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Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

Trolli Sour Brite CrawlersTrolli is a big gummi brand in the United States. Originally founded by a German (actually West Germany at the time) company named Mederer Corporation in 1981, they quickly established an American production facility in the United States in 1986.

Though you wouldn’t notice it as a candy buyer, Trolli has passed through quite a few corporate hands over the years. First Favorite Brands, Inc bought them in 1997, but went bankrupt and were bought out by Nabisco in 1999. Nabisco sold them off in 2000 to Kraft. Then Kraft sold all their candy brands to Wrigley’s in 2005 and within that same year it was acquired by Farley’s and Sathers.

Trolli has the distinction of innovating the Gummi Worm. Not only was it a new shape (one that kids love to play with and adults might find a little off-putting) but it also features multiple flavors in one piece.

Trolli’s Sour Brite Crawlers not only have that duo of flavors, they’re also fluorescent colors with a slightly sour grainy coating.

Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

There are three flavor varieties in the bag, though there is no directory or description of what they are:

Orange & Green = Orange & Lime - these are not Sour Patch or Sour Skittles style sour ... they’re just a little more tart than the regular gummis. The flavor combo here is a nice mix of citrus. The lime is rather ordinary and I don’t think I’d care for it much in a plain gummi, but it goes well with the juicy and tangy orange. Some good zest notes to keep it from being all about some sort of bland punch flavor.

Pink & Blue = Strawberry & Raspberry - nice berry mix though the distinction between the two isn’t terribly clear. I liked the tangy bite to the chew and the graininess on the outside especially on this version.

Yellow & Red = Lemon & Cherry - the cherry flavor was dominant when I opened the bag, so I fully expected both ends of this worm to taste the same. Cherry is, well, a light sour cherry without the dark woodsy “black cherry” notes. The lemon side is distinctive, a good lemonade flavor though not quite sour enough for a product that calls itself sour.

On the whole, a fun candy. The colors are, as described, very bright. They’re nicely made, the bag was fresh and cheap ($1.59 at Target). The only hesitation is that these in no way qualify as a sour candy.

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Name: Sour Brite Crawlers
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Trolli (Farley's & Sathers)
Place Purchased: Target (Burbank)
Price: $1.59
Size: 8 ounces
Calories per ounce: 80
Categories: Gummi, United States, Farley's and Sathers

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  1. bettyfelon's avatar

    I buy these just for the lemon/cherry worm

    they also make an octopus version which has a grape/cherry flavor I love

    Comment by bettyfelon on 7/08/09 at 9:28 pm #
  2. Yummy trolli, these are one of my favorites candies until now. I always bought one whenever i go to shopping stores in our place. It also reminds me of my favorite old candies like the gummy bears . I love your blog. Thank you. And have a Fruity day!

    Comment by cindy on 7/08/09 at 10:08 pm #
  3. i remember these! my brother and i used to love them.  the (few and far between) ones that were of not the usual color/flavor combination we called “luckies”  alas, my brother was usually the lucky one to find them.

    Comment by piper maru on 7/09/09 at 7:16 am #

    Comment by lili on 7/10/09 at 3:47 pm #
  5. hahaha is that post above a shout-out to the “Troll” in “trolli”?

    Weird.  this must be the most loved candy blog of them all, so no bother.

    Comment by caitlin on 7/15/09 at 5:42 pm #
  6. Make sure you don’t eat a whole bag at once or you’ll get a sore tummy!  Unfortunately I know from experience smile

    Comment by Erin on 7/16/09 at 4:50 pm #
  7. That’s my one huge problem with sour candy?it’s usually not at ALL sour enough! Or maybe I’ve just completely killed my ability to taste sourness…a long-term sour overdose?

    Comment by Alice on 8/08/09 at 9:26 pm #
  8. I buy these things 3 bags at a time. I’ve memorized the ingredients lists, so I can compare it to other brands to see if they’re similar. I’ve found using starch in the ingredients produces a nasty gummy. Anyway these are the BEST sour worms EVER. REALLY.

    Comment by ken on 9/16/09 at 7:27 am #
  9. you suck at this, stop wasting your life writing about candy, and its not even as if you can write competently enough so that enough people understand you, get a job

    and this candy is delightful, just sour enough to where its delicious yet not too overpowering

    Comment by O on 1/29/11 at 10:20 pm #
  10. I bought Sour Brite candy canes with the same paired color/flavor schemes, but they listed them as: Green/Orange = Apple/Peach, Yellow/Red = Lemon/Raspberry, and Blue/Red = Mixed Berry/Cherry.

    Comment by Asia on 1/22/12 at 12:55 pm #
  11. Hey I love these things, i have eaten a bag in one sitting many times and always get a stomach ache.  At least twice a year I scarf a bag down really quickly for lunch and get a bad stomach ache and get to go home from work, citing food poisoning haha.  I usually then go home and eat another bag while I watch re-runs of Fraser, I call this my “trolli trip” try it out sometime, Fraser is 10x funnier when you’re hype-cat on bite crawlers.

    Comment by Thomas G on 4/17/14 at 6:31 pm #
  12. This candy is delicious my favourite candy of all
    freakin time AAAH its not sour like warheads but it has a tart strong enuf for
    you to enjoy it sooo well my bro always buy em so i buy em and thy are good

    Comment by James T. on 8/10/14 at 4:24 am #
  13. Totes a sour candy. On the whole, def puckerable.

    Comment by alyssa on 10/10/14 at 10:27 am #
  14. Totes not a sour candy.  Not even remotely “puckerable” lol.

    Comment by Jared on 1/06/16 at 5:27 pm #
  15. These worms now come in 3 new variants: Very Berry, Tropical, Watermelon. They are available in 5 oz bags in Dollar Tree. I might try the very berry ones soon, or the tropicals if I can find them.

    New colors:
    Very Berry: Blue/purple, blue/red, purple/pink
    Tropical: Green/yellow, green/pink, orange/yellowish orange
    Watermelon: Green/pink only

    Comment by Anonymous on 2/25/16 at 5:25 pm #
  16. Is there any way I can get a bag of nothing but the
    Orange and green ones. They are the only ones I eat
    And love.

    Comment by Erica Roberts on 2/19/17 at 3:16 pm #
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