Friday, April 9, 2010

Tic Tac Pink Grapefruit

It’s so frustrating when I know that there’s a candy out there I want to try but I just can’t get a hold of it. The Pink Grapefruit Tic Tac have been around for a couple of years, but as far as I knew they were sold only as a “big pack” and only at WalMart.

Pink Grapefruit TicTacs

I’ve been scouring eBay and the discount dollar stores ever since, hoping they’d turn up. Thankfully last weekend I found them at the 99 Cent Only Store - and for only 59 cents a package. I bought two, because I knew I’d love them.

The box holds exactly one ounce, which sounds like a single portion to me, the way I eat Tic Tacs. (I eat them like they’re candy.)

Pink Grapefruit TicTacs

They’re a beautiful shade of pink (carmine but at least the ingredients are all natural). They don’t smell like much, but they sound great in the package when I shake it.

They’re soft and smooth, a little slick on the tongue at first. Then they give up the flavor. The grapefruit is a good zesty blast, especially after the pink outside coating comes off. It’s tangy but I wouldn’t call it sour. I usually chew mine, so I was getting a big dose of grapefruit. It’s pretty intense if you eat a lot of them in a row since they use real dry pink grapefruit juice. In fact, after about half the package it was making my tongue vibrate a little bit from the citrus oils. There’s also a little bit of a mentholated after taste, it doesn’t really make them minty, but it does make my breath feel fresher when I inhale.

I would definitely buy these on a regular basis if I can find them reliably.

I saw that Ebidebby found them and Candy for Dinner also The Candy Enthusiast had the Citrus Punch Limited Edition version that included Pink Grapefruit.

Ferrero has changed the packaging just slightly. The old polystyrene that made such a satisfying rattling sound is gone and now they’re using polypropylene which cuts energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Of course it’s also important to reuse and then recycle the packaging when you’re done. The polypropylene is a little softer so the candy boxes don’t crack as easily as they used to. Do you have any tips on what to do with the boxes when you’re done?

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Name: Tic Tac Pink Grapefruit
Brand: Ferrero
Place Purchased: 99 Cent Only Store (Silver Lake)
Price: $.59
Size: 1 ounce
Calories per ounce: 114
Categories: Candy, Ferrero, Mints, 9-Yummy, Canada, 99 Cent Only Store

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  1. If I know I’m going on a trip soon, I save an empty Tic Tac container to keep my vitamins in.

    Comment by sairentohiru on 4/09/10 at 2:43 pm #
  2. I got some of these from the 99 Cent Store a few months ago and was disappointed. They tasted good at first, but had a really weird aftertaste for me.

    Comment by Travis on 4/09/10 at 4:13 pm #
  3. As Sairentohiru said, they’re great for clearly marked OTC medicines like aspirin. You can use them in a glove box or a work desk and since the packaging isn’t a round pill bottle, they stay in place nicely.

    Comment by Matt B. on 4/09/10 at 4:31 pm #
  4. These sound great!
    Hope I can find them.

    Comment by Sallie on 4/09/10 at 10:30 pm #
  5. I saw Mango Tic Tacs at the Asian candy store last weekend.  I thought about picking up a pack…Maybe a future review will send me back to the store wink.

    Comment by cindy on 4/09/10 at 11:37 pm #
  6. I just saw Pina Colada summer special edition at the store. Didn’t buy any though.

    Comment by Jamie on 4/10/10 at 2:15 pm #
  7. I could only think of one answer to what to do with a Tic Tac box:

    Seriously though, it would be great for straight pins or other small sewing notions.

    Comment by JJR on 4/10/10 at 8:39 pm #
  8. I have been looking for these little suckers too. My little boy is obsessed with grapefruit.

    Comment by Debbie on 4/10/10 at 11:54 pm #
  9. This is a little crazy, but when I’m done with my tictacs boxes I remove the label and coat them in layers of this glassy enamel paint I have, and turn them into the eensiest vases, which hold one or two wildflowers.

    Comment by Iris on 4/11/10 at 1:13 pm #
  10. I love these. They have them at my local Walmart.
    I like how the grapefruit flavor doesn’t clash with the slight mintyness.

    Comment by Emily on 4/11/10 at 2:17 pm #
  11. You know, other places often will have these when the Breast Cancer awareness items come out. A few years ago tic tac just did the fresh mint in a pink box… but I scored a bunch last year at my neighborhood grocery store during the ‘think pink’ times and they were these grapefruit ones.

    Comment by Julie on 4/12/10 at 11:30 am #
  12. This is the only Tic Tac flavor I can stand. In fact, I love Grapefruit Tic Tacs. For the rest of the flavors, however,....

    Comment by Jen on 4/12/10 at 1:12 pm #
  13. I would take the clear plastic boxes and make a 7 day medicine box.  I grew up on dynamints in the 80’s, but I think tic tac is better.

    Comment by ian on 4/15/10 at 6:57 pm #
  14. I found lots of pink grapefruit tic tacs today at Big Lots on Eastern & Windmill.  I have been looking for months and finally…there they were just sitting on the shelf in the candy isle.  These will be used for our baby shower.  YUM!

    Comment by Kristy on 4/20/10 at 1:08 pm #
  15. It’s great for toothpick storage!

    Comment by Angel on 6/11/10 at 3:08 am #
  16. These are out in breast cancer displays right now!

    Comment by Nicole Smith on 10/10/10 at 2:20 pm #
  17. I found a green tic tac in my pink grapefruit tic tacs container.  I thought it’s kind of cool so I didn’t open it.

    Comment by Angie on 12/11/10 at 9:29 pm #
  18. I was looking for there for a while as well and ended up calling the company smile. Good news is that they are coming back in September (for breast cancer month no less).
    Maybe the US situation is diff.

    Comment by minty on 4/27/11 at 9:18 pm #
  19. I picked up some of these tonight on a whim and thought they were pretty good, although they did make my tongue feel weird.

    If you haven’t (I haven’t looked) try the Hall’s Vitamin C pink grapefruit drops (they come in a citrus assortment but the lemon and orange ones aren’t as good). Those really have the grapefruit flavour with a sort of “is this citrus peel or menthol?” flavour too.

    Comment by honkahonk on 11/02/11 at 6:30 pm #
  20. thought i’d let you know, i’ve been getting these @ bed bath & beyond for a while now.

    Comment by lil on 2/15/12 at 9:35 pm #
  21. Hi! I have recently found PINK GRAPEFRUIT tic tacs at a local Walmart. I have 36 packs for sale of the limited flavor-each pack is 49 grams in weight. Message me if interested.

    Comment by Tania on 1/16/14 at 8:51 pm #
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