Monday, January 25, 2010

Ferrara Chocolate Strawberry

Ferrara Chocolate StrawberryI was a little dubious when Ferrara Chocolate entered the segmented spherical fruit made from chocolate market late last year. But I was impressed with the quality, availability and price. Ferrara Pan is best known for its other spheres such as Lemonheads and Atomic Fireballs. They used to be the importers and distributors of Toblerone, Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Cote d’Or chocolate, but when Kraft decided to handle that themselves, Sal Ferrara saw an opportunity to get that niche of sales for his company and moved into chocolate molding.

What’s most exciting about the new brand is the inventiveness of their “Chocolate Oranges”. The initial items were pretty much carbon copies of the existing Terry’s Chocolate Orange (Milk, Dark and Milk Chocolate Toffee Crunch). But now that the initial move into stores is over and hopefully folks sampled over the holidays they’re settling in and pushing the envelope a little more.

The Valentine’s Day version of the chocolate orange is part of the strategy to keep the oranges around for all holidays. This one is Strawberry Milk Chocolate and features a Valentine’s message on every segment.

Ferrara Chocolate Strawberry

There are 20 segments in the sphere. The red foil wrapper has a sticker that says Burst then Enjoy, but I do poorly at tasks that require just the right amount of force (watch me bowl sometime). So I just cleave it apart by wedging a knife between the segments.

Ferrara Chocolate Strawberry

There are ten messages on the slices, some are icons and others are little sayings. Be Mine, True Love, Only You and Hug Me. There’s no Marry Me but there are little pictures of a cupid, a set of kissing lips, a rose and the iconic Robert Indiana LOVE sculpture. (Well, it’s not quite the same icon, the O in LOVE is upright, not tilted.)

The scent is lightly floral, a mix of milk and strawberry. It reminded me of strawberry Nesquik. The chocolate is smooth but very sweet, has a good roasted chocolate note to it as well as the flavor of strawberry. There’s no tangy component, no freeze dried strawberry bits.

Each of the molded segments is nicely done. Mine were shiny and pretty much perfect - the only hitch was sometimes I broke off part of the design when separating it from the center.

The mix of strawberry flavor and milk chocolate isn’t exactly my favorite, but for what it is, it’s very well done. The chocolate is smoother than what I’ve been used to with Terry’s though absolutely still as sweet.

The idea of doing multiple designs on the segments is pure genius - it actually made me want to take apart the sphere to look at them all. Sharing it would certainly be in order, especially for Valentine’s Day. The price is certainly right at about $2.50 at most stores.

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Name: Milk Chocolate Strawberry
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Ferrara Chocolate
Place Purchased: Walgreen's (Echo Park)
Price: $2.50
Size: 6.17 ounces
Calories per ounce: 148
Categories: Chocolate, United States, Ferrara Pan, Kosher, Valentine's Day

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  1. I don’t know why, but I was sort of expecting it to be shaped like a strawberry.

    Comment by Maggi on 1/26/10 at 4:06 am #
  2. There is no replacement for the chocolate apples that were made by Droste’s. It’s a real shame that the new owners of Droste’s discontinued one of the finest chocolate items ever!

    Droste’s Chocolate Apples were one of the main things my siblings and I would look forward to finding every Christmas morning stuffed into each stocking. My children always would look forward to them - but then they were no more! Such a shame!

    Comment by alicia on 1/27/10 at 5:09 am #
  3. The Valentine Strawberry Milk Choc with the messages sounds like a great idea - I could almost taste it too after reading that brilliant description too.
    I wish Terry’s would bring back some of their old favourites such as the White Choc Snowball & the plain Chocolate Lemon.
    Their latest product is a Minty Chocolate Orange which is far nicer than the ordinary orange one.

    Comment by Louise on 2/04/10 at 11:59 pm #
  4. would i be able to purchase one from this website? if not how could i get one? thanks.

    Comment by heather on 12/15/10 at 9:32 am #
  5. got my husband one of these for Christmas. The expiration date is july 2013. it is horrible and the color of the chocolate is chalky. looks old!!!!

    Comment by ANNIE on 2/05/13 at 3:04 pm #
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