Monday, September 23, 2013

Jolly Rancher Caramel Apple Lollipops

Jolly Rancher Caramel Apple LollipopsIn the ranking of Halloween candy, hard candies were usually pretty close to the bottom of the list. Unless it was Jolly Ranchers. A handful of green apple and cinnamon were welcome in my trick or treat bag, and even better if the home gave out the sticks.

It’s fun to see Hershey’s Jolly Rancher brand branching out a little bit for Halloween with their new Jolly Rancher Caramel Apple Lollipops. I found these at Target but saw them earlier at CVS and RiteAid (for at least a dollar more) so I think Hershey’s has given them very wide release.

It’s hard to believe that these will topple the current seasonal Caramel Apple Pop favorite from Tootsie.

Jolly Rancher Caramel Apple Lollipops

The smell is confusing. I get a lot of buttery notes, but it’s like artificial butter flavoring or something. The flavor is immediately tangy and overly sour apple. But then again, this is a Jolly Rancher candy, so it I guess it just has to be mostly green apple. The green and caramel color swirls look like the flavor should vary, but I didn’t detect enough of a respite from the tartness of the green apple in the caramel.

The texture is good, I didn’t notice any voids or sharpness. The pieces were all perfectly formed and didn’t have any of that sticky/deformation/melting problem that the Tootsie Caramel Apple Pops have.

Overall, though, these are just too tart for me and don’t have enough actual caramel or toffee in them. However, they do seem to be free of actual dairy products, so if you’re looking for a caramel product without milk, cream or butter, this might be for you. I’m not planning on eating the rest of this bag, but I’m confident the neighborhood kids won’t be disappointed on October 31st.

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Name: Jolly Rancher Caramel Apple Lollipops
Brand: Hershey’s
Place Purchased: Target (West Hollywood)
Price: $2.69
Size: 9.1 ounces
Calories per ounce: 109
Categories: Candy, Halloween, Hershey's, Hard Candy & Lollipops, 5-Pleasant, Mexico, Target

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  1. I enjoy the Tootsie Caramel Apple Pop quite a bit but all of the challengers have been lame-o… I also saw another competitor in the form of a Caramel Apple Blow Pop, but it was NOT GOOD.  The flavor was muddy and boring and it had gum in the middle (I guess that makes sense for a Blow Pop, but I was expecting a delicious wad of caramel!)

    Comment by Ruffy on 9/23/13 at 2:40 pm #
  2. Hi, I noticed these were put out for the season… Do you think they’ll still be available in December? And I’ve had them and I like them a lot!

    Comment by Jenny on 10/20/13 at 6:39 pm #
  3. These are on sale at CVS, Buy 2 for $4 and we have coupons and with ECB’s back, 8 bags cost me $7. Luckily I freaking LOVE these.  OMG so good.  Nice to know it is dairy free.  I loved it.  I think I want more.

    Comment by Pretty Pretty on 10/22/13 at 6:36 pm #
  4. I am actually in love with these lollipops! Some do tend to have a lot more apple in them than others. But it’s a select few. Most of them in the bag were pretty well mixed with the caramel to apple ratio. I’m trying to find somewhere to order them online lol. All the stores around me are all sold out! :-( They are by far my favorite lollipop, I hope they continue with them every year.

    Comment by Liz on 11/19/13 at 12:38 pm #
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