Monday, July 4, 2005

Twix Dark Chocolate

Name: Twix Dark Chocolate
Brand: Twix (Mars)
Place Purchased: Liquor Store (Hollywood)
Price: $.85
Size: 2.0 oz
Calories per ounce: 140
Type: Chocolate/Cookie

You know what I like about Mars products? They have an expiration date. When I’m buying candy at a place where it might have been sitting around for a while (read: Liquor Store), I kind of like to know if I’m eating something ten years old.

This one was supposedly fresh, but the chocolate seemed slightly chalky. The liquor store had it’s doors wide open and it is now July, so I’m guessing climate control is not as important to them as getting people into the store.

Twix have been around for quite a few years (1979). I remember their introduction and walking to the corner store near the junior high and buying one. I was just mad about the $100,000 Bar and the Marathon Bar at the time and this seemed like a good evolution. But when I eat them they’re always too sweet. I don’t know what it is, I think that the cookie should be a pretzel or something and have a salty element to it. But that’d be a different candy bar and Mars has been very successful with the Twix and who am I to tinker with the recipe?

Well, Dark Chocolate Twix to the rescue! Where the milk chocolate in the classic Twix is cloying, the dark chocolate here has a slight bitter and smoky taste that complements the caramel and sweet cookie very well. I’m sure if the chocolate was fresh it’d taste even better.

I hope they add these to their repetoire permanently. I’d actually buy them.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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  1. I gave these an eleven.

    Comment by russ on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  2. I just discovered your blog. I was searching for some information about the Morinaga Hi Chews (I looked at the calories on the package, and it kind of freaked me out), and voila, there you were. I love candy and am always on the hunt for new and unusual candies, so I am very pleased to find your blog. Snack on!

    Comment by Anonymous on 12/31/69 at 4:00 pm #
  3. personal info removed

    Comment by LATOYA ATKINS on 1/06/06 at 6:59 pm #
  4. Hi! I would just like to say that I’m a huge fan of this piece of delicious candy.  I remember during the summer where I work I bought a ton of it to stash so that I could enjoy this delicious treat.  But now they’re all gone and not even where I work…do you know where they sell it where it is avaliable to buy on the shelf??

    Thank you and best regards

    Comment by Beauy on 1/18/06 at 3:56 pm #
  5. Cybele's avatar

    Beauy - I’m afraid they were a limited edition product. (I guess they didn’t think my high marks were enough to keep it on the menu.)

    You can keep checking around, sometimes they’re introduced again (maybe around Halloween as a snack size) or keep your eye out on international versions (KitKats in dark chocolate are available in Canada).

    As a last resort, someone may have a case they’re putting up for sale on eBay.

    Comment by Cybele on 1/18/06 at 4:10 pm #
  6. In case anybody else misses these as much as I do, they now have “Limited Edition” (ugh) multi-paks of Twix Minis at grocery stores that have the dark chocolate variety along with the standard fare and triple-chocolate.

    It’s kind of a tease though and I don’t know what to do with the other bars, but at least I am able to enjoy Dark Chocolate Twix again.

    Comment by Leroy on 7/27/06 at 12:17 pm #
  7. Twix dark chocolate are so far the best yet! we bought our first in NOvember and once the store sold out have not been able to find them since,

    please bring them back!!!!!!

    Comment by janice on 4/23/07 at 7:32 am #
  8. While the full size Dark Chocolate Twix haven’t made a return—yet—for the past two Halloween seasons, they have appeared in a Twix Minis Mix along with the original Twix and the Twix Triple Chocolate bars.

    Comment by Johnny Carruthers on 6/30/08 at 7:43 am #
  9. where would Ifind twix dark chocolate candy bar.

    Comment by david Gabbay-cohen on 11/05/11 at 11:52 am #
  10. Where do you buy the Twix Dark chocolate in San Fransisco.

    Comment by Daisy Gabbay-Cohen on 11/05/11 at 11:56 am #
  11. Hi I’m doing a science project on seeing which type of chocolate will melt fastest- milk chocolate or dark chocolate? I will be using Milky Ways, Hershey’s , and I was hoping twix, but I dont know if they have dark chocolate. Please let me know which chocolates I should use! You can contact me on my tumblr. Thanks so much! (:

    Comment by Amber on 10/28/12 at 4:18 pm #
  12. Please offer dark chocolate Twix again. They’re better than the milk chocolate bars, ju the right salty-sweet combination.

    Comment by Nadine on 4/18/16 at 7:30 pm #
  13. hi I would 100 dark chocolate bars.

    Comment by quinn on 11/24/16 at 11:13 am #
  14. we just found one bar at a convenience store. It was the best thing since milkyway midnight, but we haven’t been able to find anymore. please please make more.

    Comment by lynne burton-hupp on 6/29/17 at 1:38 pm #
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