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Brach’s Gummi+Plus & Tropical Gummis

Brach's Gummi+PlusWhen I was afraid I was getting sick earlier this winter I turned to candy. After all, many candies started out as medicine. The cough drops of yesteryear are the root beer barrels and cherry LifeSavers of today. Sometimes I eat vitamin C enriched hard candies, figuring, what could it hurt and it might help.

The government keeps candy companies from making grandiose claims, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to nudge us to buy something because it might have nutritional value (I seriously doubt I’m at high risk for scurvy). I spied these Brach’s Gummi+Plus (is that supposed to be said aloud as Gummi Plus Plus?) at the 7-11 and though they might ease an aching throat. I was also intrigued because they had different flavors: Cranberry, Pomegranate, Orange, Apple, Strawberry & Blueberry. I was really curious to taste a pomegranate or cranberry gummi!

They look just like any other gummis, each in a little fruit shape. What gives these their +Plus is an infusion of three antioxidants: 25% of your RDA of vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin E.

Though they’re throwing “immune boosting” powers at us, it’s obvious that they didn’t really commit to the whole line, as they didn’t even bother to make up molds for these new fruits.

blueBlueberry looks like a bunch of grapes. Let me tell you, blueberries do not grow in bunches.

Besides the freaky shape and unnatural color, the flavor is, well, kind of like a berry of some sort. You could tell me it’s a black raspberry and I’d probably believe you.

strawberryThe Strawberry looks comfortingly familiar. What’s more, it’s a delicate shade of light red (though actual strawberries are a very deep and rich color).

It’s soft and tangy and has a good strawberry jam flavor to it.

Not exciting in a plus plus way, but tasty.

purpleThe package had no purple on it, but did show a red “berry” that I’m going to guess is this one: Pomegranate. The shape is a pretty good patch to what pomegranate seeds look like if you peel away the membrane carefully.

It’s quite a good flavor, like a combination of raspberry and cherry ... not quite pomegranate, but certainly a lot less fuss.

appleVery traditional shape for the Apple and of course they go with the green instead of red.

It’s a good apple juice flavor instead of just the fake green apple (but there’s a little bit of that in there too).

In fact, the ingredients list apple juice as an ingredient (I’m guessing they use it instead of a splash of water so they can say “made with real fruit juice!”

redYou’re thinking, oh, that’s cherry. Uh, uh. This is Cranberry. I’m also here to tell you that cranberries do not grown on paired stems like this.

No matter, this one is much like the pomegranate. Very deep, with a much more tart and acidic overtone. I welcome the cranberry to the gummi mix! I hope it sticks around, as far as super sours go, cranberries are overlooked.

orangeAh, the classic Orange. This one has a lot of zest to it, almost too much. It’s downright bitter.

I rather liked that, it made it feel more medicinal, more like candied orange peel or some sort of soothing tea.

As far as the antioxidant properties, I still got the flu, but then again I didn’t finish the bag until I decided to write these up while I’m traveling. (Gummis are great traveling candy.) I couldn’t detect any flavors that were particularly indicative of “vitamins” and vitamin E can be like that sometimes.

Brach's Tropical Gummis

Brach’s also offers an assortment of Tropical Gummis. One of the fun parts of this was that the only flavor that intersected with the Gummi +Plus was Orange. I got to test whether the fortified gummis really tasted different from the regular ones. (Nope.)

You can tell here, too, that they’re similar molds.

Orange was just as zesty.

Purple was probably raspberry. It’s hard to tell because there is no retail label on the bulk bag. It tastes like a very sweet raspberry jam.

Strawberry Banana was kind of cute. At first I didn’t know what that shape was. But the pink color and mild, sweet strawberry flavor (less tart than the Gummi +Plus) kind of cinched it. It reminds me a little of yogurt. The banana component is a little artificial tasting, but that’s okay with me.

Lime was cute. It’s nice to see lime instead of apple. It was zesty, a little bit of that bitterness that I noticed in the orange, but definitely convincing.

Lemon was pretty dark in color and I often mistook it for the orange. The shape and size were perfect, but the flavor was sadly bland. Not bad, just not rising to the same level as the rest.

Pineapple was what drew me to this mix in the first place. Look at it, it’s a cute little pineapple shaped gummi! Soft and tangy, with the floral note and that little thing that only pineapple can do to the salivary glands. (But luckily it didn’t burn my tongue, like I do sometimes with fresh pineapple.)

The texture of the gummis is far softer than something like Haribo, but not quite as pliable as Trolli. They do well sitting out, I left some out on my desk, and though the outside was a little drier after a weekend, they were still soft. The flavors are distinct, the molding very good and of course the price is quite reasonable. So many of the Brach’s candies are made overseas, these were made in the USA.

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Name: Gummi +Plus & Tropical Gummis
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Brach's
Place Purchased: 7-11 & samples from CandyWarehouse
Price: $1.49
Size: 6 ounces & 6.6 pounds
Calories per ounce: 103
Categories: Gummi, United States, Brach's

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  1. The strawberry banana gummi is in the shape of a banana split; a single banana with little scoops around it.

    I want a bag of these candies now, haha.

    Comment by Kyra on 4/25/08 at 6:22 am #
  2. I need to keep a neye out for those Tropical ones, they sound delish!

    Now that Kyra mentioned it, I do see a banana with strawberries piled on it in that gummi….

    Comment by Sera on 4/25/08 at 10:36 am #
  3. Greetings from Portugal! I came across your blog while searcing on the net for info on Cadbury’s Chocolates. It’s just great! It’s amazing how you have reviewed so many goodies! I will most definetly be visiting this blog on a regular basis.

    Well done, your blog is fab!

    Comment by M?rcia Martins on 4/25/08 at 11:57 pm #
  4. someone mentioned sponge candy from buffalo ny to me…

    thought maybe you’ve had it and could tell me a little about it.

    also i love kiamoy candy and white rabbit and orange
    swits( spelt like that)

    i guess it’s a filipino thing.

    Comment by rosalin on 4/26/08 at 5:09 pm #
  5. do either of these gummis contain gelatin? i tried looking on brachs’ website, but it wasnt very helpful.

    Comment by Julie on 4/26/08 at 5:20 pm #
  6. Cybele's avatar

    Kyra - yes, they are a banana split of sorts. Though for the longest time I was looking at them sideways or upside down.

    Sera - I think you may see the tropical ones in bulk (I think I’ve seen them at the grocery store bulk aisle), but I’ve never seen them in the regular bag.

    Boa vinda, M?rcia! (I hope I got that right.)

    Rosalin - I’ve only had the Parkside Buffalo sponge candy once, but it’s quite addictive. (I just bought some Red Bean White Rabbit recently as well, that was tasty.)

    Julie - yes, they both have gelatin. Pretty much all gummis will have gelatin in them. (Some from Japan may have fish gelatin, but that’s still from animals so not appropriate for vegetarians.) The closest you can find would some sort of Jelly candy, like Swedish Fish or Tropical Dots.

    Comment by Cybele on 4/26/08 at 5:36 pm #
  7. Greetings again from the city of Port Wine! Your blog is simply delicious. I’ve spent hours going through your previous posts!

    I would just like you to know that, since I’m living in Europe (although I’m South African), please feel free to contact me should you get a sudden craving for some European candy that perhaps you can’t get in the US. It will be my pleasure to send it to you!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Comment by M?rcia Martins on 4/27/08 at 12:15 am #
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