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Life Savers Gummies Collisions

LifeSavers Gummies CollisionsWhile things have stagnated in the world of Life Savers hard candy rolls, it seems that Wrigley’s (current owner of the Life Savers brand) can always innovate new versions of their Gummies line.

I found this package of new Life Savers Gummies Collisions at the drug store. It’s not listed on their websites.

The concept is pretty simple, each piece has two flavors, divided longitudinally. There are three sets in the package: Raspberry Lemonade, Cherry Watermelon and Pineapple Punch. Two flavors in one gummi isn’t really new, gummi worms have been doing it for years. Here we have the worm eating its tail to form a hoop of gummi.

Each piece is just shy of one inch around. They’re easy to identify and all were nicely molded. Life Savers gummis are quite soft and pliable. They’re also pretty big, clocking in at about 4 grams each while most gummi bears (using Haribo as a standard) are about 2.2 to 2.5 grams.

LifeSavers Gummies Collisions

Raspberry Lemonade is yellow and red. The raspberry flavors are really interesting, because I got a lot of the seed notes along with the floral overtones. But the lemon only gave up a smidge of zest, no actual tart lemonade vibe in there.

Pineapple Punch is half aqua and half yellow. It smells mostly of punch and unfortunately also tastes of fruit punch. I was hoping for some of that inimitable Life Savers pineapple flavor, and the yellow side did have a little hint of it, but it was dominated by the artificial punch flavor. There was a slight sizzling, effervescent intensity to the flavor. It was sweet and had a lot of guava notes with a little hint of mango, papaya and of course the pineapple.

Cherry Watermelon is light green and red. This one definitely had the strongest scent, which was the watermelon. The watermelon flavor was also strong in the candy, even when eating the cherry half. It reminded me of a slightly thinned out Jolly Rancher. Tangy, sweet and with a sort of rind flavor. The cherry gave the whole thing that slight woodsy flavor. Mostly I think they missed the boat on the cherry thing: Life Savers wrote the book on Wild Cherry, they own that flavor. It should be in here, if they have a cherry something, it should be the iconic Life Savers Wild Cherry.

There was a sameness to each of the varieties, I didn’t taste a distinction between the two sides. So that means instead of having six flavors in the bag, there were really only three. That’s not an amazing diversity, however, if you like all three flavors, that means you’re never going to be disappointed at getting any particular version. I didn’t care for the watermelon & cherry one, so a third of the bag would have been disappointing for me.

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Name: Life Savers Gummies Collisions
Brand: Wrigley’s
Place Purchased: Rite Aid (Echo Park)
Price: $1.79
Size: 7 ounces
Calories per ounce: 92
Categories: Candy, Wrigley's, Gummi Candy, 6-Tempting, United States, Rite Aid

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  1. Until reading this I thought Luden’s “owned” the wild cherry flavor. Without those cough drops, which we could have in school while candies weren’t allowed, I would never have graduated.

    I just can’t think of that flavor without thinking of the cough drops that saw me through adolescence!

    Comment by Russ on 8/10/11 at 3:00 pm #
  2. “Here we have the worm eating its tail to form a hoop of gummi”—it’s writing like this that makes me enjoy your reviews so much!!!!

    Comment by Barbara on 8/10/11 at 8:26 pm #
  3. I miss the days when I could take for granted that green was lime and Life Savers included lime, pineapple, and orange in regular packs.  Since the flavor changes, I have not bought any.  The gummies were still the traditional flavor mix, but this is a big step in the wrong direction there, too.  I’m 33, and it’s people my age and younger that grew up on Jolly Ranchers and Blow Pops that have caused the shift to the flavors that are more “hip,” most of which I don’t like (Watermelon especially).

    Comment by Dave on 8/11/11 at 3:12 am #
  4. Lifesavers Gummies Collisons are my guilty pleasure.  I love the flavors.  I often cannot find them in many stores as they are often sold out.  When I do find them I buy as many bags as I can.

    Comment by Mindy on 11/02/13 at 9:53 pm #
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