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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eat with your Eyes: Scotchmallow Heart

I will eat See’s Scotchmallow in any shape or size. Witness See’s Valentine’s version.

See's Valentine's Scotchmallow

The construction of the See’s Scotchmallow Heart is actually upside down from the piece (but consistent with the Egg): marshmallow then caramel then covered in chocolate. It’s tougher to eat in layers than the piece. I usually nibble the sides off of the piece, then pull the chocolate lid off, pull the marshmallow off of the caramel and eat it separately. Messy? Sure. Tasty? Definitely. In this version though it’s less about the dark chocolate and more about the chewy textures of marshmallow and caramel. I also think the marshmallow is less fluffy from being smashed down by the caramel.

I thought it was a pretty good deal at $1.40 for a one ounce heart but I still prefer the pieces.

UPDATE 9:20 AM: About 45 minutes after I posted this I got an email offering me $30 to post a version of some provided text with a link to See’s. (The text was generic, about how a Ses’s gift would be great for Valentine’s day.) Please note that I have never taken money for any of my posts and I actually bought all of the See’s candies I’ve posted about on Candy Blog (well, someone might have given me some of it as a gift and there are the free samples in the store). Please note that this is the second time that I have been offered this sum of money in exchange for posting a generic item about See’s with an SEO building link.

seesscreengrabThe first time was in November, before the new FTC full-disclosure rules for bloggers. The email came from a gmail address but after some prodding I found out that the woman who refused to actually name the company she worked for but some digging revealed that she worked for a company that does search engine optimization with social media. Today’s email was formatted similarly, came from a different person, but also via a generic gmail address. (I saw a half a dozen of these posts on other blogs, an example of one is posted here with identifying info blanked out.)

So if you see some rather generic looking posts about See’s in the next few days (the deadline to post for this premium of a whopping $30 is Friday, February 12, 2010) you might want to ask the blogger. The offer specifically admonishes do not disclose this is a paid post. Again, this is now against the FTC rules governing paid posts by bloggers which says that bloggers must disclose.

But also note that these emails did not come directly from See’s nor did any of them say that they were employed to do this by See’s.

The sad thing is that See’s does not need to do this to buoy their reputation. A better option would be to offer samples to bloggers and allow them to voice their own opinions and disclose how they came about the candy. Right now I just don’t know what to do. I love their candy, but I detest this road they’re going down.

UPDATE 2/11/2010: After posting this I wrote to the one contact I had at See’s and explained the situation, naming names as I knew them. Last night I heard from one of the principals of the agency where the offer originated. He disavowed any knowledge of the campaign and apologized. He was very sincere and fully recognized that this rogue activity was not within any guidelines or boundaries of acceptability (or probably even effectiveness). At this time I consider the matter closed. I still have a bad taste in my mouth about See’s PR practices, but it hasn’t influenced my feelings about the products.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Eat with Your Eyes: Ogontoh

While I might complain of some candies being too sweet, I love candies made from straight boiled sugar. The Japanese traditional candies of Juntsuyu and this Ogontoh are gorgeous examples.


These little pieces are like gems or beads. They taste like toasted sugar. They dissolve slowly and have an exceptionally smooth texture with no voids or bubbles at all. The yellow color is all natural, simply the result of the sugar boiling to the not-quite-caramelized state.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Eat with your Eyes: ClaireSquares

On a cold winter morning we can all use a little toasty comfort.


ClaireSquares are a triple layer sandwich starting with a block of buttery shortbread, a layer or chewy caramel and a thick topping of dark chocolate. It was a big three inch by four inch block.

I don’t consider them candy, but I do pronounce them tasty and satisfying. I picked this one up at BiRite Market in San Francisco. Photo of package plus view the website here.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eat with your Eyes: Aldi Dominos

My mother sent me these Milk Chocolate Domino Cubes from Aldi before the holidays.


The package says: Gingerbread cookies with apple jelly and persipan coated with milk chocolate. I didn’t know what persipan was, but when I tasted it, it was a lot like marzipan. I looked it up and it pretty much is marzipan except it’s made with apricot kernels instead of almonds. Ultimately I wasn’t sure if these were candy or petit fours. I preferred the dark chocolate ones, the milk version (which photographed better) were very sweet and the gingerbread cake part just wasn’t spicy enough for me.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eat with your Eyes: Krema Batna

When I was at Miette Confiserie late last year I picked up a handful of little individually wrapped candies. One was a licorice caramel called Krema Batna.

Krema Batna

I liked the idea of a licorice caramel, especially one that wasn’t artificially black. I also liked the wrapper, you can’t really see in the picture that it has a picture of a cougar on it (or some other large cat) that reminded me of some kind of high school mascot. (We were the Wildcats in Mechanicsburg.)

The chew was stiff and smooth with a great toasted sugar flavor mixed with a light anise. I’d love to have more, I’ve looked around on the internet and can’t find anyplace that carries them. I was even hoping to run into them at the Fancy Food Show.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Eat with Your Eyes: E. Guittard Orinoco Milk Chocolate

E. Guittard Orinoco Milk Chocolate, a petite 2 ounce bar that comes in a pretty purple wrapper.

E. Guittard Orinoco Milk Chocolate

I’ve bought this bar several times now but I keep eating it instead of reviewing it. In short: it’s smooth and munchable. Much more on the side of fresh dairy flavors than the caramelized and dried milk notes of European dairy milk chocolate.

Package photo here.

Eat with your Eyes is a recurring feature where I just show you stuff I’ve photographed but probably won’t get around to reviewing. Feel free to share your reviews here of the candy if you’ve had it.

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eat with your Eyes: Grandessa Signature Single Origin

This is unfair. Pretty pictures of bad chocolate.

Grandessa Signature Origin Chocolate

I’m a big fan of Aldi candies and chocolate and for the most part they’re far better than you’d expect for the price.

This is not one of those cases. The Grandessa Signature Origin Chocolate Assorted Sticks were in fact assorted and were clever little sticks of chocolate. (Package photo here.)

Grandessa Signature Origin Chocolate Java

The Java milk chocolate tasted burnt and sour.

Grandessa Signature Origin Chocolate Madagascar

The Madagascar 72% was fruity smelling but so fatty and empty tasting that it was pointless as a chocolate flavor delivery device.

Grandessa Signature Origin Chocolate Sao Thome

The Sao Thome 75% was bitter, dry and more like buttered charcoal than chocolate.

Eat with your Eyes is a recurring feature where I just show you stuff I’ve photographed but probably won’t get around to reviewing. Feel free to share your reviews here of the candy if you’ve had it.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Eat with Your Eyes: Pinwheel Nougats

I was enchanted with Vintage Confections Caramel and Nougat Pinwheels online and was pleased to find out I could buy them at a shop in Pasadena.

Vintage Confections Caramel & Nougat Pinwheels

So I picked up a handful of them, dutifully photographed them. Then I ate them. No review, just ate them.

Vintage Confections Caramel & Nougat Pinwheels

They’re a smooth nougat layered with a light and chewy caramel then rolled up and sliced into pieces.

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