Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Reese’s Eggs

The standard of Easter themed “regular” candies has been the Reese’s egg for quite a while in my mind. It’s not really that different from a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, yet it is.


The Reese’s egg has naked sides. Instead of sitting all snuggled in a cup with fluted sides to keep it protected, the Reese’s egg sits there on a little flimsy tray. And when you pull it out of its wrapper, you can see the whole thing, with no little bits and flecks lost during the unwrapping.

One of the things that’s different about the Egg is that it’s slightly skewed in the proportion of chocolate to peanut butter that we’re used to in the regular cup. Just look at how much of that is peanut butter. Reese’s peanut butter is interesting too. It’s slightly cool on the tongue and a little dry. It crumbles in the mouth and dissolves as well as melts. It has a good hit of salt, which makes the milk chocolate coating seem all the sweeter and smoother.

I’ll admit that there are some people who prefer a smoother peanut butter in their cups, but I like the crumbly texture that includes the bitty bits of nuts in it.


The Reese’s Eggs are nothing like the Hershey’s Eggs, except that they’re egg-shaped. These are little foil wrapped chocolate eggs filled with the Reese’s peanut butter found in the Peanut Butter cups. Honestly, I was worried that I’d end up with the stuff that’s inside Reese’s Pieces.

I’m not sure how they make these, but it appears that they create a half-shell of an egg and fill it with the peanut butter and then join it with another half-shell. There’s a bit of a void in the center of most of the ones I ate (and I ate quite a few just to see).

The proportions on this variety of Reese’s egg are probably one to one on the chocolate and peanut butter. The shell is very thick and with the void there’s not that much peanut butter in there. The combination in the mouth is nice, again, the salty hit and crumbly texture of the peanut butter blends well with the sweet and creamy milk chocolate. The chocolate shell feels just slightly oily to the touch, I’m not sure if it’s because some of the eggs seeped a bit of their peanut oil or they make them that way so they’ll come out of their molds ... or maybe it’s because I’m used to eating things sealed with carnauba wax.

I like both versions. Aesthetically I think I prefer the little foil wrapped ones, they’re easier to share and of course save some for later. I haven’t tried freezing them (I like my Reese’s Miniatures frozen) but I imagine they’ll do very well. These are definitely on my list of items to pick up on sale after the holiday. I think what’s interesting is that these plus the original Peanut Butter cup and the miniatures demonstrate what a difference proportion makes, even when you have, basically, two ingredients.

The Truly Mockolate Reese's EggUPDATE 4/7/2009: Hershey’s has changed the formula on this classic egg. Not only that, there are several versions lurking in stores. There are packages like that reviewed above that say Milk Chocolate Reese’s Egg and then there are others that just say Reese’s Egg that may or may not have a real chocolate shell.

The new ingredients indicated that they’re really not chocolate (I know, the photo looks like all the other photos, but trust me, this is what the reverse says):

Peanuts, sugar, dextrose, vegetable oil (cocoa butter, palm, shea, sunflower and/or safflower oil), chocolate, nonfat milk, contains 2% or less of milk fat, lactose, salt, whey, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, corn syrup, soy lecithin, cornstarch, glycerin, TBHQ & PGPR, vanillin.

They look a little flatter than the milk chocolate eggs (labeled or not). As for the taste, well, this one seemed really salty to me, but maybe that’s what happens when I have peanut butter eggs for breakfast. (Hey, eggs are a breakfast food!)

The mockolate coating wasn’t bad, it wasn’t any worse looking than the current eggs. It has a similar melt and cool feeling on the tongue, it’s sweet but I didn’t taste any milky component to it.

I still don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know why they’ve have both on the market at the same time, why they’d make two versions and ruin something that was perfectly good and perfect. As for the ruining part, well, they’re not that bad but I’m not fond of eating palm oil when I could be eating cocoa butter. Read more about it here.

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Name: Reese's Peanut Butter Egg & Eggs
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Reese's (Hershey's)
Place Purchased: Sav-On & Rite Aid
Price: $.33 & $1.60 - both on sale
Size: 1.2 ounces & 9.2 ounces
Calories per ounce: 140 & 149
Categories: Chocolate, Peanuts, United States, Hershey's, Easter

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  1. I like the big ones—I had a couple this week. Both of mine had a little bit of goo coming out of one end, which was a little strange, but they tasted great! I’m a fan of the larger peanut butter to chocolate ratio.

    Comment by Bridget on 3/14/06 at 2:17 pm #
  2. My wife ADORES the Reese’s eggs. She bought two yesterday smile


    Comment by Brian on 3/14/06 at 2:34 pm #
  3. Now, I love these!  I like the big ones.  I do think the ratio is different and I like it better than the regular Reese’s.

    Comment by elissa on 3/14/06 at 4:45 pm #
  4. Have you tried the new caramel Reese’s cups yet? I found them to be a little meh… I posted a review on my site.

    Comment by Jamie on 3/14/06 at 7:50 pm #
  5. I also prefer the bigger ones.  In my opinion, the pb to chocolate ratio is far superior. And I love your description of the pb filling.  It is spot on.  It’s just not a peanut butter cup to me if it doesn’t have the Reeses filling.

    Comment by g on 3/15/06 at 7:01 am #
  6. i have never tried the big eggs frozen, but the little ones do do quite well.  why is it that i like reese’s candy better when it is frozen?

    Comment by erin on 3/15/06 at 9:18 am #
  7. The little mini eggs are the best thing ever!  They are truely superb.  I love the regular minitures, and didn’t think anything could taste better.  These are amazing.  If you let them sit in your mouth and start to melt and then bite into them just as they are about to loose their eggs shape and split in the middle it is heaven.

    Comment by Kay on 4/18/06 at 5:58 pm #
  8. this girl on the phone is crying, because she doesn’t have any eggs in her hands right now, and she wants them sooooo bad… can anyone help her?  she loves them sooo much!!

    Comment by Adam on 4/26/06 at 5:46 pm #
  9. its matt bavino buter time

    Comment by aligirl on 5/04/06 at 12:10 pm #
  10. this looks really tasty

    Comment by aligirl on 5/04/06 at 12:11 pm #
  11. that reeses peanut butter egg looks really good.
    love ali

    Comment by aligirl claus on 5/07/06 at 7:57 am #
  12. I hate to point it out, but there are actually two varieties of the large PB Egg.  One is slightly larger than the other and usually of a higher quality.  Its kind of like the oddity of the single pack Reese’s cups compared to their more dominant double pack brothers.  The smaller ones are sold in bags when packaged in batches, while the large ones come on trays of 6.  I loaded up on them at Target’s post Easter sale and am always happy when I can stretch out my PB Egg enjoyment into June.  In my opinion, this is the perfect ratio and distribution vehicle for Reeses Peanut Butter.  Its a shame the Big Cup just didn’t get it quite right, but I’d gladly welcome the Egg as a year-round enjoyment.  But I’ll make due with Christmas (PB Trees) and Easter if I must.

    Comment by BStu on 5/15/06 at 9:20 am #
  13. Cybele's avatar

    Thanks for the excellent notes BStu! Did you also see that Reese’s is making a “bar” which is kind of like the Egg ... but not quite (I’ll try to get that review up later this week).

    Comment by Cybele on 5/15/06 at 10:38 am #
  14. I am 45, and I recall Reese’s PB cups as tasting much different when I was younger - I’m convinced that somewhere along the line, they altered their recipe.  It seems to me that the peanut butter centers used to be much saltier and less creamy - I loved them when I was a kid, and don’t care nearly as much for them now.

    Comment by Kim on 8/13/06 at 4:44 am #
  15. The Reese’s PB Eggs and now Pumpkins are my most favorite candy EVER!  I am not a big candy fan, but my whole life have had a weekness for these.  The ratio, tecture and taste dwarf any other PB/chocolate candy I have had.

    Thanks for listening to my confession.

    Comment by Jason on 10/02/06 at 9:04 am #
  16. I love the eggs and the pumpkins and the Tree’s…I always think I died and went to heaven when I eat these…I can’t eat one…I eat packages at a time…

    Comment by Renee on 10/30/06 at 3:07 pm #
  17. MAN! Im trying to find the actuall ingredients in Reese’s! I know that there is chocolate and peanut butter, but i know that there HAS to be something bad in it….grrr…..stupid school assignment….

    Comment by Mr. Someone on 10/31/06 at 7:12 am #
  18. me and joe really like the big ones!!!

    Comment by Paul & Joe on 3/05/07 at 7:50 am #
  19. Has anyone else seen the KING SIZE peanut butter eggs?  I picked up a few last week at Target and let me tell you…these have a HUGE pb:chocolate ratio.  There’s almost as much pb per egg as the large $3 chocolate rabbits, hearts and snowmen/santas.

    They were only $0.99/ea and now I’m hooked on these.  If we could only convice Reese’s to make pb flags for sale around July 4th, we could eat these eggs/hearts/trees/pumpkins year-round!

    Comment by Todd on 3/07/07 at 12:19 pm #
  20. WOW! I am in loooove with the King Size PB EGG. They are perfect! For a long time now, I too have been satisfying myself with the simple, and tiny (by comparison) Easter eggs/hearts/trees/pumpkins… but this KING SIZE!!! It’s a winner, hands down. For those Reese’s lovers who are able to locate them, grab as many as you want, because they wont be around long. After pouting about my boyfriend eating my last one, he came home with 20 of them tonight! I’m in heaven =)

    Comment by ShonnaP on 3/13/07 at 6:34 pm #
  21. Its good to know I’m not the only one who critiques Reese’s candy. I love the holiday edition special shapes. They always have more peanut butter and less chocolate than the regular cups. Thats just the way I like it!! smile

    Comment by Jenn on 3/31/07 at 12:08 am #
  22. The Reeses eggs are PURE EVIL! I mean, I just can’t control myself when I eat them. I don’t like junk food, I don’t like candy, I don’t even typically eat Reeses peanut butter cups or anything. But when it comes to be Easter time… you will find me buying these! SO GOOD! I just bought a 6-pack for 84 cents!!! (50% off!) I had 3 packages in my hands and then thought to myself “I need to put these down and not buy them… I’ll eat them all in one sitting” I ended up putting down 2 packages and just purchased 1 package. Well, this was about 2 hours ago… I gave my dad one… had one… then had another… put them away… and well… I’m about to eat the last one in a minute. HAHAHA! =(

    Comment by Melissa on 4/09/07 at 6:30 pm #

    Comment by SANDRA TOSCANO on 4/15/07 at 9:43 am #
  24. OMG, i bought reese eggs after the easter weekend. They at 75% off! i bought a 6 pack for 65 cents!
    and i cannot get enough of em.
    i have driven around the city just to fine them!!!!!!!!

    Comment by brian on 4/17/07 at 11:04 pm #
  25. Dude….i love these little guys…..between these and the trees we bunyan’ed at christmas, we are gonna have diabetes by the time we’re 30!

    Comment by Jon and Chris on 4/25/07 at 6:13 am #
  26. I fell in love with Reese’s PB Eggs when I first saw them as a kid. Everyone is right, their appeal is the greater PB:choc ratio than normal Reese’s PB Cups. Also, they are softer all around. The cups have this sharp edge that circels the top where you peel the protective cup away and there’s nothing but chocolate. Long live Reese’s PB Eggs/Hearts/Pumpkins/Trees!

    Comment by Jennifer on 11/02/07 at 8:23 am #
  27. I love the eggs but i dont like the regular 2pack cups.  I agree with the other poster, reeses changed their recipe from when i was younger, i think sometime in the 80s.

    Currently, the chocolate seems less sweet and less fresh as it once did.  The peanut butter seems dry and chalky, it often breaks and crumbles when you eat it and takes on the texure of what i can only describe as clay.

    When i was a kid, the chocolate was very sweet, the peanut butter was smooth and rich.  We used to get these white box’s with the reeses name die cut into the lid.  Inside where a bunch of mini reeses cups.  Extreamly good quality, when you finished eating the top portion, the cardboard bottom piece lifted up and you found a whole other layer of reeses cups!

    I miss the old recipe.

    Comment by Tim on 11/09/07 at 10:44 pm #
  28. These are the Gold Standard of Easter candies!!
    They have also a dark chocolate version of the
    eggs. Just try to find these at WalMart or Target the day after Easter! HA! Yeah, right.
    My north suburban Illinois stores look like a
    tornado hit the holiday candy sections the very next day. Nada. Zip.

    P.S. Am I the only one who hates the Cadbury
    Creme Eggs? They are just plain awful. Sorry.

    Comment by Michael H on 1/10/08 at 4:59 pm #
  29. I love the specialty reese’s as well, between the PB:chocolate ratio and the guarantee of freshness theres none better. I avoid the cups because as others have pointed out they usually sit on the shelves so long the PB dries out and becomes flavourless. If only Reese’s would put freshness dates on their packaging.

    Comment by Brandon on 2/02/08 at 9:58 pm #
  30. Speaking about the freshness issue, the factory sells “Fresh From the Factory” Reeses cups every now and then on the hershey’s gifts site.  Add your name to the mailing list.


    Comment by Mark on 2/27/08 at 3:57 am #
  31. my parents are arguing about if the reeeses eggs (that has the hard covered shell &small;)has chocolate in it. then they told me 2 look it up & i cant find it. so if u could please tell me if it has chocolate or not so they will stop fighting.

    Comment by rolyat burt on 3/18/08 at 6:07 am #
  32. Cybele's avatar

    rolyat burt - I think you mean these Reese’s Pieces Eggs?

    No, they don’t have chocolate in them.

    Check out this review, there’s a photo of a cross section ... it’s all peanut butter.

    Mark - yes, I tried the Fresh From the Factory ... only problem was I couldn’t eat them all while they were still fresh!

    Brandon - there is a little trick to reading the code on the candies. Check out this.

    Comment by Cybele on 3/18/08 at 6:15 am #
  33. I live and die for Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.  I haven’t had the king size ones yet, but I keep eyeing them at the store (on a diet).  I love the Egg peanut butter to chocolate ratio.

    God BLess Mr. Reese!


    Comment by Amanda on 3/19/08 at 9:05 am #
  34. I just had my first PB egg, it was a king sizer and quite delicious.  I actually mentioned to my brother that the PB/chocolate ratio was better than the cups two seconds before I saw that you mentioned it on this page.

    Comment by Alex on 3/29/08 at 11:27 am #
  35. One of my favorite candies ever.  I just adore these and love that they also have Christmas Trees and Pumpkins so we can see them more often.

    Comment by Smidget on 6/13/08 at 1:54 pm #
  36. Crap!

    Just saw your reference to ” Man Made Global Warming” ad regarding the melting of peanut butter cups.  Now I, nor my family, can ever buy another one of your products, including the zillions for halloween.

    Kevin P. Moran

    Comment by kevin moran on 9/09/08 at 11:59 am #
  37. Cybele's avatar

    Kevin - my reference to Man Made Global Warming?

    You know this is a blog kept by a person ... not the Hershey’s (Reese’s) Company. I truly doubt that they’ll get this message, perhaps you should send it to them directly?

    Good luck with that.

    Comment by Cybele on 9/09/08 at 12:04 pm #
  38. I went to Kroger yesterday and Reese’s Eggs were on sale (the bigguns) which I believe to be the most delicious and devilish candy ever created on the face of the earth. I bought four. I eat pretty healthy lately so it’s not too bad I hope hahahaha. But that was last night and I’m tempted to eat #3…

    Comment by Mike on 1/23/09 at 6:41 am #
  39. lol i’m actually kind of glad to see other people are as addicted to reeses easter eggs as me! they’re my favorite holiday candy! i like them a lot better than regular reeses. i try not to buy them too often because it’s pretty much impossible not to eat the whole package they’re so good! especially with milk raspberry

    Comment by casey on 3/11/09 at 2:20 pm #
  40. Okay, so I just bought one of the 1.2 oz Reese’s eggs, and happened to have an old one from last Easter (no idea how that survived), and decided to compare wrappers.

    I was dismayed to discover that the newer one was indeed made with mockulate!!  I knew Hershey’s was doing this, but I can’t believe they messed with the eggs.

    Has anyone taste-tested the two side-by-side to compare?  I’m afraid the mockulate may have ruined one of my fav Easter candies for good!

    Comment by Peloria on 3/13/09 at 5:28 pm #
  41. So, to complicate this even further…

    I go to Walmart, and they have boxes of the packages of six Reese’s eggs.

    SOME boxes contain packages of milk chocolate eggs and are labeled as much, and SOME are mockolate.  Old stock, maybe, I thought… but as far as I can tell the codes on the back of the packages show the mockolate ones best by December of this year, the milk chocolate ones best by Jan and Feb of next year.

    Strange?  (Of course I was just happy to find real chocolate ones!  Also, the eggs sold as singles were ALL mockolate.)

    Comment by Peloria on 3/21/09 at 7:21 am #
  42. Cybele's avatar

    Peloria - I agree! Something is very weird. I went to the store and picked up a single (here’s a photo). I was really annoyed because the commercials says that it’s chocolate. I’ll keep digging to see if I can find the other 6 pack and do a comparison.

    Thanks so much for bringing this to everyone’s attention.

    Comment by Cybele on 3/21/09 at 7:28 am #
  43. Hey did anybody know that they now make a white chocolate reeses peanut butter egg! Found it at the 99cents store…Pretty darn good! ^_^

    Comment by Nene on 3/22/09 at 7:51 am #
  44. i ADORE both creamy, peanut buttery Easter delectables!!! however, i’m always one to go big ... wink

    Comment by lala on 4/07/09 at 8:00 am #
  45. Where can I find the King size peanut butter eggs?

    Comment by Jim on 4/08/09 at 8:43 pm #
  46. My husband used to work at the Reese’s factory and tells stories of eating the warm peanut butter cups right off the conveyer belt before being wrapped. Even after working at the factory it is still his favorite candy. I will tell you…for those of you who might be interested…the peanut butter eggs are not filled with the same peanut butter mixture as a peanut butter cup. They use a different recipe and at the factory they call it egg butter.
    I found a GIANT peanut butter egg for my husband at Rite Aid (pharmacies are the best place to get easter candy for some reason) ..he will be delighted. Happy Easter to all. Eat your peanut butter eggs guilt free…they only come once a year!! All things in moderation…including moderation!!hahaha

    Comment by Anna on 4/10/09 at 7:24 am #

    Comment by Dessere on 4/15/09 at 11:52 am #
  48. I love peanut butter eggs.  But haven’t been able to find any since I moved to Australia….  if anyone knows where to find them in the Brisbane area, please let me know smile

    Comment by Mike on 2/14/10 at 3:21 pm #
  49. This years batch of the larger egg is especially good. No trans fats. The peanut butter has a saltiness and texture that takes me back to how good Reese’s tasted when I was a kid in the 70’s & 80’s.

    Comment by Matt on 3/17/10 at 9:55 pm #
  50. OMG…The big peanut butter egg is my favorite. They are just addicting. I once ate a whole pack during a 2 hour car ride..LMAO

    Comment by Melissa on 4/05/10 at 12:23 pm #
  51. I was wondering if there is a way I can get some of the easter eggs.  My daughter loves them and we really cant find enough at this time of the year.  I would like to surdrise her for her birthday she turns 33 thank you

    Comment by diane on 5/02/10 at 6:05 pm #
  52. The new Reese’s footballs are the Reese’s Eggs in a different package. How dissapointing. Reese’s has betrayed us. It looks nothing like a Football. Total false advertising. I want my money back!!

    Comment by frank kreeger on 8/29/12 at 11:47 am #
  53. The WHITE eggs are to die for.  So delicious!

    Comment by cindy on 4/01/14 at 4:26 am #
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