Monday, January 10, 2011

Mars Delight

Mars DelightHere in the United States we have an iconic candy bar called Milky Way. There are a few different versions of it, it comes in dark chocolate (Milky Way Midnight) and an all caramel version called Milky Way Caramel.

In the United Kingdom and much of Europe the bar is called Mars and comes in a dark version as well as some other more fanciful varieties such as this Mars Delight bar that I picked up at Mel & Rose Wine & Liquors. I liked the design of the package and I was wondering if it was like the Milky Way Crispy Rolls (which are not based on the American Milky Way, but the UK Milky Way, which is like our 3 Musketeers).

The package says that it’s Surprisingly Crispy, Deliciously Smooth. The ingredients listing also helpfully breaks down each element of the bar into percentages and separate ingredients, which I love. The bar is 10% crispy rippled wafers (they’re very airy), caramel cream (21%), cocoa cream (24%) covered in milk chocolate (44%).

Mars Delight

The bars were lovely. It’s hard to believe that this bar, which was only weeks away from its expiry date and half a world way in a flimsy wrapper looked so good. Each is about 2.5 inches long and pretty wide. Each one has about 99 calories in it, so maybe it’s for dieters who want a little treat. (Still, I think 200 calories for a whole package is a bit steep, I don’t think many folks will be able to control themselves and eat only one.)

The milk chocolate is soft but smooth and creamy. It has a pleasant fresh dairy flavor to it and an overall sweetness that’s deep and malty. The advertised caramel and cocoa cream wasn’t as evident to me, there was a bit of something in there between the chocolate and the wafers but nothing notable - not much texture and the caramel notes just came across as more malty sweetness. The wafers were light and crunchy with a toffee note to them, more like corn flakes than wheat flour wafers.

I enjoyed them enough that I ate both, but there was a full week between the two sessions. It didn’t leave me wanting more and the fact that I paid a ridiculous $1.75 for this because it was an import left me wanting it to be far superior to something I can get at any drug store. I think I’ll stick with the Q.bel bars, just because they’re easier to find not just because they’re cheaper but also use better ingredients. However, if Mars wanted to make these for the American market, I think I’d be more inclined to buy them, especially if they came in a dark version.

The bars were introduced in 2007 and had some pretty radical advertisements.

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  1. Huh. I’m European and I have never heard before that my Mars bar isn’t Mars in USA. On the other hand, my Twix became Twix only a few years ago, before the the exact same candy was sold in the name of Raider.

    I have never tasted Mars Delight because it’s obviously a “light” version candy bar and I don’t eat those. But now I’ll definitely try it out.

    Comment by Emmuzka on 1/11/11 at 3:22 am #
  2. This? THIS is your life? No wonder you go power tripping. It’s all you can do in between gasping for air while you shove another candy bar in your mouth.

    Comment by h on 1/11/11 at 11:10 am #
  3. God now that I think of it, it’s kind of funny. A failed writer starting a candy blog. Jokes keep writing themselves! Your online photos were a source of entertainment as well though.

    Comment by h on 1/11/11 at 11:19 am #
  4. I’m not that keen on these, theyre not really my thing but I like normal mars bars (I’m from the UK).  Over here we tend to just have the milk chocolate version of the Mars bar and not the dark except for limited editions which are few and far between. The last ‘Mars Bar Dark’ had white nougat, however an earlier version about 10 years ago was called Mars Dark & Gold, which had the normal malty nougat.

    Comment by Alan on 1/15/11 at 2:58 am #
  5. There is no more Mars Delight. In Europe there is also an candy bar called Milky Way. The name in US for that bar is 3 Musketeers.

    Comment by Paul on 1/24/13 at 4:35 am #
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