Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cadbury Royal Dark Mini Eggs

Cadbury Royal Dark Mini EggsThe Easter treats were on the shelves before Valentine’s this year (Easter is one week earlier than last year), but now that VDay is out of the way, the Easter candy is really taking over the stores. I saw Cadbury Mini Eggs, Peeps and Creme Eggs at the drug store back in late January. But now everything is out, even though we have about seven weeks to go.

There are quite a few offerings from Cadbury this season, the various Creme Eggs (orange was introduced last year, and I finally found it this year). But this one, the Cadbury Royal Dark Mini Eggs took me by surprise.


The little chalky looking eggs are a smidge darker on the outside, more vibrant than the Cadbury Mini Eggs and don’t have any speckles.
Even though they’re dark chocolate (well, there’s a little milkfat in there) they smell particularly milky to me, or at least freakishly sweet but with a smoky chocolate undertone.

The shell is sweet and rough on the tongue at first, then becomes soft and a little cool on the tongue. Inside is a core of creamy dark chocolate, the chocolate is super smooth and reminds me a bit of Dove. It’s sweet, but not overly and doesn’t have that milky-sticky quality of other Cadbury products.

It’s kind of weird, but they remind me more of a good cup of hot chocolate than candy. They’re definitely growing on me.

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Name: Royal Dark Mini Eggs
  • 10 SUPERB
  • 9 YUMMY
  • 8 TASTY
  • 7 WORTH IT
  • 4 BENIGN
Brand: Cadbury (mfd by Hershey's)
Place Purchased: CVS (Silverlake)
Price: $2.88
Size: 8.5 ounces
Calories per ounce: 127
Categories: Chocolate, United States, Hershey, Cadbury, Kosher

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  1. after reading some of your other commenters on other candy reviews it’d be fun to plan a candy swap or something.  i’d like to know what candy in say the east coast is popular/available raspberry btw i gave up chocolate for lent so now i’m just checking your page and living vicariously through you P:

    Comment by sunny on 2/22/07 at 8:26 am #
  2. Oooooh! Can’t wait to try these! I love Cadbury mini eggs! Sadly, this is the main reason I look forward to Easter! LOL!

    Comment by Christine on 2/22/07 at 8:45 am #
  3. Got PGPR? I want them regardless of this, of course.

    Comment by Jenn on 2/22/07 at 9:36 am #
  4. I am so excited about these!  Mini Eggs are my favorite.  I used to hoard them til I found that they really don’t keep so well.  I’m looking for these tonight!

    Comment by Erin on 2/22/07 at 10:39 am #
  5. I was always wary of Mini Eggs as a child. Their pastel shells always look as though they’ve been licked.

    Comment by GTO on 2/22/07 at 1:03 pm #
  6. I saw the new dark mini eggs and just had to buy them. What joy!!! Thanks Cadbury for following the dark chocolate trend.

    Comment by Suzanne on 2/22/07 at 1:16 pm #
  7. I am actually eating these as I type this. They are soooooo good.

    Comment by Stephanie on 2/22/07 at 6:37 pm #
  8. Do they seem to be made out of Cadbury Royal Dark?  I actually don’t like that bar very much.

    Comment by Dave on 2/23/07 at 1:01 am #
  9. I had no idea these existed. And my mission this weekend will now be to find some of them. I love cadbury’s mini eggs.  And I love dark chocolate.  So I really have to try these.

    Comment by g on 2/23/07 at 3:10 am #
  10. Cybele's avatar

    Sunny - there are a few groups for candy swapping (many candy blog readers join up at these spots):

    You just gave up chocolate, right? You can still have jelly beans and peeps?

    Christine - no shame in looking forward to the candy!

    Jenn - no PGPR in these!

    Erin - let me know what you think of these (did you pick up the Christmas version of the Mini Eggs?)

    GTO - yes, they do look a bit, um, used. The Royal Dark ones look a little fresher though.

    Suzanne & Stephanie - I’m glad to hear other folks are enjoying them, they really are growing on me. They’re especially good with coffee.

    Dave - they do taste a lot like the Cadbury dark chocolate, but I didn’t have anything on hand to do a direct comparison.

    g - post if you find them, I’m curious how widespread they are right now. (I didn’t see them at Walgreens, just at CVS.)

    Comment by Cybele on 2/23/07 at 7:08 am #
  11. I just bought 3 bags at Target!  They were only 1.66$ each what a deal smile

    Comment by Faith on 2/24/07 at 8:12 am #
  12. i’m eating these right now too.  i’m a huge mini egg addict and a dark chocolate addict so this is like heaven.  i found mine at walmart.

    Comment by ashley on 2/24/07 at 4:09 pm #
  13. I found these today at the supermarket for $2.99, and I have to say…disappointing. Much prefer the milk chocolate ones. These just taste like candy coated chocolate chips, they have none of that distinct burnt caramel yumminess of the originals.

    Comment by Jenn on 2/24/07 at 5:01 pm #
  14. Cybele, how would you say these match up with the Hershey’s candy coated chocolate eggs?  I’m now torn between buying a bag of these or a bag of those. I limit myself to very little chocolate; it’s definitely a splurge for me. (And I refuse to buy the milk chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs now that they’ve defiled them with PGPR. Seriously, whatever happened to giving the customer their money’s worth? And chocolate is too sacred a thing to muck up with nasty chemicals. It’s disappointing too because Cadbury Mini Eggs were so tasty! Easter candy is probably my favorite.)

    Comment by Samantha on 2/26/07 at 9:26 am #
  15. I didn’t know about the Christmas Mini Eggs til I read about them on this blog after the holidays, so I’ll keep my eye out for them this year.  I got a bag of these dark choc eggs and am loving them.  A little more intense in flavor, so I’m no longer in danger of eating an entire bag in a sitting, but really an addition to my enjoyment of mini eggs, not a replacement.  NotMartha claims that the Canadian version of Mini Eggs is even better… I may need to take a road trip and check that out…

    Comment by Erin on 2/26/07 at 1:00 pm #
  16. I was excited when I found these at Walgreen’s yesterday (literally sang songs about them and danced around the store), but my enthusiasm waned when I ate them. They’re good, to be sure, but missing that “Mini Eggness” that makes Mini Eggs so freaking addictive.

    Let me try a few more just to be sure.

    Comment by Keri on 2/26/07 at 4:28 pm #
  17. I finally found them!  So they’re at least available at one store in Maryland.

    Comment by g on 3/02/07 at 9:43 am #
  18. The dark chocolate mini eggs are not my favourite. I like the original mini eggs better but can’t seem to find them anywhere this year.

    Comment by Diva on 3/03/07 at 2:27 pm #
  19. just one word for these guys: EW. and possibly WRONG. or even UNHOLY. but if I only get one, it has to be EW. you said the color was just wrong on the christmas ones, well, on these, it’s the taste. just wrong. my aunt left me these as treat for catsitting - I saw the purple cadbury bag, tore it open and popped a couple in my mouth at about the same time I realised the colors were brighter - and howled bloody murder! I realise it was probably worse for me having expected the traditional ones, but EW. EW. EW. the dark chocolate is awful and it’s just not right! the packaging should be drastically different. there should be a surgeon general’s warning. my next letter will be more strongly worded and directed to cadbury. EW.

    Comment by kristen on 3/06/07 at 2:37 pm #
  20. My kids and I downed a bag in less than 4 days.  And we were being disciplined.  I think the hot chocolate comparison is spot on, Cybele.  My kids are begging for more, and I’m trying NOT to buy them—b/c I have no self-control!

    Comment by Karen on 3/12/07 at 4:45 am #
  21. I love mini eggs and dark chocolate, but I’m not a huge fan of these. The dark chocolate just doesn’t have that special cadbury taste.

    Comment by Caity on 4/01/07 at 12:22 pm #
  22. I discovered these sweet treats this year by accident and it is by far the best mistake I have ever made.  I am totally addicted. I want nothing to do with the origional mini addition, in fact, I have a stand-by bag stashed in my candy drawer in case I run out of the darks and haven’t touched it in about a mounth!

    Comment by Heidi on 4/12/07 at 3:11 am #
  23. OK I just found these in the sale bin at the grocery store. YUMMMY! I have eaten through 2.5 bags already. I love the mini eggs usually, but these are great. Totally addictive.

    Comment by Nicole on 4/13/07 at 7:34 am #
  24. Yeah, I bought more than 30 bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs (and more than 200 Cadbury Creme Eggs!) to stock up for the year.
    The majority of them are Milk Chocolate, and the rest are Dark Chocolate.

    I love the Milk Chocolate ones, they’re definately better in my opinion.
    These aren’t bad, but I don’t have much crave for them.
    If I eat a few, then I’ll want more.
    They’re good, they’re just not great.

    And I don’t know if you did a review about this already, but they sell ‘Cadbury Popping Mini Eggs’ in Canada.
    They’re the Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs with ‘Popping Candy’ in them, which are just Pop Rocks.
    I’ve not tried them yet, but I want to.
    Can’t find anywhere to order them from.

    They say the Mini Eggs from the UK are better than the US, and the ones from Canada are even better than that.
    My sister in law is sending me some from the UK,
    but I know of nobody in Canada.

    Does anybody that reads this live in Canada?
    I’d be willing to do a US - Canada trade off with you via postage?

    E-mail me.

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



    Comment by Shane on 4/13/07 at 9:59 am #
  25. Haa haa, I did the same thing as Erin (question #4).  I love them so much! i would buy big bags from Sams club and i would have them gone in a few days!! these candies rock!!!!! they are my all time favorite!

    Comment by Melissa on 3/05/08 at 3:28 pm #
  26. I bought some of these today and thought the same thing when I opened them up…it smelled like a wonderful cup of hot chocolate!

    Comment by oh amanda on 3/13/08 at 3:50 pm #
  27. Any idea where these can be purchased in the St. Louis area?  I’ve looked at over a dozen stores and no one has the dark chocolate, only the milk chocolate.

    Comment by Robin on 2/28/10 at 11:11 am #
  28. I cant find these anywhere since 2008 and its driving me nuts. All of our stores in AL use to sell them. Luckily, my boyfriend lives in PA less than a hour from Hershey, so I’m expecting to receive at least two bags during his late March visit to AL. Good Luck to finding them in the South!

    Comment by Lindsey on 3/10/10 at 11:26 am #
  29. I just ate a small bag of the Cadbury popping mini eggs that I brought back from Canada. Yummy! I am planning another trip & will be bringing back a case.

    Comment by Jonah on 3/15/10 at 12:32 am #
  30. It appears I’m not the only one scouring the internet in hopes of finding a place to get the Cadbury Dark Chocolate Mini Eggs.  Do they even make them anymore? Maybe we should start a letter writing campaign to the company. Sadly, it’s probably too late for this year, but maybe they can put them back into production for next year.

    Comment by Stacy on 3/18/10 at 6:41 am #
  31. Cybele's avatar

    I finally saw them yesterday in Los Angeles at a Von’s grocery store. So they’re still making them, just very few stores are carrying them. Von’s is owned by Safeway.

    Comment by Cybele on 3/21/10 at 9:00 am #
  32. I’m about ready to pay someone to ship them to me!

    Comment by Stacy on 3/21/10 at 3:40 pm #
  33. I don’t like dark chocolate and was very disappointed when I bought a bag of the Cadbury dark chocolate mini eggs by mistake.  I love the milk chocolate mini eggs and look forward to Easter when I can enjoy them.  I am going to take the bag back to the store and get my money back.  Cadbury should really differentiate the dark chocolate mini eggs from the milk chocolate ones.  I’m sure that I’m not the first person to make this mistake.

    Comment by Melanie on 3/21/17 at 9:50 pm #
  34. The mini eggs are yummy (I only recall the regular ones..,)

    Comment by SJCarras on 3/22/17 at 6:47 pm #
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