Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Twix Egg

Twix EggMars announced some seasonal candies last year, including Sugar Cookie Twix for Christmas 2012. While they never appeared on shelves, what I did see last week that was a surprise and not included in their Easter announcement was the new Twix Egg.

They’re cute, little Twix bars just for Easter. They had different pastel colors on the the front, though they’re all the classic Twix flavor. (I didn’t see any Coconut or PB Twix versions.)

Twix Egg

It’s a Twix! Instead of sticks, it’s one globby egg. It’s just a smidge over one ounce.

I’m not a huge Twix fan, which has always confused me because on paper it has everything I like. There’s a crispy, almost-shortbread cookie base, a dose of chewy soft caramel and it’s enrobed in milk chocolate. Of all the Twix that have been created, I preferred the limited edition Java Twix, which was coffee flavored. The Triple Chocolate Twix, that have also appeared a few times, which feature a chocolate cookie, chocolate caramel and dark chocolate enrobing were also good.

Twix Egg

The standard Twix, however, usually leaves me disinterested. I do try them occasionally, as I often end up with a sample now and then and they do show up in Halloween miniature assortments. They’re sweet ... the cookie isn’t big enough and the caramel doesn’t have enough caramelized sugar notes.

None of my comments are intended to get Twix to change for me, there are millions of people who like it the way it is, so I’d say don’t mess with it. But like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, which can support many different sizes and shapes that rebalance the ratios of elements, the Twix can stand a few seasonal varieties.

This particular Twix doesn’t look enrobed, instead it looks like it’s molded, as it says, Twix right on the top and has a more glossy, smooth sheen to the consistent ripples.

Twix Egg

The ratios are definitely different here. It feels like the cookie is more prominent. There’s more crunch, I taste the cookie now, instead of just knowing of its crispness. The caramel is also a distinctive part, instead of being mushed into the chocolate. Though the caramel isn’t as flavorful as I would have liked, it was salty and smooth and had a nice chew when combined with the sandy crunch of the cookie. The sweet milk chocolate is, well, far too sweet overall. The chocolate is much more dense on the ends, and it was on the last bite that I was overcome with the throat-searing sweetness. I’m sure if I balanced it with a strong drink like coffee or black tea, I’d be a little more in love with it.

The size is great, I find a one ounce bar to be just the right amount for a little break. It’s more than an individual stick (which are about .89 ounces) so it’s more substantial. The broad, flat shape also makes it feel like it’s more massive than it actually is. I bought three of them and fully intend to eat the final one that’s still in its package. But not today.

Mars did a great thing making a seasonal version. It’s not just a pastel wrapper on the every day item, it’s a special version just for Easter. (I expect there may be Halloween pumpkin ones, like the Snickers and Milky Way Simply Caramel get.)

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Name: Twix Egg
Brand: Mars
Place Purchased: CVS (Studio City)
Price: $.59
Size: 1.06 ounces
Calories per ounce: 142
Categories: Candy, Mars, Caramel, Chocolate, Cookie, Kosher, 7-Worth It, United States, Sav-On/CVS

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  1. I’ve gone off Twixes, but a Twix Egg sounds like such a cool idea! Surprised they haven’t tried this before.

    Comment by Kev's Snack Reviews on 2/26/13 at 2:44 pm #
  2. I miss the peanut butter twix.  Same cookie, but with peanut butter instead of caramel.  That thing was awesome.  To me, the chocolate cookie of the new version tastes awful.

    Comment by Cat Skyfire on 2/26/13 at 3:23 pm #
  3. How fun to see this review!  I toured a local chocolate factory in December and they were making Twix eggs (as contract work).  Can’t wait for Easter so I can try one…

    Comment by Jane on 2/26/13 at 4:15 pm #
  4. My work gives out Halloween candy and we could eat our fill… and then the neverending leftovers, which were mostly bite sized Twix (Seriously, we found two boxes of them hidden the next year). I can say definitively that Twixs vary a lot from each batch. Most of them are fine, but every once and a while you get one that you can really taste the caramel.

    Also, don’t eat year old Twix. They bad.

    Comment by Xander on 2/27/13 at 6:02 pm #
  5. So funny - I think my least favorite Twix is Java! If I remember correctly, the year that premiered at the Candy Expo was the year you agreed to meet up with me, at the time a food science student interested in getting into the candy world. I remember sitting on a bench trying it with you!

    Anyway I’m now a food scientist at a big nut company, and I’m the main developer of the confectionary items. Now I read your reviews more than ever!

    Comment by Ginny on 2/28/13 at 11:42 am #
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