Thursday, October 25, 2007

Limited Edition Giveaway

Limited Edition GiveawayI have a lovely package of Limited Edition candies to give away to one lucky reader. Right now the package contains: Dark Chocolate Flavored Sixlets, Elvis Reese’s Peanut Butter & Banana Creme Miniatures, 3 Musketeers Fall Mix (Strawberry, Cappuccino & French Vanilla), Tropical Tootsie Pops, Twix Java, Candy Corn Kisses, Nestle 100 Grand versions (Coconut, Peanuts & Dark Chocolate), Peppermint Peeps, Limited Edition & Seasonal Pop Rocks and more!

How to enter:

  • Submit a comment here with your favorite Limited Edition candy of the past, present or future. (If it doesn’t exist, tell me what your perfect candy would be.)
  • Make only one comment ... leave a real email address (don’t worry it’s not published). Winning package can only be shipped in North America.
  • If you’d like to earn more than one entry into the drawing, simply make a donation in my name via First Giving to National Novel Writing Month. You’ll get an additional entry for each $5 you donate (it’s tax deductible). Read more here.
  • Deadline for comments & donations is November 15, 2007 at 10PM Pacific. Winner will be notified via email to make further delivery arrangements.

  • Regular reviews will continue below as usual.

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    1. I’ve never had a Limited Edition candy bar, at least I don’t think so!

      I concur with the dark chocolate in Reeces—and some cashew butter instead of pb!

      Comment by HeartofGlass21 on 10/27/07 at 1:17 pm #
    2. My favorite limited edition candy bar was the mixed nuts Hershey’s bar with the creamy chocolate. Yum!

      Comment by Beth! on 10/27/07 at 2:17 pm #
    3. Man, I was always looking forward to trying all those LE’s when they were supposed to come out, and then I could never find them… I think the only ones I remember actually getting were the various KitKats—coffee and mint were great. Hmm, how about a tiramisu KitKat—with espresso creme filled wafers and a combination of white, milk and dark chocolate coating (or would it have to be mascarpone cheese flavored?)

      Comment by May on 10/27/07 at 3:14 pm #
    4. York Chocolate Truffle! Here is proof that is did exist:

      Comment by Oakland Pete on 10/27/07 at 3:39 pm #
    5. My favs (that I havnt seen in years)are the Mars Easter Eggs. I am hopeful every Easter, but alas I can never find them. I also really like the Shrek edition peanut M&Ms;... mmmmmm

      Comment by Meghan Crooks on 10/27/07 at 3:48 pm #
    6. easter versions of reese’s peanut butter cups and anything in limited edition dark chocolate.

      Comment by stephen on 10/27/07 at 4:51 pm #
    7. i simply love the tropical tootsie rolls. i think they are delicious. i don’t know why but i just do.
      and also, i really want to try the crunchy caramel creme hersheys kisses. they sound nummy.♥

      Comment by raneemo on 10/27/07 at 6:13 pm #
    8. I love Almond Joy ever since I was little!

      Comment by Brianne on 10/27/07 at 7:59 pm #
    9. I love Dark Chocolate M&Ms;!

      Comment by Jennifer on 10/27/07 at 7:59 pm #
    10. I love Merci chocolates!

      Comment by Roseann on 10/27/07 at 8:00 pm #
    11. I love Skittles, especially the Carnival ones!

      Comment by Jenine on 10/27/07 at 8:01 pm #
    12. Mmm an ideal candy bar would be a salty, chewy caramel covered in a very dark chocolate with maybe even a touch of coffee flavor in the chocolate.  Bitter, sweet, salty… yum!

      Comment by Julie on 10/27/07 at 8:18 pm #
    13. This isnt exactly candy, but my FAVORITE limited edition item is from Little Debbie - the Christmas Tree Cakes.  DELICIOUS!  They are white cake with white cream in the middle and white icing (just like their Fancy Cakes) with Green and Red Sugar sprinkles on the top.  I like to cleave off all of the icing and eat it, then eat the cream in the middle, then finally the cake.  OH YUM!

      Comment by Danielle on 10/27/07 at 10:48 pm #
    14. My favorite Limited Edition candy is the mint chocolate Hershey Kisses.  I wait every year for Christmas just so I can snap up a few bags of mintchocolaty goodness.

      Comment by Nettle on 10/28/07 at 5:06 am #
    15. inside out reeses ftw!!!!

      Comment by Ally on 10/28/07 at 10:00 am #
    16. The orange coffee crisp bars were absolutely awesome, but then again most of the orange flavored chocolate bars are pretty good.

      Comment by Elizabeth P on 10/28/07 at 10:32 am #
    17. My favorite limited-edition candy is the Candy Cane Kisses they had last year - white & red striped with little sprinkles in them.  Mmmmmmmmmm.

      Comment by Carrie on 10/28/07 at 10:52 am #
    18. A loooong time ago Twix had a Cookies ‘n Cream version; the cookie was speckled with chocolate flavor, looking like the ice cream and the caramel was a lighter color with a more prominent vanilla flavor… I also love/loved Hershey’s Cookies ‘n Mint bars - their chocolate flavored with mint (which I find makes it much more appealing in bar form to consume) with tiny cookie crumbs spread throughout - prefect to suck the flavor off of and then crunch down (I think I’ve had these in the Nuggets form as well.) =)

      Comment by Kristi on 10/28/07 at 10:57 am #
    19. I loved LOVED LOVED the White Chocolate M&Ms;.  I miss them so, they got me through so many weekends.

      Comment by Krista Minnis on 10/28/07 at 11:17 am #
    20. my favorite limited edition candy was the candy cane kisses!  those were so good.

      Comment by ashley on 10/28/07 at 12:37 pm #
    21. Andies candies peppermint with bits and the chocolate mint with bits as well.  There is nothing better than chocolate and mint!!!  Battle royale if anyone is going to argue!

      Comment by Erin on 10/28/07 at 3:26 pm #
    22. I really like the Reese’s Whipp. I can’t seem to find it on a regular basis though! Frustrating!

      Love the site!

      Comment by James Watson on 10/28/07 at 4:32 pm #
    23. My perfect candy bar would be a dark chocolate Take 5.

      Comment by Eric on 10/28/07 at 5:35 pm #
    24. My ideal chocolate bar would be a version of Kit Kat that is “latte” flavoured, meaning that it is a blend of coffee flavouring with real white chocolate!

      Comment by Hayley on 10/28/07 at 5:56 pm #
    25. I like the candy corn kisses because they make me think of candy corn that have eaten too many chocolate kisses themselves and therefore, put on a little weight. I have yet to try them but I’m willing to put on a little weight myself if they prove to be as good as you say they are!  smile

      Comment by Dana on 10/28/07 at 6:02 pm #
    26. I really enjoyed the white chocolate Take 5.  I’m usually not crazy about white chocolate, but when it’s paired with a salty pretzel, it’s awesome.  In fact, I think I may still have one hiding in my fridge….

      Comment by JoAnn Krzeminski on 10/29/07 at 2:48 am #
    27. Bring back Cookies n’ Creme Twix!

      Comment by Tim on 10/29/07 at 3:05 am #
    28. A dark chocolate Reese’s “Bee Cup” would be cool. Honey roasted pb in a large, dark chocolate cup. I imagine that Seinfeld pitched this to Hershey’s a couple of years ago when thinking of ways to cross promote his animated feature.

      Comment by MarkO on 10/29/07 at 4:59 am #
    29. dark chocolate makes everything better smile

      Comment by Sunny on 10/29/07 at 6:29 am #
    30. I am exited to try the Java Twix, as it seems many others are as well.  Also, I really enjoyed the Mocha Kit Kat.  Those were delicious!

      Comment by Lisa on 10/29/07 at 7:19 am #
    31. I could eat sixlets forever… if I could actually find them that is grin I know I can get them online but there is something so much more satisfying about walking into a store, picking them up myself and starting to eat them even before the door closes behind me… I must sound like an idiot…

      Comment by Rachel Adams on 10/29/07 at 7:50 am #
    32. I like/want Dark Chocolate Mint 3 Musketeers, yum!

      Comment by Divalicious on 10/29/07 at 8:34 am #
    33. i love dark limited edition candies. also, pumpkin flavored things are THE BEST!!

      the ideal would be some kind of pumpkin cream with dark chocolate.. mmMmm and maybe some crispies or wafers?? maybe like a dark chocolate pumpkin kit kat but better chocolate (=

      Comment by alice cheong on 10/29/07 at 9:42 am #
    34. Elvis Reese’s Cups - I am a sucker for anything with banana, and powerless when PB is added in.

      Comment by Vanessa on 10/29/07 at 10:17 am #
    35. I love the mint kit kats!!!!!!

      Comment by Amy Huynh on 10/29/07 at 10:19 am #
    36. Reeses Big with Nuts is my absolute favourite!  Limited Editions aren’t always vailable in Canada, so I’m glad we at least got this one.  Now if only we could be so lucky to get the Reeses Peanutbutter and Banana cups ...

      Comment by Laura on 10/29/07 at 12:26 pm #
    37. Skittles Circus edition

      Comment by Jill on 10/29/07 at 1:48 pm #
    38. JAVA TWIX;
      Possibly the best candy in the world.
      There was this one chocolate covered toffee almond i loved as well, but i don’t remember what it was called…

      Comment by Emily on 10/29/07 at 1:53 pm #
    39. WHITE CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS.  Oh my god they were so delicious.

      Comment by Stepho on 10/29/07 at 1:58 pm #
    40. My ideal candy would be a mocha and orange flavored chocolate bar or Hershey kiss.

      Comment by Roy on 10/29/07 at 2:24 pm #
    41. While I love Reese’s products, all my favorites have stuck around!  So, I think my favorite limited edition candy has been the Coffee Kit-Kat.  I can’t wait to get my hands on a Java Twix, though.  I imagine that will far exceed the Kit-Kat.

      Comment by Jamie on 10/29/07 at 2:42 pm #
    42. My favorite limited edition candy has to be the Peanut Butter Hersey Kisses that came out about 2 years back (I think?). They were almost like Reeses, but they were smaller- so I could eat a lot more! I also loved the Mint Chocolate Musketeers- I only found them in a small size, but I think that made them even better.

      Comment by Beth on 10/29/07 at 3:14 pm #
    43. i really miss the krispy m&ms;.  ooo and the white chocolate kit kat was lovely, too.

      Comment by obiggie on 10/29/07 at 4:35 pm #
    44. Ritter Sport chocolates…a favourite of mine from living overseas, makes a mint-filled version of their milk chocolate bar.  Though I have searched high and low, I have only seen this flavour sold in certain countries. Alas…it’s been since 2004 when I was living in Egypt that I last tasted this.

      Comment by Cairogal on 10/29/07 at 4:37 pm #
    45. I liked the Elvis Reeses as well smile

      Comment by karen on 10/29/07 at 4:53 pm #
    46. My ideal candy would be a dark chocolate Reese’s with pistachio butter…a girl can dream.

      Comment by Laura on 10/29/07 at 5:47 pm #
    47. The Key Lime edition of Almond Joy- those were sooo good that we found a box of them at a Dollar Store once, bought the entire box, and took them home and stuck them in the freezer, to be enjoyed sparingly- they need to bring those back!!

      Comment by Tori on 10/29/07 at 6:01 pm #
    48. Java Twix sounds really tempting… yum. smile

      Comment by Nancy on 10/29/07 at 11:28 pm #
    49. I’m REALLY!!! looking forward to trying the Peppermint Peeps, but i really enjoyed the chocolate truffle York Peppermint patties.

      Comment by Erica on 10/30/07 at 2:26 am #
    50. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the Elvis peanut butter cups with Banana.  Two of my all time favorite flavors banana and REAL peanut butter. MMMM MMMM Nothing better for a mama-to-be. There’s got to be something good in there for the baby right????  smile

      Comment by K on 10/30/07 at 3:21 am #
    51. One of my favorite candy bars of all time is the Wachamacalit (I think I spelled that wrong-sorry), and I love white chocolate, so I would love to see a white chocolate version of this candy bar. Also here in Maryland is a place called Candy Kitchens. They are all over the place in Ocean City, MD. They have this white chocolate-strawberry cheesecake truffle that is to die for. If you can I suggest looking up their website and ordering some. They are INCREDIBLE! Have a great Halloween everyone!

      Comment by Jo on 10/30/07 at 3:38 am #
    52. I look forward to the Cadbury Mini-Eggs around Easter each year. 

      Nestle used to make a variety of their Treasures line with Butterfinger in it.  They stopped making them several years ago and I still miss them.

      Comment by Kate H on 10/30/07 at 3:42 am #
    53. I love the chocolate chocolate almond joys with the chocolate flavored coconut!! I also enjoyed the pina colada ones too!!!

      Comment by Dawn on 10/30/07 at 4:19 am #
    54. Another person waiting with anticipation for Java Twix.  I LOVE Twix and Coffee, so it should be great!

      Comment by Alicia on 10/30/07 at 5:07 am #
    55. I am really digging the dark chocolate mint three musketeers!

      Comment by bfmomma on 10/30/07 at 5:09 am #
    56. I think I would have to go with a giant nerd, with multiple flavors mixed in, or a giant smartie as the ideal candy. Who doesn’t love giant candies?

      Comment by Tina on 10/30/07 at 5:44 am #
    57. I have a soft spot for three things: Hershey Bars with Almonds, because my grandmother loved them so; Big Red chewing gum, because my grandfather ALWAYS carried some in his pocket; and red cinnamon hearts, because my Great Aunt Maggie kept a plastic baggie of them in her pocketbook! Cute idea. Thanks!

      Comment by Abby on 10/30/07 at 5:50 am #
    58. The Christmas Pudding KitKat was pretty awesome, though it seemed like I was the only one to think so!

      Comment by Rachel B on 10/30/07 at 5:57 am #
    59. I love Whatchamacaulits but they are so hard to find out here!

      Comment by Stephany Hessler on 10/30/07 at 6:49 am #
    60. Oh, by far the Elvis Reese’s with the banana creme are my favorite.  I picked one up at Walmart after a night of drinking and it was way better than I thought it would be.  The banana is subtle, but not too artificial tasting like some banana flavors are.  I am glad, however, that they didn’t try to work bacon into the candy.

      Comment by leanne on 10/30/07 at 7:15 am #
    61. Here via Baking Bites…
      I love the Milky Way Darks—thank goodness those aren’t limited edition!  I would also love to see some limited edition flavors of Nerds.  Yum!

      Comment by Angie on 10/30/07 at 7:16 am #
    62. The Elvis Reese’s cups were amazing! The strawberry 3 Musketeers sound great too, but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere. As for a perfect candy bar that doesn’t yet exist… I’d flip if 3 Musketeers made a limited edition maple bar. Yum!

      Comment by Erica on 10/30/07 at 7:49 am #
    63. I love the Midnight Milky Ways. Mmmm….

      Comment by Hannah on 10/30/07 at 8:16 am #
    64. Oh mint M&M’s… we hardly knew ye…

      Comment by Amy K on 10/30/07 at 8:26 am #
    65. My favorite Limited Edition candy of all times is the Hershey’s Kisses Candy Cane…yummy!  I’m pregnant now, so I love any and ALL candy (and apparently nothing else at the moment)!

      Comment by Julia on 10/30/07 at 8:50 am #
    66. i’m a HUGE fan of the easter egg-shaped reese’s peanut butter cups (and the snickers ones too). a basket of those and i’m set!

      Comment by amanda on 10/30/07 at 8:57 am #
    67. Mint M&Ms;, hands down.  I buy four bags when they arrive in the stores and then I horde them all year long.

      Comment by Tracy on 10/30/07 at 8:58 am #
    68. I love any of the dark chocolate versions of candy and I really like the mint M & M’s.  I was so disappointed to not be able to find those at any of the stores where I lived last year!  I couldn’t make one of my favorite holiday treats without them!!

      Comment by Deanna on 10/30/07 at 9:15 am #
    69. I LOVED the Reeses Big Cup. The peanut butter filling was not only bigger but seemed a tad firmer. Absolutely perfect!

        Thank you for the SWEET contest!

      Comment by Jennifer on 10/30/07 at 9:16 am #
    70. My favorite is the candy corn kisses—I love candy corn and I love Hershey kisses!  It’s the perfect marriage of yumminess!

      Comment by Heidi on 10/30/07 at 9:23 am #
    71. I really liked Hershey’s Brownies ‘n’ Chocolate. Also Cookies ‘n Chocolate was pretty good. I think I must be getting old because alot of my favorite candy bars from my youth do not taste as good. Either I developed jaded tastebuds or they are putting more artificial and cheaper ingredients in their products. Sadly I think it is probably the second theory.

      Comment by Sue on 10/30/07 at 9:30 am #
    72. I really liked Green Tea Kit Kats I picked up in Japan a couple of years ago.  Also good are the lime & vanilla Tootsie Rolls available this time of year.

      Had not heard about the dark 100 Grand Bars - they have been a long time favorite, but a dark version sounds FAB!

      Comment by Michele on 10/30/07 at 9:52 am #
    73. As a kid I lived for Cadbury Creme Eggs at Easter.  Imagine my delight when I traveled to England and discovered that they are in fact a YEAR ROUND CANDY there!!!

      Comment by Owen on 10/30/07 at 10:24 am #
    74. I always love the seasonal Snickers. The chocolate, caramel and nuts are so much fresher the regular bars.

      Also, I am addicted to Jelly Bellies lately and it got me thinking about new flavor possibilities…so…if I could create a new limited edition it would be a line of Dessert Jelly Bellies such as angel food cake, bread pudding, cinnamon buns, pumpkin pie, etc.

      Comment by Karen on 10/30/07 at 10:46 am #
    75. My favorite candy was the original Mini Atomic Fireballs in the 25 cent boxes…..wish I could find them somewhere

      Comment by Sarah Carter on 10/30/07 at 10:53 am #
    76. I long for the days when they bring back the limited edition dark chocolate Reese’s cups.  Yum!

      Comment by Margie on 10/30/07 at 11:20 am #
    77. My favorite limited edition would be the Hershey?s Cookies ?n? Mint.  They’re also the reason I found this site.

      My main favorite is the Haribo Frogs.  They aren’t limited edition but limited in where to find them.  I can find all the other Haribo candies in the stores in WI, but not the frogs.  And the frogs I do find aren’t Haribo and taste cheap.

      Comment by Kweejee on 10/30/07 at 12:06 pm #
    78. My favorite so far has been the dark chocolate kit-kats - YUM!!!

      Comment by Megan on 10/30/07 at 1:26 pm #
    79. Mint chocolate M&M’s

      Comment by Laura on 10/30/07 at 2:28 pm #
    80. I love the dark chocolate on everything now. Milky Way, Twix, Crunch, M&Ms;...I really have a problem with mass produced milk chocolate, it always gives me heartburn while I have no problems whatsoever with dark chocolate of the same quality. So the dark chocolate boom has been great for me.

      Comment by Kylene on 10/30/07 at 3:42 pm #
    81. My favorite limited edition was the Reese’s big cup with lots of nuts. SO good!

      Comment by Elizabeth on 10/30/07 at 3:59 pm #
    82. There’s a cake in the Philippines called Sans Rival that’s made of layers of meringue and butter cream frosting and cashews.  It’s really creamy and rich… if that could be made into a candy, I would be in heaven.

      Comment by Jenny on 10/30/07 at 4:17 pm #
    83. Three Musketeers Mint, definitely. Or, a giant Junior Mint, but not the “deluxe” a circular soft regular Junior Mint, just giant sized. Yum!

      Comment by Karen on 10/30/07 at 5:15 pm #
    84. I love Cadbury Creme Eggs and Hershey candy-coated eggs. Alas, I missed both this past year!

      Comment by sprite on 10/30/07 at 7:11 pm #
    85. Happy Halloween!

      I had a Russell Stover chocolate-covered marshmallow/caramel egg last Easter that I’m still thinking about!  It’s made me all the more excited to find See’s scotchmallow.

      Comment by Laura Rebecca on 10/31/07 at 1:05 am #
    86. I loved the Milkshake flavored Kit Kats—kinda mocha tasting, a little malty, oh my god they were delicious.  Any time I had to run to Walgreens they were my reward for errand running.  I miss those so much, but I think I was one of the few people who ever bought them, no one else ever knows what I’m talking about!  Currently my favorite Ltd candy is the crunchy malt kisses—soo many kisses out there I can’t find/haven’t tried, but these are just dynamite!

      Comment by Cortney Hall on 10/31/07 at 2:40 am #
    87. Carnival Skittles.  They took so long to find, and they are sooooo wonderful!

      Comment by Kate Cavanaugh on 10/31/07 at 2:52 am #
    88. Easter Reese’s Egg. I LOVE them. I like most reese’s in general (which is suiting cause my nick name is rissa’s pieces) but the egg is the best.

      Comment by Rissa on 10/31/07 at 5:46 am #
    89. My favorite limited edition was the double chocolate kitkat.  Honorable mentions to Smooth n’ Creamy Reeses and Reeses with a chocolate cookie base.

      Comment by Julie on 10/31/07 at 6:11 am #
    90. Would have to be those marshmallow Resee’s cups that were around for a short time ages ago. I wish they were still in production! YUM!

      Comment by Ryan on 10/31/07 at 6:58 am #
    91. My favourite is Key Lime.  I like the mint taste which melts in one’s mouth.  I can keep eating it until my stomach is full!

      Comment by Lorraine Lau on 10/31/07 at 10:14 am #
    92. I love the mint kisses that are out at Christmas!

      Comment by Sarah on 10/31/07 at 11:04 am #
    93. I love anything mint. Mint M&Ms;, mint kit-kats, mint 3 musketeers, mint twix… mmmmmm

      I’m also looking forward to the java twix since the twix is my favorite candy bar overall (even though you don’t like them, I think they’re fabulous smile).

      Comment by Kim on 10/31/07 at 11:14 am #
    94. I love the whopper easter candy that has the hard pastel candy shell!

      Comment by Charlsie on 10/31/07 at 11:28 am #
    95. I miss the Dulce de Leche M&Ms; the most.  I liked the white chocolate Reese’s, too.

      Comment by Karen on 10/31/07 at 12:10 pm #
    96. my favorite limited edition would be Twix Java, only because I haven’t tasted it yet, but the idea of my favorite chocolate bar with my favorite drink can only mean good things!

      Comment by Janet on 10/31/07 at 12:11 pm #
    97. The Reese’s cups with extra peanut butter - so it was all PB except the chocolate bottom.  I miss those so much!  I’ll try any new chocolate bar that comes down the pike, but few were as good as those Reese’s cups.

      Comment by Erin on 10/31/07 at 1:11 pm #
    98. If I could make my own candy, it would have something to do with lychees (lychee starburst and/or skittles, maybe, in a tropical mix?). There aren’t enough lychee-flavored candies in the US (actually, I can’t think of any). I need to go to Uwajimaya to get my fix smile

      Comment by Captain Hummingbird on 10/31/07 at 1:59 pm #
    99. Carnival Skittles! I was very surprised that I liked those.

      Comment by Michael Kaye on 10/31/07 at 2:57 pm #
    100. I really loved the limited edition cookies ‘n mint chocolate bars and nuggets by Hershey.  They used to be available around the holidays, but last year they did not offer them :(  I guess I have to settle for my own homemade version.

      Comment by Kristin on 10/31/07 at 4:24 pm #
    101. Dark Chocolate Twix RULED!

      Comment by Tricia on 10/31/07 at 4:31 pm #
    102. I love Cadbury mini eggs, milk or dark, I’ll take ‘em! Some friends and I once polished off an entire pound bag of them on a 24 hr road trip once.

      Comment by Emily on 10/31/07 at 5:43 pm #
    103. I wish Hershey’s would make toasted coconut Kisses. The coconut cream version just didn’t cut it for me. 

      This isn’t really a candy - but I love the white chocolate covered Oreos that come out at Christmas. To die for!

      Comment by Kate on 10/31/07 at 6:44 pm #
    104. I loved the Shrek Mega M&Ms;. the colors were great, and it was a nice strong chocoalte hit. I know, they have the mega M&M available - but i liked the Shrek colors!

      Comment by RuthAnn Wachsmuth on 10/31/07 at 7:00 pm #
    105. My favorite limited edition candy would have to be the mint M&M’s and the Pirate Pearl M&M’s. Something about the white chocolate was just really satisfying…and anything with mint!

      Comment by Katie on 11/01/07 at 1:25 am #
    106. Since you reviewed them, I’ve been looking for the three muskateers fall mix.  They sound so good!  I haven’t found them yet, though. =(

      Comment by Susan on 11/01/07 at 4:15 am #
    107. I’m looking forward to the Java Twix. Mmm, coffee and a biscuit with caramel and chocolate—how can you go wrong?

      I don’t know if the M&Ms; Dark are limited or not, but I really like those.

      Comment by Carol on 11/01/07 at 5:01 am #
    108. Oh, please, please, please pick me!  I NEVER win anything.  Except for a cheesy nickname, that is!

      Comment by Susie Chapstick on 11/01/07 at 5:07 am #
    109. I loved the dark chocolate mint Kit-Kats.

      Comment by Erin on 11/01/07 at 5:42 am #
    110. The day I find somewhere that actually sells Junior Mints Deluxe will mark the first day of my decent into obesity.

      Comment by Danielle on 11/01/07 at 6:07 am #
    111. I love the almond snickers. I hate real Snickers, but love these. Also Dark Chocolate Mars. I just wish the nugat didn’t change in them to a horrible “vanila”

      Comment by Rose on 11/01/07 at 6:45 am #
    112. My absolutely favourite limited edition is the Twix white. I love the taste of the whitre chocolate and the creamy caramel inside.

      Comment by Franziska Engel on 11/01/07 at 7:45 am #
    113. My favorite candy of all time was the Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cups. I ate one just about every single day when I was a kid and I miss them with every fiber of my being because they were so delicious. Please come back to me, Crunchy Cookie Cups! (weeps bitterly)

      Comment by Jen Harris on 11/01/07 at 7:50 am #
    114. Thanks for having a great blog!

      Comment by Drew on 11/01/07 at 8:24 am #
    115. My favorite Limited Edition Is chocolate ,Peanut Butter, Reeses Cups. I Think their Great.

      Comment by Arthur Tower on 11/01/07 at 9:27 am #
    116. Java Twix, definitely!

      Comment by Heather on 11/01/07 at 9:27 am #
    117. This may sound kinda wierd but I think it’d be really good to take pink guava paste (like you can find in Cuban stores in Miami), nestle it between coconut, and cover in chocoate.

      Comment by Harie on 11/01/07 at 9:27 am #
    118. The Maple Oh Henry!
      I’ll probably never see one again, which is the great tragedy of my life…

      Comment by Lian on 11/01/07 at 10:13 am #
    119. I’m hoping my favourite will be the Dark Chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup LImited Edition! Thanks for another opportunity at candy!

      Comment by Hannah on 11/01/07 at 11:34 am #
    120. Cadbury eggs.  You can only get them once a year which makes me sad.  I suck on the top until it’s melty and you can see the inside, then suck the egg out and then eat the rest of the chocolate.  Plus the commercials are so cute.  Well the old ones with cows and pigs trying to make the bunny noise.

      Comment by Crystal on 11/01/07 at 11:37 am #
    121. My favorite limited edition candy would be white chocolate macadamia nut snickers. Yum!!!!!!!!

      Comment by Katie Plichta on 11/01/07 at 12:01 pm #
    122. “Creeme B’con” soft, slightly maple/smoky-flavored squeezeable candy in tube.  Using the same engineering as striped tooothpaste, but with a rectangle hole, so it comes out ribbon-shaped and with the red “meaty” stripe and the cream “fat”.  Yum.

      *Okay…made it up for a project in college, but always thought it would be wonderful.*

      Comment by crankycat on 11/01/07 at 12:50 pm #
    123. I’d have to say the reeses inside out cups.  I just can’t get enough of their peanut butter!

      Comment by Noelle on 11/01/07 at 2:12 pm #
    124. Tie between Milky Way Dark and Hershey’s mint chocolate with Oreo cookie bits

      Comment by Jessica "Su Good Sweets" on 11/01/07 at 4:49 pm #
    125. I LOVED the Mint and then the Orange KitKats. I brought them home from the UK in 1997, and then a few years later I found them out at Hershey….but I haven’t seen them since.  Orange + Chocolate = YUMMMM.

      Comment by Anna On The Moon on 11/01/07 at 5:28 pm #
    126. Must I choose only one?

      As far as standard seasonal candies go, there is something that cannot be beat in the Egg shaped Reese’s Cup.  I tried one of the pumpkins the other day, and it just didn’t live up to the Egg.

      As far as the unusual, I definitely must say the Mint KitKats.  I tried the Dark KitKats and the White ones too, but the Mint are amazing.  They’re creamy, crunchy, and minty.  Those are some of my favorite candy qualities.  What I really want to get my hands on is the Green Tea KitKat.  As a pocky and ramune and green tea ice cream fan, I think I’d be in heaven <3

      Comment by Rachel on 11/01/07 at 9:08 pm #
    127. I’d have to agree with Renee Reel’s choice: M&Ms; limited mint ones..
      Oh my goodness. MINT + M&M’S? ...delicious. smile
      Love mint. <3

      Comment by Angela on 11/01/07 at 11:18 pm #
    128. I liked the Pirate Pearls M&M’s, sickly sweet, but I like that in my candy every now and again. smileAnd it mixes well with some salty add-ins if you’re looking for a change of pace.

      Comment by Ariel Mink on 11/02/07 at 6:41 am #
    129. Hands down - $100 Grand with Coconut!  I bought as many as I could find.  Love, love, LOVE them!!!

      Comment by Jennifer Mancini on 11/02/07 at 7:37 am #
    130. I didn’t even know they *had* Dark Chocolate Flavored Sixlets!  Holy Cow!

      My all-time favorite limited edition was the Dark Chocolate KitKat—-it ruined regular KitKats for me forever!

      Comment by Josie on 11/02/07 at 9:20 am #
    131. My favorite candy that is no longer available was the carmel m&m.  About 5 years ago, a former co-worker bought me a bag as she knew my love of new candy products.  I only ever had that one bag, but I always wish they would remake them, they were fabulous!

      Comment by Emily on 11/02/07 at 9:48 am #
    132. Hmmm well I have had the Green Tea Latte Kit Kats from Japan and those are probably my favorite but not necessarily Limited Edition since I think they have those there all the time.  However, in the U.S., I would say the Mocha Kit Kats I was a huge fan of…and I am definitely looking forward to those Java Twix!

      Comment by Emily on 11/03/07 at 5:41 am #
    133. I love the godiva chocolate seasonal truffles!
      My favorite is pumpkin. mmmm.
      i used to work for them long ago and far away ( gee like 8 years? seems like longer though!)
      and we had a giant box of “damaged goods” anything slightly imperfect or dropped on the floor got thrown in there and was free for the taking.

      Comment by Becky Delamater on 11/03/07 at 5:43 am #
    134. I’d have to say that my all-time favorite Limited Edition candy was the Hershey’s Double Chocolate bar they had a couple of years ago.

      Comment by Kacie on 11/03/07 at 6:40 am #
    135. Carnival skittles!! these babies are awesome!!

      Comment by Heidi on 11/03/07 at 12:25 pm #
    136. crispy m and ms
      the orginal hershey smores bars where it was real chocolate and there a more graham cracker and it was crunchy

      Comment by Rachel Blacker on 11/03/07 at 1:58 pm #
    137. My favourite limited edition candy has got to be the green tea flavoured kit kat. Chocolate and green tea coating wonderfully flaky wafers… what more could you ask for?

      Comment by Joanna Mong on 11/03/07 at 2:13 pm #
    138. I absolutely adored the Hershey’s cookies and mint bars, as well as mint M&Ms;. How I miss them so!!!

      Comment by Hilary on 11/03/07 at 2:34 pm #
    139. I can’t find the Carnival Skittles anywhere anymore… just the gum. *sigh*

      Comment by Linds on 11/03/07 at 2:48 pm #
    140. I love the holiday shaped Reese’s as well as the Cherry Cordial Hershey Kisses!  My faves forever!

      Comment by Ruth on 11/04/07 at 1:46 am #
    141. I was lucky enough to get a red berry KitKat when in England a few years ago. The tart jelly was excellent with the wafer and chocolate (the bars are much bigger, and the chocolate smoother on that side of the pond…). The caramel edition wasn’t as good (too sweet… if it had been made with *very* dark chocolate, though, it would have been wonderful—but I think that’s the case with many confections).

      Comment by Mandy on 11/04/07 at 6:19 am #
    142. My current favorite is the mint filled Hershey’s Kisses.

      Comment by Julie on 11/04/07 at 8:53 am #
    143. I wish there were Limited Edition Chunky Bars!

      I’d like a Chunky w/ White Chocolate, or Orange Essence or Malt Flavor chocolate.

      Comment by Kelly M on 11/04/07 at 9:43 am #
    144. I loved the clove flavored Life Savors.  You can’t find them now!

      Comment by Marla Lieber on 11/04/07 at 12:23 pm #
    145. My favorite limited edition candy: Pirate Pearls (white chocolate M&Ms;)!

      Comment by Leanne on 11/05/07 at 5:44 am #
    146. Definitely dark chocolate kit kats. DELICIOUS!

      Comment by Sarah on 11/05/07 at 8:08 am #
    147. My favorite candy is Cadbury’s Mini eggs which come out at Easter.  Last year I found some at Christmas time but I can’t wait until Easter!

      Comment by Renee on 11/05/07 at 8:20 am #
    148. How about a dark chocolate Reese’s cup? I can’t believe they haven’t made those yet!

      Comment by HaM on 11/05/07 at 3:03 pm #
    149. My favorite limited edition of now is the 3 Musketeer Mint.

      I have also been known to list the KitKat Halloween Orange, the Skittles Carnival, and Mint Cookie and Creme Hershey bars.

      Comment by tikiera on 11/05/07 at 3:06 pm #
    150. Caramel M&M’s!! I found them when I went to Florida on vacation and brought a whole box back. We couldn’t find them anywhere in the state and realized they were only testing them in certain areas. We ended up ordering cases from the company and still have some left.. and that was about 6 years ago! Of course they’re old and we don’t consume them.. but I miss those!!

      Comment by Jennifer on 11/05/07 at 5:27 pm #
    151. elvis banana pb cups!


      Comment by le smallfield on 11/06/07 at 6:37 am #
    152. Hershey’s cookies and mint bars. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

      Comment by Amy on 11/06/07 at 7:37 am #
    153. My favorite limited edition candy bar was a Hershey’s bar which had roasted mixed nuts like pecans. I remember finding it at the dollar store and it was SO good. Oh, and I absolutely adore those Halloween molasses kisses. It makes me sad they only come out once a year.

      Comment by Shannon White on 11/06/07 at 7:49 am #
    154. hmm..tough. I liked think I really like the confetti hershey’s kisses they put out recently. I’m a HUGE white chocolate lover! I wish I could have tried the orange creme kisses they put out a while back but I never got around buying bag.

      Comment by Caroline on 11/06/07 at 11:01 am #
    155. I totally miss the White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.  Even my hubby, who isn’t a candy person, would run off with the bag and bring me just the wrappers later.

      Comment by Jessica on 11/07/07 at 6:02 am #
    156. dark chocolate twix!

      Comment by Carmen on 11/07/07 at 7:47 am #
    157. I miss the old Beeman’s gum.  They come out with it every few years now, but it’s a different recipe (at least it tastes that way)

      Comment by Jasmine on 11/07/07 at 8:43 am #
    158. I’m looking forward to Cadbury Mini-Eggs. Those wee things are so hard to find! And they are NEVER on sale simply because EVERYONE BUYS THEM SO QUICKLY! GAH!!!! Thankfully they make Christmas versions…

      Comment by Streaker on 11/07/07 at 11:08 am #
    159. I really liked the 4th of July Peeps - they were star shaped, vanilla flavored, and were covered in tiny little confetti slivers of candied sugar - red, white, and blue. They sold these back in 2000, and I haven’t been able to find them since, they must not have been a best seller. They were heavenly, I liked them even better than regular peeps! GASP! smile

      Comment by amber on 11/07/07 at 12:14 pm #
    160. I absolutely love Dark Chocolate 100 Grands!  The original ones are good, but there’s just something about the dark chocolate, caramel, and little crispies that’s just right on.  I got hooked on them when I found giant-sized bags of them for a couple of bucks each.  Unfortunately, my stash has run out, though I do come across some old individual ones in closeout stores on occasion.  As a side note, I wish they would bring back Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cups and Crispy M&Ms;.  Those weren’t really limited edition, but I think they have been discontinued for quite some time in the U.S.

      Comment by Heather on 11/07/07 at 4:15 pm #
    161. My perfect holiday treat would have to be some sort of flavored candy corn. The current flavor is too…bland.

      Comment by Rogue Onion on 11/08/07 at 3:43 am #
    162. I really enjoyed the strawberry milkshake kit kats. I’m not sure if they’re still around but I haven’t seen them in a long time.

      Comment by Jen Seniuk on 11/08/07 at 11:41 am #
    163. mmmmmm i hope i win. reeces pb cups

      Comment by liz on 11/08/07 at 11:41 am #
    164. i dont know if these were limited edition or not, but i luvvvvved the chocolate temptation candy from hershey.  i went to hershey just the other day to get them and apparently they were discontinued like 2 years ago. :(

      Comment by Kandyce Collins on 11/08/07 at 12:31 pm #
    165. This isn’t limited edition, just geographically limited. I absolutely LOVED the hazelnut cream Kit-Kats that I had while I was in Egypt (also came in peanut butter… which was divine, but very difficult to find).

      Yet to find them in the States…

      Comment by Christina on 11/08/07 at 12:58 pm #
    166. Well, I love anything banana flavored…and I love the texture and crunch of those Cadbury “Crunchie” bars (and Violet Crumble even more). So one possible dream candy would be a Crunchie-type honeycomb candy with banana flavor, enrobed in very dark chocolate…

      Also, I am a fiend for nut butters - cashew and almond specifically. So some sort of peanut butter cup candy with cashew butter or almond butter would be phenomenal, I think. A dark chocolate would be necessary, and I think that the cup would need to be a bit thinner than the current Reeses model (I think cashew butter is a bit richer, so maybe a different chocolate-to-butter ratio would be good).

      Finally, something in the nougat department might be nice. I like the very hard nougat that one finds at street fairs in New York (the kind that puts dollar signs in your dentist’s eyes). I’ve noticed they make them in citrus-y flavors, and I think for some reason that a bergamot hard nougat would be nice - citrus and honey, very summer-time.

      Mmm, now I’m hungry. Thanks for the blog, I love it!

      Comment by Ani on 11/08/07 at 3:45 pm #
    167. Chocolate covered Pearson’s Nut Roll. My husband’s constantly trying to find this again, but I always remind him—it was a limited edition.  He’s sweet for trying though.

      Comment by Melissa on 11/09/07 at 7:37 am #
    168. Limited edition chocolate mint Hershey’s kisses are the best! I usually find them around the holidays (green and silver checkerboard wrappers) but not any other time of the year.

      Comment by heather on 11/10/07 at 12:55 pm #
    169. My favorites were the limited edition Reeses from last year—the “Peanut Butter Lovers” and “Chocolate Lovers” cups.  I liked both of them.

      Comment by David C-L on 11/10/07 at 4:32 pm #
    170. Hello grin  I remember these almond joy bars with white chocolate and lime zest!!!  I mushed them in to some vanilla ice cream.  Wow.

      Comment by Katie Flanagan on 11/11/07 at 6:01 am #
    171. My favorite was the coffee-flavoured kitkat. I found two packs and have never seen them again.

      Comment by K. Reitz on 11/11/07 at 11:27 am #
    172. I absolutely LOVE the Cherry Cordial Hershey’s Kisses, they are currently still available.  (Speaking of current kisses, I totally hate the Toffee Flavored Crunch ones). 

      I also miss the Hershey’s Strawberries and Creme bars, I don’t have a clue if you can even get your hands on them any longer but oh, were they good.

      Comment by Jen on 11/11/07 at 11:56 am #
    173. I am always prowling the aisles for something new, and when anything new is out, I am the first to buy it in my family.  I like the Mint M&M’s Limited Edition, and was pleasantly pleased the other day when I found Razzberry M&M’s, they were quite a treat!

      Comment by Wade Schillo on 11/11/07 at 7:14 pm #
    174. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the old reese’s and bookie peanut butter cups.  Whatever happened to them?!  My favorite candy of all time is Reese’s and Cookies n Cream Hershey…therefore it was like the perfect mix!

      Comment by Alexis on 11/12/07 at 10:18 am #
    175. I meant to say Reese’s Cookie Peanut Butter Cups.

      Comment by Alexis on 11/12/07 at 10:19 am #
    176. I absolutly LOVE the White Chocolate Kit-Kats. Also MilkeyWay Midnights are WONDERFUL!

      Comment by Danielle on 11/12/07 at 7:30 pm #
    177. I really did like the Elvis peanut butter cups! I also like the peppermint Ghirardelli squares every year. AND… Cadbury mini eggs.

      I just bought peppermint Peeps & can’t wait to open them! I heard you on Munchcast, by the way, and now I love your site.

      Comment by Nycteris on 11/13/07 at 7:13 am #
    178. The raspberry M&Ms; Looks like they’re on their way out because I’m seeing them at the dollar store.

      Comment by Ali on 11/15/07 at 7:32 am #
    179. The problem with Razzberry M&M’s was they looked like the defect M&M bin.  I bought a bag and some were large, some were small, some were huge, some we mini, some were round, some were shaped like eggs, some were blobs of M&M, and none were the same, LOL!

      Comment by Wade on 11/15/07 at 4:09 pm #
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