Monday, December 31, 2012

Haribo Tropifruitti

Haribo TropifruttiWhile most Haribo mixes are just different shapes and flavors of the standard gummi, the Haribo Tropifruitti is a bit different.

The gummis are a tropical flavor mix, as you’d expect. The shapes are that of pineapples, toucans, bananas and palm trees. In addition, the texture is a little softer and less chewy than the more rubbery gummis.

I picked up my bag at Cost Plus World Market. It was $1.89, but sometimes they have sales for $1.25 a bag or so if you’re a bit Haribo fan it’s worth waiting for. This particular gummi candy is made in Spain, unlike most other Haribo gummis available in the US, which are made in Turkey.

Haribo Tropifrutti

What’s most interesting about these gummis is not the flavor variety but the style of the gummi itself. It’s very different from the tough and clear version of the Gold Bears. These are muted in color and have a sort of chalky exterior. They not shiny or terribly translucent. The coating is a little like a jelly bean, it has a small crunch to it, but not the same graininess. The interior is also not as chewy as a regular gummi, it’s a cross between a jelly and a gummi. It’s soft, pliable, sticky and juicy.

Banana (Yellow) - this is an exceptionally uncommon flavor for a gummi, so I relished trying it. It’s a good flavor, it’s a little like a slight unripe banana, in that there’s a light tartness to it. But what’s missing is that overly fake banana note that comes with the too sweet artificial banana candies.

Currant (Darker Red) - has an interesting balsam note to it, it’s less about the florals and more about the woodsy seed flavors. It’s definitely not what I would consider a tropical fruit. 

Haribo Tropifrutti

Watermelon (Green) - It’s lightly tart with a well rounded juice flavor and a little dash of artificial Jolly Rancher to it.

Pineapple (Clear) - this is one of my favorite flavors, especially in Haribo gummis. This did not disappoint. It’s sweet, had a strong floral note and a distinct tartness.

Orange Mango (Peach) - tastes a bit bland, like a punch drink. It’s more citrusy than mango, but barely either.

Strawberry (Pink) - smells like cotton candy, it’s light and barely flavored, but so are many strawberries.

I like the change in texture and thought the Pineapple and Banana were really good, but the vibrant flavor profile I’m accustomed to with many other gummis was missing. So maybe this is for people who don’t like a lot of flavor ... like the Haribo equivalent of jelly beans.

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Name: Tropifruitti Gummi Candy
Brand: Haribo
Place Purchased: Cost Plus World Market (Farmers Market)
Price: $1.89
Size: 5 ounces
Calories per ounce: 101
Categories: Candy, Haribo, Gummi Candy, 7-Worth It, Spain, Cost Plus

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  1. I am eating those at this very moment, I love the texture because they remind me of those old fashioned jellybabies covered in cornstarch that are nigh impossible to find at a below crazy price around here (here being Tassie). I kind of wish more gummy varieties used this texture, a kind of melt in your mouth soft rather than overly chewy like all the others.

    Comment by Mogs on 12/31/12 at 6:10 pm #
  2. Sure that green is watermelon flavour? Here in germany it´s cocos… fitting to the shape (palm wink

    Comment by Birte on 1/02/13 at 5:56 am #
  3. These are simular to british Jelly Babies they are eaten alot here, you can get them in almost any store. if you ever want to do a candy swap email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    Comment by Taniss on 1/08/13 at 2:04 am #
  4. I hated Tropifrutti! It was way to sweet, but the texture was cool at least.

    Comment by Jojoberry on 5/18/13 at 7:01 pm #
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