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Haribo Saure Dinosaurier

Haribo Saure DinosaurierA few months ago I picked up some Kosher Haribo Pink Grapefruit Gummis.

I love grapefruit and I love Haribo’s take on them. They’re gummy and chewy and have a nice crisp bite to them. I was curious though what the difference would be like with the Kosher version. It uses a fish gelatin instead of a non-Kosher gelatin that I can only guess is porcine in origin. (Gelatin is the thing that keeps me from being a true vegetarian - I just love gummis more than I love animals right now.)

Anyway, I’ve digressed. The Kosher version seemed gummier, seemed more gelatinous, seemed firmer and chewier. Happily it was also very intensely flavored, stellarly attractive and of course in my belly.

Haribo makes a bunch of other products that they don’t sell in the United States. I found this imported Haribo Saure Dinosaurier. The majority of the packages is in French with some German and a third version of the ingredients is in Spanish. The only thing in English is their tagline “kids and grown ups love it so.”

I’m no French major, but I know that this package contains sour dinosaur gummis.

The front of the package shows a bunch of different colored dinosaurs, but I only found four inside. Each shape came in all colors. The different dinos appeared to be Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Apatosaurus and Triceratops.

Haribo Saure Dinos

The sugar sanding is rather thin and has small grains to it. It’s not sour either, it’s pure sweet sugar.

Green is green apple (in the Haribo gummi bear world green is strawberry, so I had to close my eyes a couple of times to be sure). This was great with some really authentic apple flavors.

Red is definitely cherry. Like a Blow Pop and Kool-Aid.

Clear is peach. I have no idea why. But I liked it! It was kind of like a nectarine, none of that weird fuzzy taste, it was tangy and sweet. 

Yellow is an eye popping lemon. Like eating a concentrated batch of lemonade mix. It doesn’t have a lot of zest to it, but it’s unmistakably lemon.

The sanded gummis don’t have a lot of detail and they all smell rather similar, kind of like a big bag of mixed Jolly Ranchers.

I found the overall level of the sourness to be rather adult, not shocking or blistering but certainly tingly and it got my salivary glands going.

The chew is not like the soft and lingering durability of a gummi bear. Instead these are more like Sour Patch Kids, an easy bite and quick chew. They were on the expensive side, but I’m sure I could find them cheaper if I were in Europe. I’ve noticed that even Haribo’s own Gold Bears taste different depending on which factory they were made in. I don’t know if it’s even possible to get a hold of the German Gold Bears in the United States, but these were made in Germany.

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Name: Saure Dinosaurier
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Haribo
Place Purchased: Mel & Rose's Wine & Liquor
Price: $3.45
Size: 7 ounces
Calories per ounce: unknown
Categories: Gummi, Sour, Germany, Haribo

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  1. Actually green gummi bears are green apple now, too. At least here in Germany. Strawberry is still there, it’s just a different shade of red now.
    I’m kind of upset about the new apple gummi bears, they just don’t seem to fit in.

    Comment by Kelly on 10/24/08 at 5:53 am #
  2. I am not sure about the non-kosher gelatin. Mostly I think it is bovine in origin and may have to do with laws against eating animals’ feet. Or hooves? Am I wacked out after my big lunch or am I remembering something correctly? I am going to research why regular gelatin is not kosher.

    Comment by CarlWeaver on 10/24/08 at 7:27 am #
  3. arenee's avatar has these for a dollar less.  My kids love Haribo stuff - all things gummy pass the test.

    Comment by arenee on 10/24/08 at 8:17 am #
  4. I’m curious to why your Haribo Grapefruit review isn’t its own seperate entity…it seems like a bit of an afterthought here.

    I only bring it up because they are one of my all time favorite candies and I think they deserve more recognition (by people in general, not just your blog).  All hail the pamplemouses!

    Comment by Jesse on 10/24/08 at 9:06 am #
  5. Cybele's avatar

    Jesse - because I’m lame and on the road and ate all the Grapefruit ones so they couldn’t be an entry of their own. I’ll try to do better next time.

    arenee - I definitely think I paid too much for them.

    Carl - I know that in Southeast Asia (Indonesia and thereabouts) their Halal gelatin is made from fish, so it’s possible with these global markets that’s where it’s all coming from these days. I think that regular gelatin is either all porcine or a mix of bovine & porcine.

    Kelly - aw! I don’t like change! I liked the mix the way it was. I don’t think they’ve mucked with the stuff exported to America yet. Yet.

    Comment by Cybele on 10/24/08 at 9:12 am #
  6. If you want to try the German Haribo gold bears, they sell them at German I’ve bought a few things from there before. They even give away a small packet of the gold bears as a sample with an order.

    Comment by Meghan on 10/24/08 at 7:55 pm #
  7. Have you tried the white grapefruit gummies?  They’re SO much better than the pink ones!  I love them!  I only know of one place in my area where I can get them.  I usually buy a couple pounds so they will last me a long time.  Their fruit salad is way yummy too.

    Comment by Rachel on 12/13/08 at 6:37 pm #
  8. Regarding the green gummi bears apparently the flavor changed recently.  I believe it changed over the last 2 or 3 years.  My wife who is German does not eat the bears anymore because of the apple flavor.  I also am not a big fan either because the apple flavor/scent seems to bleed to the other flavors.

    I am somewhat surprised that the Germans made that change with the Haribo Goldb?ren brand.

    I forgot my original point.  When you see a green candy the flavor is usually Waldmeister which is a popular flavor here in Germany.  I believe this an herb.  I remember my wife trying to translate Waldmeister for me and then asked me what the flavor (in the US) of green Jello was and I said Lime.  She thought I was crazy. She thought I would say the English word for Waldmeister.  Other Haribo candies retain the Waldmeister flavor.  Although, it seems like the green apple flavor like what we have in the U.S. is becoming popular.

    Comment by David on 5/27/09 at 3:19 am #
  9. Okay, I’m sorry, I love this blog like heck but seriously open up to cherry candies! I love cherry flavored anything and I’m sick of hearing cherry is gross and bitter and medicinal! Open up! I heart this blog though!

    Comment by Taylor on 4/05/11 at 6:12 pm #
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