Monday, October 3, 2005

Short & Sweet: Caramello /  Mega M&Ms / Orange Kisses

Some folks have written or commented that I try other candies and ask why some haven’t been covered here. With only a few exceptions this blog contains candies that are new to me. But I recognize that not only is the world a finite place but that I’m also excluding a lot of fine candies that you may not be familiar with on the blog.

So, I’ll try to catch up with some tried and true candies or just new iterations of old favorites with this new feature: Short & Sweet. Just a brief on the candy and my rating and hopefully a photo.

Name: Caramello
Brand: Cadbury
Place Purchased: 7-11
Price: $.85
Size: 1.6 ounce
Calories per ounce: 131
Type: Chocolate/Caramel

After the recent introduction of the Nestle Crunch with Caramel and the Hershey’s with Caramel, someone suggested this bar. I hadn’t had one in years, so it was back to the store. The bar is a European style milk chocolate with four creamy caramel filled sections. The chocolate is very sweet and milky and the caramel has a good burn sugar/salty taste to it. Not a true chewy caramel, it’s a good balance for the sweet chocolate.

Rating - 6 out of 10

Name: Mega M&Ms
Brand: Mars
Place Purchased: 7-11
Price: $1.25
Size: 2.87 ounce
Calories per ounce: 139
Type: Chocolate


Just a larger sized morsel of chocolate, the Mega M&M also sports a different range of colored shells. The oddest part about these candies is that the colors reminded me of 1986. I don’t know why, I’m not sure that they were fashionable colors then or not, but they remind me of college. My college colors (they were Green & Gold) aren’t even among these, so it doesn’t even make sense.

Aside from that they’re just big M&Ms. Imagine a Peanut M&M without the peanut and you’ll have a mega. The thing I miss in these megas is the ability to cleave the shell off with my eye teeth. Maybe I just need more practice.

Rating - 8 out of 10

Name: Orange Cream Kisses
Brand: Hershey’s
Place Purchased: found them on my desk
Price: unknown, but probably the same price as other Kisses
Type: White Chocolate


These are quite the little cuties and fill a niche that I’ve not really seen before in mass-consumer candies. You know, flavored white chocolate. The only other flavored white chocolate candy I can think of are those pastel misty mints. They smell a bit like aspergum (I’m sorry, I compare a lot of orange flavored things to aspergum, I blame my mother for giving me the dastardly stuff when I was a kid), but have a good approximation of a creamsicle - creamy white chocolate with a hint of orange essence.

I think they’d be fun to eat with cookies or within a mix of other Kisses, but I can’t imagine eating a whole bag of them.

Rating - 6 out of 10

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  1. The M&Ms; probably remind you of college because that’s closer to the original color mix—the tans, browns, and yellow, anyway.  And for some reason I remember there being an aquamarine back when I was a kid (Oh wow, the 90’s.  Sooo long ago *eyeroll*)

    And, Sarris!

    It’s nice when the address is on the candy bars.

    Try some! Try some! Try some!

    (Might I suggest the milk chocolate anything, though their dark is also delectable.  smile

    Comment by Tindy on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  2. Caramello is one of my favorite “standard” candy bars.  I always get a king size before going to a movie and sneak it in my purse.

    I love the juicy caramel—I let it melt on my tongue until all the caramel melts out.


    Comment by xflickerflyx on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  3. So Cadbury produces both Caramello *and* Caramilk? Aside from shape they seem to be the same bar. I wonder if there is a discernable difference between the two?

    Comment by Anonymous on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  4. If there’s one candy that I’ve been DYING to find it’s the Mega M&Ms;.  They’ve been out for months and I have yet to see them anywhere here.  Well at least I did find the Mint Kit Kat today at 7-11.

    Comment by Marvo on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  5. fanTASTic roundup. dallas must be on a good roll lately w/ the special-edition junk - we have not just mega M&Ms; but also the mega M&M peanuts. the choc-to-nut ratio did not seem any different from regular M&M peanuts; which made me wonder if they were using bigger peanuts (like those virginia ones or whatever) for the mega version? in any case, you are right, the mega-peanut Ms were more fun than the mega-regulars (but aren’t they always?)

    i hadn’t bothered to try the orange&white; kisses - so glad you are there to do the “dirty work”

    Comment by TG on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  6. Cybele's avatar

    tindy - I put in my zip on the sarris website to find the closest retailer and it came up with West Virginia! (I’m in California.) I’ll wait until the weather cools off before ordering something - cool link, thanks!

    xflickerflyx - nice to hear from you again! I agree, caramello is a good bar for snacking on. I think it’d go great with a soft pretzel while we’re at it.

    Anon - I have no idea what the difference between a caramello and caramilk is ... sigh, now I’m curious ... back to the store for me!

    Marvo - 7-11 ... that seems to do the trick for me. It’s weird, I was in that same 7-11 about 10 days earlier and found NOTHING new, and then suddenly BOOM, new stuff from all the big manufacturers. But I’d say a second option is Target if you have one. But HOO! You found Mint KitKats, I’d be excited about that.

    TG - I’ll probably pick up the peanut megas, just to give them a try. I’m still not sure if I can get over the color shift.

    Comment by Cybele on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  7. Wow, I’ve never even HEARD of mega M&Ms;. But I’m totally excited to see tan M&Ms; once again. They were surreptitiously replaced by blue M&Ms; way back when - as if we wouldn’t notice! - and I’ve missed them.

    Comment by pookel on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  8. Back when I was in high school (early 80s), we used to play a vaguely-racist “War”-like game with bags of M&Ms;. Each player would pull out an M&M, and the person with the more powerful color would get both. Unlike the card game War, we would eat the winnings right away, so there was only ever 1 round. And yes, green M&Ms; (the ones rumored to make you ‘horny’) were the most powerful!

    But to the present, I’ve seen Megas but not tried them, you’ve inspired me to do so. I did buy a bag of “Dark” M&Ms; the other day (on sale at Target). “Come over to the Darth Side!” one of the Ms intones on the package. I gave some to my 8yo and he said “light purple isn’t a dark color!” Can’t argue with that. Anyway, I can’t taste the difference in the chocolate, I guess I should do a side-by-side: Dark vs Mega vs Plain.

    Comment by Tricia on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  9. I just tried the orange kisses last night for the first time. Unlike you I could eat a bag at a time but I am known for my sickeningly sweet tooth. The bag I got at Walgreen’s was on clearance along with some STRAWBERRY CREAMS so I’m wondering if it’s just the store discontinuing to carry them or if Hershey’s is no longer going to make them. I came ac ross your blog when I was looking to see if there were any recipes that may have been created using the creams. With that, I will continue my quest. Being a candy lover I really enjoyed your site.

    Comment by Phyllis on 12/08/05 at 9:47 am #
  10. I bought some of the kisses a little while ago for my wife, because she loves the fruit/cream combo candies.  They were actually pretty good, despite my aversion to white chocolate.  I know exactly what you mean about the aspergum.  What a horrible idea that was.  Putting a pain killer/blood thinner into gum form makes perfect sense.  And then making it taste good was a brilliant move, too.  I’m surprised I don’t have permanent liver/kidney damage from that stuff.

    Comment by John on 1/12/06 at 12:58 pm #

    I think they taste terrible…......

    In the year 2000 the company (Mars) changed the recipe to using SKIM MILK,MILKFAT and they are disgusting!!!!!

    I havent eaten them in 5 yrs or so and have a quest going on to try and get the company to change the recipe back to pre-2000 standards!!!!!!!

    Have you noticed a change in the way they taste,you dont really like them anymore??? Well,this is why….....

    Im going crazy trying to get the company to change it back to the original (I DONT KNOW WHY THESE STUPID COMPANIES MESS WITH SUCCESS)

    Please click below and send the company feedback about how you DO NOT LIKE THE NEW RECIPES (With skim milk,milkfat) and you want the older kind before 2000 back!!!!! (With reg. milk and NO milkfat)

    PLEASE TRY AND HELP ME IN MY QUEST FOR GOOD CANDY COMING BACK…...(The more people who send them email the better chance i have)

    Thank you & God Bless you all smile

    Comment by The Dude on 2/01/06 at 7:17 am #
  12. I liked the concept behind this review.  A lot of times you compare candies to other candies, but I’ve never tasted the other candies and you have no review of them.  For example, you’ve brought up misty mints more than once.  What are they?  (I know, this is the second thing I’ve asked you to review, but you said they were good…)

    Comment by Sophia on 11/11/06 at 7:57 pm #
  13. The orange cream kisses might be good baked into a chocolate chip cookie.

    Comment by banada on 12/25/09 at 3:37 pm #
  14. What happened to Crispy M&Ms;? I was suddenly struck with the desire to consume a bag several months ago when it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember the last time I saw that particular kind. I really miss them.

    Comment by Sarah on 1/23/10 at 12:54 pm #
  15. Caramello is made by Hershey now. I ate 2 squares the other day and it was AWFUL. The once smooth Cadbury chocolate is now waxy and a bit grainy. Basically tasteless. I threw the other 2 squares away. Hershey’s chocolate has truly gone down hill! What a shame.

    Comment by Suzanne on 1/01/12 at 11:32 am #
  16. about This 5th -Ave ,,, first they had a huge Peaunt roaster ,, I opened the small trap door at the bottom, and out would come a batch of thick peanut butter with peanuts some not crushed up enough,,  it would fall out in a huge unstoppable glob,, into a huge bowl on top of a cart with wheels,, I would push the cart over to two strong men that had a Toffy on a table and they would help me dump the batch ontop the Toffy that was hot and rolled out like a pizza ,, the would fold that and fold that and fold that till it was mixed ,, and that was put on another wheeled cart and pushed to a huge hook ,, that was a huge taffy puller,,,  they threw that batch on a hook and it would be worked over and over,,,,, then on another wheeled cart and pushed to the front of the line,,, it would be tossed in a hopper the rolled and pushed it out like a large python sized about two inches thick,,, and spun out on the line,,, rolled down smaller,,, into another machine it would flatten out a bit then chopped to size,,, they would drop off into a bin,,,,  and then the two little old ladies would put (Listen Fellas) 3 three Almonds ,,, were they from Brazil? We can’t verify that at this time,,, and through a chocolate enrobber and then through an ultra violate light and I guess it was an oven ,,,, and out they would come out and get wrapped boxed and set on a skid,, where you’d take down to shipping on a elevator with a hand fork plalete lifter ,,,  but The broken pieces sure were good,,,, I work almost every job there at 18 years old from 1984 to 1988 ,,,, they may have cut it down to 2 almonds why? The machien put the two Almonds on and the little old ladies were responsible for the one in the middle ,,  if they missed a few gabbin yer out if luck one lady sat across from the other,,, and they were very good making sure they were all straight and had all 3 on ,,,, the fired the old ladies in 1987 we think is our best guestamate greedy corporation Hershey hostile take over,,,, there is no Ludens building of old ,, just the newer attachment that’s falling appart and is I LEAD charter school for bad kids ,,, 5th ave 5th floor was a dusty mess,, you could smell the peanuts and 5th avenues a block away,,, lighting was old fashion,, dim and hazy in there dusty,, pretty awesome I can’t explain it,,,  but that’s about all I can tell you without my brother jaring my memory ,,, any questions now?  Are we good? ........... I love candy my main job was jelly eggs in the Pan room and I worked the starch room, hollow chocolate ,, queen Ann Cherrys ,, were imported from Brazil and quarenteened untill checked by the lab quality control ,,, 55 gallon drums of Cherrys ,, awesome!! ,, I made green leafs, orange slices ,,jelly centers,,  upstairs in the new starch room ( air conductioned) marshmello circus peanuts green yellow orange,, and peppermint pattys,,, are aweful without the chocolate,,, I made cough drops ,,, or were allowed to take candy home ,,,,, there ya have it,,,  love ya all

    Comment by FryingPan2005 on 1/26/14 at 6:07 pm #
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