Friday, March 23, 2007

See’s Egg Quartet

DSC09088rWhile I was at See’s a couple of weeks ago on the prowl for the Scotchmallow Eggs, I decided to try some of their other Easter offerings. Like many boxed chocolate companies, they had the regular boxed chocolates in their spring finery. See’s has always been a bit classic looking, a little retro, perhaps even a little stuffy. But most people who’ve had their products know that most of the effort goes into the chocolates themselves. Most of the designs for the holiday packaging, in fact, haven’t change in years. I know I’ve actually bought some of the boxes ten years ago. I find that comforting, as I have trouble buying the same bra as scant six months ... because you know, a good underwire can go out of fashion.


The tray inside isn’t really that sassy, it’s just a formed piece of thin white plastic, but it does the trick of keeping all the eggs in their place. Note that the Bordeaux, that’s covered in jimmies, was actually wrapped in clear plastic (the only one). I’m guessing that’s to keep the jimmies from going everywhere.

Each Egg weighs about 2 ounces. I ate them by slicing them up, usually into three of four slices. I suppose you could just consider them a big candy bar and eat it all yourself.

DSC09116rPeanut Butter Egg - I’ve never had this before! It’s awesome. It’s not quite like a Reese’s Egg. (Though it is about the same size, but taller.) The center is a very smooth and dense peanut butter, lightly sweet and just a little crumbly. It’s not better or worse than Reese’s (except of course the chocolate is superior), just different. They sell the Peanut Butter Egg separately, and with good reason.

As far as I know, this Egg does not come in a single piece in the mixed boxes. So consider this a seasonal item. (I’ll have to check if they sell regular pieces just at the store, you know, like ordering off the menu.)

DSC09111rBordeaux Egg - I’ve never been quite sure what the Bordeaux See’s piece was until I looked it up on their website. It comes in a round piece in most boxes of chocolates in either milk or dark chocolate, and has some little jimmies on it. This piece was milk chocolate. The jimmies are actually pretty good, instead of being minute waxy rods made to look like chocolate, they might actually be chocolate. The Bordeaux filling is called a brown sugar buttercream. It’s light and creamy, with a cooling feel on the tongue like powdered sugar but a mild caramel taste comes into play.

The Bordeaux is available in mixed boxes and a pre-wrapped “bar” like the Scotchmallow.

DSC09106rCocoanut Egg - I love the cocoanut egg. The dark chocolate on the outside, in my opinion, is different from the Scotchmallow. It tastes milder, maybe a little more buttery. The center is a smooth cream with coconut flakes. It’s not super-dense like a Mounds bar; it’s more delicate and has a nuttier flavor and less texture.

This comes in the mixed box, but I think only in milk chocolate. I did pick up a few of the dark chocolate cocoanut pieces while at the store. I think I prefer the ratio of chocolate to coconut cream center in the singles.

Chocolate Walnut Egg ... oops, I didn’t eat this one. You’ll have to ask my husband how it was. It must have been pretty good, he ate it. They make a version of this without walnuts, but it’s sold separately. Batteries not included.

Overall, I thought these were great quality and a tasty assortment. But I probably wouldn’t buy them again (well, for starters 25% of it was off limits), but I think it makes a great gift and all the flavors are winners. Very fresh and generous.

For the $8.40 I spent here, I think I’d be happier with the Nuts & Chews (dark), but that’s just me. Considering that the Peanut Butter isn’t available otherwise, I might opt for one of those in a single large egg.

See’s is running a contest through the beginning of June, giving away a box of candy a month for a year. Enter once, they announce winners every month.

Name: Egg Quartet: Bordeaux, Cocoanut & Peanut Butter
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: See's
Place Purchased: See's (Newport Beach)
Price: $8.40
Size: 8 ounces
Calories per ounce: 130
Categories: Chocolate, Coconut, Peanuts, Nuts, United States, See's, Easter

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  1. I like nutty See’s candies more than anything else.  The chews are just ok, but I think it’s because I don’t like gooey sugary stuff stuck in my teeth.

    BTW, the Westwood Whole Foods has started selling Chuao bars, one of them is a dark chocolate, chiles and cinnamon concoction that is perfection.  You need to try it soon…(subliminalmessagesubliminalmessage).

    Comment by Julilla on 3/23/07 at 7:40 am #
  2. I love See’s.  My favorite piece is the Scotch Kiss.  Buttery, soft caramel around a squishy marshmallow - YUM!

    Comment by April on 3/23/07 at 7:52 am #
  3. mmm…yum, all of these eggs look and sound so good! (except the walnut) they must be pretty big eggs!

    Comment by carol on 3/23/07 at 8:14 am #
  4. Holy cow, you can not know how fast I hit that link for the contest! I get the chocolate lover’s email from them and I don’t recall a mention of a contest. If I won it would be the best thing I ever won in my life and I would owe you a debt of gratitude for mentioning it (but I probably wouldn’t share my chocolate with you ‘cause I’m greedy and well, you know, it’s See’s!)

    Comment by spit on 3/23/07 at 8:21 am #
  5. The coconut egg is possibly the happiest looking chocolate I’ve ever seen.

    Comment by Bronwen on 3/23/07 at 8:48 am #
  6. totally sold on these- thanks for posting about them. I don’t usually bothe with see’s but perhaps I can give them an Easter shot this year.

    Comment by liz on 3/23/07 at 11:06 am #
  7. LOVE See’s. I love seeing your See’s reviews. It is probably good that the nearest See’s is 30mins away.

    Thanks for the heads up on the contest. I didn’t see it in their emails, so it was a nice surprise smile

    Comment by Lauren on 3/23/07 at 1:13 pm #
  8. We only sometimes have See’s here around Christmas.  I believe that they make the cubic chocolate and caramel lollipops that I love so much.  I’m sure that anything they make is excellent.

    Comment by Dave on 3/23/07 at 1:50 pm #
  9. Speaking of those lollipops… their Cafe Latte one is uber-yummy

    Comment by Lauren on 3/23/07 at 2:06 pm #
  10. Try the peanut butter patties from the display case at See’s. They’ll be a different ratio of peanut butter to chocolate, but they are the closest thing to the peanut butter eggs and they’re available all year.

    Comment by Dinky on 3/23/07 at 3:02 pm #
  11. Wow those look good. I need to find See’s around here.

    Comment by Divalicious on 3/23/07 at 3:18 pm #
  12. Mmmm, brown sugar buttercream, that Bordeaux sounds yummy. But why did they name it after a wine? Oh wait, they’re probably naming it after a city in France instead. :^)  Or maybe it’s reminiscent of those caneles? Anyway, I probably would have skipped it, thinking it was a wine center. But not now. Well, if I ever get to a See’s anytime soon, since we don’t have any in this state!

    Comment by Tricia on 3/23/07 at 3:26 pm #
  13. Went to See’s today and thought about this post. I got some scotchmallow eggs. Those things were humongous. Something was different (besides the upside down caramel… maybe it was softer and a little grainier?). Still delicious, but I had to eat mine upside down for my sanity’s sake.

    They had samples of their strawberry cream chocolates. Super yummy.

    Comment by Lauren on 3/31/07 at 6:05 pm #
  14. I actually used to work in the accounting department at See’s, which is attached to the factory.  The whole place smelled delicous all the time!  Aside from the dark nougats (the best!) the bordeauxs are my favorite, BUT!  Not the milk ones, which are a little too sweet.  The dark bordeauxs are the candy equivelant of a chocolate chip cookie.  And yes, the jimmies, or “chocolate rice” as it’s known around Sees parts, is actual chocolate, and also made by Guitard.

    Comment by UglyGerbil on 6/13/07 at 2:29 pm #
  15. I love the bordeaux, milk or dark…yummy! The lollipops, were they always wrapped in gold?  I thought they were clear at one time…???

    Comment by Elle H on 5/14/09 at 1:56 pm #
  16. The Bordeaux has been a favorite in my family for many decades.  Just polished some off for Valentine’s Day.

    Comment by KathyR on 2/15/10 at 5:24 am #
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