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Skittles Crazy Sours (Europe)

Crazy Sours Skittles (Europe)Skittles were introduced in 1974 in the UK then in 1979 in the United States. While the flavors in the classic Fruits package vary whether you purchase the US or European variety, the flavors have remained the same.

It wasn’t until 1989 that Skittles started to create extra flavor versions of their packages. The Skittles Sours were introduced in the United States in 2000 as a regular Skittle with a grainy sour coating. That same year the European version of Skittles Crazy Sours came out. They’re a bit different in that they don’t look different, but have a different set of flavors from the Fruits set but no tangy coating.

Sour Skittles (Europe)

The colors are a little muted but easily identified as Skittles with the classic printed S on them. They did smell a little more than the standard Fruit Skittles. It was a light, fruity smell, kind of like Froot Loops or Freesias.

Skittles - US Fruits & European Crazy SoursSince they don’t really look like the American Sour Skittles, I compared them to the American Fruits Skittles (on the left).

Green is the Sour Apple flavor, not lime. It’s the most artificial tasting of the bunch, with a more apple cider vinegar tartness than a Jolly Rancher, by far my least favorite of the bunch.

Yellow is Pineapple! What a delight. Why don’t they have any pineapple Skittles in the United States? I loved these. A mix of floral and canned pineapple.

Orange is Sour Mandarin according to Wikipedia. It actually doesn’t say what the flavors are on the package.  It is tangy, but not terribly intense. The orange original Fruits Skittle orange is equally mild in the flavor profile, but of course lacks that tartness.The flavor actually varied a bit from piece to piece, some were notably more sour than others. 

Pink is rather magenta and a Sour Raspberry flavor. The notes are really good, there’s the tartness, the floral berry notes and then a deeper boiled sugar flavor like jam.

Purple was hard to place at first, it’s Sour Cherry. The color is a true, bright purple, instead of the eggplant purple of the domestic grape version. It’s rather good, probably the most sour of all of Skittles in this package and with a really convincing sour cherry juice flavor. It has notes of currant and raspberry and pomegranate

Sour Skittles

There really is no comparison between the American Sour Skittles and the European Crazy Sours Skittles. I can’t say that I prefer them, but the zing was noticeable enough to say that they’re different, but perhaps my mouth has been spoiled by truly sour things so I didn’t find these rose to the level of crazy. I have to say that I prefer the European version to the American sours, but only because they’re not messy.

I don’t know the allergen status of these. Skittles stopped using gelatin a few years ago, though they’re not marked as Kosher.

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Name: Skittles Crazy Sours
Brand: Wrigley’s
Place Purchased: Albert Heijn (Amsterdam)
Price: 1 Euro ($1.35)
Size: 1.94 ounces
Calories per ounce: 110
Categories: Candy, Mars, Wrigley's, Chews, 7-Worth It, United Kingdom

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  1. I remember when Skittles had that “mystery flavor” (I think it was white colored?) and it was pineapple smile good stuff! They should bring it back in the States, I agree!

    Comment by laura on 5/06/12 at 8:47 am #
  2. Hi Cybele,

    Still in Amsterdam? Then you must try ‘Daim’. It’s a thin hard piece of caramel coverd with creamy milk chocolate. It’s definitely my favourite candy bar. And also, if you have the time, go and find a ‘Jamin’ (at Leidsestraat Amsterdam there is one). Thats The Dutch candy store and they sell Daim’s. Further i can recommend:
    - Balisto purple
    - Snap crackle (at Jamin)
    - Trekdrop!! Likorice which you have to pull on (trekken). Sooo sweet and spungy. Every kid ate this in Holland.

    Enjoy Europe grin and if you want any more candy tips let me know!!

    Greetzzzzzz from Amsterdam

    Comment by Claudia on 5/06/12 at 1:41 pm #
  3. I do remember in the 90’s Skittles had a sour version (in green packaging) where the sour was integral like these, without the grainy sugar.  They were my absolute favorite, but didn’t last long.

    Comment by Kim on 1/23/13 at 8:01 am #
  4. the pink ones in my package taste like literal rotten egg,its terrible

    Comment by Tiffany on 12/30/15 at 3:50 pm #
  5. I agree with Tiffany, the pink ones taste horrible… And I prefer the US ones by far…

    Comment by Hellodee on 2/15/16 at 8:16 am #
  6. Have These in belgium for 3€

    Comment by Ellen on 3/10/17 at 3:42 pm #
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