition of the candy coating (yuck!)The best part about them was the way they would just melt in your mouth.  I never did like them after they put the candy coating on.  Oh well, I loved the Skittles in the green package (tart and tangy ??? something along those lines) and I believe they discontinued those as well.  :-(

    Comment by Stephanie on 10/10/07 at 2:15 pm #
  15. Aha! got two cases for Christmas. I will never forget you Tart n Tinys. I loved em without the shell, but I loved em even more with the shell. Farewell Tart n Tinys. I will miss you.

    Comment by Alan` on 12/26/07 at 2:29 am #
  16. I too loved Tart N’ Tinys.  I was not aware until reading this article they were officially “dead”.  I actually stopped eating them once they had the candy coated shell…to me, that ruined the essence of the Tart N’ Tiny.  Whatever that means. 

    I actually found a Dollar Tree in Charlotte Michigan that was selling the original Tart N’ Tiny’s (no candy coating!).  I thought they were back!  I guess they were actually just REALLY REALLY old Tart N’ Tiny’s.  I am suprised I was not sick, but it was worth it.  It was glorious.  Nothing like 6 year old (at the very least) candy!  By the way, i have been to that Dollar Tree numerous times since and their Tart and Tiny’s are long gone. :(

    Comment by Greg on 1/02/08 at 9:58 am #
  17. I miss the ORIGINAL Tart N’ Tiny’s… they were my favorite as a kid and Sweetarts just aren’t the same.  Thanks for writing about them, I thought I was the only one who remembered them.

    Comment by Mrs. TM on 1/03/08 at 8:49 am #
  18. I too miss the original Tart n tiny’s.  The last time I remember enjoying them was in Disney World in 1992.  I hate the candy coated kind and think that Nestle has ruined many of the candy’s they have bought out.  Sweet Tarts, another favorite of mine have ruined the green tart my making it apple!  And now they have eliminated the yellow chick and duck easter candy and replace with the nasty blue!!!

    Comment by Karen on 2/18/08 at 4:44 am #
  19. I can still find them in stores. But I miss the original ones. I would buy them, sweetarts (when they still came in a back loose) and giant pixie sticks, almost everyday at the store next to me. I would love to take the tart n tinys and put them in a sprite and wait until it fizzed up and drank it. so awesome! Does anyone remeber the gum that had some sort of gel AND a koolaid type powder in it?

    Comment by leah on 2/21/08 at 3:40 pm #
  20. Tart n’ Tiny’s were my favorite when I was a kid. God, I miss them! I haven’t seen a bag of them in two year, they came in a Wonka Mix Bag I got at Ocean State Job Lot.

    Comment by Sara Em on 2/29/08 at 8:21 pm #
  21. In my childhood I used to build tiny cities with the tiny tarts, then eat them all up. Haven’t gotten used to the candy coated ones though it is a shame to see them go. I loved those things and used to look for them in candy shops before I realized they had changed. I liked the way some of them melted in your mouth. Yes I was passionate about my tiny tarts.

    Comment by Jim Breen on 3/11/08 at 7:01 pm #
  22. Tart & Tinys stopped being when the candy shell was introduced. I have searched for many years to find some, I now know why I haven’t been able to. Why do companies always seem to fix things that aren’t broken? Kids today don’t appreciate REAL candy, why don’t adults’ opinions matter? At least finding this, I now know I can officially stop my search. I loved you Tart & Tiny! SNIFF SNIFF

    Comment by Jana on 3/25/08 at 11:11 pm #
  23. My friend and I always had fun with Tart n Tiny.  We especially liked the cool box it came in.  We used to have a contest to see who could inhale all the left over candy dust from the inside of the box without coughing.  Amazing the things that used to amuse us.  I would love to find her some boxes for her 40th birthday. 
    I sure do miss that little candy.

    Comment by KATE on 3/29/08 at 4:59 pm #
  24. I’m eating them right now. I was able to find some at a gas station and bought the last six boxes. I’m so sad cause I’m on my last one. I’m so mad at nestle for getting rid of this product, changing the sweetarts over the years, and I feel that sprees are becoming hard to find as well. These all are my favorite candies. I will be distraught if nerds are discontinued.

    Comment by Alisha on 5/18/08 at 5:06 pm #
  25. I have read that several people who have commented here have found boxes.  Does anyone know a website that I can buy them at?

    Comment by Stacie on 7/05/08 at 4:24 pm #
  26. The tart n tinys I remember did not have a sugar coating over them, and they came in little packets that sold for 10 cents. I love all Willy Wonka oldies.

    Comment by liz on 7/14/08 at 12:30 pm #
  27. I can’t believe you are going to stop the best candy in the world. So much better then sweet tarts. They were perfect for eating at your desk. i finally found a place to buy them in buld on line and now you are taking them away. PLEASE bring them back and give them some advertising!

    Comment by sherri on 7/28/08 at 6:59 am #
  28. I loved tiny tarts WITHOUT the candy coating.  I use to buy them by bulk in Minnesota when I was a kid and always had a stash of them on hand.  It was sort of an addiction that I never really got over.  The coated ones are not exciting at all.  I think kids would go nuts for the originals.  I also liked the white boxes of them…the small packages where just not enough.  I would hope Nestle would bring them back for nostalgia.  There must be some adults there with the same love for tiny tarts.

    Comment by Annie on 9/03/08 at 4:58 pm #
  29. im only 14 right now and am also dissappointed let me tell you its not only the adults that dont like what they did me and my friend would have like a little contest to see who could bring in the most and we would go into school with like 5 pound bags of them from wegmans, and then all gone no more…

    Comment by jeff on 10/07/08 at 11:25 am #
  30. you can still buy them here, they overstocked at

    Comment by Nick on 10/11/08 at 9:54 am #
  31. O squiggly line in my eye, how I miss the Tart N Tiny’s. I could never find you except at Six Flags. And now… I will never be able to find you again.. *tear* it makes me weep.

    Comment by Zak on 10/13/08 at 6:09 pm #
  32. I loved the original Tart N Tiny’s that were NOT coated. I hate it when companies decide to change things of perfection, or get rid of them all together. I’d buy tons of boxes if they would just bring them back. If you are out there and watching, GIVE THEM BACK NESTLE, YOU EVIL ... Also, I hate the changes to Sweet Tarts. Bring back the lime green and lose the apple, yuk! Ditch the blue while you’re at it. And what is happening to spree’s center? It’s a disgusting orange cleaner flavor. Keep ruining all the candy out there you morons. Thanks.

    Comment by Liza on 12/16/08 at 9:06 am #
  33. earlier in the Fall I found Tart N Tiny’s in a vending machine..theirs some still around. just Very hard to find.

    Comment by Michael smith on 1/02/09 at 4:47 pm #
  34. You can still buy this candy online at places and my local candy store sells them. They are hard to find in a regular supermarket.

    Comment by kayla on 1/29/09 at 6:04 pm #
  35. As little as a year ago I was able to find these in the supermarket and most recently 30 days ago at a local gas station. They should know they had a good thing and bring it back full force. I love those little candies. :D

    Comment by Susan on 2/26/09 at 4:35 pm #
  36. Yeah!  The non-coated Tart n Tinys were the best.  Reintroducing old favorites is a gold mine of a marketing plan, why don’t they bring them back?  If kids can have Cabbage Patch Kids dolls again, why not?  Some of my sweetest memories are my best friend and I sorting and stacking them right before we “took communion” with Wacky Wafers (also non-coated).  Are they going to rip the Reese’s cups away from us next?

    Comment by Carol on 3/06/09 at 9:55 am #
  37. I am sooooo sad.  I have been searching.  This was my all time favorite candy.  It used to be those Dinosour Eggs that were by Willy Wonka and then they discontinued those.  Poor Me!

    Comment by Lesley on 3/07/09 at 7:31 am #
  38. For anybody who is claiming to have seen original Tart n Tinys at all recently (at a gas station, at a supermarket, etc.), could you please say where?  I mean a city and state so we can have a sense of what parts of the country/world they can still be found.  If you are willing to share the name or address of the particular store, that would be even better.  Thanks much.

    Comment by Jay on 4/07/09 at 2:06 pm #
  39. Were’t they called Tiny Tarts when they were the old version that came out of the box with the slot on top.  I’m trying to settle a bet.

    Comment by Jeff on 4/15/09 at 8:42 am #
  40. In response to comment #30…I went to that website and they DO NOT have the ORIGINAL Tart n Tiny’s…they have the candy coated ones.  Does anybody know where the original Tart n Tiny’s(WITHOUT the candy coating) can still be purchased TODAY…relatively speaking?  I noticed above there was a comment from a lady who had purchased her Tart n Tiny’s from a store in Minnesota….that is also where I used to buy them as a kid…I live in Arizona now and no one has even heard of them here.  Was it a Midwest thing?  Is that where I should be looking? :o(

    Comment by Nikki on 4/23/09 at 7:55 am #
  41. Cybele's avatar

    I think there’s some confusion - the original Tart n Tiny without the candy shell have not been sold for more than 15 years. If you find a box, it’s certainly a collector’s item, but should not be consumed.

    However, there is another product that could be mistaken for the uncoated Tart n Tiny.

    It’s called Tiny Tarts. I don’t even know if they’re still available. They’re sold by Taste of Nature. You can see the box on this page:

    For those looking for the original Tart n Tiny style candy, try Cry Baby Tears.

    Comment by Cybele on 4/23/09 at 8:01 am #
  42. WHERE ARE THEY????? I used to live in La Vista Nebraska as a child in 1972. We would walk to our school for friday night at the movies every summer with no more than 25 cents. I always bought Tart N Tinys they were my favorite. Yes I used to stack them too. I have noticed, now that I live in virginia some places are bringing back older candy. I hate it when they ruin a good thing. Just like everything else including cereal. What will be next. To all you candy companies out there “LEAVE A GOOD THING ALONE”

    Comment by Cheryll Bowman on 6/15/09 at 6:59 am #
  43. I actually survived on these through my junior and senior years in high school! WAY back in the old days when there was EVIL machines with candy in them in schools. The cafeteria food was disgusting- no where to go off the school grounds (and not permitted either) so, popped in 50 cents and out came my box- one a day- kept me till i got home to Mom’s left over from the night before.

    Comment by karen ortega on 6/19/09 at 10:23 am #
  44. is this the candy that was sold in a battery operated dispenser in the 90s?

    like you pressed a button, and this spiral thing lifted one piece at a time out of the box thing?

    if it is i loved those :(

    Comment by kthxbye on 7/24/09 at 4:06 am #
  45. I loved the original Tart n Tiny candy, but hated the new candy shell they added to them.

    Comment by Steve on 7/25/09 at 8:49 am #
  46. Oh man! This candy is/was so hard core. I was absolutely addicted. I actually sniffed a red one trying to smell it. Haha, fun times.
    Rarely, you can find them at gas stations, if you’re really lucky.
    They should put ‘em back out, they’ll make money, for sure.

    Comment by Mari on 7/31/09 at 11:19 pm #
  47. I just bought some little candies that reminded me of Tart n Tinys and I started craving them!  so I came online to do a search and am extremely disappointed to learn that they arent out there anymore! The ones i bought are all grape unfortunately and not assorted flavors which is more fun. I guess I’ll have to search out there for some “petrified” ones…  lol

    Comment by June on 8/27/09 at 1:33 pm #
  48. I have been on a literal candy-quest trying to track down some tart-n-tinys (my favorite candy hands down) for at least the past 3 years. This quest has taken me into every dirty 7-11, CVS, corner market, mall candy store, and mountaintop gift shop (the last tart-n-tinys I found was a huge plastic cube filled with them bought in some gift shop on top of a mountain in NH). The closest I came was a tart-n-tiny pillow in a candyshop in Newport, RI.

    I hadn’t googled the topic for fear I would run across the info I ran across tonite. I am not ashamed to say well, maybe I am, - I almost shed a tear. Something died inside me tonite. I had to go to 3 different stores to find a pack of Sprees the other day. I suppose they’re next.

    We may never know what led to this ludicrous decision by Mr. Nestle (or whatever his name is). I hypothesized they were discontinued ‘cause of their size (choke-able). Perhaps a trip down to the Nestle compound in Mexico (Mordor) is in order.

    If anyone finds any source of these relics, let me know. End of an era…RIP tiny!

    Comment by jason on 10/16/09 at 4:35 pm #
  49. I used to get the original, pellet shaped Tart n Tiny’s in small, cylophane bags. I would open the bags directly into my jean pockets and sneak them all day long while in grade school. I remember it like it was yesterday.
    I had long since quit eating them by the time they started to coat them with a hard candy shell. I will admit I had to try them just for nostalgic reasons, and was quite dissapointed.

    47 year old male

    Comment by dave in colorado on 11/02/09 at 1:59 pm #
  50. Tart n Tinys were crack for me as a child.  However, once they became candy-coated, they were ruined.

    Comment by Peekay on 11/03/09 at 4:51 am #
  51. I LOOOOOVED the tiny treets but now i can only find them in gingerbread houses. I wish i could find them without buying all the other candy and the gingerbread house.

    Comment by Rebecca on 12/19/09 at 8:22 am #
  52. I am so disappointed to find out what I already knew. The original Tart n Tinys infact do not exist. I was telling my friends about them tonight. Two of the three did not know what they were. The other knew what I knew… how wonderful they are. Just as everything above states. They are chalky cylinder shaped candies that are somewhat comparitve to sweetarts and they melt in your mouth and were always fun to sort and stack into pyramids.(They were never as good once the candy coating was put on them) They are my all-time favorite candy. I used to go to Mr Bulkys candy store and buy them by the bag. I crave them and will never be able to satisfy that ever again. My hope is that Nestles will read these blogs and change their mind.

    Comment by Tart n Tiny lover from WI Liz on 2/13/10 at 6:11 pm #
  53. I was very unhappy to hear that tart n tinys candy was discontinue at the stores and also on the internet. I also looked forward in buying this candy whenever I was near a candy store. I am hoping in the near future that tart n tinys will reappear in all candy stores.

    Comment by Carmen Hernandez on 3/06/10 at 3:20 pm #
  54. I was just wondering if anyone has tried contacting Nestle? I sent them the link to this webpage today, I hope it helps!
    I miss those little candies so much! Every time I go to a candy store I search for them with no sucess…

    Comment by Emily on 3/07/10 at 6:21 am #
  55. I think about those yummy little Tart N Tiny’s quite often.  In fact I was searching for them online when I saw your blog.  I used to get them at our local pharmacy as a kid.  Of course that was when kids could ride their bikes everywhere without Mom worrying…Alas, things change…gone are the days of Tart N Tiny’s, 10 cent candy and Lime, Orange and Grape flavored candy (instead of that NASTY green apple and blue raspberry all these companies seem to think people love).

    Comment by Brenda on 3/11/10 at 11:20 am #
  56. They ruined the Tart N Tiny’s the moment they put that hard coating on them. I stopped buying them the moment it happened. I miss the old ones. It was my favorite candy of all, well along with Sixlets. (Good thing I can still find those).

    Comment by Kathy on 4/16/10 at 11:38 am #
  57. @Lesley

    Dinosour eggs were also my favorite candy growing up.  I can’t believe they were discontinued.  So sad…  :(

    Comment by Tankadin on 4/20/10 at 10:26 am #
  58. I can’t believe wonka discontinued a candy
    Everyone loves. We need to band together and get
    Them back. They may have won the battle but they
    Won’t win the war. Lets fight to bring them back.
    If u agree email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
    Iam going to do everything I can to get them back.

    Comment by Derek on 7/03/10 at 2:51 pm #
  59. I knew I was in good company upon reading many of the comments. The original “cylinder” ones were the best Tart N Tiny type they made.

    If you ate a ton of them, your mouth suffered the consequences. Good times!

    Once these original chalky ones were gone, it was not the same.

    Another classic candy which was often found side-by-side was Volcano Rocks. Both are gone into the dustbin of history.

    My favorite candy I ate as a child are nearly all gone (Or ruined). 

    Volcano Rocks, Tart N Tiny, Wacky Wafers, Oompa Loompa (original chocolate/peanut butter ones), Bar None (the original), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle vanilla pudding pies, Milkshake bar, etc.

    God has forsaken me.

    Comment by Bill on 7/07/10 at 6:09 pm #
  60. I loved the original non-coated ones. Used to make little building structures out of them when I was younger. A couple of years ago, when I heard they discontinued them I bought the last they had at the mall candy store. They still have a bunch in a display canister but won’t sell them. So I’ve got about 2 fistfuls left that I munch from every so often. Hopefully they bury me with whatever I have left. Jim from AZ

    Comment by Jim on 7/10/10 at 4:50 pm #
  61. I bought 90lbs. of them bulk back in 2007 when I heard they were not making them anymore.

    I am down to my last 10lbs (my wife,kids, and siblings are all hooked on them like crack) and my tresure trove is winding down. So now I am on the hunt for anyone holding out on me. Give me an email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you have some you would like to sell.

    Comment by Javan on 10/05/10 at 11:34 am #
  62. When I was about 10, my friends and I used to go to the Brick Roller Forum in Brick, NJ every Friday.  While there, I would always get Tart n Tinys.  They were the best!  They were a big part of that awesome childhood memory.  I’m 37 now and so sad they’re gone.

    ATTENTION EVERYONE:  Does anyone remember when they had a Limited Time Only edition of Tart n Tinys where they sold the box with a little red “gumball” machine?  You’d put the candies in the machine by lifting off the square top and pouring them inside.  Then to get them out, you’d slide this little lever on the right side of the machine and one would come out of the small door flap on the front.  If anyone has this little machine (or photos of it), PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  I’ve been trying to explain what it looked like to my mom and she doesn’t remember… and I can’t draw!

    Comment by Melanie on 12/18/10 at 8:51 am #
  63. Please can’t somebody make them bring back my Tart N Tinys? I still love the thought of them. I bought these by the case and I am an adult. There is nothing I enjoyed more that my tarts and nothing can take the place of these delights.

    Comment by Nancy on 12/30/10 at 2:24 pm #
  64. I have recently received a box of Tart n Tiny from a friend and from what I was told everyone, was going after it like it was the LAST bottle of water in a desert! After I finished the box (it took a 2 1/2 months..I looked it like for 2 months and ate them in two weeks)While looking at the box I noticed there was a 1-800 number. I called the number (yes, a PERSON ANSWERED) and was told that IF they get enough people called about Tart n Tiny it would be brought up in a marketing meeting. Now, I’m sure we aren’t the only ones that really like this candy. I also agree with the ones that said the candy wasn’t readily available which is unfair because if you’ve HAD Tart n Tiny…ENJOYED Tart n Tiny…there is NO SUBSTITUTE for Tart n Tiny! I think more people would buy it IF it were MADE AVAILABLE.

    Let’s call this number and see if NESTLE truly MAKES THE VERY BEST.

    Comment by Duckie Duck on 9/15/11 at 12:18 am #
  65. Bring back the tart n tiny I have been looking for this candy then realized it was dc’d that realy stinks

    Comment by Sara on 9/21/11 at 8:06 am #
  66. Liza, I agreed with everything you said.  They were ruined when they became candy-coated and Sweet Tarts were ruined too with apple flavour and the blue ones.  I love you!

    Comment by Peekay on 9/22/11 at 5:40 am #
  67. I have started a community page on Facebook for the original Tart n Tiny.  I believe these should be brought back to appease the Gen X ers and now the Gen Y ers and beyond.  Here’s the link to my Facebook Page.  Right now we are looking for any fun pictures we can add to the page.

    Comment by Deb Dreyer on 4/16/12 at 8:42 am #
  68. Seriously Bring back tart n tinys I love these things!!! Can not find them anywhere!!

    Comment by Kaitlin on 6/05/12 at 1:27 pm #
  69. Tart and Tinys are my favorite candy EVER! the candy coating ruined them!!! I eat sweetarts now but they were never as good and their texture seems to have changed recently, yuck!  Why would companies ruin their own product?  Also the everlasting gobstoppers have changed for the worst!

    Comment by Jennifer Parton on 1/02/13 at 10:00 am #
  70. I miss Tart N Tinys so much. They were my favorite candy ever and Sprees, Runts, and SweeTarts just don’t do the trick for me.  I was so amazingly sad when I found out they were going away. I bought all the boxes I could find at the time, but they are long gone now.  If anyone from the company is reading this, BRING THEM BACK!!!! Please please please! And while you are at it, bring back lime runts. Those were the best.

    Comment by Jess on 1/17/13 at 1:00 pm #
  71. Tart n Tiny candies are needed again. So many people love this candy,  grew up with it even and now its gone. The most popular candy in the world. Couldnt be replaced by anything else and Wonka stopped making them… I think the company is to afraid to continue the candy product. Every person that likes the candy would buy it again. I mean come on Wanka dont you want to make more money. Hello.

    Comment by BoyWonder on 2/25/13 at 2:21 pm #
  72. I agree about the candy coating, it ruined the tart n tiny.  I would do anything for a box of uncoated tart n tinys OR for a box of Punkys!!

    Comment by Jaselyn on 5/25/13 at 8:44 pm #
  73. Would you start a move to bring the candy back. I’m talking about getting as many ppl to sign or like the candy and send it to wanka? How does that sound…

    Comment by BoyWonder on 5/26/13 at 11:27 pm #
  74. I would sign..i’d love to have them back smile

    Comment by J Kleinfelder on 5/27/13 at 7:36 am #
  75. If you really want to be apart of this movement esnd me your email. Once Im done Ill contact you.

    Comment by Anthony on 5/28/13 at 6:50 pm #
  76. How do we sent you our email address?  I’d rather not post mine publicly.

    Comment by Melanie on 5/29/13 at 1:14 pm #
  77. I really miss the old Tart n Tinys from the 80s with the coating.  I especially like hunting in the box for the extra powdery looking ones, you know, the kind that look like they would fall apart if you blew at them.  They were sometimes very porous looking.  Anyone know what I am talking about?  Also, I especially like the pink/ red ones.

    Comment by TorontoR on 11/06/13 at 3:18 pm #
  78. These were my favorite throughout the early 80’s, they were tiny sweet tart pellets that would melt in your mouth… however, in the mid 80’s they changed the formula and they were rock hard and wouldn’t melt away in your mouth. They basically sucked after that!!

    Comment by Steve on 2/15/14 at 6:24 pm #
  79. “As of January 2015, Tart n’ Tinys were made available to the public in both bulk and in 4.5 oz packages.”  Wikipedia

    Comment by Tiny Tim on 6/03/15 at 2:00 am #
  80. I will be looking for these! I sure hope they are the originals!

    Comment by June Kleinfelder on 6/03/15 at 9:01 am #
  81. Yes, June!  I’m not affiliated with the company at all…  I’m just an Ol’School guy that love these. 

    I liked sorting, stacking, mixing up different combinations of flavors…  It’s just good old fashioned fun that takes me back to my youth… 

    Take care, and enjoy!

    Comment by Tiny Tim on 6/03/15 at 2:36 pm #
  82. Do you know of any retailers that are carrying them or are they just online for now? I see you can get them from Leaf brand and also has them as does Amazon.

    Comment by June Kleinfelder on 6/03/15 at 8:50 pm #
  83. June, I haven’t.  I was reading an old time candy thread on another forum and happened to Wikipedia it. 

    I’ve not had time to do any shopping lately, but I will keep an eye out for them and report back here if I find anyone that has it.

    Comment by Tiny Tim on 6/04/15 at 6:54 am #
  84. Thanks! As will I. Otherwise I might just end up having to buy a 5lb bag from Old time candy! Lol

    Comment by June Kleinfelder on 6/04/15 at 7:58 am #
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