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Candy Tease: Sweets & Snacks Expo 2010 - Part 2

imageName: Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics
Brand: Jelly Belly
Description: Mojito is a mix of mint, rum and lime; Pomegranate Cosmo is made with real juice from the fruit; and Peach Bellini comprises peaches and champagne. The beans are non-alcoholic, gluten-, dairy- and gelatin-free, as well as vegetarian and kosher-certified, according to the company. Beans pack in 3.5-ounce bags with a SRP of $2.49, 7.5-ounce clear classic packages and 4.25-ounce gift boxes both with SRPs of $5.99. All items ship 12 per case.
Introduction Date: 5/1/2010
Notes: It used to be that Jelly Belly created menus where you mix your own beans to create cocktails, smoothies and other flavor combinations. Now they’re doing it all inside the bean for you.

imageName: Turkey Feather Lollipop Counter Merchandising Deal
Brand: Squire Boone Village
Description: Turkey Feather Pops are so unique that Squire Boone Village has been granted a United States design patent. The colorful Feather Pops are packed assorted colors and flavors: apple, cherry, grape and blue raspberry. The Turkey Display itself is destined to one day be a valuable collectors’ item. SRP $1.59
Introduction Date:  01/01/2010
Notes: I just liked this photo ... that’s all. I doubt I’ll ever run into these at a store, but if I did, I don’t know if I’d be able to resist one of the pops.

imageName: Ed Hardy Branded Candies
Brand: NBSP
Description: The Ed Hardy brand is the hottest brand in the market today! We have candy with added consumer value. This includes collectible lunchboxes, temporary tattoos, and other add-ons. Candies include hard candy, sugar free gum, and gummies. 
Introduction Date: 5/1/2010
Notes: Um, I don’t know who Ed Hardy actually is, but I see bus ads for them here in Los Angeles and the name bedazzled on people. I don’t know if that means they make good candy or not.

imageName: Glutino Chocolate Coated Pretzels
Brand: Glutino Food Group
Description: Glutino’s best selling gluten free pretzels twists are not available coated in premium milk chocolate. 
Introduction Date: 04/14/10
Notes: I tried the Glutino Dark Chocolate Wafer bars earlier this year and found them to be good, but not great. I’ve been eating non-wheat pretzels for a few years and rather like them (but they’re not gluten free, they’re just made with Spelt) so the idea of a gluten free dark chocolate pretzel doesn’t seem too foreign. I’m wondering if they make a dark chocolate version. I’ll keep an eye out for them at Whole Foods.

imageName: Peppermint Nonpareils in Canisters and Gable Boxes
Brand: Asher’s Chocolates
Description: Perfect for the holidays! Asher’s Chocolates offers a line of Peppermint Nonpareils. Our rich dark chocolate is now sprinkled with real candy cane bits. The candies are packed in 7 oz. foil pouches for freshness and come in attractive, eye-catching cylinders and gable boxes that liven up any holiday displays. A Gable Box Shipper is also available. Bulk Peppermint Nonpareils are also available in both White and Dark Chocolate and come in 6 lb. boxes.
Introduction Date: 11/01/09
Notes: I missed these in the last holiday season, so I’m hoping I’ll run into them again this year.

imageName: Airheads Bars:Orange and Pink Lemonade
Brand: Perfetti van Melle
Description: Introducing the Tangy Taste of Summer - two new delicious flavors of Airheads bars - Orange and Pink Lemonade.
Introduction Date: 02/01/2010
Notes: Pink Lemonade sounds right up my alley, so I’m hoping I’ll see these at the 7-11.

imageName: sweetriot yumBar
Brand: Sweetriot, Inc.
Description: sweetriot is a New York based chocolate company creating a sweet movement to fix the world. The yumBar is sourced and produced directly in Latin America. The bar is available in two flavors. yumBar 65-65% dark chocolate with crunchy cacao ‘peaces’, and yumBar 70- 70% dark chocolate with crunchy cacao ‘peaces’ and plump golden raisins. This delectable bar is all natural, doesn’t contain gluten or dairy ingredients and is only 45-50 calories per ‘mega peace’. 
Introduction Date: 3/10,/2010
Notes: The non-traditional capitalization of these bug me, but the bar actually sounds pretty good. I’ve seen my share of cacao nib bars, but I don’t know if I’ve had one with golden raisins yet, so they’ve got that going for them.

imageName: Milk Chocolate Smothered Pita Pretzel Squares
Brand: The Bachman Company
Unlike any other snack! Our crispy, puffed Pita Pretzels are slow baked to perfection in our classic brick ovens, sprinkled with sea salt, and then smothered with rich, creamy milk chocolate for an irresistibly indulgent flavor. All Natural Chocolate Pita Pretzels are the perfect combination of salty and sweet with a unique light and airy bite.

Introduction Date: 05/24/10
Notes: I haven’t a clue what a Pita Pretzel is (I’m guessing pita is just a word for pocket?) but a sweet & savory chocolate thingy sounds good right now. I like the idea that they’re all natural, that should set them apart in the crowded chocolate covered pretzel category.

all images courtesy of the respective manufacturers

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  1. This is the real Ed Hardy, a retired tattoo artist:

    The brand isn’t even owned by him, rather, by some fashion designer named Christian Audiger.  Nowadays, the Ed Hardy brand has been plastered onto absolutely everything imaginable, apparantly even candy now (they even have Ed Hardy SHISHA, the special type of tobacco that is used for smoking in a hookah….yeah, seriously, Ed Hardy tobacco). 

    Ahh Ed Hardy, the brand of choice for d-bags everywhere…needless to say I WON’T be trying the candy! lol

    Comment by Leah on 5/27/10 at 2:42 pm #
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