Thursday, May 5, 2011

Candy Tease: Sweets & Snacks Expo 2011 Part 1

imageName: RJ’s Licorice Allsorts, Natural Licorice Allsorts, Licorice Chocolate Twists and Raspberry Chocolate Twists
Brand: RJ’s Licorice (New Zealand Natural Goods)
Description: RJ’s Licorice is adding four amazing licorice confectionery products to its existing line. RJ’s Licorice Allsorts, Natural Licorice Allsorts, Licorice Chocolate Twists and Raspberry Chocolate Twists are the new additions to their range and no doubt will continue to stretch the boundaries of licorice confectionery products available in the United States and around the world.
Introduction Date: 05/22/11
Notes: I’m all for more variety in Licorice offerings. The New Zealand style is similar to the Aussie version of soft eating licorice - meaty, with lots of molasses flavors and a wheat base (sorry gluten-intolerant friends).

imageName: Werther’s Original Creamy Apple Filled
Brand: Storck USA, L.P
Description: A Smooth Caramel Candy Shell, with a creamy filling of the rich taste of caramel dipped apples. 
Introduction Date: 09/01/11
Notes: Tootsie has a caramel apple pop that’s tasty but lacking in curb appeal. Maybe Werther’s, the caramel kings, can also break through with something that’s a bit prettier.

imageName: Bebeto Premium
Brand: Kervan Gida San ve Tic. A.S.
Description: Childlike happiness is coming to grown ups’ world with Bebeto Premium. It is much more than regular gummy; joy, health, magical flavor mixes…
- Raspberry & Blackberry “A Tempting Mix”: The taste of forest fruits which you cannot get enough of.
- Turkish Coffee & Mint “Just One Of It Has 40 Years Of Inspiration!”: At home, at the office or while working While watching TV, even with a cup of coffee. An amazing flavor one can enjoy everywhere.
- Tropical Pineapple & Tropical Orange “A Sweet Breeze From Tropic Islands”: When you desire to feel good, Just one is enough to change your mood…

Introduction Date: 01/15/2011
Notes: I was really excited when I saw these at the ISM Cologne candy fair. The idea of Turkish Coffee and Mint gummis, I think, is stunning. Let’s just say that I was stunned with the result. Now that I know that they’re introducing them in the United States, I’ll put up a full review in the coming weeks.

Product images are courtesy of the respective candy manufacturer.

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  1. They all sound good to me—but would love to try the Turkish coffee and mint!!

    Comment by Barbara on 5/05/11 at 7:36 pm #
  2. yeah but what about new jelly belly bean announcements from jelly belly?

    Comment by Ben Exworth on 5/06/11 at 6:44 am #
  3. So exciting! I love Werther’s, but green apple sounds somewhat scary.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, are you familiar with Haribo’s more “natural” line of gummi’s, made with fruit juice? I was at a local store yesterday and saw “fruity frutti,” made with fruit juice. The liquid center was a bit too searingly sweet but I like the idea of fruit and vegetables (spinach?!? -> colouring?). Unfortunately, flavours were a bit too muddled for me.

    Apparently there are also 22% juice gummy bears (Saft Goldberen). I was hoping, if you had experience with them, you could compare/contrast it from the standard line. Other than the increase in price as these come in 4oz instead of 5oz packages.

    Comment by Carrie on 5/06/11 at 11:58 am #
  4. Oh I hope the apple filled caramels are available in Australia, they sound super interesting! Even if the bright green colour is slightly worrying.

    Comment by Leigh on 5/07/11 at 12:42 am #
  5. how much do you have to pay in order to get into candy expo?

    Comment by Greg on 12/08/11 at 12:43 pm #
  6. Im really excited for withers apple caramel, I love butterscotch and caramel.

    Comment by Greg on 12/08/11 at 12:45 pm #
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