Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Milky Way Unwrapped Bites

Milky Way Unwrapped BitesSmall and plentiful is the trend these days. Most of the top candy makers are creating unwrapped bites of your favorite candies if they don’t already exist. This isn’t new, they’ve come and gone as brand extensions through the years, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not a good idea.

The Mars Milky Way Unwrapped Bites are similar to the Snickers Unwrapped Bites I already reviewed. They’re little cubes, super tiny versions of the popular Milky Way bar. The base is a fluffy nougat, topped with caramel and coated in milk chocolate.

Milky Way Unwrapped Bites

The little nuggets are 2/3 of an inch cubed. A serving is eight pieces, which comes to about 1.34 ounces. They clock in a bit lighter on the calories than the Snickers, mostly because they don’t contain peanuts, which are a bit fattier (but also contain 50% more protein).

They’re easy to eat, sweet smelling and have a soft bite and easy, aerated chew. There was a bit of a cereal note to the smell, but overall they were just sweet and tasty.

Milky Way Unwrapped Bites

This is another interesting example of how ratios of different element can change a candy. I know that some die hard Milky Way fans will probably detest this, but I happen to like it much more than the bar. The bar was always too big, too filling and too sweet but also lacking in any distinct flavor element. In this version the malt of the fluffed nougat is the most forward; it also combines well with the slightly salty caramel to create a great balance.

My only complaint with the bites is that the thinner chocolate shell makes them more delicate. There were several clumps in my bag where one spilled its caramel and they got stuck together. I don’t see myself buying these regularly, but I can see them being great for recipes, especially as an ice cream topper perhaps inside cookies.

Name: Milky Way Unwrapped Bites
Brand: Mars
Place Purchased: samples from Mars
Price: $2.99 retail
Size: 7 ounces
Calories per ounce: 134
Categories: Candy, Mars, Caramel, Chocolate, Kosher, Nougat, 9-Yummy, United States

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  1. I LOVE Milky Way bars and I was very excited when these showed up in a little shop at the university where I work. I tried them and, although aware that the ratios might feel “off” to me, that didn’t end up being a problem at all. Yes, they are different from the bars, but I like both the bars and the pieces for what they uniquely have to offer.

    Comment by Alyssa on 5/28/13 at 10:34 pm #
  2. I agree, sometimes the bar is too filling and little bits are just perfect smile Uncertain why Milky Way would have such a thin chocolate shell. I personally like a thicker shell.

    Comment by Cheryl on 5/30/13 at 1:38 pm #
  3. The best part about these new milky way bites is that you can throw the bag of them in the freezer, and enjoy them frozen. With the large bars and the fun sized bars you have to wait for them to thaw out for a while since they come out frozen solid, with these bites you can take them out and start eating instantly

    Comment by jack on 6/02/13 at 5:24 am #
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