Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Candy Revival: Good ‘n Fruity Returns

I got word during All Candy Expo that Good ‘n Fruity, the fruity version of Good & Plenty is returning next year.

I believe the revamped product was test marketed last year in Oregon, as the photo shown here by permission from ravenzachary shows (or perhaps he got a frighteningly old box).

The original Good ‘n Fruity was a clear sweet jelly center with a variety of fruit flavored candy shells. According to Wikipedia, back in 1988 the centers were changed to improve the flavor and were rather like pieces of fruit licorice with a candy shell.

I have no recollection of ever eating Good ‘n Fruity, I always preferred the licorice parent. But I’ll give it a whirl! If only to find out if they’ve squandered their Dr. Frankenstien powers on this candy instead of reviving the Bar None.

We’ll find out in late February 2008 whether Zombie candies are as good as the original ones.

UPDATE 3/11/2008: I finally got a hold of a box via CandyWarehouse ... here’s the review.

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  1. Oh, I’m so glad to hear this! AS a child, I always much preferred Good ‘n Fruity over the Good ‘n Plenty. Mike & Ike’s are a poor substitute, but it’s all I’ve had to work with for decades.

    Thanks for the news!

    Comment by Shopping Jen on 9/25/07 at 12:44 pm #
  2. I remember the Good ‘n Fruity as being perfectly pleasant, but since I’m such a licorice fiend, it was no match for the Good ‘n Plenty.

    Comment by Bronwen on 9/25/07 at 2:35 pm #
  3. Whoa!!! Who did you talk to to find that one out? I’d love to hear the details!

    I’ve never had these, but given that I’m a recent devotee of Good ‘n Plenty, I’m eager to try these!

    Comment by Sera on 9/25/07 at 5:00 pm #
  4. I love Good ‘N Fruity and have mourned its loss for years.  As a black licorce hater I’ve long harbored bitterness toward its surviving counterpart Good ‘N Plenty, but this is great news.  I will be on the lookout!

    Comment by JoAnn Krzeminski on 9/26/07 at 8:48 am #
  5. Good ‘n Fruity returns?!?!?!? Oh happy day! I’ve been waiting for years to read those very words.

    If only Pine Brothers’ cherry cough drops (a.k.a. best. candy. ever) would return…

    Comment by holly on 9/26/07 at 1:41 pm #
  6. Woo Hoo!  Loved these. I also like black licorice, so I didn’t resent Good N Plenty surviving, but the earlier poster is correct—these were always better than Mike & Ikes

    Comment by Jim Kosmicki on 9/27/07 at 6:57 am #
  7. I’m SO EXCITED!!! I signed the Petition just recently, and I am SO happy to hear that they are bringing them back.  Good’n Fruity was may all time favorite candy as a kid.  My dad always use to buy me a box when we went to the movie theater!  Thanks for the great news!


    Comment by Josiah Hudson on 10/29/07 at 10:33 am #
  8. Bring it back!

    Comment by Steve on 11/09/07 at 4:07 pm #
  9. im so glad my faveroit candy is back when it come backs i will by out the store!!!

    Comment by billy on 12/13/07 at 1:01 pm #
  10. I have it on good authority from someone that works at Hershey (I know I know everyone has a friend somewhere) It is coming back the End of Feb.  They may be a little more like Mike and Ikes this time.  Nat was not sure.  He is getting me samples.  I will update once I get them.  I won’t share but I will let you know if they are the same or not.

    Comment by Bott on 1/14/08 at 1:01 pm #
  11. Love both Good n Plenty and Good n Fruity! Bring back childhood memories!

    Comment by JF on 1/30/08 at 5:10 pm #
  12. I really love Good n Fruity candies, Please bring them back soon, Please Please Please. Please email me when this candy returns!!!!

    Thank you.

    Diva J

    Comment by Diva J on 2/11/08 at 9:15 am #
  13. I am so happy to hear that they are coming back!!What a great part of my childhood they were…memories.  E-mail me when they are available:


    Comment by Lynsey A. Backman on 2/12/08 at 9:32 am #
  14. I actually preferred the old Good N’ Fruity with the red licorice centers and the harder flavored shells as opposed to the slightly better Mike N’ Ike’s that they were putting out before they disappeared…
    If they go back to the one I remember as a child, I’ll be quite a happy lad :o)

    Comment by Jason on 2/12/08 at 3:29 pm #
  15. Oh my gosh! The sweet memories of Good and Fruity. I loved the stuff. You had that crunch when you ate the hard coating and that soft sweet licorice when you got to the middle. I am so excited to hear it will be back soon, I cant wait.

    Comment by Terri Ross on 2/21/08 at 8:16 am #
  16. I recently saw the Pine Brothers cherry cough drops at Cracker Barrel. I think I remember seeing Good N’ Fruity once, but I never ate them. When did they stop being sold? I may try them.

    Comment by Meghan on 2/21/08 at 2:32 pm #
  17. YES! I have waited so long for these to come back. Has anyone seen them in stores yet?

    Comment by Brian on 2/24/08 at 11:00 am #
  18. Please dear God… It is late Febreuary (only one day left) and still no sign of them.  Has anyone heard anything?  I have been bothering my wife for months now with the anticipated return of them.  I have to have them…

    Comment by Chris on 2/27/08 at 10:13 am #
  19. Cybele's avatar

    They are on their way to stores! I just got a note from my friend who runs CandyWarehouse.com and he said that he is expecting his shipment any day now (and will set some aside for me).

    I’ll defintely have an update when I get a hold of them.

    Comment by Cybele on 2/27/08 at 10:21 am #

    Comment by Chris on 3/04/08 at 11:34 am #
  21. Some new flavor, blue raspberry… Not sure how that’s going to be…

    Comment by Chris on 3/04/08 at 11:35 am #
  22. It’s true!!! I’m super excited!  Does anyone know what stores they are/will be sold at?


    Comment by Josiah Hudson on 3/04/08 at 5:55 pm #
  23. Just bought 2 boxes at Dollar tree in Hamburg NY,near the easter candy and let me tell you they are AWFUL!! They taste and have the texture of jelly beans, if I wanted jelly beans I would have bought jelly beans! Sorry to disappoint anyone but I’m no fool when it comes to my candy, they are really small too, don’t even look like the pics on the box, bah!!!!

    Comment by Crystal on 3/06/08 at 8:22 am #
  24. I just bought some, same place, Dollar Tree.  They are NOT the Good N Fruity we grew up with.  I have to agree with the previous comments… tastes a lot like jelly beans.  Very similar.  The Good N Fruity I remember had the same consistancy (spelling) of Good N Plenty.  These are not even close.  The taste is way off as well.
    All in all, if I wasn’t expecting the old flavor, it wouldn’t be too bad.  But I am really disappointed.


    Comment by Square on 3/06/08 at 1:08 pm #
  25. I was ADDICTED to good n fruity, and almost passed out when I saw them on the shelf, I opened them up on the drive home, and was VERY dissapointed!!! They do taste like jelly beans, and they are not the same shape. BUMMER!

    Comment by Lisa on 3/15/08 at 11:01 am #
  26. Well…I tried them…
    ...Perhaps it was just too good to be true…
    I’m afraid that they are much like very cheap dollar store jellybeans.  The oddly tangy candy coating turns to powdery mess in your mouth when you bite in to them…The shape is all wrong.  Moral of the story (listen up Hershey’s):
    If you don’t feel a job’s worth doing right, Don’t do it!  :-\


    Comment by Josiah on 3/15/08 at 2:26 pm #
  27. I remeber this candy very well.Can anyone confirm the fact that Carly Simon sung the jingle for the ads on T.V. I remember the ads had a very Peter Max feel to them.Also any printed words for the Jingle?


    Comment by Curt on 3/15/08 at 4:15 pm #
  28. i’ve been waiting so long for this candy to come back, and its finally back, its not the same as it was when i was a kid, but its still great. i hope it stays around!

    Comment by DUSTY on 3/18/08 at 3:11 pm #
  29. They’re sour?!?! WHAT THE HECK HERSHEYS!?
    I bought some at Dollar Tree and I cannot believe how let down I was. These are nothing at all like the originals, not even a slight resemblance. Sour jelly beans is what they are and crappy ones at that. At least it’s Easter and I can dump them in the bottom of the kids baskets. Total and complete failure….

    Comment by Tim on 3/21/08 at 6:35 am #
  30. I’m afraid I have to agree with Tim.  :(
    Big disappointment.


    Comment by Josiah on 3/21/08 at 10:20 am #
  31. I too, was so excited to see them.  They are terrible!!!!!  How can we get them to change them back?????

    Comment by johanna on 3/24/08 at 12:00 pm #
  32. Perhaps an emotionally charged letter?  A plea for decency?  I’ll sign it.


    Comment by Josiah on 3/24/08 at 12:50 pm #
  33. I got all excited to see the jumbo 5 oz Good ‘&’ Fruity boxes of these in the candy chips snack aisle of my local Big Y grocery store early last week and scarfed up 3 boxes.  Let me tell you: what a big letdown.
    I was hoping for the hard candy shell over stale “hard ‘n stiff” red licorice taste I remember of these years and years ago. :...(
    I also remember many ‘o fillings pulled out of my teeth eating the originals.

    Comment by Nate on 4/13/08 at 8:22 am #
  34. I just submitted my disgust and disappointment over @ http://www.hersheys.com contact submission form.
    Bring back the original Good ‘n Fruity! Don’t tinker with the formula - if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

    Comment by Nate on 4/13/08 at 8:44 am #
  35. Even after the negative comments on here, I decided to try them.  I will agree that they are not the original and that I liked the original much, much more.  But, since my expectations were so low, I think they are all right.

    Comment by Nick on 5/04/08 at 9:43 am #
  36. Hurray!! I just got my first box and they are great! I really missed Good n Fruity! The movies this summer will be better now that I have my faorite candy back!

    Comment by Sue on 5/13/08 at 1:26 pm #
  37. Good and Fruitys used to be my FAVORITE candy and then i couldnt find them for years. A friend of mine went out of state and brought me back 5 boxes of the new ones. Im not a fan any more. They are wayyyy different than the old ones. Not impressed!

    Comment by Michelle on 5/21/08 at 8:11 am #
  38. I live in Oregon and found the new Good and Fruitys at a local Safeway. They are NOT the same. They are softer and they replaced the best flavor (grape) with a blue raspberry.
    I am very dissapointed. I have been looking for their return for years :(

    Comment by Stephanie Templeman on 5/27/08 at 7:35 am #
  39. I wept for mankind when I tasted the new Good & Fruity.

    May God help us all.

    Comment by Erika Collins on 6/20/08 at 3:27 pm #
  40. just tried them and they are not like I remember.  They are much softer like a jelly bean with a sweet tart shell.  I like the old chewy ones!

    Comment by Bob on 6/25/08 at 12:16 pm #
  41. Where are you people finding them?  I live in the SF Bay Area and I haven’t seen them anywhere.

    Comment by Greg on 7/01/08 at 10:14 am #
  42. If you are familiar with the old ones, I’m afraid your asking us to help you disappoint yourself.  Of course, if I were you, not having yet tried them again, I wouldn’t want to believe me either…

    Your best shot is a dollar store chain called “Dollar Tree”.  If you’ve never seen one around (and Google Maps confirms that there are none in your area), you may have to resort to CandyWarehouse.com.  The other possibility is to choose your next vacation spot based on the location of a Dollar Tree store…but that seems a bit extreme.  wink


    Comment by Josiah on 7/02/08 at 2:55 am #
  43. Found them at Target in suburb north of Chicago. Thrilled to see the return of a childhood favorite, ate some while watching 4th of July fireworks in the Target parking lot.  Sadly, these candies are not the same.  The texture is all wrong and they are all too sweet.  Flavor-wise, the red, yellow and green show promise; the blue is terrible.  They almost make Mike and Ike’s seem tasty by comparison.

    Comment by Matt on 7/09/08 at 11:51 am #
  44. I was so happy when I was at Target today and saw the Good and Fruity’s.  They were my favorite candy for years and I even tried buying up all the last boxes on EBAY when they discontinued them.  So when I saw these new ones today, I was so excited and bought 15 boxes.  It only took 3 bites to know I wasted my money.  Whoever at Hershey’s was in charge of taking over this line did all of us a huge injustice.  And if Hershey’s thinks this candy will appeal to new customers as well, they are in for a huge disappointment.  So sad that they ruined it.

    Comment by Rich on 7/11/08 at 10:21 am #
  45. Yeah, was at Target today, saw them…got overly excited…bought 4 boxes.  Opened them up on the way to the car, was like…these aren’t the right shape…and after eating a few…these aren’t the same.  Why???????  My favorite candy as a kid in the 70s and they do this on the big bring back….wish they’d just stayed gone.  Can you return candy for a refund?  I’m very sad.

    Comment by Sam on 7/19/08 at 10:38 am #
  46. I was so excited when I saw Good and Fruity’s in my local dollar store. I bought two boxes and opened one up before I hit the exit door. What I tasted almost brought tears to my eyes. And they weren’t tears of joy. Nestle, you have played a nasty game with my precious and fragile heart. Please bring back the original Good and Fruity’s, and in the meantime I will be trying to put the pieces of my life back together again.

    Comment by Aram Tchividjian on 7/19/08 at 6:41 pm #
  47. A couple of weeks ago I was food shopping and I happened to be in the candy/cereal aisle.  I turned around and saw Good N Fruity on the shelf.  I was so psyched!!! For years I have been hoping it would come back. I always looked but never found it, until two weeks ago.  I do like Good N Plenty too but you cannot beat the fruity taste.  It was a favorite candy of mine when I was a kid.  That was 36 years ago.

    Comment by Colleen on 8/08/08 at 3:28 pm #
  48. I have been looking for these for years and was so excited when I stumbled upon them today at Target.  I bought 3 boxes, got back to work and wanted to cry.  They changed them - they taste like sour jelly beans.  I’m so bummed :(  These are NOTHING like the originals. Shame on you Hershey’s for messing with this classic.  If your going to bring it back - create them like they were….boo on you !!!

    Comment by Melissa on 8/19/08 at 11:02 am #
  49. Melissa, i totally agree. The exact same thing happened to me. I bought several boxes, and i barely finished one. Ugh. They’re awful.

    I could start a blog just about things from my childhood that have been “remade” as pure awfulness.

    Comment by Michael on 8/21/08 at 10:30 am #
  50. Here are the lyrics as I remember them from the TV spot:

    There are rainbows in the flavor of Good and Fruity Candy (sung 2x)
    The cherry tastes good as the 4th of July
    Lemon’s for the sun right out of the sky
    The orange makes you laugh ‘til the sun goes down
    And lime is love and love is green and love is all around
    So take a box open it, and you’ll see
    There are rainbows in the flavor of Good and Fruity Candy (2x, then spot ends)

    I can picture this animated spot in my mind like it was yesterday..very psychedelic, early 1970s feel to it, and remember the song verbatim…can’t confirm as to whether it was Carly Simon, but that’s entirely possible

    Comment by Danno on 9/03/08 at 10:17 am #

    Comment by LISA on 9/10/08 at 2:36 pm #
  52. Just picked up 4 boxes at Wal Mart, luckily I didn’t have to go too far to find some. I ignored all warnings of how they are not the same, but they’re edible so what the hey. I do agree with most of you, they (Hershey’s) need to locate their original recipe for G&F;and MAKE THEM THE WAY WE ALL REMEMBER THEM!!!!! For now, I will eat these when I’m bored and need a sugar rush (alternating from G&P;of course—still MY favorite of the two).

    Oh, yeah, false advertising; the candies pictured on the box don’t look anything like what’s IN the box! Mike & Ike’s are just too big and I don’t care for the texture.

    Bring back the original Good & Fruity!!!!

    Comment by Diane C Duvo on 9/15/08 at 11:04 am #
  53. I found this site because I was researching Good & Fruity to see if anyone had anything to say about it lately. Reason being, I was thrilled to see a stack of boxes of it at Kroger today, and grabbed one.
    I opened it before I even got out of the store and after the first piece I told my husband “they’re not the same.” I was so disappointed.
    And my thought was exactly like some people on here also brought up, inexpensive jelly beans :(

    Comment by Jeep2000 on 9/18/08 at 4:39 pm #
  54. Wow, what young college educated idiot was in charge of bringing back this great classic candy.  Obviously young and doesnt remember the real thing!  Probably some college educated business or marketing corporate dweeb that just doesnt understand that candy is simple -taste it and enjoy it dont “develop” it.  All this re-make version is is just “sweet-tart get-capsules”!!!

    Comment by Wormbox on 9/18/08 at 6:05 pm #
  55. Saw these at walmart and was so excited, they were always my favorite candy.  very dissapointed, they arent any different than any other kind of tangy and sour jelly bean, i want the original good n fruity back.

    Comment by Dana on 10/13/08 at 11:37 am #
  56. Extremely disappointed in the return as I expected the old school good n fruity flavor but got a glorified jelly bean instead!

    Comment by David Beatley on 10/19/08 at 11:13 am #
  57. The new G & F….just horrible.  Way too sweet.  Bring back the original.  PLEASE!!!!

    Comment by Jim L. on 10/22/08 at 10:56 am #
  58. I as well as most of you, have tried
    the New “Good&Fruity;”
    Well, they got the “Fruity” part right , But I Tryed every flavor in the box and trust me there was no “Good” in that box .
    What I purchased were mishaped “reject Jelly beans” . What I expected -A hard candy Fruity flavored shell with RED LICORICE In the center.Not to mention the cylindrical shape.(pictured on the box)
    There was a petition to get them produced again,now lets petition to have Hersheys

    Comment by RC on 11/12/08 at 7:17 pm #
  59. I want the RED LICORICE good n fruity!! :(

    Does anyone remeber bonkers?

    Comment by Derrik on 11/25/08 at 10:15 am #
  60. I am so disappointed!  I too couldn’t believe it when I saw them on the shelves as I had hunted everywhere trying to find them before knowing they were discontinued.  I was so happy I grabbed 10 boxes (thinking it was a fluke and I must stock up)!  I really miss the original ones - these really are like jelly beans.  I can actually feel my teeth rotting when I eat them due to all the sugar!

    Comment by Marlaina on 12/02/08 at 5:50 am #
  61. ugghhhh!!!!  Whatta heartbreaker….. ! 

    My wife bought me a box of the new good and fruity! She was going to save it for a stocking stuffer, but she knew how much I had missed those little sugary crack bits, so she gave them to me as soon as she got home from the store.

    Well…. I opened the box immediately, and noticed that in a way they looked like Jelly belly jelly beans ..... so I popped a couple in the old kisser, and….. DISSAPOINTMENT onset!  The “revived” version of my favorite candy is more like a crappy jelly bean

    Don’t be fooled by this revival people, do not start grinning ear to ear like I did when I saw the box….. it is truly a heartbreaker. It is my hope the company goes back to the original recipe I remember all those years. Nothing like the chewy “holy smokes I think I lost a filling” substance.

    Comment by Larry on 12/08/08 at 9:20 am #
  62. I bought a box of these. I ate five of them. Threw the rest away. Did a Google search to see if I’m the only one who is seriously dissapointed. Now making a comment.

    Not a good product or idea Hershey. I wish I hadn’t bought them.

    Can I have my money back, Hershey?

    Comment by Rob on 12/26/08 at 4:06 pm #
  63. These aren’t the same as the old good n fruitys. These “new” ones are more like mike and ike. The old good n fruity were just like good n plenty except instead of black licorice they used red licorice. They were sooo good. This new version just doesn’t cut it.

    Comment by Matt on 1/26/09 at 10:33 am #
  64. Here’s how I remember that groovy jingle!

    There are rainbows in a package of Good and Fruity Candy

    (sung once only in the beginning)

    Cherry tastes good on the 4th of July

    Lemon melts the sun right out of the sky

    Orange makes you laugh ?til the sun goes down

    And lime is love and love is green and love is all around

    So take a box open it, and you?ll see

    There are rainbows in a package of Good and Fruity Candy

    Rainbows in a package of Good and Fruity Candy!

    Rainbows in a package of Good and Fruity Candy!

    Rainbows in a package of Good and Fruity Candy!


    I wish we can find the exact lyrics and the jingle online. I searched all over, even on youtube and nothing.  My sister and I are working on our own animation along with the song (sung by us!) and when it’s ready I’ll post the link. It will be on youtube. :D


    Comment by Georgette on 1/28/09 at 6:05 am #
  65. Their are rainbows in the flavors of Good N Fruiti Candy !
    Cherry tastes good like the 4th of July
    Lemon melts the sun right outta the sky
    Orange makes you laugh til the sun goes down
    lime is love and love is green and love is all around..
    so take a box open it and you’ll see their are rainbows in the flavors of good N Fruiti candy!

    I remember the very colorful cartoon commercial - and do recall a young boy watching a rainbow go across/over the sky…

    It couldnt have been Carly Simon as I remember the singer to be a male.

    Comment by john jurney on 2/13/09 at 9:06 am #
  66. Don’t you guys get cavities???

    Comment by Jose on 3/11/09 at 8:27 am #
  67. Nope.  Not a cavity in years!

    PLEASE bring back the GOOD candy…the GOOD GOOD and FRUITY!!!!  PLEASE!!!

    Comment by Jim in MI on 3/11/09 at 9:46 am #
  68. They should rename it “Bad & Fruity!”

    Comment by Mattrd on 3/11/09 at 9:56 am #
  69. The only place I can find them is Rite-Aid. They’re also sold in the bigger boxes. I’m grateful to find them. Where can I get the small boxes? Anyone know?

    Comment by tony on 3/19/09 at 1:55 pm #
  70. What the crap..if i wanted jelly beans i would go buy jelly beans. So much for the original candy i liked. WAY TO BE ORIGINAL.

    Comment by Blizzle on 3/20/09 at 3:58 am #
  71. I emailed Hersheys twice over the past few months…and I got the same reply twice.  Here it is.  *I EVEN including THIS website so they could look at the displeasure of us!!!!*

    Thank you for contacting The Hershey Company.

    Your comments about GOOD ‘N FRUITY candy are important.  Our goal is to develop products, promotions, and advertising with widespread consumer appeal. It is disappointing to learn that your expectations were not met. Comments such as yours are valuable and provide input into future planning.

    Your interest in our company is appreciated.

    This email address is restricted for outgoing messages only. For that reason, please do not respond to this email as the inbox is not monitored.

    Natalie Smyth
    Consumer Representative

    Comment by Jim in Michigan on 3/20/09 at 4:15 am #
  72. They are fruity but not very good.  False advertising.  These are jelly beans.  Bring back the original.  WTF!?

    Comment by Jingleballs on 3/22/09 at 7:15 pm #
  73. I was so happy to see these but as soon as I tasted them I was dissapointed. I don’t remember them being sour. They’ve turned them into bad sour jelly bean imitations.

    Comment by M on 4/18/09 at 6:15 pm #
  74. Dear Hershey’s

    Bring back the REAL Good ‘N Fruity!! The new ones are a poor substitute!


    Comment by Emily on 5/25/09 at 10:31 am #
  75. Bring back the old version!!! These are awful - poor imitation of the original product.

    Comment by Dan on 9/15/09 at 11:10 am #
  76. What most people don’t know is that the singer on the Good ‘n’ Fruity commercial really is Carly Simon. How do I know that? Because she was an aspiring singer/songwriter in the early 70’s and I hired her to write and sing the jingle. And, yes, I have the recording in its original reel-to-reel tape form, now transferred to a CD. Anyone interested in the music should feel free to write me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

    Comment by Jerry on 1/13/10 at 5:37 am #
  77. Bring back the original Good & Fruity! If I want jellybeans I will buy Jelly Belly! I have no idea what they were thinking when they decided to go with a clear slury for the centers. Didn’t they go though a panel of consumers before they released this garbage? Were the people on the panel high? How did this happen?

    Comment by Steve Van Dyke on 9/08/11 at 12:43 am #
  78. I used to eat good and fruity when I was a kid it used to be a solid piece of cherry licorice, then they changed it to some gooey soft center they need to make it licorice again just like good and plenty

    Comment by Gabriel Socha on 5/02/13 at 3:02 pm #
  79. Sound like Carly to me! LOL.

    Comment by Curt on 5/08/13 at 10:30 am #
  80. http://www.fuzzymemories.tv/index.php?c=1298

    Comment by Curt on 5/08/13 at 10:42 am #
  81. PIMP! :D

    Comment by Georgette on 5/08/13 at 7:27 pm #
  82. The new version of these candies sucks.  I preferred the red licorice version. Hershey has ruined this once good candy. They are now a lousy version of a Jelly Belly. I am very disappointed!

    Comment by Chad A Hensiak on 9/28/14 at 7:44 am #
  83. I loved the red licorice version of this candy when I was a kid. When they changed them in to a jelly bean I stopped eating them.

    Comment by Mike on 2/18/17 at 5:28 pm #
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