Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Superior Nut & Candy Chocolate Covered Cashews

Superior Nut & Candy Chocolate Covered CashewsChocolate covered nuts are one of the simplest candies. They’re a hybrid of wholesome snack and decadence.

They’re also usually expensive for anything other than plain old peanuts. So the decadence comes with a pricetag that helps to moderate any overindulgence. But I saw this box of Superior Nut & Candy Chocolate Covered Cashews not in the candy aisle at RiteAid, but their “bargain” aisle. It was only a buck and looked to be of good quality.

The bargain price can be explained by the miniscule portion. I knew when I bought it that the box was only 2.75 ounces. The box is 6.5 inches long, 1 inch thick and 3.5 inches wide.

Superior Nut & Candy Chocolate Covered Cashews

The large volume of the box is wasted. There is no “product may have settled during shipping” notice. The little packet inside is little, was always little, was made little. It rolls around in the box, can stand up, turn around and perhaps even invite two friends over.

But amounts aside, they look good. The packet protected them well, they’re sealed and smell fresh and look glossy when opened.

Superior Nut & Candy Chocolate Covered Cashews

The cashews are good, they’re large and well chosen. Some are over one inch long, though most are slightly less. Some are whole, some are halves and a few are pieces.

The chocolate is sweet and has only the thinnest veneer of confectioners glaze to keep them from sticking together. It’s rather fudgy and though not grainy, I wouldn’t say it’s a silky smooth melt either. The nuts are good quality, fresh and only lightly toasted.

Overall, they’re good and it’s uncommon to find chocolate covered cashews at the drug store. The price is actually pretty good if you ignore the expectation of more candy because of the size of the box.

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Name: Chocolate Covered Cashews
Place Purchased: Rite Aid (Echo Park)
Price: $1.00
Size: 2.75 ounces
Calories per ounce:
Categories: Candy, Chocolate, Kosher, Nuts, 7-Worth It, United States, Rite Aid

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  1. I think the reason why they sell it for $1 to fool people that there is more product in the box. Cashews are little bit pricey so the company try to sell it for cheap by putting few cashews.

    Comment by Alek on 6/12/12 at 8:03 pm #
  2. I think I’d be pretty annoyed if I bought that box and got that amount of cashews. I’m not saying the price for what you get is bad, just that they’re deliberately being deceptive.

    Comment by Leigh on 6/13/12 at 12:28 am #
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