Friday, August 10, 2007

This Week in Candy - A Giant Craving

This Week in Candy keeps growing, doesn’t it? This week I have lots of fun little niblets to pass along.

First of all, NancyLand travels to the land of giant Marshmallows to give a peek into their cultivation. You have to see it to believe it. (I’m not sure how I feel about the cultivated version over the machine made.)

Hershey BarI saw this article earlier this week and I’m glad someone’s saying it. Kids should not be eating diet food. Childhood is a time for kids to acclimate themselves. There’s a natural process where they learn about what to eat, cravings and satisfaction. Giving kids low calorie, fat free and no calorie snacks just messes with that. Keep the sugar free stuff for people who really need it ... not perfectly healthy children.

I’ve mentioned a few times that Hershey’s is having some trouble (closing plants, higher prices for raw materials and fuel, poor financial performance), Brandweek had an interesting article that may explain part of consumers sudden disenchantment with the company: Consumers To Hershey: Candy Isn’t Health Food by Mike Beirne.

“There is a plateau as to how far dark chocolate can resonate with consumers, even health-conscious consumers,” said Euromonitor analyst Brian Morgan. “The candy manufacturers are beginning to discover that just pushing the indulgent health message behind dark chocolate is not enough. It’s not going to provide the kind of revenue on the face of that alone.”

Basically, Hershey’s should go back to doing what they did best: inexpensive, quality candy for the masses and leave the high-end stuff to their Artisan Confectionery division.

Speaking of artisans and confections, how about original oil paintings of your favorite candy bars? Tom Brown has paintings of landscapes, too, but really, it’s all about the classics ... like Hostess Cupcakes, right? Sadly none of these choice treats are for sale in his eBay auctions right now. (Maybe I’ll have to go see his show.)

My brother came for a visit a while back and mentioned that he couldn’t find his favorite candy bar any longer: the Snickers Cruncher. So I emailed Mars to get the full scoop and this is what I found out:

“Because we are reviewing our marketing strategy, this product is unavailable at this time.  Your comments will be shared with our Marketing Staff.”

So is it gone? Or just put on hiatus. If you want to make sure they know you love it, be sure to write to them so your comments can be shared with their marketing staff.

Cacao Reserve ChocolateConsumer Reports came out with another one of their strange ratings list. This time it’s about Dark Chocolate. They taste-tested 14 commonly available dark chocolate bars: Chocolove, CocoaVia, Dagoba, Dove, Endangered Species, Ghirardelli, Green & Black’s, Hershey’s Cacao Reserve, Lindt, Newman’s Own and Valrhona.

The number one bar? Hershey’s Cacao Reserve Extra Dark with Cacao Nibs. (I thought it was a nice bar, but certainly not the best I’ve ever had.)

For all time best dark chocolate, I think I’d have to go with the Chocovic Ocumare at the moment (taking into account the price and taste).

In other less serious candy reviews, check out the candy everyone’s been talking about this summer: McPhee’s Lollipops in the shape of historical figures like Sigmund Freud and Abraham Lincoln.

Recap of this week’s candy reviews:

Monday: Milka Alpenmilch (6 out of 10)

Tuesday: Atomic Fireballs (7 out of 10)

Wednesday: Mentos Plus Citrus Mix (9 out of 10)

Thursday: Werther’s Original Caramel Coffee Hard Candies (7 out of 10)

Friday: Romanego Dragees, Cordials and Fondants from Italy (7 out of 10)

Average rating: 7.17 ... 12.5% chocolate content (if you count Milka as chocolate)

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  1. Ooo, I haven’t tried the Chocovic Ocumare yet. I’ve seen it in a store in my area…hmmm, not only to remember where! wink

    Thanks a bunch for the mention! smile

    Comment by Sera on 8/10/07 at 6:28 pm #
  2. I think it’s funny that August 10th is National S’mores day, and you just happen to post a story about giant marshmallows on top of a photo of a Hershey bar. No graham cracker news?

    Comment by Rosa on 8/11/07 at 3:47 pm #
  3. candy is very good and fun

    Comment by hannah on 4/19/08 at 6:06 am #
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