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Trader Joe’s Classic Holiday Candy Mix

Trader Joe's Classic Holiday Candy MixTrader Joe’s often does classic looking candies but with a “too hip for the room twist” on the flavors.

The Trader Joe’s Classic Holiday Candy Mix qualifies as classic solely in its looks. They’re cute little pillows and waffle pieces of hard candy but come in a curious array of flavors that are as much tropical as they are wintery. Pomegranate, Cherry Cream, Passion Fruit, Cranberry Orange and Lemon Ginger. The flavors are all natural and the colors are created with vegetable and fruit extracts.

The packaging is simple, the box is a little smaller than a box of raisins or prunes. Inside is a half pound of hard candy in a simple cellophane pouch.

Trader Joe's Classic Holiday Candy Mix

The pieces have that classic Holiday Mix look to them. Most are the standard pillow style of hard candy. The hard candy is briefly pulled (either by hand on a hook or by machine) to add air and a silky shine to it. That is then wrapped around a slightly aerated but not as attractive center. The the log is then rolled down into a rope which is then put into a cutter that gently squeezes the candy as it cuts it. Other pieces are rolled through a mold that give the waffle weave before they’re cut.

Trader Joe's Classic Holiday Candy Mix
(I’m reviewing the candies from right to left)

Cherry Cream is deep red with amber stripes. The cream flavor is a little artificial, like a butter flavor instead of a real creamy note. Kind of like a cream soda. The cherry flavor is good, like a black cherry but with a sort of burnt berry pie note to it. Sometimes I thought that it tasted like Dr. Pepper.

Cranberry Orange (orange and dark red) was easy to spot, as the pieces were mostly half orange and half red. The orange flavor was front and center, the cranberry was just a tartness in the background with a little strawberry floral note.

Trader Joe's Classic Holiday Candy Mix

Pomegranate (pink, white & deep red striped pillow) It’s enchanting to look at an a nicely rounded pomegranate flavor with a lot of raspberry notes.

Trader Joe's Classic Holiday Candy MixPassion Fruit (peach and yellow waffle)  is a lot like fruit punch. It was tart and has a light berry note to it along with sort of syrupy melon flavor and some deep honey perfumes.

Lemon Ginger (yellow and white) were the easiest to figure out. This one tasted a little sparkly. Most of the pieces were the flat waffle but there were a few short straw ones too. The lemon is quite zesty and the woodsy ginger has a very slight warmth to it.

The candies are made in Mexico. I believe this is the same facility that also makes the Trader Joe’s Old Fashioned Sweet Sticks and the Life Savers all natural knock-off Sweet Story (and probably also the Organic Lollipops which are also sold as Yummy Earth). They’re made with glucose syrup which is from wheat, so they may not be suitable for gluten-free folks. There’s no other statement about allergens such as nuts or dairy products. They’re made with cane sugar but no other animal products so it’s up to you if you think they’re vegan. Kosher.

It’s a good price for all natural hard candy. It’s not extraordinary candy and probably only suitable for someone who actually like hard candy. The charming homespun quality does present a beautiful tableau in a dish and would probably be great as a decorative element on a Gingerbread House.

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Name: Classic Holiday Candy Mix
Brand: Trader Joe’s
Place Purchased: Trader Joe's (Silver Lake)
Price: $1.99
Size: 11 ounces
Calories per ounce: 106
Categories: All Natural, Candy, Christmas, Trader Joe's, Ginger, Hard Candy & Lollipops, Kosher, 7-Worth It, Mexico

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  1. TJ’s is really bringin’ it this year.  I’ve noted a dearth of new holiday products at most mass market retailers, but I think there are a good half dozen new items at TJs alone!  I want to try their enrobed Joe Joe’s assortment.

    Comment by ruffy on 12/01/11 at 2:07 pm #
  2. I just bought this today and I am really enjoying all the flavors!

    Comment by Sal on 12/01/11 at 10:30 pm #
  3. Hey, I found this candy at a local supermarket in Canada, it’s a hard candy with fruit flavours (lemon, orange, raspberry and blueberry) and the center is a gel thing. Have you ever heard of it? The company is named Kerr’s Candy, and the website says its called ‘Deluxe Fruits’ or ‘Filled Bon Bons’. It has all natural stuff. They also have a spicy hard candy mix kinda like this one. But the thing is, I don’t know if its suitable for a party.

    Comment by Will on 12/17/11 at 6:26 pm #
  4. “There‚Äôs no other statement about allergens such as nuts or dairy products.” However, when I took one of the candies, I feel tangling on my tongue. After a while, some red dots appeared on my skin and I feel ithy for a few days.

    Comment by May on 12/24/11 at 12:10 pm #
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