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Storck Mamba Gummies

Mamba GummiesStorck is a German candy company that makes some fantastically chewy stuff, such as Reisen Chocolate Caramels, Toffifay, Werther Caramels and Mamba fruit chews. While Germany is the homeland of gummis, it’s strange to see such a large, established candy company suddenly get into the crowded gummi market.

I found a fun new, and unlikely place to shop for candy. It’s a gas station convenience store simply called Food Mart near my mother’s house in Glendale, CA. I’d filled up with gas there many times before (because it was one of the least expensive places in the area, clean, well maintained and had soapy windshield cleaner). One day when I actually went into the store I was shocked to see a huge selection of international candies. They carry German products including the most popular items in the Kinder line, Ritter Sport bars (including the seasonal varieties), British bars (Mars, Cadbury, Maltesers) and a really wide selection of American candies.

So I picked up this little package of Storck Mamba Gummies which are called funny fruity gummies and feature banana, orange, raspberry, pineapple, watermelon and cherry flavors. They feature real fruit juice in the ingredients and no artificial colors.

Mamba Gummies

What I thought was interesting about this flavor assortment was the fact that it included banana, not a common gummi flavor. After I got the little package home (it’s only 1.5 ounces) I noticed that I didn’t have the full assortment of flavors. Above is everything inside the packet, four different flavors.

The texture is soft and pliable, they don’t stick together though they do have a little touch of oil on them. The shapes are tropical, little palm trees, snakes, a chameleon, sharks and something that’s either a raspberry or a puffer fish.

Banana (yellow) is tangy but with that creamy banana flavor. It was less artificial tasting than some other banana candies that have more of a caustic flavor. This was pleasant and soothing.

Pineapple (clear) is tangy, floral and jammy all at once. It’s an excellent rendition of pineapple.

Mamba Gummies

Raspberry (deep red) was by far the most common flavor in my package, which is just fine with me because these are well done. The flavor is a mix of the boiled sweetness of raspberry puree with a light touch of the woodsy seeds and a note of iced tea in there. It wasn’t overly tart like some “blue raspberry” versions of the fruit.

Watermelon (pink) was quite authentic, at least as far as watermelon candies I’ve had this summer. It had a sort of rind taste to it, not just the sweetness of the flesh. Watermelon really isn’t much of a flavor as an actual melon, it’s more of a texture.

So, I missed out on Orange and Cherry in my package. I think I scored overall, as these were all nicely done. The fact that it’s a small package (only 130 calories) with no artificial colors makes it a pretty light treat for kids.

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Name: Mamba Gummies
Brand: Storck
Place Purchased: 76 Food Mart (Glendale)
Price: $.99
Size: 1.5 ounces
Calories per ounce: 87
Categories: Candy, Storck, Gummi Candy, 7-Worth It, Germany

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  1. HELP!!! I live in NYC and am on a mission!! My hubby loves these candies and I cannot find them anywhere!!! I have been to just about every 7/11 imaginable along with looking online!! I want to buy a case just so he has them!!  Please help!

    Comment by Amy on 10/07/12 at 7:31 am #
  2. Does anyone know where to find this candy? I love these and have looked everywhere, I even ordered 10 bags on ebay! Please help!

    Comment by Deb on 11/04/12 at 3:02 pm #
  3. Amy, check ebay every once in a while.  I once found them and ordered several bags but have not seen them since.  If I ever find storck gummies in Virginia, i’ll let you know. Deb

    Comment by Deb on 11/04/12 at 3:06 pm #
  4. Amy,

    They are back on ebay!!!! search: Mamba Funny Fruity Gummies from c-m-enterprises! Good luck! Deb

    Comment by Deb on 11/04/12 at 3:19 pm #
  5. Deb,

    Thank you so much!! I have ordered them off of eBay before I would like to buy more however for the price we wind up paying for them!! :-( I tried to contact the company as well with no response :-(

    Comment by Amy on 11/04/12 at 5:33 pm #
  6. Hi Amy

    Yes, they are expensive on EBay! I know that they are fairly new to the market so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of them soon! Deb

    Comment by Deb on 11/05/12 at 12:54 pm #
  7. You can find these at a local 7 eleven in the Candy section!

    Comment by Gideon on 6/07/13 at 2:04 pm #
  8. unable to find now locally

    Comment by eileen ward on 3/11/14 at 4:54 pm #
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