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Baskin-Robbins Hard Candy - Pralines ‘n Cream

Baskin Robbins Hard Candy - Pralines & CremeSince starting Candy Blog my consumption of ice cream has decreased to nearly nothing. Two reasons: I simply can’t afford the calories given my candy habits and as I get older I’m less and less lactose tolerant (which really takes the enjoyment out of it). That doesn’t mean that I don’t miss it. One of the things I miss is the texture; the other is the flavor combinations. Mint chocolate chip just doesn’t work in the same way in any other format than ice cream.

Baskin-Robbins has a line of ice cream themed candies. I tried the chewy candies a few years ago and decided that they were not for me. But I did see these hard candies at the 99 Cent Only Store. Baskin-Robbins Smooth & Creamy Hard Candy. I decided to try the Pralines ‘n Cream because it sounded like a flavor that could be made into a hard candy well. The ingredients looked pretty good too: sugar, corn syrup, sweetened condensed milk, salt, natural & artificial flavors, soy lecithin, honey and soybean oil.

Baskin Robbins Hard Candy - Pralines & Creme

The candies are individually wrapped and well marked (in case you buy several varieties and want to mix them in a bowl). Each piece was a combination of two colors, a light milky caramel color and a darker toffee color. They smell sweet, toasty and rather like walking into an actual Baskin-Robbins.

The texture isn’t quite silky smooth, but they’re still quite slick. I prefer to crunch mine and these have a nice cleave to them (though some could also be tough and chewy - that could be that I left them in my car and it got a little hot). The flavor has a good blend of caramelized sugar notes, butterscotch pudding and a liberal dose of salt. They’re quite sweet, but so is Pralines ‘n Cream Ice Cream. I ate most of the bag in one sitting, so after three or four it got a bit throat searing - that’s a lot of sugar.

I was pretty pleased with these. They’re a little different from something like a Werther’s, more milky. The price was pretty good, too. I know the bag only had 3.5 ounces for a dollar, but that’s a decent deal for a very dairy laden candy. I don’t know why the package says “Value Size”, as I don’t know what other package sizes and price points are available. Usually value sizes are large ... I considered this two servings. (Though the package seems to think three is a serving.)

Each piece has 20 calories. They’re not really low calorie candies, just small. At 121 calories per ounce, there’s a fair amount of fat in there for a sugar candy, about 2 grams per ounce.

The hard candies also come in Very Berry Strawberry and Mint Chocolate Chip. I have my doubts about the success of those flavors in this format, so I’ll probably just quite while I’m ahead.

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Name: Baskin Robbins Hard Candy - Pralines ‘n Cream
Brand: BestSweet
Place Purchased: 99 Cent Only Store (Miracle Mile)
Price: $1.00
Size: 3.5 ounces
Calories per ounce: 121
Categories: Candy, Hard Candy & Lollipops, Kosher, 7-Worth It, United States, 99 Cent Only Store

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  1. They also have a Cookies ‘n’ Cream flavor. I know because I just bought a bag the other day smile

    Comment by Zoey on 9/02/10 at 1:21 pm #
  2. i’ve had the mint chocolate chip up here in Canada, and i’m a mint choco chip snob….I polished off the bag in a day.

    Just thought i’d share…  smile

    Comment by Liz on 9/09/10 at 7:13 am #
  3. The mint chocolate chip are actually quite tasty.  A really natural chocolate flavor and a nice soft mint.  You should give them a try.

    Comment by Michelle on 10/07/10 at 7:12 am #
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