Wednesday, March 30, 2016

M&Ms “Vote For Your Favorite Peanut”

Late last year I got these preview versions of the new Vote For Your Favorite Peanut varieties. The idea is that during the US Presidential Primary season, Mars would introduce a trio of flavors to choose from, and the public would vote. The three versions are Chili Nut, Honey Nut, Coffee Nut.


The Honey Nut M&Ms are a milk chocolate coating with a whole peanut in the center and a crisp shell. Somewhere in there is also a honey flavor ... in the shell, is it a honey roasted nut? I have no idea.

I pulled a few apart and didn’t find any evidence of honey roasting, but they do smell a little bit like maple syrup and vanilla. The shell on this variety also seems crisper. The whole effect is a rather clean, sweet flavor but basically a regular old Peanut M&M.

(Note that the packages I got were not final and the M&Ms were all the same color in each bag, in the final versions released to the public there are actually three colors for each variety.)


The Chili Nut M&Ms are probably the most daring of the bunch. Sure, spicy things are trendy, but the major candy companies have stayed far away from the chili heat, sticking to the pumpkin, ginger and cinnamon spices.

The combination of the peanuts, milky chocolate and mild cayenne pepper is very nice. The heat varies from time to time, but generally has a throat warming appeal that builds the more you eat. But it never gets too hot, which makes for a different experience without alienating folks who can’t tolerate a lot of pepper. (I’m afraid I’m one of those, I’m not great with capsaicin, the heat in red peppers, but I love all other spices like mustards, curries, black pepper and ginger).


Coffee Nut M&Ms is such a promising flavor. The roasted flavors of peanuts, coffee and chocolate should be an ideal combination. Added to that, I absolutely loved the winter 2015 Cafe Mocha M&Ms.

The shell is great, the peanuts are large and crunchy ... but the overwhelming flavor isn’t necessarily coffee, but it’s more of a buttery, woodsy flavor. I wanted to give the candy the benefit of doubt, so I bought a full 10.2 ounce bag at CVS just to be sure. Still, I’m getting this weird buttery coconut note.

I think it’s fantastic that Mars is paying a little more attention to the Peanut M&Ms, since most of the flavors we see are for the Milk Chocolate or white varieties. None of these varieties is something I plan to buy again before they disappear.

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Name: Peanut M&Ms: Chili Nut, Honey Nut, Coffee Nut
Brand: Mars
Place Purchased: samples from Mars
Price: 1.19 retail
Size: 1.74 ounces
Calories per ounce: 147
Categories: Candy, Mars, Chocolate, Coffee, Kosher, M&Ms, Peanuts, United States

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  1. I liked the honey nut and the chili nut, but was not in love with either one.

    This is an unrelated comment, but I noticed that See’s has a new (limited edition) banana nut cream chocolate. It seems like something you would be interested in (given your comments about banana flavored candies on Candyology).

    Comment by RC on 3/30/16 at 8:13 pm #
  2. The Coffee just tasted like a regular dark chocolate peanut M&M to me.

    Comment by Stephanie on 4/04/16 at 3:58 pm #
  3. ChiliNut is best.  Love the sweet M&M flavor and then the little kick of spice at the end.

    Comment by DD on 5/29/16 at 12:22 pm #
  4. I tried the coffee and the chili nut. By far the chili nut is the best! So much so, I have tried to locate at all convenience stores, was marts, drug stores, etc.  I just scored 2 packs at a local drug store, just about cut flips when I found them!

    Comment by Kim on 6/09/16 at 8:06 pm #
  5. I am addicted at first bite.  Coffee nut by far.  best thing since dark chocolate

    Comment by myra lilly0gillespie on 6/21/16 at 12:44 pm #
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