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M&M and Reese’s Pieces Peanut Butter Eggs

DSC00205rIn my bargain hunting last weekend I was able to secure bags of the M&Ms Peanut Butter Speck-tacular Eggs and the Reese’s Pieces Pastel Eggs at rock bottom prices.

I picked up the M&Ms Peanut Butter Speck-tacular Eggs mostly because folks are still commenting on the Wonka Oompas (currently fruity) post lamenting the loss of the old Peanut Butter Oompas.

First, a rewind to the old Peanut Butter Oompas (see wrapper here) from Wonka. Introduced in 1972 after the film Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, they were larger than M&Ms but the same ovoid shape. The top half was peanut butter and the bottom half was mockolate then it was all covered with a crisp candy shell. (There may have been other flavor varieties.) The separation of the peanut butter and chocolate meant that you could cleave them in half in your teeth if you wanted, or suck the shell off and then melt away the chocolate creme to have only the stiff peanut butter left. I liked them and recall buying them rather often (there was no such thing as a Peanut Butter M&M at the time and Reese’s Pieces didn’t come along until 1978).

imageI was hoping that the larger format of the Speck-tacular Eggs would be similar to the old Oompas.

The normal M&Ms Peanut Butter have a core of peanut butter and a covering of milk chocolate then a shell. A little larger than a regular M&M, they average about the same size as a Peanut M&M. The Speck-Tacular Eggs are larger still and thus have a larger proportion of the peanut butter center since the chocolate coating seems about the same thickness.

It’s been at least thirty years since I’ve had the old Peanut Butter Oompas, so I can’t say that the Speck-Tacular Eggs are as good or even the same, but the proportions feel better to me. I’m going to say that this is the best modern day equivalent to the old Peanut Butter Oompas.

Reese's Pieces Pastel EggsThe other fun aquisition were the equally large Reese’s Pieces Pastel Eggs.

I don’t eat Reese’s Pieces much, though I do recall loving them as a kid. I used to buy bags of M&Ms and mix them with Reese’s Pieces. I could always pick the Reese’s Pieces out on my tongue by feel because their shells were ultrasmooth. (Ah, the ways I used to amuse myself.)

While the Speck-Tacular Eggs were rather uneven in size, the Reese’s Pieces Pastel Eggs are exceptionally regular. The colors are pretty much the same as the Hershey’s Pastel Eggs, though a little more egg shaped (with a pointier end).


The shells on the Reese’s Pieces Pastel Eggs are thicker than the regular Reese’s Pieces and provide a satisfying sharp crunch. The larger mass of peanut butter creme allowed me to really taste it. It has a slight floral taste to it and reminds me a bit of eating peanut butter cookie dough. Sweet with a little dash of salt. Pretty smooth and not as roasted tasting as the M&Ms Speck-Tacular Eggs.

I liked both varieties of eggs equally well. As appearances go, I preferred the Reese’s. But the freak-tacular price of only 52 cents for the Speck-Tacular Eggs is hard to argue with. They are both being added to my repertoire of Easter Candies to pick up at ridiculous prices.

Note: both products are certified Kosher.

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Name: M&Ms Peanut Butter Speck-tacular Eggs & Reese's Pieces Pastel Eggs
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Mars & Hershey's
Place Purchased: Rite Aid & Long's
Price: $.52 & $.85
Size: 11 ounces & 13 ounces
Calories per ounce: 147 & 138
Categories: Chocolate, Peanuts, United States, Hershey, Mars, Kosher, Easter

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  1. I agree completely about the Reeses eggs. Not only were they gorgeous to look at, but strangely satisfying. That said, I still would have preferred if there had been some chocolate (or perhaps even a bit more salt) in there for contrast.

    I wish I had seen the M&M peanut butter eggs when I was Easter candy shopping. I guess I’ll have to hit up Target one more time before they clear everything out.

    Comment by Nicole on 4/16/07 at 4:30 pm #
  2. WOW, thanks for the 70’s flashback of the Peanut Butter Oompas wrapper! I really loved those! 
      <heavy sigh> I haven’t seen the M&M Peanut Butter Eggs. They sound great. I always buy a few bags of the Reese’s Pieces pastel eggs every year. Yum!!!

    Comment by Suzanne on 4/16/07 at 4:39 pm #
  3. I got a couple bags of the Reese’s Pastel Eggs on clearance at Long’s the other day (85 cents each), but actually, I don’t like ‘em as much as Reese’s Pieces.  I think I might prefer a thinner shell and less insides.

    I can go through handfuls of Reese’s Pieces at an alarming rate but the eggs stayed unmolested on my desk for hours…now that’s a bad sign.

    Comment by Michaela on 4/16/07 at 5:17 pm #
  4. Cybele, I know you do lots of reviews of Limited-edition candy and I just heard that there is a new limited edition Skittles in Carnival flavors (cotton candy is one such flavor), as well as a Limited edition Retro Starburst (not sure about flavors in that one).

    Comment by Amie on 4/17/07 at 4:35 am #
  5. If you aren’t a huge fan of the Reese’s eggs on their own and are trying to find something to do with them, include them in some pancakes.  They melt nicely without losing their shape and provide a satisfying peanut butter burst when you bite into them.  I’m going to try peanut butter M&M’s as a year-round alternative.

    Comment by Christy on 4/17/07 at 9:25 am #
  6. These sound good. I wonder if I can still find these if at all. smile

    Comment by Diva on 4/17/07 at 3:33 pm #
  7. Cybele's avatar

    Nicole - it’s odd, it seems that there’s nothing stopping Reese’s from making a peanut butter and chocolate candy piece. If you’re looking for a Target with post-holiday inventory, it’s NOT that one at Burbank’s Empire Center (I cleaned them out).

    Suzanne - this was my first year buying both of these and I’m wondering why I’d been passing them up all these years (I think it’s the blinding effect of the Cadbury Mini Eggs). 

    Michaela - do you think they’re a bit “drier?” Because they did seem different to me.

    Amie - I did see those online and now I need to find them in person! (The starbursts sound rather ordinary just with retro names.)

    Christy - oooh, it might be fun to mix both the Reese’s & Hershey Chocolate eggs. Good to know they can make it through the oven.

    Diva - out of the way drug stores seem to be the best bet. Especially locations that don’t get a lot of weekend traffic (so people might have missed them) like one in a downtown section near offices and not a stripmall near a grocery store. Of course there’s always the chance that they’ll show up at BigLots in four or five months.

    Comment by Cybele on 4/18/07 at 11:11 am #
  8. I’m guessing the Shrek ogre-sized peanut butter M&Ms; are basically the same product with different coloring. They’re so perfectly proportioned! I was always disappointed by the regular pb M&Ms; but love the Shrek version, despite the creepy green ones.

    Comment by Adrien on 4/30/07 at 9:07 am #
  9. I just opened my bag of Shrek Peanut Butter M&M’s and boy are they good! I was expecting a swampy green color but it’s more of a lime-ish green. They could have come up with a better color to represent a smelly Ogre. Anyway, I’d buy these by the ton!

    Comment by Suzanne on 5/01/07 at 1:52 pm #


    Comment by DEB RADFORD on 6/12/07 at 12:35 pm #
  11. Cybele's avatar

    Deb - do you realize that typing in all caps means that you’re shouting at us?

    If you want to support American made products, then I suggest you buy American made products (and learn how to identify them). You’ll accomplish nothing if simply boycott the company entirely ... instead make the products that are manufacturered in the States profitable and those not made here unprofitable ... any company worth their salt will go where the money is.

    Comment by Cybele on 6/12/07 at 12:39 pm #
  12. I ate some Reese’s pastel eggs and (embarassed to say) quite a few mini Cadbury eggs (candy coated) in the past month and was wondering if anyone else experienced the taste of rubbing alcohol when eating any of them?  I thought it was just one Cadbury egg that I ate and then I tasted another a few days later from a different bag—I probably had 3-4 of these in 3 bags of the candies.  Then, when I thought that was over, I tried a few Reese’s eggs today—the second one had the rubbing alcohol taste.  I didn’t get sick (or obviously die) but I’m wondering if anyone else had this experience?

    Comment by Lisa on 3/29/08 at 9:59 am #
  13. Try putting Pieces in the microwave for a few seconds - melts the inside, leaving the shell intact. Amazing and addictive.

    Comment by Tamara on 4/05/08 at 4:53 pm #
  14. OMG!!!  I thought I was the ONLY person ALIVE, jk, that remembered the OOMPAS!! I thought that the wrapper was orange with a small clear window that allowed one to see the yummy goodness that awaited inside. I also thought that they were labeled as “OOMPA LOOMPAS.” Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know. I do remember them!!! How I loved them!!! I recall walking to the corner store with an armload of returnable glass bottles top exchange for that incredible mixture of sweetness. Wow. I once contacted a per, of sorts, and not a very educated one, and asked about the candy. They had no idea about what I was reffering to!!!  Can you believe that? Well, thank you for being among those that still fawn over the memories of pb&chocolate;in that crunchy shell.

    Comment by Arlene on 7/14/08 at 6:54 pm #
  15. I too love and miss the original Oompas!

    Comment by Dot on 3/09/09 at 12:38 pm #
  16. Funny, I found this today. I brought in a large bag of peanut butter M&Ms; to work and was explaining the similarity and what I loved about the old Oompas. Looking at me strange, I went to Google, found the wrapper and it brought me here. Clearly there are others that have that same delicious memory of biting into the candy and seeing and tasting the chocolate/peanut butter split. The size of the candy was part of the key.

    Comment by M Scott on 1/16/14 at 8:23 am #
  17. I just ate a peanut butter m & m and it tasted like rubbing alcohol. I can’t find anything else about this except Lisa’s post above. Please tell me that someone else has had this issue and can help explain why this happened?! So strange.

    Comment by Crickett on 2/09/15 at 8:20 pm #
  18. I just ate a peanut butter m&m and tasted rubbing alcohol. So strange.. This is the only post I can find online even mentioning it.

    Comment by Alicia on 2/17/15 at 2:03 pm #
  19. i too just ate a peanut butter m&m and it tasted like rubbing alcohol!  so i googled, and this thread popped up.  what is happening??  class action?

    Comment by Diana R on 2/18/15 at 1:16 pm #
  20. Cybele's avatar

    To those who said that they tasted something strange with their recent Peanut M&M purchases.

    Can you let us know what the packaging was? Were they Easter varieties, or just a single serve package? Do you will have the package and can you make out what the date stamp and other lot numbers are?

    Have you contacted anyone at Mars to report this?

    Comment by Cybele on 2/18/15 at 1:20 pm #
  21. ok just reported it to mars.  thanks!

    Comment by diana on 2/18/15 at 1:29 pm #
  22. I just had some Peanut Butter M&Ms; and also had a strange alcohol taste. I had several before I got the taste, it wasn’t the entire bag.  My bag was regular bag ( not Easter) with a best by date of 10/2015. I have sent an email to M&M Mars.

    Comment by Christy on 2/18/15 at 4:34 pm #
  23. I ate a bag of peanut butter M&MS; and also ate one that tasted of alcohol. It had a best before date of 10/2015. The other #4 40GTCLV14.

    Comment by Lisha on 2/22/15 at 8:21 pm #
  24. It was a medium bag of peanut butter m&m’s.  It wasn’t a special holiday style, just the orangey packaging.  I purchased it from Target.  I ate 5 or 6 before I tasted this one.  It was horrid.  I threw the bag away, so, I cannot help any further (rats!)

    Comment by Crickett on 2/23/15 at 7:54 am #
  25. I recently purchased a large bag of peanut butter m&ms; at a rite aid in Cairo GA, in which a couple taste like rubbing alcohol, the few I ate before was fine. Still got the bag. Any word on wtf it was

    Comment by Duder on 2/26/15 at 1:28 pm #
  26. I just purchased a regular size bag of peanut butter M&Ms; (orange bag, 1.63oz size) and as I took out the last few, two of them tasted like rubbing alcohol. I am keeping the bag just in case and I am keeping the last few M&M’s. Something is not right…

    Comment by Kristin on 2/26/15 at 3:01 pm #
  27. I reported my issue to Mars. They acted as though my complaint was the first that they had heard of the rubbing alcohol flavor. They said that it was probably a contaminant at Target (where I purchased the bag). Since the bags are porous, anything near the bags can give the m&m’s it’s flavor (cleaning products, dryer sheets, etc.). Since it was just one or two m&m’s per bag, for all of us, I’m not sure that that reasoning holds strong. My nasty m&m was red or orange, was everyone’s the same, or a different color? Maybe it’s something in the shell… Or maybe something was mixed into the peanut butter itself… Or maybe the Mars guy was right? I don’t know that I’ll ever know.

    Comment by Crickett on 2/28/15 at 5:10 am #
  28. I just ate some too and they tasted like rubbing alcohol! I googled it and it came to this thread. Ick!

    Comment by Kelly on 3/01/15 at 7:13 pm #
  29. Omg. I thought I was losing my mind! I’m embarrassed to admit I am totally addicted to peanut butter m&m’s. I buy them in the big ol’ 11.4 of “medium” sized bags. I would say that 1 out of every 4 bags or so that I buy end up having a few of the rubbing alcohol flavored m&m’s in it. The explanation that it was a contaminate from Target is total crap, because I buy them at all different stores and have found these in bags from each of them. It’s kinda freaking me out. What the hell couldn’t possibly be??

    Comment by Maddy on 3/12/15 at 12:53 am #
  30. I’m so glad this thread has posts from 2015 with people experiencing the same problem. My CVS bag of PB M&Ms; tasted JUST like rubbing alcohol. Not all of them, but a few.

    I’m not talking about a hint of rubbing alcohol. I’m talking about it tasting like there was rubbing alcohol IN the m&m.

    Comment by NotWill on 3/12/15 at 10:50 am #
  31. I’ve been reading all your comments about the candy tasting strange. I’ve not eaten any recently and I’m not in any hurry now. My thought is that it’s the food coloring/dye they use. It seems like a logical explanation.

    Comment by Suzanne on 3/12/15 at 12:21 pm #
  32. my gf is freaking she jus ate the last of my mms and one tasted like rubbing alcohol. she is thinking shes prob poisoned…. it was a original bag of mms i bought at mobil on the run, weird it was only one….. but it was so strong hopefully this problem gets resolved because neither of us want to eat another mm again!!!!

    Comment by Justine on 3/12/15 at 6:28 pm #
  33. I just experienced the same “rubbing alcohol” taste that others have reported. I also sent an email to Mars. What the hell is going on with their products? This cannot be safe to eat.

    Comment by Erika on 3/23/15 at 12:20 pm #
  34. Just experienced the same thing as the comments above—a strong rubbing alcohol taste in one of the M&M pb eggs. I googled it and was surprised a thread came up about it. I am pregnant, and naturally a bit concerned. I plan to contact Mars today. And perhaps the media, seeing that I’m not the only one and Mars is trying to blame the problem on stores.

    Comment by Stephanie on 3/27/15 at 10:46 am #
  35. Yes, please let us know if you do or learn anything, Stephanie.
    I haven’t been able to get my experience out of my mind. The rubbing alcohol flavor was SO strong. I’m discourage that this is still happening. There should have been a recall or something.

    Comment by Crickett on 3/27/15 at 6:56 pm #
  36. Yes, I too am having the occasional strong taste of rubbing alcohol in the medium size bag of peanut butter m&ms;. The first one I had I was startled, then tried another one and it was fine. Put it off as being my taster. Then today, I got another one that tasted like the alcohol. Promptly went online and found this blog from the Google search. Mine is dated best by 11/2015 with the other number being 445DSCLV14. Come Monday morning I’m calling Mars chocolates to report the defect.

    Comment by Gwyneth on 3/28/15 at 8:28 am #
  37. Hey everyone.  I’m in MI and got my bag at a Walgreens.  The “best before” date is 11/2015 and the number on my bag is 446brclv18.  And like most of the posts above I just kind of ran into one that had a VERY strong taste of rubbing alcohol.  I am keeping the bag out until I make sure it’s not going to make me sick.  Very disappointed.  My bag was an Easter Egg one and the color of the M&M itself was either the teal or purple.  Totally freaking me out.

    Comment by Julia on 3/28/15 at 6:15 pm #
  38. I live in Ft Worth Texas. I bought my 3 rd bag now with a few of the m&ms; tasting like alcohol. I knew i wasnt tripping. Its a STRONG rubbing alcohol taste. Burns the toungue and throat. Someone at Mars has some explaining to do. Im glad i found this post. Just started my third bag, most of which are delicious, but seems to be at least 3 in each bag that taste like that. Wtf????? Im gonna send some emails…

    Comment by Donny Golden on 3/28/15 at 10:32 pm #
  39. The numbers on my bag are best by 11/2015 and rhw other number 446brclv06. Just sent email.

    Comment by Donny Golden on 3/28/15 at 10:53 pm #
  40. So happy to find this chain…  My medium sized bag was regular peanut butter, purchased at Walmart in AZ.  Best before is 10 / 2015.  Code is 44OBSCLV14.  Very strong taste on one of the last ones in the bag, burned mouth and had to spit it out…

    Comment by Scott on 3/29/15 at 1:12 am #
  41. Good Morning! Just to follow up on my previous post (37) - I didn’t get sick but can still kind of taste it.  I threw the rest of the bag out and I think I’m going to stay away from M&M’s for awhile.  Almost had a panic attack over it - because it really tastes like you’ve eaten something that’s been injected with some kind of poison.  Rational thought points to maybe some kind of cleaner at the M&M’s plant got mixed in to the product - but rational thought isn’t what you’re having after you crunch into one of them. 

    Anyway, I hope everyone is well& no one got sick.

    Take care!

    Comment by Julia on 3/29/15 at 4:50 am #
  42. Hey all- just following up from my last comment.

    When I spoke to Mars I got the same explanation as one of the other folks above—the consumer care rep said the bags are porous and that M&M’s aren’t fully hardened when they go into the bags, so if they are stored next to something with a heavy odor it can absorb the smell. I asked him why it would only impact just one or two M&Ms; if that were the case and told him I’m not the only one who has been dealing with this. He took down the numbers on the bag and offered me coupons… That was it. He also said they regularly clean their machines but that they don’t use rubbing alcohol. He didn’t seem concerned at all.

    I would like to contact an investigative news team as well as email the CEO of Mars if I can track down the information—it seems like way too serious of a concern for the company to be passing it off as just nothing. Maybe I didn’t get sick, but that doesn’t mean someone else (i.e., a small child) won’t, and with Easter being just around the corner somebody needs to put some pressure on these folks to look at their products more closely.

    If anyone would be willing to share their information to me so I can include them, please email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

    Comment by Stephanie on 3/29/15 at 5:48 am #
  43. Hi All,
    I am in Michigan and purchased peanut butter Easter M&M’s (pink bag) that tasted like rubbing alcohol. Particularly the yellow ones. I thought I was loosing my mind until I found this blog. I called Mars and spoke to a consumer care and she took down the information. She also is sending me a contamination package to send back to them, with coupons (not thrilled to eat any Mars products at this point). She also gave me a case # to find out what this could possibly be. My batch number was 446BRCLV06 with an expiration date 11/2015. I hope that they figure this out because as another person commented, Easter is coming up and if this something bad I would hate for a child to eat these and get sick.

    Comment by Rhiannon on 3/30/15 at 6:25 am #
  44. Me too about the peanut butter M&M and isopropyl alcohol flavor.  It was so strong that I spit out what was in my mouth and threw away the rest of the bag.  There must have been a bad set of batches recently, because my lot # is different than everyone else’s.  Great to see that Mars isn’t acknowledging it is a problem.

    Comment by Erik on 3/30/15 at 11:49 am #
  45. April 1st, 2015 (no joke), I mixed a small handful of Easter pastel M&M’s with a few Easter pastel peanut butter M&M’s and immediately felt a burning sensation near the middle of my tongue, as if I had eaten something way too hot. While the “burned” feeling has sense subsided, my tongue is still red & tender from mid to tip. No more M&M’s for me. This took place at a friends house, therefore I have no batch #‘s. Thanks for the post.

    Comment by Krista on 4/02/15 at 5:31 pm #
  46. Hi All,
    Just an update, finally got my contamination package from Mars with a whopping $20 worth of free M&M coupon vouchers (not that I want anything to do with Mars candy). Will send in and hopefully hear something within the next month. I will update when or if I hear something.

    Comment by Rhiannon on 4/07/15 at 12:48 pm #
  47. Hi all, also had problem pb m&ms;, called Mars to report, and am waiting for a contamination packet to return the product to them. Best by date on package is 10/2015, bought at a CVS in downtown Boston. Medium sized non-seasonal bag, and the alcohol tasting m&m was yellow.

    Comment by melissa on 4/18/15 at 4:45 pm #
  48. I too bought a bag of m&m peanut butter and some of them taste like alcohol! I told my boyfriend and he said i was crazy. Not all of them taste like it but some of them do. They are best before 11/2015. Why arent they doing anything about this when they’ve had multiple complaints from different areas and different stores!

    Comment by martha on 5/05/15 at 10:47 am #
  49. I received a call yesterday from Mars Co. and they had supposedly conducted their investigation. They came back with the same excuse that I have seen on other posts on here. That the chocolates are soft in the package when shipped and therefore can be permeated by whatever they are shipped next to. I called BS on this and told Claudia that I could understand if they all tasted that way but because it wasn’t every M&M I find it hard to believe. She supposedly documented again all they I said, such as, it was mostly the yellow ones, it tasted like alcohol feels (burns your mouth and is cool) and that honestly it tasted like something I would never voluntarily eat. I also have a baby who I am nursing and so my concern is what was it that I may have ingested. I truly feel like this is a big deal and that if M&M supposedly tested the M&M’s that I sent back they would have seen a higher level of something in them. This could be a HUGE recall and I really truly believe they are trying to cover their butts. I honestly want to know what it was. The person I spoke with was Claudia. She tried to calm my nerves telling me that Mars does everything to make sure their products are safe. I’m not so sure.

    Comment by Rhiannon on 5/06/15 at 6:15 am #
  50. I got some m&ms; at M&Ms; World in Orlando and one of the peanut butter ones tasted like rubbing alcohol as well! can’t believe the google search led me to this thread. I spit it out as soon as I tasted it.

    Comment by Maria on 6/05/15 at 11:36 am #
  51. I purchased a medium size bag of peanut butter M & M’s from a CVS by my job, while eating them I got a strong sensation of rubbing alcohol in my mouth, I thought I was losing it, so I decided to google it and came across this thread. it is insane how many people have also experienced this and it is in many states as well. I am e-mailing the mars company right now. I cannot believe they have not issued a recall !! The medium size bag I purchased says best before 12/2015, 449DTCLV06

    Comment by Heather on 6/05/15 at 2:57 pm #
  52. Rubbing Alcohol Taste????
    So last night im eating a handful of peanut butter M&Ms; when suddenly I ate one that tasted as if I had opened an alcohol swab and put it in my mouth! It was not a faint taste, it was so strong I panicked and ran to spit it out. I immediately rinsed my mouth out. I had been eating out of this bag for at least a week and this was the first time this happened.
    Naturally I woke up this morning with it still on my mind heavily, so I Googled it (as weird as it may have been) and well….Here I Am
    Party Size 38oz Bag
    Best before - 10/2015
    Purchased in California

    What to do????

    Comment by Riz on 7/01/15 at 9:04 am #
  53. I just ate a peanut better m&m that tasted like rubbing alcohol too! I found a unopened bag in my cabinet from easter.. I had a couple and they tasted normal and then I bit into one that tastes just like pure rubbing alcohol, so I threw away the bag and came accross this website. Im still feeling nauseous. I hope I wasn’t poisoned. Is it even worth reporting? I do not want coupons. No more m&m’s for me!

    Comment by Olivia on 7/14/15 at 5:12 pm #
  54. I bought a bag of the seasonal white candy corn m&m’s. After eating about half the bag, I ate one that tasted like rubbing alcohol. It seemed to be only one though.  Pretty gross and I would like to know what causes this.

    Comment by Brad on 9/09/15 at 8:04 pm #
  55. same deal here in Atlanta. 5.1oz bag 11/2015 Lot# 444GTCLV15

    Comment by Scott on 9/10/15 at 11:03 pm #
  56. Was just eating white Strawberry Shortcake M&M’s when I bit into one that tasted of pure rubbing alcohol. Horrible and scary. Googled and found this forum.

    Has anyone else had any recent issues?

    Comment by Cathy on 5/12/16 at 7:44 pm #
  57. I was eating regular M&Ms; bought at an Aldi store. I was eating a handful so not sure if one or more candies. It had a very strong rubbing alcohol taste and I immediately spit it into the sink and rinsed my mouth with water-thought I was being poisoned.  I can’t believe Mars hasn’t addressed this concern.

    Comment by Lisa on 7/08/17 at 5:22 pm #
  58. RUBBING ALCOHOL? wow…tastes like your tongue is going to get a shot or something…SOME one at MARS must have a sadistic April Fool’s streak.

    Comment by SJCarras on 7/09/17 at 2:48 pm #
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