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Moser Roth Chocolate

Moser Roth 70% Dark ChocolateI picked up this Moser-Roth Premium Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa on my last trip to Ohio.

I discovered for myself then what all the buzz about Aldi markets was about. Like Trader Joe’s (owned by the same family), Aldi has “house brands” of confections. I sampled quite a bit of their Choceur (Luxury Mini Chocolate Bars and Coffee & Cream) already so when my mother offered to send me some more, I took her up on the offer.

Moser-Roth is a German chocolate company, and I couldn’t find much on them except that they’ve been around since 1902 and most recently were bought up by Storck (who make Werther’s, Toffeefay, Riesen and Mambas) in 2007 - well, that’s what the German Wikipedia says, the Storck website makes no mention of it. I’ve never seen them anywhere but Aldi here in the United States. (Maybe someone who knows German better can help out with that, even the translators don’t make it much clearer whether Aldi just has them under contract or bought them.)

Moser Roth 70% Dark ChocolateThe package doesn’t give much information about the company, but does say a little about the chocolate itself: The chocolate is made from the finest quality ingredients, carefully prepared according to a classic recipe. Chocolate lovers will savor the strong aroma of dark chocolate blended with the best South American cocoas.

The packaging is one of my favorite styles. It’s a paperboard box/sleeve that holds a hefty 4.4 ounces but packaged in five smaller single portion bars.

Each little bar is wrapped in a light paper-backed foil. It doesn’t say much on it, not even what kind of bar it is, just Privat Chocolatiers and then on the side it has a little warning: may contain traces of nuts and/or dairy products.


The little bars are the perfect weight, as far as I’m concerned, each is .88 ounces and about 145 calories.

The scent is a light woodsy and coffee aroma. The color was a little dead, a little on the gray side of brown instead of red. It has a distinctive snap and crunch, I was concerned it would be chalky. But it melts nicely. It’s a little tangy but not fruity and buttery - kind of like cashews or pistachios.

As a little indulgence they’re extremely satisfying. I didn’t feel the need to start another bar after the first one for several days.

Price: $1.89
Weight: 4.4 ounces
Calories per Ounce: 164
Rating: 7 out of 10

Moser Roth Toffee CrunchWhen my mother sent along some more of Aldi’s confections, this milk chocolate Toffee Crunch set of bars was in the box.

Like the dark, this little sleeve holds five .88 ounce individually wrapped bars. Part of the description goes like this: In this variety, bits of buttery golden toffee are encased in fine milk chocolate made from select cocoa varieties. This extraordinary combination gives the smooth chocolate its refined crisp, making it pure enjoyment for chocolate lovers.


Like most milk chocolates, this had a much softer snap than the dark chocolate.

The bar was pristine, nicely tempered and glossy smooth. The little nuggets of toffee were pretty easy to spot even before I took a bite.

It smells rather sweet and milky. The bite is soft and immediately sweet and creamy with a strong dairy flavor. The toffee crunches are exactly that, crunches with a distinct buttery flavor that made me think they were butterscotch flavor for a while it was so strong.

The velvety milk chocolate was a bit sweet for me, though I liked the slightly salty crunch, I would have prefered just a little less sugar here.

This bar is rather similar to the Dove Peanut Toffee Crunch (though obviously no peanuts here). But it’s also a bit of a better deal if the price on these is the same as the dark one.

Price: unknown
Weight: 4.4 ounces
Calories per Ounce: 135
Rating: 8 out of 10

Moser Roth Fine TrufflesBut the true treasure in this parcel I received (well, for this post anyway) is this octagonal box of Moser Roth Fine Truffles - Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa.

The box is nicely made but perhaps a little downscale for what’s actually inside.

The photo doesn’t give a good sense of the scale here. The box is 4.5” across and 2.5” tall.

The height made more sense once I opened it. Inside each little truffle is wrapped in foil & tissue, with a little gather at the top. It reminded me of some Caffarel Eggs I got from Williams-Sonoma after Easter last year (never reviewed, just photographed & eaten).


The little eggs are, well, little. They’re molded with the name Moser-Roth on one side and little squirlies all over. They’re about 1.25” tall. The wrappings protected every last one of them.


Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanillin), vegetable fat (coconut & palm oil), sugar, skimmed milk powder, high fat milk powder, fat reduced cocoa powder, butterfat, soy lecithin, vanillin

This is pretty much the same as the Lindt Lindor 60% Extra Dark

I’ve never seen high fat milk powder, but it sounds awesome.

It was easy for me to bite them gently along the seam to cleave them in twain. Inside there’s a chocolate creme.

The outer shell is a nicely smooth very dark chocolate with a distinct bitter edge to it. The cream filling is less flavorful but achingly silky. Like the Lindor 60% Dark Truffles and some other vegetable oil based truffles, they’re a little “empty” tasting. But in the case of these the proportions are more equal with the chocolate shell and filling, so I got more flavor from them.

As a little indulgence they’re also pretty low in calories - only 52 each versus the 70 for a Lindor ... simply because of the size.

If there’s an Aldi near you, these are a great Valentine’s or Easter treat. (I don’t know if they were a Christmas item or an every day one.)

Price: unknown
Weight: 4.6 ounces
Calories per Ounce: 170
Rating: 8 out of 10

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  1. Interesting post, I didn’t know that Aldi had stores in the states, much less that they carry some of the same lines as here in the UK. My dad swears by Aldi (unfortunately I don’t have one near where I live) and has been buying Moser Roth chocolate for a couple of years now. Every time I go back I steal a couple of bars for the train ride back! He also buys their Orange-Almond variety which is worth looking out for!

    Comment by Emski on 1/05/09 at 12:50 pm #
  2. I Love aldi’s chocolates and candys i grew up with one right down the block and for there low cost there they cant be beat they are quite popular around here in iowa

    Comment by Magoo on 1/05/09 at 1:39 pm #
  3. In Germany there a lot of companies who exclusively produce for ALDI but are not owned by ALDI. I guess it’s same with Moser Roth.

    I guess I should watch out for the chocolate in one of the over 4.000 stores here. wink

    Comment by Zuzu on 1/05/09 at 9:20 pm #
  4. Moser Roth was founded in 1841 and became a protected brand name in 1902. The Moser-Roth brand name was sold to Storck - who manufactures this yummy chocolate for Aldi. I couldn’t find more information either - the German website doesn’t mention Moser Roth at all.
    I know that the Aldi in Germany carries a lot of stuff from well known brands but with a different name (not sure about here in the US). So I assume that Storck just uses the Moser Roth brand a s a synonym. Anyhow, the chocolate is pretty yummy…

    Comment by Sonja on 1/06/09 at 4:05 am #
  5. I really wish more chocolate was packaged the way the Moser Roth bars are. It’s super handy. The chocolate itself is not bad either; it would probably be my second choice for an “everyday” bar behind Lindt Excellence.

    Comment by dzd on 1/06/09 at 2:01 pm #
  6. The truffles look really delicous to try. So do most of the other candies. I really actually didn’t know how many candies were chocolate. It actaully amazes me. With the candies around the world, I actaully have had a chance to try a few. Mostly Dutch candies (which can be found just about anywhere in this city, especially during the Tulip Time festivel) which is why I’m glad there’s at least a bit of a chance to order candy from all over. Gives more of a sense of variety that way.

    Comment by April on 1/09/09 at 8:30 am #
  7. Yeah, I like these.  Although I work in the chocolate biz… I still like good chocolate :D

    Comment by Stan on 1/09/09 at 4:18 pm #
  8. where can I find Moser Roth Toffee Crunch in
    Sarasota, Fl?

    Comment by Wilma on 2/22/09 at 3:28 pm #
  9. I just made my first trip to Aldi today. Of course I saw the German chocolate Moser Roth and decided to try the Orange and Almond - Awesome!!

    I was googling the name when I came upon your blog. I’ve never heard of the Brand. Aldi has been in Australia for about 5 years now but I have never ventured in because everything is in packing crates and in no particular order.

    But I’ll be going back again - just for the Moser Roth! I’m looking forward to Easter with great anticipation!

    Keep up your looly and chocolate blog!

    Comment by Heather on 2/23/09 at 2:44 am #
  10. I’ve been going to Aldi’s for years, but people used to think that it’s only for poor people. High quality food at cheap prices? How is that for poor people? It’s for everyone!

    I nearly freaked when Aldi’s started importing their german foods. I especially love getting several bottles of their Landshut Reisling on the cheap, and it is awesome. The Moser-Roth chocolates are also awesome. My favorite is the Orange and Almond. Hooray for Aldi’s!

    Comment by Katherine on 3/02/09 at 3:37 am #
  11. I am sitting here eating Moser Roth milk chocolate, nice and creamy mmmm grin

    Aldi is different from country to country, I recently went into one in Manchester England and really got a shock it was much better than those that are in Denmark. I wish they would give us the same kind of shop here.

    Comment by Ann Christne Dennison on 3/26/09 at 1:00 am #
  12. I’ve enjoyed Moser Roth since Aldi came to Pennsylvania.  They are by far the best chocolates in their price range and are much better then some higher priced chocolates.  The milk chocolate fine tryffles in the octagon box are wonderful! The wrappings are unusual and very pretty.

    Comment by Clare on 3/28/09 at 4:44 am #
  13. I have just bought a box of the Moser Roth Finest Truffles for my other half.  They are delicious, could easily be mistaken for a far more superior box of chocolates.  I love the individually wrapped affair.  Lovely.

    Comment by kristian micheals on 5/06/09 at 11:13 am #
  14. Sitting here with Moser Roth Pure Chocolate 85% Cacao. Googling it because i just can’t imagine chocolate being this good en tasteful with that amount of cacao. i am a fan of dark chocolate but there are boundaries, but moser roth crosses that line! grin I have been shopping in Aldi for about a year now and i think it’s great. Especially when my neighbours, who despise it and agree on Aldi being for “the poor”, stop by and i give them the best wines, best chocolate, best desserts and other good quality things and they ask me: “Wow, what lovely things you got!“and i tell them over-and-over again: “Yes i know!! From Aldi!! grin” Love it! Their astonishment harhar…..

    Comment by Tanya on 5/12/09 at 10:25 am #
  15. I am reading this while I munch on the box of individually wrapped More Roth “Feinste Tafelchen”, 70% dark chocolate squares. Therea are approximately 50 in this 6 sided box I just purchased in Munich at Aldi. I run to Aldi on my frequent trips to Munich and Frankfurt, and as an airline crew member we all rave about the products they sell and come home with huge bags of food. These little tablets are so satisfying ( but I still ate 5 in a row) and the price of this box of gold foiled, stamped chocolates? 2.99 euroes. About 3.75 US!  A steal. I can serve them to my guests with an epresso and who would guess their price? LOVE ALDI! But in Germany the stores are very ugly and horrible. I never knew til reading this site that they existed outside Germany!

    Comment by Gigi on 5/16/09 at 10:20 am #
  16. I lOvE Aldi’s ! Aldi was first introduced to me in 1991 I was visiting for the first time Germany! Aldi is huge in Germany what a company. Great Chocolate,Wine,and most of all the high quality food awesome prices you can find just about anything at Aldi!

    Comment by foodcreate on 5/18/09 at 5:56 pm #
  17. Hi ....
    ALDI exists also in Austria and Slovenia under the name of HOFER (a discount with the same logo as ALDI in Germany and owned by ALDI)  ... if you ever go there, you find pretty much the same products (not all of them , but for sure you get MOSER ROTH chocolates there)

    Comment by gabriella0407 on 5/25/09 at 10:05 pm #
  18. There’s no Aldi near us.
    Are there other outlets for Moser Roth in Australia?

    Comment by ruhu on 6/07/09 at 1:28 pm #
  19. Hi! My name is Amanda MOSER, so i’m sure you know how crazy it was for me to find this chocolate bar! My family came from Germany too. I tried looking up info on the company but came up short! :( Any info would be appreciated!!!!

    Comment by Amanda on 6/07/09 at 3:01 pm #
  20. Yummy…70% cocoa Moser-Roth! The convenient way it is package makes you keep buying more…5 treats in one pack. Guilt-free serving size…Sweet perfection.

    Comment by Nicematters on 6/20/09 at 1:29 pm #
  21. I got some moser roth toffee crunch and it was awesome!!!!!!!

    Comment by taylor on 7/03/09 at 5:28 am #
  22. Can I buy Moser Roth Chocolates online?

    Comment by K.Sommer on 8/07/09 at 6:18 pm #
  23. I actually thought their chocolate was atrocious. It tasted so cheap to me…

    Comment by tobi1 on 8/11/09 at 7:34 am #
  24. Having been very surprised at how nice the 85% “cheap” Moser Roth chocolate from Aldi was I’ve just bought some of the Moser Roth Chilli Chocolate - beautiful, can’t wait to try the Orange an Mint varieties! Aldi rocks!!

    Comment by Fishy on 8/13/09 at 4:11 am #
  25. Hello, I am German and living in the USA since about 6 years now. I am familiar with Aldi since 1972 when they came to our area in Northwest Germany, and I was delighted to see they were also here when I came to America.

    I am missing a lot from Germany, and we pay a fortune for postage to get what we can’t buy here. But luckily Aldi is helping to keep that amount smaller, because many things can be found here now. Like this chocolate.

    Interesting to see the other comments here, how long these items have been available in other areas. We just saw Moser Roth bars (5x125g) since last year, and they were only 2 varieties.

    Now recently (Autumn 2009) they enlarged that collection into 5 varieties (Mint, Almond-Orange, Dark, Toffeecrunch, Milk Chocolate), each bar costs 1.69$ here (eastern state).

    Since I discovered them, I didn’t buy Lindt anymore, as Moser Roth is absolutely playing in the same league. But Lindt is more expensive.

    Recently (2 weeks ago) we saw the new holiday chocolates coming in, and among them were Nougat Bites (yes, mmmmmh, real Nougat!!! Gianduia!!), the little truffles you are describing here, and the little tablets in gold foil (Like 50 in one box). I got the impression they were coming for the winter holiday, but the dates of previous comments here are clearly telling me that they have been around for longer.

    Well, when I left Germany in 2003, these items had NOT been available there. And I would know, as I was a customer there at least weakly.

    Amanda, who asked for more info: maybe it would have helped you already to read the previous comments? Why would somebody post here without reading the comments written before you? I mean, isn’t that the logical way? Somebody had already written some info about Moser Roth, so claiming you found nothing then looked a bit dumb.

    Actually, the NAME (only the name!! Not a manufactury!!) Moser Roth was sold to Storck. The name hadn’t been used for decades, after the original company went out of business. (Don’t know when.) Since it was a german-sounding name that nobody alive would remember, and it was available for use, they just bought it and re-animated it. That way they can claim “good chocolate since 1902” and for US buyers that sounds like really old and traditional.

    I am sure they had the US market in mind when they made that move. Nothing here is older than 250 years, so their perception of “old” and “history” is completely different than our european (my german) view.

    When an American reads “since 1902” he thinks “wow, that old, they have a long tradition”, while I think “that’s only 2 years older than my sister’s house”.

    So, I am sure this Moser Roth had been a private store in some small town somewhere (need to read it up again), and Storck (the huge corporation) bought that *name* to sell premium products under that label.

    There was no Moser-Roth chocolate in postwar Germany east or west, I can tell you that! Neither Moser nor Roth, nor Roth-Moser! They found that name being unused and it suited them just perfectly, so it got bought and got its new life now going pretty well.

    Haha, last year around this time (when we still had TV reception) we watched a pseudo-report about Aldi on an ABC evening show (was it “20 minutes”? No, it was that show following the evening news, forgot its name by now). Anyway, it was really a 15 min commercial about how unbelievably super-fantastic Aldi is, and we sat there and were stunned that this could actually happen. We knew all that stuff presented there, of course (unless it would be a product we don’t buy for a reason, like meat or fish), and it was so obviously a commercial blown up to 15 minutes. But they disguised it as a report.

    There the Moser Roth chocolate bars (5x125g) were also praised, and I remember that I knew them by then already. That is why I know they came some time in 2008 to our state.

    I absolutely believe that they try to hit Lindt with this brand, and in my opinion they do succeed. They absolutely produce the same quality, the only difference is that Lindt has more varieties and completely different kinds.
    And, oh well, the real good Lindt bars with Liqueur you can’t even buy here. (Don’t get me started on this idiot law here that supermarkets cannot sell alcoholic products! We must drive 2 hours to buy decent beer!)

    Comment by albgardis Tausendschoen on 11/10/09 at 4:00 am #
  26. As the available characters are limited here, I had to cut my entry in 2 pieces. Here comes Part 2, continuing the above comment:

    This whole prejudice about Aldi only being for poor people might have rooted in the very beginning, when they really started the whole house brand thing in Germany.

    They could have their own brands that nobody knew, but of course they were made by the companies who made the regular (known) brands also. Aldi does not have any manufacturies in their back yard! They make zero products by themselves! So obviously they got it made for them and the known-brand-makers put new (previously unknown) names upon their products made or Aldi.

    The rumour that this is lesser (or even bad) quality probably came from the competitors (other stores and chains) who feared that they would lose business on the high priced products if the low priced products were indeed really the same products with just another packing and a different name. So it makes perfect sense to me that they would try everything to denounce the new Aldi brands. They simply wanted to keep selling the higher priced items in their own stores!

    Later all german chain stores had their own private brands, and in some cases we even found out which product really was in that other box. For example a leading margarine (Rama) is also sold as a store brand (TIP), and it costs less than half of Rama. Why? Rama has massive commercial campaigns on TV and in magazines, and somebody has to pay for that!! Who? The customers, of course!

    The same product in the plain box with the simple name TIP has no commercials at all, and therefore it can be sold at a price less than half. It is as simple as that.

    And that goes for all store brands. All of you who still watch TV: don’t you ever stop and wonder who is actually paying for these commercials they push into your brains? YOU ARE!!! If you buy that product, at least. So I came up with a rule long ago: if you have TV commercials for your product, I will not buy that product. I am simply not willing to pay for these campaigns!

    We are buying all kinds of store brands, and Moser Roth is definately one of them.

    Aldi has yet another chocolate brand of lesser quality: Choqueur (spelling??). That is clearly not of the same quality and only slightly cheaper. So usually I go for Moser Roth. 

    Before I go: if you know and like Kinder Schokolade and Jogurette but don’t want to pay the high price for those TV campaigns: get Aldi’s Choqueur branded chocolate sticks. I forgot their USA names now, but I do remember the pink ones are a copy of Jogurette, and the blue ones are trying to copy Kinderschokolade.

    They are clearly NOT the originals in just another dress, Aldi’s are clearly not made by Ferrero. But hey, they try to copy them and in my opinion they came close. For their price (compared to their high price in Germany or their even higher Import price in the US!!) they are pretty good.

    Comment by albgardis Tausendschoen on 11/10/09 at 4:04 am #
  27. Moser-Roth was formed in 1841 (merger of the companies Moser and Roth, both founded in the mid-1800s) and became a protected name in 1902. It survived as an independent company until the war, after the war only as a brand under changing ownership. The new Moser-Roth is part of Storck KG and has been the premium chocolate line for ALDI since 2007. I found a Moser-Roth advertising postcard from the late 1800?s to early 1900?s.

    Comment by Kelly on 11/17/09 at 3:48 am #
  28. I just purchased the CHILI DARK CHOC MOSER-ROTH candybar at Aldi’s…. it is far better than most chocolate I have tasted.  The chili pepper flavor is a subtle taste at the end. It is amazing… I will look for this brand often!  Look out Godiva!

    Comment by Janet Larsen on 12/19/09 at 3:17 pm #
  29. look, for the money u cant go wrong with this chocolate. its very good for the price and better than average. its no amadei but for an everyday option yes.
    we buy this chocolate often as we frequent aldi here in australia quite a bit.
    to the person that asked if there is a distributor for this chocolate in australia…highly unlikely especially if its only been found in alid thus far.

    Comment by kenny on 1/07/10 at 9:46 pm #
  30. my friend’s german. she spotted these on my table (got them from aldi too) when she came over and went “oh, you got the good chocolate my grandpa gets when we’re over there.”
    for what it’s worth.

    Comment by braha on 1/10/10 at 2:35 pm #
  31. Those of you who can get their hands on a Moser-Roth Chili Dark European Chocolate bar from Aldi will already know how amazingly impossibly delicious it is! Even if you’re not already a capsicum aficionado, you will find the subtle tingling heat of those red peppers so incredibly satisfying that you’ll want to go back and get more! Holy Smokes, that Chili flavor is good! I wish I didn’t have to read “artificial flavor” on the list of ingredients, but what the heck, it’s a flavor you must try. I can’t imagine anyone with taste buds not liking it! And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, either! Thanks Aldi!

    Comment by James Hamilton on 1/13/10 at 5:10 am #
  32. On my connecting flight in Houston on may way back to California from Florida after this past holiday season I was given a box of Moser-Roth (Toffee Crunch chocolate) by the nice girl sitting next to me.

    She says it was given to her by someone as a late Christmas gift. She went on to say she does not eat nor like chocolate.

    I almost declined as I too am not a chocolate lover. However, as she was so kind to offer I graciously accepted.

    I threw the box of chocolate in my carry-on luggage and forgot about it.

    The following weekend I started unpacking items from my carry-on luggage and ran across the chocolate. I thought I would open it, taste it and throw the rest in the garbage.

    I took one bite and…OMG!!! I physically had an orgasm…I am not kidding…I seriously had an orgasm.

    My first thought was “what the F did they put in this chocolate”. My second thought was “I have got to get a case”.

    The following day and everyday thereafter I have been looking everywhere in Southern California as well as on the internet and I cannot find a store that carries the product.

    If you know where I can get Moser-Roth Chocolate in Southern California or order it on the internet please let me know.

    Thanks?Alex in California.

    Comment by Alex on 1/21/10 at 4:51 pm #
  33. hi my favourite one is Moser Roth Mousse au Chocolat with Sauerkirsch-chili. Dont know if it is a limited edition or able to buy all year.
    But it is worth to try!!!

    Comment by Joanna on 1/26/10 at 3:05 am #
  34. well ia from Poland and luckly have familly in germany who boy it for me

    Comment by Joanna on 1/26/10 at 3:07 am #
  35. I recently ventured into Aldi’s and happened upon the chocolate with chili in it. Totally awesome!!!!Being diabetic, the serving sizes are perfect, along with the dark chocolate it is a wonderful treat for me. I pray they continue to carry it!!!

    Comment by stephanie on 2/03/10 at 3:13 pm #
  36. Love this inexpensive dairy free chocolate.  Love Aldi!

    Comment by jenn on 2/17/10 at 11:09 am #
  37. late 2009 moser roth 70%  Dark listed ‘flavor vanillan’  as last ingredient.  Recently last ingredient was listed as “ARTIFICIAL FLAVOR”.  My one friend refused to eat it!  Comments??

    Comment by rick on 2/22/10 at 2:18 pm #
  38. Cybele's avatar

    rick - vanillin is a tough one. Basically most vanillin is natural, in that it’s derived from natural sources and is identical to the chemical in real vanilla that gives us that flavor. However it lacks a lot of the other flavor components in real vanilla, so it’s literally “one note.”

    Vanillin can be made from natural sources, even from vanilla beans. However often it’s made from wood pulp. There are no known health issues associated with artificial vanilla flavor (unlike things like artificial colors).

    So it’s mostly a question of taste - a lot of extra nuance is missing when real vanilla is skipped.

    Comment by Cybele on 2/22/10 at 2:30 pm #
  39. got Aldi and TraderJoe here. both carry Moser-Roth 85% premium daek chocolate. Smooth and satisfying.The best I tasted of about 5 different kinds. Try it, you’ll like it.teegee

    Comment by Tom John Valentine on 3/01/10 at 10:00 am #
  40. Moser Roth makes a Chocolate Chilli bar that is positively decadent.  I didn’t know it came from Aldi’s as it was a gift.  Luckily, I have an Aldi’s within 10 miles of here.  This really is the best chocolate I’ve ever had, and I was a diehard Lindor fan for years.  Try it!

    Comment by Shasta on 3/01/10 at 1:54 pm #
  41. On a recent trip to Aldi’s,I happened to purchase a Moser-Roth candy bar.  First of all, the name on the package caught my eye, since my last name is Moser.  When I saw that, I just had to buy it.  I can’t wait to return to Aldi’s so I can buy more - they are comparable to Dove chocolates - so creamy and silk-like - yummy!

    Comment by Sally on 3/03/10 at 5:37 am #
  42. These are amazing. I am very picky about chocolate so much of it tastes waxy or overly sweet. I used to only eat Lindt chocolates until I found Moser Roth!

    I picked up the mint and the toffee… I saw the orange and the chili too as well as the dark chocolate here in Florida but I thought I’d go with the ‘safer’ flavors for my first go but now that I am sold I am ready to run back there and try all the more interesting flavors!

    Comment by Stacey on 3/15/10 at 11:13 pm #
  43. Someone please help me! I love these chocolates and im going to go mad over them, I live in london and dont know how to get hold of the ones I ate. My dad brang me alot from germany but there finshed!!


    Comment by feri on 3/25/10 at 3:32 pm #
  44. var kan man köppa det i Göteborg ?

    I´m looking for a shop in Sweden, preferrebly in Goteborg , wetern Sweden, to buy Your “Hochfine Pralines Marc de Champagne

    Very Sincerely Yours,

    Lilliana Antov

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Comment by lilliana antov on 5/24/10 at 10:01 am #
  45. Hey Lilliana,

    finns det en Aldi i Göteborg? Moser-Roth is an old (previously retired!!) brand name that has been bought for revivial by Aldi, and it is only sold in their stores. Because it is their own brand!

    recently I have seen a Sprengel branded product in my local (american) store. Now sprengel was the brand of my childhood, every sunday when my beloved Grandmother visited me, she would bring a bar of their chocolate. That was early seventies. During the later seventies that brand vanished, and until 2 weeks ago i have never seen it gain. Aldi did the same as they did with Moser roth: they bought the rights to the name, and now they can sell their own products with old brandnames, which older people 9like me0 can still remember. But the truth is; they are only using old names, there is no affiliation to the previous real brand.

    I have no idea whether you have any Aldi stores in Sweden. If so, then that is your only chance to find Moser Roth products.

    Another chance would be if somebody else than Aldi would have the rights to market THEIR products under that name in those countries where Aldi does not have stores. But is that likely? Wouldn’t Aldi buy a name for global use?

    Comment by albgardis on 5/24/10 at 12:24 pm #
  46. Moser-Roth brand name belongs to Aldi and August Storck produces chocolate under licence from Aldi exclusively for this house brand

    Comment by TomTom on 5/26/10 at 1:24 am #
  47. I tried Moser for the first time and i didnt think it was very good. I have been buying the name brand Dark Chocolate Chili and it is magnificent. It melts in your mouth with a sweet taste of milk chocolate then turns dark and the bite kicks in. With moser, they just have no captured that experience. The after taste, i dont like either. I would rather spend 75 cents more and get the real stuff!

    Comment by dj on 6/28/10 at 9:30 am #
  48. I have no idea what “name brand” that might be. Would you enlighten me, please?

    Please also mention in what country you are, as one brand in one country is not the exact same thing in another country.

    Example: Kitkat in Germany is made with another kind of chocolate than in the USA, which results in the weird fact that the german Kitkat is good, and the american Kitkat is uneatable for me. But they look the same, the package, size, form, etc, you might think they are the same when looking at the item.

    That is why I am asking for your location. When you say “name brand %&^$#”, that might be of different quality in another country from yours.

    I would be curious to try that brand mentioned by you, when it is so much better than the Storck-made Moser Roth chocolate.

    Comment by albgardis on 6/28/10 at 1:18 pm #
  49. Just back from Aldis and never leave without Moser Roth 70%.  Would like the Chilli but they never have it here, no the 85%.  It’s the best!

    Comment by chris on 9/02/10 at 10:38 am #
  50. I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned some of the other flavors they have available, but at a store around my location they just got some Moser Roth in, including the 70 percent, 85 percent, the Toffee Crunch, which I have sitting beside me, a mint that wasn’t available, orange almond, and a chili. The chili’s flavor is quite a balance between the minor spice of the extract and the hint of bitter sweetness with the chocolate. I can’t describe it as anything else but delicious, and hope to buy more products from this company in my next visit.

    Comment by Carl Cain on 9/03/10 at 2:56 am #
  51. I read the review as I sat eating my Moser Roth Chili.  For me it is a treat beyond expectation. It melts in my mouths slowly, the chili is mild but I feel the tingle ever so slightly.  As you stated, it is so satisfying there is no need to run and gobble the entire package; every other day is fine.  After a hard day of home schooling and greeting card making or embroidery and the child is outside playing and the hubby is not home yet, I sit down with a cup of my favorite joe and slowly nurse my chocolate.  Since I am super sensitive to fragrances (I have MCS),  this is my “Take me away Calgon” moment.
    I made my purchase at Aldi’s not expecting too much for the price $2.39 for 4.4 oz/125 grams but I could not resist the Chili flavor as it rare to find especially in the small town where we live now.  Our Aldi’s just opened last week.
    What a delight and what a bargain.

    Comment by AUDREY K GOODWIN on 9/16/10 at 11:48 am #
  52. Audrey, where do you live? 2.39 $ is a lot for that product - we are paying 1.69 $ for the exact same product in our local Aldi (we have 3 stores in reachable distance and they all have the same prices).

    I had always assumed that all american grocery prices were the same nationwide (in each store, of course), so I am surprised to read that.

    I got that idea when I saw some overpriced items from national brands, and I assumed these prices were the same everywhere, as people in New York or California found them cheap, and we would never afford that (like a pizza for 10$, or cereal for 3,49 $, crazy!) 

    That made me think they are not making differences in local prices, as some items are clearly overpriced here, compared to the small salaries in our state.

    But Aldi seems to do that. The Moser Roth collection varieties cost 1.69 each (125g), while the other choceur bars cost 1.99 (200g)

    Comment by albgardis on 9/16/10 at 1:22 pm #
  53. I live in Cleveland TN.  I hope I didn’t lie about the price.  I am going back tomorrow to check it out but as memory serves me that was the price.  I do remember that the Chili was more expensive than the plain.  I will post tomorrow.

    Comment by AUDREY K GOODWIN on 9/16/10 at 3:28 pm #
  54. People were asking earlier about where to order these chocolates. Just do a google search for “Moser Roth” and several options show up under “shopping results.” It looks like there are several options for ordering. I might have to do that myself—the nearest Aldi to me is 2 and 1/2 hours away (although I do still have a couple of 80% bars from the last trip). I have got to go to Germany someday. They have the best beer and the best chocolate!

    Comment by leila on 10/03/10 at 1:40 pm #
  55. I grew up in Germany and lived in an apartment over top of an Aldi.

    I love the fact that there’s a store here in our town and have begun to include it in our Grocery rounds.

    The Chocolate is fantastic and the Chili version is just right a bit of bite but not strong at all. A great resource I look forward to buying many products here that I have all but forgotten over the years. Life is good and Aldi makes it even better.

    Comment by Eduard Wagner on 10/07/10 at 9:35 pm #
  56. I just googled on where to buy this brand of chocolates.  When I was in Frankfurt, Ger. a couple of weeks ago I purchased some chocolate at Aldis.  Should have tried it in the store but waited until I got back to the hotel room.  Mistake!!  It was the best chocolate I ever put in my mouth!! It was packaged the same as your description, chili chocolate with a center of chocolate mousse and sour cherry filling.  Chocolate mousse, sour cherries, chili and chocolates all popping in my mouth.  Incredible.  Would have purchased a box had I known how delicious they were.  My friends who have tried them have the same response.  Outstanding! And all for less than $2 a box!

    Comment by Karis on 10/24/10 at 5:35 am #
  57. Does anyone know where I could purchase Moser Roth chocolate on either a wholesale basis or at a very good price?

    Comment by Larry on 2/09/11 at 9:18 pm #
  58. We have Aldi here in australia too and I swear by moser roth chocolate. It Is a german company as is Aldi so they have substantial quality measures in place, and realy is a good option over the expensive kinds of chocolates such as terry’s and lindt. I love it!

    Comment by Michael temby on 4/26/11 at 11:52 pm #
  59. I just got back from ALDI’s here in my town, it is where I do most of my regular grocery shopping, anyway went to go pick up a few things and found some MOSER ROTH dark chocolate truffles, the ones in th pic above, in the Easter clerance isle. I love truffles so I had to try them, OMG! I have almost eaten the whole box! I was searching the brand name and came across this site. I have never had anything bad from this store, especially th chocolate!

    Comment by Lori on 4/30/11 at 1:36 pm #
  60. We bought Moser-Roth at Aldi in Germany all the time, and were delighted when we moved back to the States in 2008 and our local American Aldi started carrying it, too! It’s my favorite chocolate brand (and that’s saying a lot, as we sampled as much chocolate as possible in our four years in Germany.) Sadly, the nearest Aldi to where we live now is two states away, so whenever someone travels, they have to bring back samples.

    Comment by Rose on 5/22/11 at 5:24 pm #
  61. I am another recent convert to Mosser Roth chocolate, having discovered it by chance in Aldi in Sydney.  Was very interested to see that it goes back to the the 1800’s but that the company allegedly sold out either immediately before World War II or during the conflict.

    Hmmn?  Being of Jewish extraction, (my mother’s family having converted many moons ago), I wondered if this Jewish sounding firm was not forcibly taken over and the families concerned lost not only their livelihoods but perhaps their lives. 

    Notwithstanding it’s lost antecedents, it is scrumptious chocolate and sells at least $1.00 cheaper than our local Cadbury or Lindt brands sold in Woolworths and Coles.  Also interesting to note that Woolworths have just brought out a home brand chocolate selling at the same price that Aldi charges for Mosser Roth, (but the chocolate is inferior in texture and taste).

    Comment by Denis on 6/11/11 at 11:07 pm #
  62. Does it include Fat of Pig? Pork?
    You know muslims Dont eat Pig or things which include fat of pig.

    Comment by JustAsking on 7/03/11 at 6:37 am #
  63. Cybele's avatar

    JustAsking - no, there was no pig fat listed on the ingredients. It was not marked halal or kosher at that time, though this is an old review and Moser Roth/Aldi may have updated their certifications/labels.

    Comment by Cybele on 7/03/11 at 8:18 am #
  64. Moser-Roth tastes great. Lindt must have a contract with Aldi to make Moser-Roth chocolates. Lindt can’t put their name on it because Aldi doesn’t ordinarily sell branded products. Also, if Aldi sold Lindt chocolates at a discount, then other stores would have to mark down their Lindt chocolate to remain competitive, and might decide not to carry Lindt at all. And besides, Moser-Roth tastes just like Lindt. Aldi’s just using the Moser-Roth name. I don’t even think there is a Moser-Roth factory, it’s all made at Lindt. this kind of stuff is common.

    Comment by Rob on 9/06/11 at 6:30 am #
  65. Great chocolate!  Judging from the quality of the oil, smoothiness (which comes from the oil), taste complexity, it comes from very high quality cocoa and refinement process. 

    I’ve only purchased only the 70% and am still surprised how little it cost for the quality ($1.89 for 4.4oz). 

    I’ve used it as the main ingredients for my chocolate mouuse cake.  You can definitely see the quality once you’ve melted the bars in a double boiler.  Great find.

    Comment by tony on 11/02/11 at 3:55 am #
  66. Moser Roth started out in Stuttgart as two separate companies (Wilhem Roth jr. in 1841 and Eduard Otto Moser in 1846), which joined forces in the mid 19th Century and the name was trade protected in 1902. 

    In 1942 the company was closed down, on political grounds, by the regime.  A year later the factory burned down.

    Another German chocolate maker (Karl Haller) bought the name in 1948, which was sold on several times during the 1960s, eventually ending up with Storck, who now use it as a house-brand for Aldi.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Comment by MissJinx on 2/08/12 at 11:16 pm #
  67. Just had my first Moser Roth….won’t be buying Lindt again! The orange-almond is delicious and I absolutely love how the large bar is wrapped into smaller bars.  Definitely the go-to chocolate for my chocolate library.  Can’t wait to go back & get the dark w/chili!

    Comment by Jema on 2/10/12 at 6:03 am #
  68. Just finished my Moser Roth Premium Dark Chocolate 85% Cocoa bar!  YES!  I had to put everything in here!  I shopped ALDI a couple of times and I have to say, I really do like their stores.  It may be house-brands but it beats some of the other stores here!

    Comment by Rishia on 3/13/12 at 12:08 am #
  69. i have moser roth feine auswahl mit feiner vollmilch schokolade gifted by bro. half eaten and half left yet found this blog in google search. i will like to commentcoz it becomes my favorite. nice milk chocolate. will like to try other moser roth chocolates too.

    Comment by kiran palwasha on 3/16/12 at 5:51 am #
  70. MissJinx.. Thanks for the info of the Moser and Roth who started the company.  My great great grandmother was a Roth and she married my great great grandfather who was a Moser in Germany in the 1800’s so I have been curious about this for a long time. 

    To the lady from Sarasota who asked if there was an Aldi’s close to her, the nearest one I have found is in Clearwater, FL   My daughter bought me four different bars for my birthday in May.  I have tried 2 and loved them both.  A friend is bringing the other flavors from IL for me.

    Comment by Nancy on 5/27/12 at 10:25 am #
  71. I compared Moser Roth 85% Cocoa with Lindt 85% Cocoa. Moser Roth has a mellow aftertaste while Lindt lingers with more bitterness. The creaminess of both brands are about the same except Lindt has a waxy feel. Lindt has a strong presence of vanilla while Moser Roth has a subtle vanilla overtone. Moser Roth has a woodsy scent while Lindt is more fruity. The packaging of Moser Roth is much nicer than Lindt. After the comparison I prefer Moser Roth over Lindt and the considerable price difference keeps me going back for Moser Roth. Thank you, Aldi, for this fine chocolate.

    Comment by Carl Jones on 6/22/12 at 12:25 pm #
  72. Moser Roth chocholates are a revelation.  Lots of different flavours to suit the tastes of all the family - sour cherry chilli is just right for eclectic tastes of teenagers. The large bars are substantial with the surprise that they contain smaller bars - just right for slipping into your bag for a day out.  Have also tried the individually wrapped truffles. Always available in store - luxurious packaging at an everyday price. Try them and be amazed.  Aldi are great for other unusual but luxurious products like the Chambord liquers that come in a gold box.

    Comment by beth on 8/17/12 at 12:07 am #

    I had been enjoying the Dark Chocolate Mint and Chili because of the ‘dairy free’ element and great tasting chocolate, but recently a friend alerted me to the fact that the Ingredients list had changed - what was a dairy free now product now includes ‘Lactose (from Milk)’ - I was devastated as she has an Aldi close to her and was enjoying this treat.

    This is hugely disappointing for those who thought they found a beautiful dairy free product. My friend needs to be strict about consuming ‘dairy free’. This won’t be a treat for her anymore.

    I wonder why they needed to add ‘Lactose’ when the product was fab as it was! Disappointed customers…!

    Comment by Joy on 8/30/12 at 6:47 pm #
  74. Just ate the Toffee Crunch and I’m totally hooked. Purchased it at Aldi’s in the USA for $1.69, and will go back for lots more. It can quickly become addictive. Chocolate in Canada is very expensive, and I would probably pay about $3.75 for it.  Hmnnnnnnn Hmnnnnnnnn Good !!!

    Comment by Ms.T on 11/15/12 at 12:23 pm #
  75. I woud likje to knowhow of THE moser chocolate is fair traide

    Comment by Lily on 1/13/13 at 11:25 am #
  76. Aldi has become a big hit with my family in the UK.  Even their own brand ‘cheaper’ chocolates are great.

    Comment by Denton the bear on 3/12/13 at 4:14 am #
  77. I just tried a moser roth 85 percent cocoa dark chocolate bar that I purchased in a discount supermarket in upstate NY. the cost, barely more than a dollar. Absoultely unbelievably terrific chocolate. I hope that fact that I found it in a discount store does not mean it is being discontinued. I never buy food itmes in discount stores however the packaging attracted me, after reading the label, I went for it.

    Comment by SK on 4/01/13 at 8:30 pm #
  78. Can you please help me if I want to purchase
    A quantity of the small chocolates for my daughters
    Wedding can I order them in and would they
    Be a bit cheaper please
    From Tricia

    Comment by Tricia on 6/27/13 at 11:38 pm #
  79. This chocolate is disgusting! I’m sorry but I love chocolate as much as any person does but this chocolate has barely no flavor to it. Don’t buy unless you like bland tastes. Other than the taste, the box and wrapping it comes in are quite cool and are collective.

    Comment by Cole on 8/07/13 at 12:13 pm #
  80. Is there any soya lecithin in it?  Is it true that it is no longer dairy free?  I have to travel a bit to get to an Aldi to check it out.  Thanks!

    Comment by Karen P on 9/16/13 at 1:14 am #
  81. We routinely get some Moser Roth chocolate at a nearby Aldi in Atlanta area.  Great stuff.  Nice smooth mouth-feel.

    Comment by Jimbob on 10/10/13 at 4:34 pm #
  82. My maiden name is also Moser. The original family was also from the Germany area. I just tasted the Moser-Roth toffee crunch. I have never heard of it before, but it is very good.
    It’s a good thing that there are plenty of Aldi stores in the Milwaukee area.

    Comment by Elizabeth on 12/29/13 at 1:54 pm #
  83. Just tried Moser Roth Truffles…and other chocolate by the same company…beautifully smooth, delicious chocolate..thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Comment by Meryl Ledbrooke on 1/03/14 at 9:12 am #
  84. My lady loves her chocolate but mostly dark chocolate. I buy her dark German chocolate : Moser Roth. You see her dad was German and her mom is part French Cajun. She is the most beautiful lady I have every seen and gets more so as the years go by. Second most beautiful is Sophia Loren but she does not hold a candle to Billie. That why I keep her stocked with Chocolate. I do not want to loose her so I make sure the supply does not run out. If Moser Roth goes belly up, I am in trouble.

    Comment by Bill Reynolds on 2/15/14 at 12:50 pm #
  85. Have shopped in Aldi’s for many years, but not regularly, here in the UK. Went for a few bits on my way home from work this week, and landed up buying lots lol (hubby grew up for 10 years in Germany and partial to their biscuits, sausages and sweets etc) I picked up a bar of Moser Roth Dark Chocolate with almonds and orange for me to try. Just had my first piece - oh my it is fab! And so cheap. Looking forward to trying the other flavours too. I then had to google the name as I haven’t seen it before…. and found this blog grin Thanks for the info!

    Comment by Tess Sanderson on 2/20/14 at 2:29 pm #
  86. Been eating chocolate from Aldi’s since I moved into my new house. There happens to be one around the corner. I have to say though, if you read the labels, a lot of the products are not that high quality. You CAN find some items with good ingredients and I do find some great produce but what keeps me going back? Chocolate smile

    Comment by Saivite Wilson on 4/21/14 at 3:22 pm #
  87. We love these chocolats aswell the aldi in Holland sells them for 1.19 euro’s real cheap and a good deal love the Caramelcrunch the most our absolute favorite!! Greetings from holland Try Milka some times ore verkade thats also a real dutch treat smile

    Comment by marianne on 4/28/14 at 7:20 am #
  88. Dear Moser-Roth lovers,
    I have been a great fan of Moser-Roth since several years. It has become an integral part of my baggage every time I come back from my business trip to Germany. Without those delicious bars in my bag, my daughter and wife would not let me get in!
    With warm regards to all Moser-Roth lovers across the globe,

    Comment by Miharbi on 8/26/14 at 3:25 am #
  89. OMG, Moser Roth makes the best chocolate EVER!

    Comment by Susan Kelley on 9/24/14 at 2:33 pm #
  90. Does anyone have a resource to purchase Moser Roth chocolates @ wholesale (trade) prices?  I reside in Lakeland, Florida USA

    Comment by Larry on 10/10/14 at 9:13 am #
  91. What is the taste almost like eating glass in this chocolate bar?

    Comment by Joyce on 12/03/14 at 7:55 am #
    Mosher Roth what have you done ??  You messed with a good thing. The milk chocolate truffles sold by Aldi’s are to die for.  I can’t wait each year until they are back in season. This year, not so much. You changed the shell, it’s thicker and the taste is different. These no longer melt in your mouth. I am very dissapointed. Moser Rothe is no longer my friend =( Please go back to the old recipe

    Comment by Jane on 12/07/14 at 4:40 am #
  93.; achei essa caixa, pesquisando sobre o nome (NAME of The Family, MOZER).

    Comment by Izaias Trancoso on 2/17/15 at 9:54 am #
  94. Moser Roth chocolate is available in the US even without Aldi.

    Have a look:

    Comment by Juergen Fehrenbach on 2/25/15 at 1:56 am #
  95. I bought a Moser Roth Dark Chili bar today and it’s excellent.  But I bought it too quickly, after reading the ingredients.  I have a dairy allergy, gluten and maltodextrin intolerances.  The ingredients look fine.  After I got home, and before eating one of the bars, I noticed the warning: Contains: Milk and soybeans.  I reread and again reread the ingredients.  I can’t find the milk.  Ingredients read: Chocolate (cocoa liquor, cocoa butter), sugar, soy lecithin emulsifier, natural flavor, vanilla extract, chili extract.  Any idea what the dairy is or is this a standard label or something?  I was looking for a Moser Roth website or Facebook account to query but I couldn’t find anything.  Thanks.

    Comment by Sue on 3/31/15 at 6:26 pm #
  96. A friend of mine who came in Greece from Germany brought me some pieces of the MOSER for my grand son who liked much and he is asking to buy some for him.

    I kindly ask you to tell me if I can buy it from Greece or in Germany or elsewhere on C.O.D. (Gash on Delivery)
    My kindest regards

    Comment by Dimitrios Philippelis on 7/30/15 at 1:54 pm #
  97. I absolutely LOVE all of the Moser Roth chocolate and especially your truffles and have bought them as presents many times…but I don’t like the new look box design you have changed to, they look cheap and not as classy and sophisticated as the original ones. Why did you change to such a poor design I wonder, it doesn’t do your delicious truffles any favours. I hope you don’t think I am rude to point this out, but I was SO exited when after being unobtainable for months at last they came back on the shelves, but I was SO disappointed to find them in such a poor new packaging.

    Comment by Ruthy Woodcock on 10/16/15 at 6:24 am #
  98. Hershey’s is like eating wax in comparison to Moser Roth.  and Moser Roth is better than all expensive chocolate sold in grocery or specialty stores.  A big bar is dirt cheap at Aldi’s.  I know many people are into the dark, mostly cocoa flavors but my favorit is the milk chocolate “Ghana”.

    Comment by dahszil on 1/26/16 at 5:38 am #
  99. I am interested in all items from Aldis. Who makes the pies that Aldi’s sells? We love ALdis!

    Comment by Nancy Nowak on 4/10/16 at 1:39 pm #
  100. Born in Belgium and living in Switzerland, I must admit that your chocolate is really the best. Congratulations

    Comment by Jacques Herman on 6/02/16 at 3:55 am #
  101. Does anyone know if this chocolate is gluten free?

    Comment by Inbal on 6/09/16 at 10:08 pm #
  102. I have tried the Moser Roth Chilli flavoured chocolate and found it very disappointing. The flavouring of the chilli is so weak that it is barely detectable. Please hot it up.

    Comment by Spiridion on 10/28/16 at 10:25 am #
  103. Love the Moser Roth chocolate, especially cherries and pepper flavor. Price is reasonable too. Do they have sugar free alternatives?

    Comment by Marina on 10/31/16 at 8:22 pm #
  104. I’m a chocoholic. Which is why my boyfriend bought me a Moser Roth Dark 85% Cocoa bar from his favorite store. You guessed it Aldi. I’m ashamed to say I felt as if I was too refined to shop at Aldi. I don’t mean to brag but I have tasted chocolate from around the world during my travels. Some famous, some local and virtually unknown to the rest of the world. I’ve also been part of a small group that taste tests for Lindt. That being said, I’m extremely surprised after trying this bar from Aldi that I believe it to be one of the finest dark chocolates I’ve ever tasted. It’s a dank cocoa bean forest of delightfulness. I cannot believe it honestly.

    Comment by Kim on 12/24/16 at 4:45 am #
  105. I love Moser Roth chocolate. I get it at Aldis. I checked it out on line and originally it was made in the eighteen the eighteen hundress. I love the 70% and I ear half a bar everyday. It’s better than any other dark chocolate, that I’ve ever eaten. Love it. All so love Aldis.  I like this blog. Thanks barb

    Comment by Barb knepper on 2/09/17 at 9:57 am #
  106. I love the chocolate from Aldis too. I am eating the 85% chocolate because it has less sugar and more cocoa and not addictive. It is just a fun little treat!

    Comment by Nancy Nowak on 2/09/17 at 12:19 pm #
  107. I had read that Aldi’s brands were name brands that were repackaged under other names.  So I thought Moser Roth was made by Lindt, since there are many of the same types of chocolate under both brands (and they both have a chocolate bunny out for Easter).  I have never bought the Lindt bars (too $), only the truffles, so I have never compared side by side. I do love the Moser Roth bars.

    Comment by Judy Horn on 4/02/17 at 10:00 am #
  108. Hi,

    In reply to Judy Horn, Moser Roth is a company in its own right, they have no link to Lindt.  They are a subsidiary of August Storck ( who also own the British company Bendicks (  Apparently all the Moser Roth chocolate for ALDI is made at the Moser Roth plant in Berlin.

    Comment by Denton the Bear on 4/05/17 at 1:20 am #
  109. In reply to Judy Horn, Moser Roth is a company in its own right, they have no link to Lindt.  They are a subsidiary of August Storck ( who also own the British company Bendicks (  Apparently all the Moser Roth chocolate for ALDI is made at the Moser Roth plant in Berlin.

    Comment by Denton the Bear on 4/06/17 at 12:15 am #
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