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New Product Announcement

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Candy Tease: All Candy Expo 2008 #2

Name: Firecracker ChocoPod & Firecracker Chocolate Bar
Brand: Chuao
Description: Firecracker is the newest unusual, unexpected and delicious flavor from Chuao Chocolatier. Firecracker is a perfect balance of Chipotle Chile, Salt and Popping Candy in Venezuelan dark chocolate for an arousing experience.
Release: 5/15/2008
Notes: The idea of pop rocks in chocolate isn’t exactly new, but I would certainly like to try a good version of it. (I also have a Christopher Elbow one on hand.) Chuao is also expanding their ChocoPods to include their most popular bar flavors such as Chinita Nibs.

Name: Sea Salt Almonds, Sea Salt Cashews & Fruit and Nut Mix
Brand: Mama Mellace’s Naturals Line (Mellace Family Brands)
Description: Mama Mellace is all about simple, homemade goodness and natural ingredients. That is why we oven-roast our almonds & cashews for a natural crunch without added oils, no butter and nothing to detract from Mama’s classic treat. Sprinkled with a hint of sea salt and mixed with real fruits, our Naturals line includes wholesome snacks created out of Mama’s desire to make an uncomplicated snack, simply better.
Release Date: 5/1/2008
Notes: I have a sample of the cashews to try, they look really good. I don’t know about the retail price for them but I expect it to be prohibitive for everyday uncomplicated snacking.

Name: Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filling
Brand: Ghirardelli
Description: Satisfy your inner child and your inner gourmet with our new Peanut Butter Squares(TM) chocolate and bar. Our tempting new recipe is the perfect combination of intense creamy milk chocolate and gourmet peanut butter with crunchy peanuts roasted to perfection. Ghirardelli - Moments of Timless Pleasure.
Release Date: 3/1/2008
Notes: The market for milk chocolate and peanut butter is pretty crowded, so I’m having trouble figuring out what will be so great about this that I’d chose it over other items. I have one to try ... so we’ll find out.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Candy Tease: All Candy Expo 2008 #1

imageName: Emergency Chocolate
Brand: Bloomsberry & Co.
Description: 1 oz all natural premium chocolate bars. Milk 34% cocoa. Dark 55% cocoa. Perfect impulse personal consumption items!
Release Date: 4/1/2008
Notes: Bloomsberry is all about the cute packaging, and this item is no exception. Instead of their usual 3 ounce bar, this one is, as the copy says, only one ounce, so a nice little indulgence and probably a bit easier on the pocketbook.

Name: M&Ms Premiums
Brand: Mars
Description: Will come in five flavors, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Almond (how is this different from the current Almond M&Ms?), Mint, Mocha, Raspberry Almond.
Release Date: June 2008
Notes: I’m not sure how different these are from some of the current limited edition offerings. According to Adweek they’ll be priced at more than $3 for a 6 ounce bag but my guess is that they’ll come in at about $6 like the recent Cherry Cordial ones.

imageName: Baskin-Robbins Soft Candy
Brand: Best Sweets, Inc.
Description: The newest addition to the Baskin-Robbins Soft Candy line allows you take the fun and great taste of Mint Chocolate Chip and Very Berry Strawberry Baskin-Robbins ice cream with you - no matter where the day takes you! Made with real cream and the texture of these time-honored ice cream flavors, this new format is sure to be a hit.
Release Date: 5/5/2008
Notes: I have a sample of these to try in the Mint Chocolate Chip, which I must admit was one of my favorite flavors to get when I’d go to Baskin-Robbins as a kid.

(images courtesy of the manufacturers’ press kits)

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Candy Tease: Edition Five

Here are some new candies that will be hitting store shelves soon:

imageName: Jones Carbonated Sours
Brand: Big Sky Brands/Jones Soda
Release Date: out now
Description: Spiked Punch, Limes with Orange, and Electric Lemonade flavors are offered.
Notes: Like the Jones Soda program where customers can submit photos to appear on the labels, sour fans are encouraged to send in pictures of themselves making a sour face ... and maybe end up on a future tin.

Name: Revved-Up Cinnamon Mentos
Brand: Mentos (Perfetti Van Melle USA)
Description: The bold flavor of Mentos Cinnamon is getting even bolder. And Perfetti Van Melle, maker of Mentos, has redesigned the product’s packaging to let consumers know just that. Package graphics for Mentos Cinnamon roll candy now depicts red-hot flames so consumers will be clear on the fact that they’re in for a hotter treat than ever before. 
Notes: I have nothing against the idea of a flaming hot cinnamon chew, but Mentos has chosen to introduce this instead of devoting more resources to support the European version of Pink Grapefruit Mentos, which are now discontinued.

imageName: Wiley Wallaby Australian-style Licorice
Brand: Kenny’s Licorice
Description:  Soft-chewing gourmet licorice, available in four flavors—red, black, watermelon and green apple—the product packs in 10-ounce stand-up reclosable metallized bags.
Notes: There’s a lot of Australian licorice out there, I have my doubts they can distinguish themselves from all those other companies.

Name:Ritter Sport Peppermint
Brand: Ritter Sport
Description: Known as Pfefferminz in Germany, this bar is not usually available in the USA. Will make a limited appearance for the holidays in 2008.
Notes: The German Ritter Sport site is just fun to play with, even if you don’t speak German.

(images courtesy of the respective manufacturers)

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Candy Tease: Edition Four

imageName: Roca Buttercrunch Thins
Brand: Brown & Haley
Description: ROCA(r) Milk Toffee Thins take a slender baton of our delicious toffee and enrobe it with velvety milk chocolate. ROCA(r) Dark Toffee Thins coat our distinctive toffee with 60% cacao chocolate from West Africa. The ROCA(r) Dark Truffle Thins take the same West African chocolate and pair it with a bold dark truffle filling made with California almonds and ROCA(r) Buttercrunch Toffee bits. The final entry is our ROCA(r) Caramel Truffle Thins made with French caramel, California almonds, and ROCA(r) Buttercrunch Toffee bits.
Release Date: 4/7/2008
Notes: One of my big complaints with Almond Roca has always been with the fact that they use mockolate. This sounds like a great combo of toffee and real chocolate.

Name: Dots Elements
Brand: Tootsie
Description: Smooth mellow coating over tasty flavored centers. Fire=Cinnamon, Water=Green Tea, Earth=Pomegranate, Air=Wintergreen
Release Date: unknown
Notes: Of all the Tootsie products, Dots are not exactly the ones that I thought would go with the whole Gaia thing.

imageName: Peeps Joy
Brand: Just Born
Description: Peeps form the words JOY in white marshmallow letters with gold sparkling candy flecks.
Release Date: 10/31/008
Notes: While I think this is a cool idea, part of me is disappointed that there aren’t more letters so that we can go around making foul words with Peeps. But the most interesting product in development is a vague mention of “Chocolate Mousse Bears & Chocolate Mousse Bunnies” for 2009.

(Images courtesy of the respective manufacturers.)

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Candy Teases: Edition Three

Name: Tootsie Pop Drops
Brand: Tootsie
Description: Fruit flavored hard candies with a Tootsie Roll center
Release Date: Early 2008
Notes: Tootsie Pop Drops will return next year after a long absence from store shelves. This is good news, because it was especially sad that the Blow Pop Minis were on the market (blech) and the obviously superior Tootsie Pop Drops were nowhere to be found.

UPDATE 3/22/2008: They are pretty much like the original, a little smaller but a very good return. Here’s the review with photos.

imageName: Reese’s Select Clusters Candy
Brand: Hershey’s
Description: Peanut clusters made with premium ingredients
Release Date: August 2008
Notes: I have no idea how these will be different from regular Reese’s products ... except maybe they’ll improve the quality.

imageName: Werther’s Original Caramel Chocolate (Milk & Dark)
Brand: Storck
Description: Rich milk chocolate marbled with smooth, creamy caramel in fine European tradition
Release Date: November 2007
Notes: I actually tried these ... I was hoping for something as rich and satisfying as Storck Chocolate Riesen. Until I can get a hold of the real packaging so I can read the label, I’m not able to do a full review. 

(Images courtesy of the respective manufacturers.)

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Candy Teases: Edition Two

Mars has many new products in store for us in the coming months, most in the limited edition realm:

imageName: Wildly Cherry M&Ms
Brand: Mars
Description: Cherry was rated the #1 fruit flavor by consumers in M&Ms brand research.
Release Date: March 2008
Notes: Wow, my “market research” revealed Strawberry to be the favorite red fruit flavor. (Of course I probably drive cherry fans away.)

Name: Twizzlers Pull n Peel Cinnamon Fire Candy
Brand: Hershey’s
Description: You’ll be sizzling and twizzling
Release Date: February 29, 2008
Notes: I’m not sure they’ll get as much sizzle in there as I want (I find Twizzlers a little bland), but I’m certain to give them a whirl. (UPDATE: Here’s the review.)

Name: Batman Reese’s Peanut Butter Bats in Dark Chocolate
Brand: Hershey’s
Description: Bat shaped Reese’s in dark chocolate (probably like the Reese’s Egg for Easter).
Release Date: Summer 2008 (attached to the Batman: The Dark Knight premiere)
Notes: People have been clamoring for the return of the dark chocolate Reese’s, so this seems like a good tie in.

imageName: Indiana Jones Crispy Mint M&Ms
Brand: Mars
Description: Tie in with the new Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull ... they’ll have little skulls printed on them just like the Pirate Pearls
Release Date: May 2008
Notes: These could be interesting ... of course bringing back the original Crispy M&Ms would be more interesting. (UPDATED: Here’s the review.)

Name: Snickers Adventure Bar
Brand: Mars
Description: a hint of chai and coconut in association with Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull
Release Date: May 2008
Notes: According to Brandweek the wrapper won’t say what the adventurous new flavors will be in this bar ... I think that’s too many flavors, but you know I’ll give it a whirl. (UPDATED: Here’s the review.)

(All photos courtesy of the respective companies’ press kits.)

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Candy Teases - New Products

I don’t usually do new product announcements, I like to have the candy in my hot little hands, photograph it, taste it, describe it and of course post as much info as possible ... you know, as part of my relentless public service.

But sometimes I really just wanna share my excitement about new products coming up.

Here are a few new products I know are going to be coming out soon:

imageName: Twix Limited Edition Java Bar
Brand: Mars
Description: This exciting limited edition will feature coffee flavored caramel paired with irresistible chocolate cookie and covered in delicious TWIX(r) chocolate.
Release Date: December 2007
Notes: Coffee flavored caramel with real espresso bean bits? I am so there!
Here’s the review

Name: Pop Rocks Chocolate Bar
Brand: Pop Rocks
Description: Premium milk chocolate with the explosive power of Pop Rocks ... it melts in your mouth and pops on your tongue.
imageRelease Date: 09/01/07
Notes: Pop Rocks came out with a chocolate coated version of the regular Pop Rocks last year.
Here’s the review

Name: PEEPS Peppermint flavored Stars
Brand: Just Born
Description - Peppermint marshmallow stars with shimmering red sparkles
Release Date: Winter Holidays 2007
Notes: This opens a whole new genre for Peeps Mashups. (Photo courtesy of Junk Food Blog.)
Here’s the review

imageName: Skittles Chocolate Mix
Brand: Mars
Description: Medley of chocolate inspired flavors, S’mores, Vanilla, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Pudding & Brownie Batter
Release Date: Winter 2007 (possibly in fun size for Halloween)
Notes: Sounds rather like the Limited Edition Ice Cream Skittles. All indications are that this is a new and permanent flavor addition.
Here’s the review

(All photos courtesy of the respective companies’ press kits.)

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