Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Jelly Belly Soda Pop Shoppe

One of the problems with getting “preview” candy from a trade show like All Candy Expo is that I never know what it’s actually going to look like in stores. One of the new products that I thought was pretty cool in concept was a new flavor assortment from Jelly Belly called Soda Pop Shoppe.


The flavor assortment includes: 7 Up, Dr. Pepper, A&W Root Beer, Orange Crush, and Grape Crush. What I find a little odd about this soda pop assortment is that there’s no cola in it. But it seems that the variety is determined by some sort of flavor licensing from the Cadbury Schweppes people.

I got this little 3/4 of an ounce packet as a sample, but the fun part about these is that they’re going to be packaged in soda bottles (1.5 ounces in a bottle). Sounds like a good way to share and to reseal them.

7 Up: a nice lemon lime with a good zesty hit at the front that gives it a slight bitter bite. There’s no tangy component though.

Dr. Pepper: I’ve never been a fan of Dr. Pepper (or Mr. Pibb) but these seem to taste pretty faithful.

A&W Root Beer: these look almost like the Dr. Pepper, so be careful. Nice root beer flavor with a little creamy finish to it, like a foamy head.

Orange Crush: This one’s a real winner. Tangy with a slight effervescent quality and a nice fake orange flavor.

Grape Crush: a little too sweet and not tart enough for my tastes, but then again I outgrew my appreciation of grape soda when I was twelve.

I’m a little confused if the A&W Cream Soda flavor is supposed to be in this mix or not, but it would sure fit well, but I wouldn’t miss it if it doesn’t make it.

These should be available in stores next month and might make nice stocking stuffers for Christmas. I like all of the flavors in here except for the Dr. Pepper, which could easily be plucked out and set aside for someone else. I think the real surprise flavor here is the 7 UP which was far more complex than I’d figured it would be.

Name: Soda Pop Shoppe
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Jelly Belly
Place Purchased: All Candy Expo sample
Price: unknown
Size: .75 ounces
Calories per ounce: 141
Categories: Jelly, United States, Jelly Belly, Kosher

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  1. Interesting combination of flavors.  Looks like a simliar combination to the Diet Soda popsicles I’ve been enjoying…


    Comment by :: jozjozjoz :: on 8/01/06 at 7:21 am #
  2. It really is too bad you don’t enjoy Dr. Pepper- the Jelly Belly version is out of this world.  It is truly amazing how similar the flavors are, and I really want to know how they make them taste, I don’t know, they taste carbonated somehow.

    Comment by K. on 8/01/06 at 7:24 am #
  3. K, I agree the branded Jelly Belly flavours like Dr Pepper are outstanding. They get that uncanny taste by using the actual product to flavor the bean - In this case, Dr Pepper. It’s all on their site and another reason for their amazing flavor is the fact that JB have flavour all the way through, unlike cheaper beans in which only the shell is flavored.

    Comment by GTO on 8/01/06 at 7:58 am #
  4. I wish they had the cream soda instead of the orange Crush, since orange isn’t my favourite, but I will probably buy these.  The other flavours are really good!

    Comment by Julilla on 8/01/06 at 8:19 am #
  5. Ooooo, I can’t wait to try these.  I have been a HUGE Dr. Pepper fan for a while; the Grape Crush would probably be the flavor I push aside.

    Comment by April on 8/01/06 at 11:38 am #
  6. Ooohhhh! I just love Jelly Belly’s Jelly Beans. I can’t wait to try these! I’ve always loved the Root Beer flavor, so I’m excited to taste how the other “soda” flavors stack up! Yum! I hope to find these soon!

    Comment by Sera on 8/01/06 at 4:47 pm #
  7. Jelly Belly is pretty accurate with flavors, even those Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s.

    Comment by Marvo on 8/01/06 at 6:13 pm #
  8. Oh my, Marvo, combining your comment with GTO’s (“they get that uncanny taste by using the actual product to flavor the bean”), sends shivers down my spine when I think of some of the flavors in the Bertie Bott’s assortment… Ugh!

    Haven’t they been selling Dr Pepper and root beer jelly bellies for awhile now? I’m pretty sure I’ve had them before (at least the root beer ones).

    Comment by Tricia on 8/02/06 at 4:19 am #
  9. Haha, I don’t think they use actual vomit or snot in the Bertie Bott’s collection. They might be the exception, unless they want a lot of angry customers. Fortunately, they’re not easy to get a hold of in the UK.

    Comment by GTO on 8/02/06 at 7:57 am #
  10. Cybele's avatar

    Joz - root beer popsicles would really hit the spot ... especially when it’s supposed to be blazing hot again next week.

    K & GTO - yeah, Jelly Belly does a great job of using the flavor layering (flavored center and shell) to give the most impact. They do kind of “sparkle” on the tongue like carbonation.

    Julilla - they might include the Cream Soda ... it was just a little vague in the info and I haven’t seen the final packaging yet.

    April - still, only one flavor pulled aside is pretty good for a mix. Just be careful because the Grape and Dr. Pepper look very similar.

    Tricia - yes, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer & Cream Soda have been on the flavor list for a couple of years. This is just the first prepacked mix that you can get that just has the soda flavors together.

    Comment by Cybele on 8/04/06 at 6:35 am #
  11. I just grabbed a bag…the orange and grape crush are REALLY good…A&W next…the cream soda is just okay (and I love cream soda)...7-Up is just okay…but just a fun bag of Candy…will be stocking up on these just in case they discontinue them soon…

    Comment by Captainhook on 9/28/07 at 10:18 am #
  12. I saw some Root beer freezies at my uncles place, and, A&W cream soda is suppost to be in there, so is cherry cola.

    Comment by Princess Adeleine on 7/10/09 at 5:19 am #
  13. I bought a small bulk bin thing at a store and I was sure it was these flavors. Funny enough I had white jelly beans in it which I thought was cream soda. Yeah the mix could do without it though.

    Comment by Sakura on 9/05/09 at 11:45 am #
  14. Dr.peppers the best!!!!!!!

    Comment by Taylor on 3/28/11 at 9:12 pm #
  15. Where can you buy the little bottles?

    Comment by Heather on 12/01/13 at 6:32 pm #
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