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Party Cake Peeps

Peeps Party CakePeeps were originally an Easter treat, a small dollop of marshmallow sanded with colored sugar to look like a chick. Now they come in many shapes and are released for all the major holidays. The new Party Cake Peeps are a year round Peep item from Just Born where you get to select the celebration.

I noticed they’re not birthday cake themed, just party, so they could be used for engagements, housewarmings, baby showers, retirement parties, graduations ... the list is endless.

The package describes them as a way to bring home the best part of the celebration—without the cleanup! Enjoy the delicious flavor of the party in each yummy marshmallow bite!

Peeps Party Cake

They’re not just turquoise blue, they’re covered in flecks of candy confetti. The confetti is just little bit of transparent, different-colored candy shavings. They come in a set of two trays with five conjoined Peeps in a set. They’re not individually sealed, so once you open the package, the clock is ticking for staleness (which may be good, depending on how you prefer your Peeps).

They smell like a cross between microwave popcorn and coconut tanning lotion. It’s not overpowering, but definitely noticeably different from regular Peeps.

Peeps Party Cake

They’re Peep textured, soft and bouncy, easy to bite. The sugary grain was not too much, so it didn’t make a big mess. The inside of the Peep is just lightly creamy colored, like a cake. The flavor is marshmallowy, more vanilla than butter but with that toasted sugar flavor like an Angel Food Cake.

Overall, I liked them, perhaps better than a traditional Peep, except that the blue coloring had a bitter aftertaste.

It’s nice to see a sort of generic, all year Peep on the rotation. I’d like them more if they had that little dip of chocolate on the base like some others, but I haven’t tried the Vanilla Creme to compare. As for its simulation of cake ... there’s nothing baked about this, nothing that tastes like cake at all. They’re not even shaped like little cupcakes. It’s just a fun name.

The next flavor craze they should do: Frozen Yogurt Peeps ... each Peep would be shaped like a twisted dollop of FroYo and you can sprinkle chocolate chips, Cap’n Crunch or crushed Butterfingers on them.

Or Whoopie Pie Peeps: You’d have a two chocolate Peep disks with another vanilla Peep disk in the center.

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Name: Party Cake flavored Peeps
Brand: Just Born
Place Purchased: 99 Cent Only Store (Miracle Mile)
Price: $1.00
Size: 3 ounces
Calories per ounce: 89
Categories: Candy, Peeps, Just Born, Marshmallow, 6-Tempting, United States, 99 Cent Only Store

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  1. Have you ever tried the Lemonade Peeps? I found them last year and had them again this year…still really good! They are tart and lemony and really refreshing. smile

    Comment by Claudine Baccheschi on 3/20/14 at 3:18 pm #
  2. I skewered a Party Cake peep on the tip of a wooden skewer and toasted it over the flames on my stove top.  It caramelized the blue sugar so that it cracked when I bit into it.  With the vanilla flavor inside it reminded me a little of creme brulĂ©e on a stick.

    Comment by KC on 3/21/14 at 4:24 am #
  3. Whoopie pie peeps? I think you may have just described my dream food…

    Comment by Sophia on 3/21/14 at 5:26 am #
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